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A Changed Man Ch. 1

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Part One – Beginnings

It had to happen one day I guess. I had such a collection of porn on my hard drive, that it was inevitable that one day my wife would stumble across it. It wouldn’t have been so bad if it was average, everyday porn, but my collection consisted of more ‘specialist’ images. There were pictures of shemales with big hard cocks dressed in suspenders, pictures of submissive men bound and punished by a Mistress and even some pictures of out and out gay sex. Then there were the stories which I had downloaded. Tales of men being enslaved by strict Mistresses and turned into submissive slaves or even feminised completely and being forced to take female hormones and dress as slutty women before being whored out to suck cock.

My wife went mad, yelling at me and calling me a pervert for what seemed like hours. Eventually, she said “Right! You seem to like the idea of becoming a sissy slave! Well. guess what? Its gonna happen – from now on you will be MY slave!” The look on her face told me she was deadly serious and when she ordered me to remove my clothes I tried to complain but she threatened to pack her bags and leave me so I had no choice but to comply.

As I stood naked before her, she started to point and laugh at my cock, telling me how pathetic and useless it was. “Your tiny dick was never much good to me anyway!” she laughed, “I can’t remember the last time it gave me an orgasm” she continued, “Well from now on its not even gonna come near me! You will never have the pleasure of fucking me again” she said. Before I could say a word, she carried on – “If I want sex, I will go out and find myself a REAL man. One who doesn’t want to be a girl. You will only service me with your tongue. Whenever I want.” She then ordered me to remain standing where I was as she disappeared off into the bedroom.

Before I could even begin to analyse the situation I was in, she returned carrying some of her underwear. “Now then, my slut” she said, “Lets see what you look like in these”. She handed me the underwear and ordered me to put it on. I began pleading with her, but again she threatened to leave me for good. I pulled on the black panties. The feel of them made my cock start to harden which didn’t go un-noticed. “I see my slut likes her new clothes!” I blushed and then put on the suspender belt. Rolling the first stocking up my leg made me get even more erect and by the time the second one was on, my erection was obviously bulging out in the panties. The bra matched the panties and when I had all the items on, my wife told me to start masturbating. Rubbing the front of my panties she told me that if I didn’t do as she said there would be big trouble. With the mood she was in I knew I had to do what she wanted.

I reached into my panties, pulled my cock out and slowly began to masturbate. “Close your eyes dear”, she said “I want you to look like you’re enjoying it!”. As I stood there stroking my cock I was suddenly aware of a flash! Quickly opening my eyes I saw my wife with our digital camera in her hand. “Carry on!” she snapped at me, so I reluctantly started to masturbate again, aware that she was taking a lot of pictures of me in my humiliating position. Soon I was on the verge of cumming. For some reason I was finding my predicament a bit of a turn on and the feel of the female clothes made me even hornier. “Stop!” she commanded. “Take your hand off your cock NOW!”. She knew how close I was to shooting my load and as I released my grip my cock stood bobbing in the air with a drip of precum glistening on the tip. She put the camera down and moved behind me where she quickly grabbed my wrists. Before I knew it, both my hands were tied behind my back with the cord from her dressing gown which was hanging nearby. She then moved back to stand in front of me and looked down at my still hard cock. “Mmmmmm, it looks like all this is making you pretty horny, slut! Do you like to be dressed as a girl for me?” she asked.

I guess I took too long to answer as suddenly she grabbed my balls and squeezed them really hard in her hand. As I cried out in pain, she just laughed and told me that this was just the beginning. She then told me to get my sissy ass into the spare bedroom and spend the night thinking about what the future might have in store for me. With that, she pushed me out into the hall and slammed the door behind me.

That first night passed very slowly for me as I lay on the small single bed dressed in female underwear with my hands securely tied behind me. My aching cock was hard for most of the night but I couldn’t get my hands free to touch it. My mind was racing with thoughts of what she might decide to do with me now that things had got this far. Although I was scared, I was also excited at the prospect of becoming her slutslave. If only I’d known just how far she intended to go…

Part Two – Training Begins

She woke me early in the morning and untied my hands before sitting down beside me on the bed and telling me that today was the first day of the rest of my life. From now on I was only to address her as Mistress and I was not allowed to speak without permission. If I did not follow her commands and do exactly what she requested buca escort at all times she would not hesitate in sending the photos she had taken of me the previous night to all of my friends and family. She told me that my body was now her property to use however she wanted.

