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A Cabin in the Woods Ch. 2

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I woke the next morning in my sister’s bed. I looked down and saw Pammy still sound asleep beside me. As I lay there and stretched, a smile crept across my lips as I replayed the events of the night before in my mind. I still couldn’t believe it. I screwed the hell out of my sister, and she was a willing participant. All of the sudden I started to worry. What if it was the weed and the booze that made her behave that way? Last night was the greatest night of my life, but what would today be like? Still, just thinking about the previous night made my pecker hard as a rock, and I reached down and began absent-mindedly stroking it. Then I felt a stirring beside me as Pammy began to wake up. When she opened her eyes, she looked up at me and smiled sweetly. Her gaze soon moved downward, and when she saw me stroking my erection, her smile changed from sweet to evil.

“Oh, dear brother,” she grinned up at me. “How sweet of you to serve me breakfast in bed.” With that, Pammy was up on her knees beside me. She reached out and grabbed that base of my cock. Holding it in her hand, which didn’t quite fit all the way around it, she leaned down and began licking it from base to tip. After thoroughly coating my cock with her saliva, Pammy opened her lips and took the purple head of my dick in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around it several times before she began swallowing my shaft. My cock slid easily down her throat. Somewhere along the line, my sister had turned into a fantastic cocksucker. I watched as my cock slipped in and out of her warm mouth. She began pumping the shaft with one hand while she fondled my balls with the other. In my relaxed state, having just woke up, I knew it wouldn’t be long before Pammy’s sucking produced the desired results. Soon, I began to feel that familiar stirring in my loins as my balls started to shift. Pammy also sensed my impending orgasm and doubled her efforts. I started to thrust my hips upward, forcing my cock further down her throat while she sucked harder.

“Oh shit!” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum down your throat!” With a final thrust, I began emptying my load down my sister’s throat. Pammy sucked and swallowed as my cock twitched and spurted in her mouth. She took all I had to give her, then wiped her mouth on the back of her hand and laid down beside me with her head on my chest.

“Mmmm, thank you, bro. That was delicious,” she said.

“So I take it that you’re alright with what happened last night?” I asked her.

“Mmmm, oh yes,” Pammy smiled up at me. “I’ve wanted to fuck you for a long time, and I want you to fuck me anytime you want to.”

I looked down at her. “Really? Last night wasn’t a one-time thing?”

“Yes, really. You’re the best fuck I’ve ever had,” she said. “I’m yours for the taking, anytime you want me.”

“Oh, sis, I wanna fuck you all the time,” I said.

I leaned down and kissed my sister deeply on her soft, pouty, lips. Our tongues danced a forbidden dance. Her hand gently stroked my cock while mine kneaded her breast. With our newly admitted feelings out in the open now, Pammy and I decided to hang around the cabin all day. We ended up fucking twice; once there in her bed before getting up to take a shower together, and once on the couch in the living room while watching television.

Since we had been inside all day, we decided we would have dinner and hit the club tonight. Besides, I could use the rest. Our fucking was intense and I was getting a little wore out.

Since it generally took Pammy longer to get ready to go out, I suggested that she shower first and could start getting ready while I showered. So she got up and headed for the bathroom while I kicked back on the couch to relax. When she was done in the bathroom, Pammy yelled at me. I got up and took a long, hot shower, then went to my room to get dressed. I put on a pair of loose-fitting slacks with no underwear, (I wanted to give my dick as much room as possible) and a pull-over v-neck shirt.

As I had figured, I was ready to go before Pammy, but it was only just a few minutes before I heard her coming out of her room. Damn she looked great! She was wearing a very short, halter-top, white dress and heels with white thigh-highs. My cock twitched in my slacks at the sight of her.

“All ready,” she said. “How do I look?”

“Fucking incredible,” I said. I walked right up to her, wrapped my arms around her small waist and pulled her close, then leaned down and kissed her passionately.

“That good, eh?” she teased when she caught her breath again.

