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A Family Affair Ch. 03: Hans vs. Symbian

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Big Dicks

This is the third part of my story of how I shagged a hotty and her mother and went on to fuck two other hot milfs from their village in these chapters…

A family affair


A family affair ch02



Caution, there is a LOT of fucking in this chapter 🙂

It was a hot week in the middle of June and I was due to take two day’s holiday in lieu of working over the Whitsun Bank Holiday. I had arranged with Mary that I would travel to her on the Wednesday night and we would go straight to bed. Since her son Jonathan’s birthday in February, I had spent every weekend at her stone cottage in Church Fenton in Northamptonshire, apart from a weekend, once a month, when she was having her period. On those weekends, I stayed next door with Mary’s neighbour, Katherine whose performance in the sack was outstanding and more debauched. I actually enjoyed fucking Kate even more than my girlfriend.

Mary and her daughter, who I had screwed first (see https://www..com/s/a-family-affair-17 for the full story), had come to an arrangement after the contest between them for my affections. Mary had won the contest, but Julia had come a close second. Julia now had a boyfriend at university in Manchester. On the rare weekends when Julia was visiting home, although I would sleep with Mary, Julia could drag me upstairs for a shag once each visit.

This situation became more interesting during the university Easter holidays while Mary was ‘Out of Action’ due to ‘having the painters in’ and I was fucking Kate instead. Julia came to Kate’s house while we were ‘On the Job’ and joined in.

As threesomes went, I enjoyed it. Not only when they turned their attentions to me but when Kate and Julia were involved in some heavy lesbo action as well.

It was from watching girls pleasuring other girls that I learnt most about how to make a woman cum fastest and in he most intense manner before I lost my job at a women’s college.

During this unexpected weekday couple of days, Mary and I expected to be alone to indulge in our favourite pastime – SEX.

She greeted me in the kitchen wearing a sheer white negligee that was almost transparent by kissing me so hard that her tongue almost went down my throat. “I know what you want.” I muttered as I took her hand from where it was rubbing my todger and led her to the stairs. At the top of the stairs, instead of leading right towards her room, instead she pulled me left and into Julia’s room.

“I want to have you in here to get my own back on my daughter. I won’t change the sheets before she comes home. I’ll just let her sense that we’ve been doing it on her bed.” Within seconds, I was inside her. We fucked in the missionary position until Mary had cum explosively. I rolled her over and entered her pussy from behind and erupted into her. Mary wiped my cock clean on Julia’s pillow. “That will teach the bitch.”

We both lay side by side on the dry side of the bed. “I have an admission to make.” said Mary, “Tomorrow, Jennifer has invited the girls to the Manor House for afternoon tea. When I told her that you would be visiting, she insisted that you come too. Tea at the Manor House is usually a girl’s only event. I haven’t been to one before but Katherine says it usually involves everybody being naked and taking their turn on the Symbian Orgasmatron machine. Kate says they’re normally referred to as Jenny’s Orgasmafests.”

“I’m sorry, but I said we would go and I’ve wanted to try one of things for ages.”

“There’s no way I’m getting on one.” I replied.

“You don’t have to, you’ll be there for to be compared against the machine. You’ll get to have sex with all the girls invited.”

“What if I can’t manage it?”

“I’m certain that you will. There will only be a few of us.”


“Me, of course, Katherine, Jennifer and a few of her young friends from the village.”

“I suppose I could try, but remember that those highest number of women I’ve ever been able to screw in one night is six, plus bringing another to a climax without having sex wit her.”

“When was that?”

“I was twenty one and challenged to bring an entire inebriated Netball team to orgasm before dawn one evening. You can read my account of it at https://www..com/s/the-truth-game”

“O.K. then, I’ll attempt to do it but I’ll need to rest first.”

“Just use your fingers and tongue to bring me off and we’ll go to my bed and I’ll let you sleep.”

“We got out of Julia’s bed and went down the hall into Mary’s bed. The soft long pile of her carpet felt wonderful beneath my naked feet. Mary’s naked bum walking ahead of me looked extremely enticing. I reached under the covers and started frigging Mary’s pudenda. Her breathing became heavier, her gasps more frequent until there was a catch in her breath and she sighed a satisfied “Aaaaah” as she reached ecstasy. She kissed me, said “Thank you, that was a good one,” before we both went off to sleep.

I esenyurt escort woke in the morning with touch of Mary’s hand feeling my erection. “I’m just checking that it’s still working.” She said.

In return, I tweaked her nearest nipple which was encouragingly hard, put my head under the covers and moved down to lick her snatch. On the way, I realized that her pubes were still smooth. I had expected them to be covered with stubble now, as it was weeks since she had shaved them. She must have shaved them for me again recently. She had also put perfume down there. It wasn’t necessary as I love the scent of an aroused woman.

I used my tongue around her vulva and clit in the way that I knew she enjoyed to bring her the relief that she was waiting for. When she had enjoyed a soft climax, she went under the duvet to return the favour to me. “That’s lovely,” I said when her lips and tongue were sucking on and licking my prick “but please don’t try to make me cum. I have half a dozen of you to satisfy at Jenny’s this afternoon and I don’t want to let myself down.”

