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A bit of fun

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A bit of banter

His hand traipsed up my leg ever so slowly. I felt my toes curl as he inched ever so closely to my belt.

“Are you scared?” He breathed as he bit at my ear.

My lips curled into a smile. “No…” I whispered as I bit his ear too. I could feel the soft rumble of a laugh within his chest as his lips caressed my neck, finding their own way to my lips as he pulled down my jeans. I made that obvious squirm as my knickers slid down with them as well, I wriggled from his gaze as an attempt to pull them back up, but a smile spread across his face as his hands slowly pulled them back down.

A sudden squeal sent another smile across his face as he pushed me on to my back, removing my clothing completely from my legs. I was intoxicated, my breathing became sharp and heavy, my god how I wanted him.

“How much do you want me?” He teased as he took a step back to marvel at my so called under body. His hands warm against my naked cold legs as I bit at my lip. Words fucking confused me, I could not answer, I could not speak. I just squealed as he licked at my right shin.

“Fuuuuck,” I breathed as my toes curled in his hands. His pink lips traced my knee before kissing it and moving on to the other. My hands dug into the bed covers as my back arched, his tongue glided up my inner thigh before he sucked at it. My hands made their own way to his hair, he hadn’t even reached my clit yet, but I wanted him there, I wanted his tongue in my vagina and I wanted my hands in his hair.

He licked. My hands pulled ferociously at his hair as I rocked beneath him. His hands made their way up to my tits as he squeezed at them, his tongue continuing to satiate my vagina. “Ahhh….” Is all I could moan. And that seemed to be all he wanted to hear. He sucked at my stomach as he made his way up to my chest.

His tongue flicked at my nipple before taking it between his teeth. I began thrusting upwards, wanting him closer to me, wanting him to suck at my tits as he entered me… But he had a thing for teasing. My hands pulled harder at his hair, I could see the tantalizing pain in his eyes as he bit at my nipple. I pulled him in harder, his crotch now resting on mine.

“How much do you want me?” He whispered as he brushed his nose against my lips. I bit at him, the tip of his nose between my teeth as I began to suck at it. It drove me insane when he laughed at my stupidity and foolishness, it just rallied him up for teasing me.

“I want you, I want you, I want you! Can’t you see I want you?” It was more of an urgent cry than a satisfying note as I bit his neck. He removed his hands from my breasts and pulled my arms above my head.

“How much do you want me?” His eyes glinted in the darkening room as his hands pushed against my wrists.

“Maybe a little less if you don’t do anything soon.” I was impatient and it made me horny, or hornier if that was possible. He smiled again. “Quit smiling like that!” I spat. His eyes glinted again as a wider smile spread across his face. I wriggled out of his hold and sat up. “Oh you prick,” I cursed as I pushed him onto his back.

My hands worked their way up his chest as I sat at his hips. He stopped smiling. There was a different look on his eyes now, it wasn’t fear, it was more that satisfied do your thing look. I rocked once. His expression hardening as well as his cock.

I bent down to his ear, flicking at the lobe with my tongue before sucking it between my lips. I bit softly before whispering, “how hard do you want me Tommy Tom?” I could feel his cheeks curling into a smile.

“You know how hard I want you Eva.”

“Oh no Tommy, I know how much you want me, I’m going to make you want me more…” I could feel my eyes glinting as my palms pushed into Tommy’s shoulders. He groaned slightly as I bit his neck, his hands cupping my ass as I bent forward. “Such a bad boy,” I tease as I kiss down his chest.

My wet tongue flicks at his nipple, hardening it as I begin to circle it. Tom grabs harder at my ass causing me to bite, his back arches as his cock pushes against my crotch. “Oh no you naughty boy, you’re not going in me.” I laugh as I circle Tom’s nipple again with my tongue before tenderly sucking at it. Tom squeezes at my ass as I work my way down his body with little kisses.

I stop just at his hips. His hands slowly making their way up my back as my ass goes into the air as though I’m preparing for him to doggy style me. “Don’t stop Eva, don’t stop,” breathed Tom. My tongue licked at his hips before kissing them. I worked my way to the middle of his stomach, my lips ghosting his muscles as he slightly thrust beneath me. “Please Eva,” he begged as a smirk spread from one of my ears to the other.

S and M’s started it?