We held hands as we walked out to the Jeep. We drove to the restaurant and had a big dinner. Neither of us had eaten much that day, except for each other, so we were both pretty hungry. Plus, I thought the food would help replenish my strength. After dinner, we walked over canlı bahis to the club. There were quite a lot of people in there that night. We found a table and sat down. Soon a waitress came over and took our orders. Pammy and I drank and danced for a couple of hours. She was so hot and drew a lot of attention when on the dance floor. She was an excellent dancer. During the fast songs, Pammy would execute a variety of spins and twirls, making her short dress flair up and giving everyone a view of her little white thong. And during the slow songs, she sexily rubbed her body against mine, making my dick harden halfway.

We were sitting at our table catching our breaths, when the waitress came over and set two fresh drinks down on our table. Since our drinks were only about a quarter of the way gone, we told the waitress that we didn’t order these.

“They’re from the couple over there,” the waitress said and pointed to a couple sitting several tables away. I looked over and they were both smiling back. I smiled back at them and raised the glass as if to make a toast. I motioned for them to come and join us and they both got up and walked over to our table.

“Hi,” the man said. “I’m Rick and this is my wife Toni.” They were about four or five years older than us. Rick was about 5’10” with blond hair and an average build. His wife Toni was about 5’4″ with dark hair and a busty figure.

“Hi, I’m Jesse and this is Pam,” I said. “Thanks for the drinks. Have a seat.”

“Thanks,” Rick said and they both sat down. The four of us all seemed to hit it off really well. We drank and danced and talked for another two hours and had just a good time. Finally, it was about one o’clock in the morning and things in the club were dying down. We asked Rick and Toni if they would like to continue our little party back at our cabin and they readily agreed.

Rick and Toni followed us back to our cabin. We all went inside and, after fixing everyone drinks, sat down; Rick and Toni on the couch and Pammy and I in chairs. I asked if they would like to smoke a joint, and when they agreed I got up to get the weed and rolled us a nice joint. I lit it and passed it around. Soon we were all half drunk and half high and just having a good time. Somehow, in the course of our conversation, the topic turned to sex. Toni said something and Rick leaned over and kissed her. Pammy had moved while we smoked the joint so we wouldn’t have to stretch for it, and was now sitting in my lap. We watched as their kiss became passionate. When they broke, they looked into each other’s eyes for a moment before turning to look at us and smile.

“Sorry about that,” Rick said.

“No, don’t apologize,” Pammy said. “It’s great to see two people who are so into each other, the way you are.”

“What about you two?” Toni asked.

“Oh, I love this man very much,” Pammy said. This was the first time I had heard this from coming from my sister’s lips. It was a good thing we had let on to Rick and Toni that we were boyfriend/girlfriend and not brother and sister.

“The same goes for me,” I said.

Pammy looked down at me and smiled, then leaned down and kissed me deeply. Our tongues swirled inside each other’s mouths and massaged each other’s gums. We kissed for about a minute. When we broke, we looked over at our guests. Rick and Toni were kissing again, but now Rick had his hand up under Toni’s shirt and was squeezing her tits. We watched as we saw Toni reach over and place her hand in Rick’s lap. My cock started to harden when Toni began massaging Rick’s cock through his pants. Pammy felt my cock poking her in the ass, and she turned around so she was on her knees, straddling me, in the big easy chair. Then she brought her lips down to mine again. As we kissed, Pammy ground her crotch against my cock and I reached up and grabbed her tits. We heard moaning coming from the couch. Pammy and I broke our kiss to look over that way. Now, Toni’s top was completely off and Rick’s cock was out of his pants and she was stroking it. Rick was moaning loudly. His hand had left Toni’s breasts and was now working it’s way up under her skirt.