Things were starting to get serious I thought as I stood washing myself in the shower she had instructed me to take. I was still feeling horny though and wanted nothing more than to jerk myself off but my wife was standing in the doorway watching me to make sure that I didn’t touch ‘her property’. Once I had dried myself off she told me to go into her bedroom to put on the clothes she had decided I was to wear. I couldn’t believe what I saw laid out on the bed. She couldn’t really expect me to wear these things! “Get dressed slut!” she ordered. I tried to complain but was silenced with a hard slap on the ass and the threat of my mother seeing the photos. Quietly I dressed. “There you go” she said, “that wasn’t so bad was it? Now look at yourself in the mirror and see what a slut you look”. Slowly I walked over to the full length mirror in the corner of the room. I looked ridiculous. Black fishnet stockings, suspender belt, silk black oanties and a black basque were topped off with a small leather mini skirt and a white blouse. “Hmmm I can see theres still alot of work to be done before you’re a proper little slut” my wife laughed! “Now come with me”…

I meekly followed her into the lounge. In front of the TV she had placed a hard wooden chair. Several lengths of rope were laying beside it on the floor. I followed her instructions and sat on the chair with my legs apart, facing the TV. Within minutes my hands were tied behind me and my ankles were tied to the front chair legs. She then told me that she was going out and without another word, she pressed play on the VCR, turned and left. The TV lit up and straight away I recognised one of my favourite porn films playing on the screen in front of me. Damn! I thought I’d hidden those somewhere she’d never find them! This particular film was a hardcore BDSM movie starring a big titted shemale submissive getting thoroughly used at a bondage party. Immediately, my erection sprung back into life, still bursting with the need to cum it seemed like forever until the end credits started to roll on the TV screen.

The tape rewound itself, only to begin playing again almost straight away. My cock was straining under my skirt as I watched the shemale onscreen get fucked anally by a group of guys when suddenly I heard the door open and my wife entered the room carrying lots of bags. “Well well,” she said “judging by that bulge in your skirt I’d say you’ve had fun while I’ve been gone”. She then went on to tell me that she’d been out buying a few ‘surprises’ and alot of sexy new outfits for herself. All on MY credit card of course. To my horror, she then informed me that she was going out tonight looking for a bit of casual sex with a real man. I hung my head in shame, knowing that she meant what she said. “By the way, I’ve bought you something slut” she said and reached into one of the bags. It was another video tape which she slotted into the VCR before I could see what it was. Again she pressed play and left the room.

I wasn’t expecting what I saw appear on the TV screen. Gay porn. Hardcore footage of a bondage scenario featuring a submissive male being put through his paces by some well hung guys. He was tied, whipped, forced to his knees and made to suck cock until eventually he was taken in the ass by the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. My own cock throbbed and my balls ached as I watched. I’ve fantasised for so long about being fucked by other men and in my current position the images on screen were making me incredibly horny. Just then my wife returned, only this time she was naked. “Enjoying yourself, slut?” she asked. When I didn’t answer, she roughly grabbed a handful of my hair and yanked my head back. “Answer me!” she yelled. “Yes….Mistress” I replied quietly. “Good. Now I’m gonna untie you and see what you can do with that tongue of yours slut”.

She untied me from the chair, but kept my hands tied behind my back and then went over and sprawled on the sofa with her legs wide open and her beautiful cunt exposed. “Now slut” she said, “get over here and get that mouth to work on my pussy”. I didn’t need telling twice and quickly knelt in front of her and leant forward, bringing my lips to her cunt. I went to work on her with my tongue, and she grabbed my head and pressed my face hard into her hot pussy. It didn’t take long to bring her to orgasm and her whole body shuddered as she pressed harder on the back of my head. When she had recovered her composure, she again made me sit, tied to the chair watching gay porn while she disappeared off to get ready for her night out. The scent of her pussy on my face, and the porn on the TV meant that my cock was still hard and throbbing.