It wasn’t my plan, I wanted a relationship where I got to know the guy without having to sext him. I wanted those long walks in the park, canlı bahis those goodbye kisses, kisses in the rain, and the simplicity of holding hands. But let’s face it, I am not that type of girl, well Tom isn’t that type of guy.

Do you want to have meaningless sex, no strings attached, and then we can forget about each other straight after?

So you mean a fuck buddy? A bit soulless considering you know I like you???

It’s a yes or a no…

Nah I’m good thanks x

Suits you, you’re missing out on some killer dick.

See I heard about that on the News. ‘Girl dies due to killer dick incident.’ I guess I’ve found the culprit??

Eva please… consider it?

Lol, consider you fucking me just for bantz?

Yes ?

No Tommy.

Yes Eva.

STFU, I’ll see you at col…


I wasn’t the one to instigate it, but that was just how we talked to each other. I enjoyed kissing him, and he enjoyed meaningless relations with me. He mostly liked the way I text him during lessons. It caught him off guard, and I loved the fact I had someone to do this with.

Hello Tommy


You see I was thinking about your text last night…


Well I was showering.


And I bent over to get the shampoo ??


And I was wondering how good it would feel for you to rub it into my boobs?

Fuuuuuuuck you Eva I’m in maths.



I know you’re in maths.

My hand slid up his thigh as I grabbed for his crotch. His knee automatically jerked up into the table in surprise. “When the fuck did you get here?” Choked Tommy as he rubbed at his knee.

“The same time as you,” I smiled. It was an obvious lie, but I wanted to see what Tommy did.

“Sam! When did Eva get here?” Questioned Tommy as he spun away from me. Sam looked up from his maths work, my eyes locking with his as soon as he looked up.

“About five years ago I think?”

“Oh shut up Sam,” Tutted Tom as he spun back to me. His hand automatically slipping down to my thigh to play with it the way he loved to. “How did I not see you walk in?” Tom asked in bewilderment.

I smiled softly, “I’ve been here the entire time Tom.” Tom started unbuckling my jeans. “Not in lesson Tommy,” I hushed as my hand slipped back onto his cock. An evil grin spread across his face as his hand slipped under my jeans.

I pushed back against my chair as Tom began to circle my vagina with his index finger. My hand grabbed at his wrist in desperation, but it only made Tommy push in further. I could feel myself turning red as my body began to sweat. I felt as though everyone was watching me, and they were.

“Eva, are you alright?” I recognised that voice, but I could not pinpoint it. “Eva?”

“Yes? Yes sorry sir, just feeling a bit sick.” The entire class was looking at me now. It was as though I was having a nose bleed that I wasn’t preventing from gushing out. I rubbed at my face to forget the feeling of being so turned on, but it didn’t help, it just aggravated me more until I turned to glare at Tom. “I’m sorry sir, can I be excused please?”

“No matter Eva, I’m sure you’re caught up with all the work, and if not Tom can help you.” I rolled my eyes at Sirs remark before slinging my bag over my shoulder and making my way out of the classroom.

Fuck you Tom

Oh baby I want you to.

Not in lesson you idiot, don’t touch me in lesson

You started it

No I didn’t

Yeeeeee you did with all that rubbing soap into your tits.

Yeeee but I’m finishing this.

Lol ok meet me in the usual place…

It was 10:30 when Tom walked into the unused male toilets on the bottom floor of college. He walked up to the second cubicle and kicked it open with force. It swung, hit the cubical wall and then closed again. I burst out laughing at his futile display of anger until he walked into the cubical and locked the door behind him. The smile itched at my lips as I stood up in front of him. His hands grabbed for my waist straight away as he pulled me in for a kiss.

“How did you get in without me seeing you, you fucking ninja I love you.” He pulled me in tighter and wrapped his arms around my shoulders.

“Like you said, ninjaaaaaaaaaa,” I laughed as Tom turned my body away from his so that I now faced the cubical wall. “Oh so you’re finishing this?” I asked as Tom pulled my jeans down just below my ass cheeks.

“Yes.” He answered as he leant me forwards, my hand pressed up against one cubical wall, Tom resting on the other as he pulled my hips towards him. My skin pushed against his as he slowly pulled down his jeans.

“You got a condom?” I whispered as Tom pulled at my ass. He kissed at my lips before placing a condom between my breasts and spinning me towards himself. He leant backwards, his head rolling towards the ceiling as I ripped open the condom and bahis siteleri bent down.