By now, my cock was stiff as a board. Pammy turned around to eye me, a wicked smile on her lips. I smiled back and winked at her. She slid down to the floor in front of me and slowly unzipped my slacks. My cock jumped out my open fly and throbbed in front of Pammy’s face. We looked over to the couch and saw that Toni was up on her knees beside Rick. His shirt was unbuttoned, his pants were down around his knees, and his cock was in Toni’s mouth. She was bobbing her head up and down on her husband’s cock, while he worked her panties down around her knees. Once he got them there, Rick flipped her skirt up over her ass, exposing his lovely wife to us all. Pammy swiveled our chair around bahis siteleri so that we both could see the couch, then she lowered her mouth to my aching cock and began to suck. Meanwhile, Toni had stepped out of her panties and had climbed up on Rick’s lap. Pammy and I watched as Rick’s hard cock disappeared inside Toni’s wet pussy. As she rode him, I pulled my shirt off, then reached down behind Pammy’s neck and untied her dress strings. The top of her dress fell and her luscious boobs spilled free. Pammy stood up and let her dress fall to the floor. Then she stripped me completely naked and stood in front of me. I reached out and lowered her thong to her ankles and helped her step out of it. We paused for a minute when we heard more moaning and groaning coming from the couch. Now Toni was on her hands and knees and Rick was on his knees behind her fucking her doggie-style. Her breasts swayed back and forth furiously as Rick pounded his cock in and out of her. Pammy and I switched positions. She was now on her back in the chair with her ass on the edge of the seat. I was on my knees between her wide-open legs, about to shove my own cock deep into my beautiful sister’s soaking wet pussy. I slammed my cock into her and began fucking her hard. I reached up and pinched and twisted her nipples while I rammed my dick in and out of Pammy’s tight pussy. Toni was now on her back with her legs up in the air and Rick was fucking her senseless. Rick’s body began to stiffen and his long strokes turned into short jabs. All of the sudden, we heard Pammy moan.

“Cum on her face! I wanna see you cum on your wife’s face!”

Rick kinda smiled, and then pulled his cock out of Toni. He quickly moved up to straddle her waist and began pumping his cock. Rick groaned loudly as his cock erupted and spurted his cum through the air and on Toni’s pretty face. Four or five thick streams of it landed on her face, with the remainder of his load dribbling out on her tits.

“Oh god, that did it!” Pammy screamed as her pussy clamped around my cock and she shook in orgasm. Her juices coated my balls as I buried my cock inside her as far as I could while she came. When her orgasm subsided, I continued to pump her pussy. My wet balls bounced off her soggy asshole, making a slapping noise that was quite audible even amongst our moans. Soon though, my balls began to rise and I began to feel my cum rising up my shaft. Just as Pammy had done, Rick directed me to shoot my load on Pammy’s face. Being so close to orgasm, I quickly stood up while Pammy sat up on the edge of the chair. She wrapped her hand around my shaft and pumped it furiously while she licked the head with the tip of her tongue. I shot torrents of thick, hot cum in Pammy’s waiting mouth and all over her gorgeous face. When I had stopped spurting, Pammy stuck my cock back in her mouth and sucked the last drops of cum from me before using her fingers to wipe my cum from her face then licked them off.

“Wow, that was hot!” squealed Toni. “I’ve never fucked in front of other people before. It made me hot knowing that you two were watching us.”

It was getting pretty late and Rick and Toni decided to get back to their own cabin. They got dressed, thanked us for the wonderful evening and left. Pammy and I showered together and got into my bed. We smoked a joint as we lay back on the pillows.

As I was handing her the joint, I asked Pammy, “Is it true what you said to Rick and Toni?”

“What did I say?” she asked back.

“The part about loving me very much,” I said.

“Oh, Jesse. You know I love you,” she said with a smile.

“Yes, but in what way?” I asked.

“As a woman loves a man,” she answered, looking me in the eyes.

I smiled and kissed her deeply. We slept in each other’s arms that night.

The next morning, I woke alone in my bed. Pammy was already up, as I heard her banging things around in the kitchen. I got out of bed and headed for the bathroom to take a piss. As I was standing there, I heard a voice from the doorway.

“Need any help with that?” she asked me.

“You want to give it a shake?” I asked back.

Pammy laughed and said, “Well, I just love it so much, I only want to help out in it’s care.” Then she batted her lashes innocently. Now it was my turn to laugh.

“If you keep giving it the work-outs that you have been, you’re going to wear it out,” I told her.

“Now, I highly doubt that,” she said. “I’ve seen it in action; so big and so hard. I don’t think it can be worn out.”

“Yeah,” I said. “As long as you’re around, I don’t think it’ll have any problem rising to the occasion.”

“Besides, I’m the one who should talk. What about my poor, poor, little pussy? The way that big monster of yours stretches it apart, I’m surprised it even goes back,” she pouted mockingly.

“But bahis şirketleri you wouldn’t want it any other way,” I said, teasingly.