My balls ached and I wanted to cum so badly that I thought I would do anything to get an orgasm. When she came back into the room she looked stunning. There was no doubt that if she wanted a man tonight she would have no trouble getting one. I begged escort buca with her not to go and to untie me but she just laughed. I begged her to at least let me have an orgasm, but again she laughed. “That cock belongs to me now” she said, “and I’ll decide when it gets to spurt its little load. Now be a good slut and watch your film while I go out and have a little fun. I’m really very horny now and I can’t see any cocks round here big enough to satisfy me”. She laughed and with a slam of the door she was gone.

It must have been quite late when she got back. I’d had to watch the gay porno at least 4 times over. My cock was still bulging as I watched the guys in action on screen. I wondered what it was like to suck cock and get a mouthful of cum, or feel a big hard cock slide inside my ass. I’ve always been totally straight but have often wondered about what it would be like with another man. “Hello my slut” my wife said as she walked in. “I hope you’ve been good while I’ve been out!” She was obviously a little drunk as she started to tell me about her night.

She had gone to a club and before long was approached by the handsome, muscular owner who was obviously only after one thing. His name was Tom. He got what he wanted. My wife explained in great detail about how they had sneaked off to his office at the end of the night. About how they had fucked like a couple of horny teenagers right there on the desk. She told me that he had a huge thick cock and a big pair of cum filled balls. “In fact,” she said, “I’ve got something to show you”. Reaching carefully into her handbag I couldn’t believe it when she pulled out a used condom. The end hang heavily, full of Tom’s cum. “I didn’t like to waste it!” she laughed as she approached me with the condom. “See that? Thats the cum from a REAL man.”

The condom was held right in front of my eyes and I could clearly see the thick white cum inside. “Tilt your head back and open your mouth!” she ordered. I shook my head and she reached under my skirt and grabbed my balls. Hard. Squeezing them until I reluctantly tipped my head back and opened my mouth. “Good slut,” she purred and with that, she turned the condom upside down over my face and with her other hand squeezed the cum out and into my mouth. I gagged as the cold, slimy spunk dripped onto my tongue and into my mouth. “If you want to be a slut, you’d better get used to the taste of cum” she laughed as she emptied the entire contents of the condom into my mouth. There was so much of it that I had no choice but to swallow the spunk of this man who had just fucked my wife. My wife seemed very pleased and lifted my skirt to reveal my still rock hard cock protuding over the top of my panties. “Hmmm…I bet you’d like to fuck me now” she said as she pulled my panties down exposing my throbbing cock. I franticly nodded and begged “Yes Mistress…please let me fuck you!” She laughed and then proceeded to roll the used condom onto my penis. “THAT is the nearest your pathetic cock is ever going to get to my pussy!” she sneared before getting up and leaving the room to go to bed.

I was left tied to the chair, with the aftertaste of cum clinging in my mouth and a condom that had been used by another man to fuck my wife, on my cock, which still remained hard after all this time. Eventually I nodded off to sleep with the porn film still playing in the background.

Part 3 – and so it goes on….

The next day my wife woke early and came and untied me from the chair. My whole body ached from having to spend the night tied upright and at last my erection had subsided, although my balls still ached with the need to cum. She allowed me to shower and then led me into the bedroom and made me stand naked in front of her. She then started to explain a few of her rules to me. From now on I was hers. At all times in the house I was to wear nothing but female attire. To the outside world we would carry on as normal except that I would always be wearing female underwear if I went outside. I would continue to go to work but to stop me masturbating I would have to wear a chastity belt. She would have as many lovers as she wanted, and next time, she would bring them home for sex in our bed. I would obey her every command, and be tied up when my services were not required.

After I reluctantly agreed to all of this she reached into a drawer and produced a small curved metal tube with some leather straps attached. I realised immediately that it was a chastity belt. “You’re little cock is not going to get to cum for quite some time!” she laughed as she roughly pulled my cock down through the tube before attaching the strap to hold it in place. She then put a small padlock through the rings in the strap and snapped it shut. Taking the key, she placed it in an envelope which she then sealed. She then ordered me to get dressed and go to work. When I was ready to leave the house she said that she had something for me to do on the way to the office, and handed me an envelope. As I took it I realised that it was the same envelope she had placed the key to my chastity belt in, except now there was an address written on it. Our address! “Post that for me on your way slut” “But…” buca escort bayan I stammered. “Quiet!” she yelled. “I don’t want you secretly trying to jerk yourself off, so I figured that if the key wasn’t here, then you’ve got no chance!”. “Anyway,” she continued “it’ll be back in a couple of days, and if you’re a good boy I may even let you cum!” The thought of being able to cum caused my cock to twitch in the steel tube. As I turned to leave, my wife shouted to me “Lets just hope it doesn’t get lost in the post!”.