The plastic rubbery texture tasted like coconut this time, his different array of flavours always surprised me whenever he brought one. I placed the condom in my mouth, the ring just covering my lips as I slipped it over Tom’s dick. I sucked lightly at his stem, my tongue brushing his tip just before I stood.

He opened his eyes to look at me, his hands pulling at my ass before turning me to face the cubical wall again. He spread my legs and bent my body forward as he slapped at my ass. The fat jiggled with each strike as he leant over me to whisper in my ear.

“How bad do you want me to fuck you in the shower?” Tickled Tom as his index finger circled its way into my vagina. I pushed against the wall, backing into Tom as he fingered me, his lips ran up the small of my back as he pulled out his finger and sucked on it. “You’re still so sweet Eva.” Tom smiled before spanking me one more time, and pulling my ass onto his cock.

Tom’s hands grasped at my breasts as he rubbed at my nipples. My hands pushed against the cubical wall allowing me to grind harder against Tom’s cock. He spun me around as he sat on the toilet seat. I pulled my pants off over my shoes and straddled him, my thighs rubbing against his as he sucked at my tits.

I always seemed to freeze whenever Tom sucked at my tits. The feeling was so overwhelming with pleasure that I could not think of anything to do to outmatch the feeling. I couldn’t kiss, pull his hair or grind on him properly for that matter. Not at least until he stopped, and when he did…

Tom always tried slowing me down when I straddled him, but he knew it never worked. He just enjoyed the feeling of me grinding harder against him as he tried to stop me from moving more. He didn’t want to ejaculate so soon, but I could rub my vagina against his cock despite his efforts to slow me. I rolled my hips back, and then on the forward I would continue so that my breasts pushed against his chest too, making the drag more satisfying when I pulled back.

“You want to be inside me Tommy?” I kissed as I rubbed Tom’s tip around my vagina.

“Yeah,” Is all he had to breath before he entered me. My nails dug into his shoulders as I stifled myself from screaming Tom’s name. He clawed at my ass as I bounced on his dick, my body grinding against him, working up a sweat as I could feel a knot building within my stomach.

Tom paused for a moment, his hands pulling at my ass in anticipation, forcing himself to stop momentarily strained him as I bounced on top of him. I could feel his legs tighten under me as his toes curled, I could feel his thrusts pushing deeper inside me. His dick slipping in and out of my wet walls, my vagina soaking and dripping onto his cock. I pulled at his hair, my breathing deep and sharp like his cock as he rubbed at my ass. “Evaaaa,” Tom moaned as his fingers began to rub at my clit. “Evaaaaaaaaaa,” he screamed as I sucked at his neck.

“Oh Tom, oh, ohhhh ohhh Tom.” I moaned as he pulled at my skin. I continued riding him until we both exploded simultaneously, licking up his juices as I climbed off his cock. “How long until lesson?” I laughed as I pulled on my jeans and straightened my top.


“Yes Tom?” I ask without acknowledging his tone of voice. “Have we missed lesson?” I smile, not too bothered considering it was worth it.

“I’m going to do a trial with Colette… I love you, like I can forget her whenever, tell me if you’re not alright with his yeah?” Tom’s eyes seemed wet, he wanted me to say something. After all, he had asked beforehand if he could try out someone new, now he has decided to date her, I could not stop him. But this was a dumb way to tell me.

“Still friends, right?” I stupidly ask, knowing full well that I want him as more than a friend.

“I… I can’t. She, well someone told me it’s best not to be friends with your ex, it makes stuff awkward. We broke up years ago, and this is just…”

“No, It’s fine. I told you this would happen. That’s it then, we can’t talk to each other. You and Colette have a fantastic life, seriously man, best in everything.” Best in everything? What the fuck did I say that for? Tell him you want him, tell him you still love him. Instead, I stood there in the cubicle with him for a minute before he decided to leave. Well more like I told him I needed to urinate.

I waited for him to leave me alone in the unused male toilets on the bottom floor of the college. Then as soon as I heard the toilet door bang shut, that is when everything seemed to collapse. Tears streamed from my eyes uncontrollably as my head rested against the cubical wall. I sniffled before ferociously wiping my nose onto my sleeve. My eyes were now a tinged red and a few tears still fell. At least now I didn’t have a lesson with him.

