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A Driver’s Seat with a View

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Allie Haze

While there are other video people at our company, it’s always a thrill when Sara and I are assigned to work together. That usually means crafting scripts together, in very close contact. We’ll sit at the table in my office, and I’ll find myself smelling her perfume, looking at her blonde hair, undressing her with my eyes…

Ahem… while we are in the office, she is very careful to remind me that while people SUSPECT we are having an affair, no one has any proof, so I will occasionally get a stern look reminding me to keep my mind focused on the work at hand, instead of running my hands over her beautiful body. Besides, when we leave the office to do our video shoots, and it’s just the two of us, that’s when we can be a whole lot more naughty.

We were doing a video to promote an upcoming trail run, and we were assigned to put together a brief commercial on the event to encourage people to register. Per Sara’s request, I was going to be the ‘talent’ in the 60 second spot, and that meant I was going to have to dress in athletic gear that day to look the part.

Now, believe me, I’m no Adonis, but I like to think I take pretty decent care of myself. Sara canlı bahis has mentioned more than once how much she loves my broad shoulders and big arms wrapped around her, so she was looking forward to getting a little bit of eye candy out on the shoot.

But, I had another idea – something a visual person might appreciate. We got into the van and started driving to the site where we were going to be shooting. I had been thinking about this all morning, and I was feeling very turned on. It was hard for most people to notice, but my cock was starting to awaken in my loose-fitting dark gym shorts. And, I was hoping to show her what was going on.

We pulled away from the office, and I started talking to Sara about how beautiful she was. As she drove, she rolled her eyes. “Yeah, in this polo shirt and jeans, I must be real sexy…”

“Oh, yes you are,” I said as I turned myself in my seat so I was facing her. I managed to swing one leg around past the central console of the van with my legs spread open. I reached up the leg of my gym shorts and fished out my now-erect cock into view. “And here’s the proof!”

She glanced down and her eyes registered surprise. bahis siteleri “What the heck are you doing?” she asked, snapping her head around to look at the road. “We’re on the road! Someone will see us!”

“We sure are,” I mentioned, “But, we are also in one of the taller vehicles out here, so unless someone wants to climb on the roof of their car, no one can see what’s going on.” I stroked my throbbing cock in the front seat, my head becoming a deep shade of crimson. “Besides, it’s been more than a week since we’ve been together, and I’m really feeling horny.”

“Well, if that’s the case,” Sara said, with a smile on her face, “let me give you a hand.” She licked the tips of the fingers on her right hand to make them slippery and started rubbing the head of my cock. At this point, I was in ecstasy. Her fingers played with the very sensitive underside of my head, where she loves to tickle me with her tongue. I began thrusting into her hand. That drove me crazy, and she could tell it was, because her smile lit up her face.

I’m not sure how she kept the van on the road, but she was doing an excellent job obeying all the traffic rules and regulations, bahis şirketleri occasionally licking her fingers to wet them again. I couldn’t believe just how awesome this was feeling, but wow, it was incredible.

After a good five minutes of this, I could no longer control myself. I took my cock back into my hands and began stroking it vigorously. I needed to get off in the worst way, and Sara knew this. She continued playing the tips of her fingers over the head of my swollen cock, telling me just how much she wanted me to shoot my cum.

Just a few seconds later, she got her wish. My cock erupted, squirting cum into her waiting hand. I was shuddering with each spurt, my eyes closed. I grunted loudly as I unloaded. She did a masterful job keeping it all in her hands and off the seats of the van. Spent, I sat back into the seat, breathing heavily.

She took her handful of my cum and brought it to her waiting tongue, tasting me. “Oh, God Ken, that was some orgasm. I wish you were pumping it into me, but that was a great visual.”

We cleaned up with the tissues in the van, and the video shoot was one of the most pleasant I had ever spent. On the way back to the office, Sara turned to me and said, “I liked this shoot – there were some great visuals.” She winked at me, “but, the next time, you drive and you had better take care of me!”

That was going to happen soon…

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