As I walked, I thought about opening the envelope and taking the key. I could go to the mens room at work and jerk myself off. She’d never know! But then I thought of what she might do if she found out and anyway, she did say that she was going to let me cum when the key came back. …Hesitantly, I dropped the envelope into the mailbox.

It was a long day at work. My cock was constantly straining in its restraint, but there was no way it could get erect. I tried to find a way of removing the chastity belt but it was too secure, but with it on, there was absolutely no way I could even touch my cock let alone jerk myself off. I also felt as if everyone in the office knew I was wearing womens panties and I was paranoid that, somehow, they DID all know. I was glad when it was time to leave off, and I walked home very slowly, unsure of what my wife may have planned for me when I get home.

I quietly shut the door behind me and straight away my wife shouted from the living room. “You know the rules, slut. Go to your room and change then come in here”. I went into the spare bedroom where I was to be sleeping from now on. Laid on the bed was a selection of womens clothes. Mainly underwear but also a few tarty looking PVC outfits and several leather items. “I’ll let you choose!” she laughed from the other room “and don’t be too long!” I slowly took off my own clothes and then proceeded to get dressed for my wife. I chose black silk stockings/suspenders, black bra and panties with a black PVC mini skirt and a see through black lace top. As soon as I was fully dressed my cock again tried to harden but to no avail. My balls ached as they felt the cool touch of the panties. Taking a deep breath, I turned and went into the living room where my wife was waiting for me. She was standing in the centre of the room in a skin tight black dress which really showed off her incredible cleavage and a pair of black leather thigh boots with at least a 6 inch heel. She looked stunning and I could think of nothing else but how good it would feel to fuck her there and then. “Stop!” she barked as I entered the room. “From now on you will always be on your knees in my presence!…now, kneel and then crawl over here you pathetic slut!”

As I knelt before her she told me that she had something for me and then from behind her back she produced a long, blonde wig. She wasted no time in positioning in it on my head. She then stood back and said “Good, you look more like a proper girl now, slut!” She then took out the camera and said “We’d better have another few pictures while you’re looking so pretty!” and proceeded to take several photographs of me dressed as a slut and kneeling submissively on the floor. “Now, follow me” she ordered as she walked seductively off towards her bedroom.

I followed as fast as I could on my hands and knees. “Lay on the floor under the bed!” she said. I did as instructed and slid myself on my back under the bed. My hands and feet were then tied to each leg of the bed until I was completely helpless. My wife then told me that she was going out to meet Tom again tonight, and she planned to bring him back to our house and fuck his brains out right here on the bed. “Just think,” she said, “you’ll be able to hear what its like when a real man fucks me!” She then turned and left, leaving me with nothing to do but lie there thinking about what she had just said.

It was only about 2 hours before I heard her key in the door. She was not alone however as I immediately heard a mans voice talking to my wife. Almost straight away they came into the bedroom. From my position, all I could see were their feet moving towards the bed. They were obviously kissing as I saw my wifes dress drop to the floor. She stepped out of it and fell backwards onto the bed still wearing her deliciously high heeled thigh boots. Tom immediatley climbed on top of her on the bed, and although they were then out of my sight, I could clearly hear them making out on the bed which bounced around above me. In minutes Toms clothes fell to the floor in a heap and I could hear my wife shouting in ecstacy “Yessss! fuck me! Let me feel that big mans cock all the way up my cunt!” In all my years of knowing her, I had never known my wife to let herself go this much. She sounded as if she were having orgasm after orgasm as Tom continued to fuck her. I was so jealous of him as I heard him cry out in passion as he released his load. My wife was still in the throws of orgasm herself, writhing and panting on the bed. After a while, they had both recovered from their wanton love making, and they just laid on the bed above me, talking. I couldn’t believe what I heard. My wife was making arrangements to meet Tom again in a couple of days time. But apparently he was going to bring a couple of his friends along too. My wife was going to take all three of them right here in this bedroom! I shuddered at the thought, and wondered what part I would play in the proceedings.

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