Bounce back

It was bahis şirketleri enough to drive me insane. I could not handle college, I could not handle Tom. I could not handle the fact I lost him to such a princess. We met a few times, she always seemed to wear her hair tied back with a red ribbon that matched her red lips. She was beautiful, flawless in fact. Emerald green eyes, and urban brown hair. That type that looks like it’s been through all the colours of the rainbow, but hasn’t.

But hate only grew for Colette and Tom the more I thought of them, so I tried to stop, I dropped out of college, I travelled and then I wound up in college again.

It was instantaneous, Malcolm saw me and he wanted me. His broad shoulders brushed up against me as he sat beside me. He was a stranger, not one of the new friends I had recently made, but he belonged to the college, so a friend he was meant to become.

It took less than a week before I was in his bed. Legs over his shoulders as he licked me out, hands in his hair as he kissed me, and straddling him in the early hours of the night as we stayed behind in college.

It was a bounce back, and it was emotionless and fast. December came and so did Malcolm. He carried me up his staircase straight into his bedroom. Then in front of his mirror he removed my top as he let his hands wonder my body. He unbuckled my jeans as I walked backwards towards his bed. He sat me at the edge of it, pulled off my jeans and lay me on my back. He seemed experienced, he read me like a book. He spread my legs, knowing I wanted them spread despite being shy with someone going down on me, and he began to lick.

His hands pushed down on my thighs, keeping my legs open as he ate me out, swirling his tongue in and out of my vagina, up to flick my clit, and then back into my vagina, begging for me to cum in his mouth. My hands grasped at his bed covers, my back arching so high, begging for him to deliver me to heaven. I could feel his wet saliva lubricating my vagina more so before he teased me with his tip.

I was lost for words as Malcom rubbed the tip of his penis around the entrance to my vagina. He then took my hand and lifted me onto his hips, my wet juices flowing rapidly onto his cock as I straddled him. “Can I go in?” He begged more than asked.

My finger ran over his lips as I shook my head. Malcolm stayed silent. A smirk ran over my face as I started to grind on him without letting him enter me. His head rolled towards the ceiling as his eyes rolled back. His hands clenched at his bed covers as he grunted my name.

“Eva, ahhh ahhh ahhh. Eva,” Breathed Malcom as I began to thrust harder against his dick. I could feel my juices lubricating his dick as I rode him like an animal. He flipped me to ensure that he was on top, his long fingers bathed in my white juices as he sucked at my tits. My nipples hardened between his teeth as I thrust against his body. My god I wanted him inside me, I hadn’t felt this satisfaction for a month. “Eva, d’you want me to fuck you?” Malcolm asked in a way that sounded more like he would take it without permission.

“No Malcolm.” I breathed.

“Then why are you thrusting against me so hard Eva?” Malcolm asked with a mischievous smile on his face.

“You’re sucking my tits is why, plus I said no.” I pushed Malcolm from me as I started to redress myself.

“Eva don’t go, I love you, stay and watch a movie with me Eva.” Chortled Malcolm as he watched me dress.

“First, I have a lesson that I am already late for, and second, no I do not love you, and you do not love me. You have known me for a week. Seriously, the fuck with all these in the moment confessions. Fuck you.” I screamed before storming out his house and slamming the door.

That was the last time I saw Malcolm, but it took several months to prevent him from talking to me. By that time, it was late February before I felt any kind of peace. But sooner or later the days boiled away under strenuous exam stress and revision, and the months flew by within no time.

Then came the month of exams and stressed out feelings. But something felt different, something felt sad and painful, and it was not anything to do with exams. I just had a feeling.

Why we had a bit of Banter

Eva call Cathy, she’s not in school and none of the teachers have seen her, call home if you hear anything xxx

Ok will do x

Little did I know that my sister’s disappearance was not what I could feel.

Colette, I know this is inappropriate of me to ask, but could you please ask Tom if he has seen my sister, I can’t remember his number, and I don’t have it on my phone, thank you.

As soon as I sent the text message, I knew something was wrong, I knew that Colette was the reason I could feel something bad had happened.

After an hour journey home and about five minutes of searching for Tom’s number that I had written down, I plucked up the courage to text him. I kept it short and sweet, and I wasn’t looking for a conversation with him. We weren’t allowed to talk, no matter how much I wanted to talk to my ‘best friend’ I know I couldn’t.

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