“No, I wouldn’t,” Pammy said. “And what’s more, like I told you before, I want it as often as you can give it to me.”

“Then we better make the most of our time here,” I told her. “We only have four more days here. Once we get back home, we may not be able to find all the time we want.”

“Don’t remind me,” Pammy pouted, earnestly this time.

“Well, I have an idea I want to discuss with you after breakfast,” I said.

“What is it? Tell me!” Pammy shouted.

“Can we eat first, sweetie? I’m really hungry,” I told her.

“You big meanie, you’re gonna keep me in suspense,” Pammy moaned. “Ok, let’s have some breakfast first.”

“Ok, let me take a shower first,” I said.

“I haven’t showered yet either,” she said with a wicked smile on her lips. “Mind if I join you?”

“No sense wasting water,” I told her.

We showered together and washed every inch of the other’s body. When we got out, we toweled each other off, then just wrapped towels around each other and headed for the kitchen. I cooked breakfast for us, and after we ate I told Pammy my idea.

“I was thinking, since we both go to the same university anyway, what would you say to trying to talk Mom and Dad into renting us an apartment near campus? We could tell them the money saved for gas for two vehicles to commute each way, five days a week and as far as we have to drive, would almost pay the rent on an apartment each month. Plus, we’d be able to ‘keep an eye on each other’.” Pammy giggled when I said that while holding up the two fingers on each hand and making the quotations sign.

“I think it’s a wonderful idea,” Pammy said. “But you left out the most important reason. We’d be together and could fuck our brains out every night,” she said seductively.

“Well, that goes without saying, of course. That’s the whole object of the idea. But I don’t think we wanna tell Mom and Dad that,” I said and we both burst out laughing.

“No, I don’t think they ought to know about that part,” Pammy said when she regained her composure. “However, speaking about fucking our brains out….” Her sentence trailed off. I raised my eyebrows and looked up at her. Pammy was standing up. She took her towel off and hopped up on the table in front of me. “Besides, you’re the one who said we needed to make the most of the time we have here.”

“That I did,” I said.

I leaned forward and lowered my head between her open thighs. Pammy leaned back on her palms while I gently licked her already moist pussy. I used my thumbs to open her up, after which I started to ram my tongue in and out of her. Pammy moaned and rolled around on the hard table. When I moved up to nibble on her clit, she lost it and drenched my face. By now, my dick was rock hard. I had reached down earlier to pull open my towel to give my swelling cock its freedom. After her orgasm, I stood up leaving the towel in the chair, and moved her ass to the edge of the table.

“Oh, yes, big brother,” Pammy moaned. “Fuck me with that big fat cock!”

I bent my cock downwards and positioned the head at her hot, juicy opening. I thrust into her hard enough to make her gasp. Right from the start, I began banging her for all I was worth. Pammy was moaning and screaming and making these little chirping noises, all the while though, encouraging me to keep fucking her hard. Placing my palms on the table, I leaned forward and sucked on her hard nipples. I could feel Pammy’s juices running over my balls as she came twice from my hard banging. I reached down and took her legs, which had been hanging off the edge of the table, and put them over my shoulders. I leaned forward a bit and started fucking my sister like it was my last time. Pammy was screaming and pinching her nipples. When I felt my balls tighten and I started short-jabbing her, Pammy moaned out.

“Cum in my pussy! Oh, I wanna feel your hot cum inside me. Oh god, dear brother, cum in me!”

With that, my cock erupted deep inside her. I shuddered as I pumped spurt after spurt of cum into my sister’s waiting pussy. She dropped her legs and encircled them around my waist so she could grind her pussy against me. I felt her muscles tighten in her entire body as she came again, milking my cock for everything she could in the process. Finally, her legs began to loosen around me and then just droop. I gently lowered myself down on top of her and rested my head on her still heaving chest. We stayed like that until we caught our breath. My cock was softening inside her. I pulled it out and sat back down in my chair.

“Fucking incredible,” was all Pammy could say.

“Yeah,” I said.

After about five minutes, we got up and cleaned up. This was actually the first time either of us had noticed it was raining outside.

“Looks like we’ll have to stay inside today,” Pammy said.

“Too bad,” I smiled and winked at her.

(To be continued)

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