Her mouth disengaged from my member and she came back up onto the pillow.

“I understand, darling. I was only returning the favour. If you let yourself down, you will be letting me down as well.”

“You can completely drain me when we get home. What time are we due there?”

“At two o’clock. The Manor house is two doors from the pub, so twenty minutes away. We’ll collect Katherine on the way at about half one.”

We got out of bed, dressed and went to the kitchen where Mary cooked a full English breakfast. It was delicious with Sausages from the local farm, bacon, tomatoes, black pudding and a couple of fresh eggs. The protein was intended to increase my stamina during the afternoon.

After breakfast, Mary chose what clothes she would be initially wearing at Jenny’s remembering that she wouldn’t be wearing them for long. Everything needed to be easily removable with only the minimum of underwear below. Tights would be unwieldy, suspenders and stockings too bothersome so we decided that her legs should be bare. With the hot weather, it was the most practical. A pretty blouse with no buttons only held on with a bow and no brassiere underneath. An Indian silk wrap around skirt with the waist held together by a small piece of Velcro worn on top of a mauve thong completed the fashionable hippy look and pair of sandals with a two inch heel finished it off. She looked stunning, and it took all my concentration not to rip it all off and screw her on the floor.

I hadn’t come prepared for this, so I only opened my suitcase and got out a clean white tee shirt and pressed jeans. “Your things are a bit crumpled.” remarked Mary “Let me get the iron and press them for you. Knowing what the weather would be like, I had packed sandals so didn’t need socks.

Mary sat in front of the dressing table and skilfully applied a small amount of make-up. Just a little eye-shadow, mascara and a dab of pink lipstick. She also spread a very small amount of rouge around each nipple, which I thought was a nice touch. She sprayed a small amount of the flowery perfume on her body. By then it was time to leave.

We walked hand in hand to Kate’s door and knocked. “Just a minute, I’m almost ready.” called Kate and soon the door opened. Kate also looked stunning. She was wearing a very summery dress that reached her mid-thighs with bare legs and sandals. It was also quite obvious from the shape of her nipples pressing through the cotton that she had also decided to dispense with a bra. “This is my ‘American’ dress,” she told us. “One yank and it’s off!”

She closed the door and with one MILF in each hand, we set off up the road.

“Whenever a man holds my hand,” said Katie, “I know that he’s eventually going to soon be inside me.”

Mary looked very shocked but I laughed “It’s not as if it’s going to be the first time.”

After a quarter of an hour, we reached the pub. Next door were a pair of farm worker’s cottages, and beyond them, a long drive went down to a grand regency house. The sign on the gate said simply “Manor House”.

We walked down the drive and soon caught up with two other ladies walking in front of us one with reddish hair and the other dark. “Hello, Barbie.” Greeted Kate. “Are you coming for the famous Orgasmafest too?”

“Yes,” said the older red haired lady “Jenny told me I could bring my au-pair for an afternoon of sexy fun if she was good. This is Therese.”

“Hello,” said Therese in a strong German accent. She was a little more plain than I usually like, but not horribly so.

“Do you know my next door neighbour, Mary?” asked Kate. “And this is her new boyfriend, Hans.” Both Barbie and Therese shook our hands. By this time we had reached the front door. Barbara pulled the bell and inside we heard it ring.

The door was opened by a youngish blond girl. “Hello Therese,” She said in a strong French accent. “Come in, Mrs Clarke is in the parlour with the others. We followed her through. avrupa yakası escort Sitting on the sofas were Jenny, looking as ravishing as usual, a much older lady who was probably about fifty as she was starting to go grey and a beautiful Chinese lady.

“Ah, hello Hans,” said Jenny. “I pleased you have come, I was afraid that you wouldn’t or that Mary wouldn’t let you. Allow me to introduce everyone. This is Barbara, Katherine, Mary and Johann” as she gave each name, she introduced who it was. On the sofa is my housekeeper, Elizabeth” introducing the older lady. “and my neighbour Mei” pointing to the Chinese lady.

The door bell rang. “Will you see who that is please, Giselle? Giselle is my au-pair and I’ve asked her if she would like to join us for ‘tea’.”

Giselle brought through a blond lady who I recognised from many years ago. “Hello, Caroline, so pleased you could make it. Who don’t you know?”

“I know Katie, Mei, Betty, Barbie and I’m surprised to see Hans here. We were lovers when I was still at school in the fifth form, long before I got married and moved up here.”

“The others are Mary who moved to Church Farmhouse last autumn, Barbie’s au-pair, Therese. My au-pair (and Therese’s friend) Giselle, who let you in. Under the cover on the stool in front of you is our star performer the Symbian Orgasmatron. I suppose you’re surprised that I’ve invited Hans to an all girl event but he’s here so we can compare the ultimate orgasm machine to a real flesh and blood man. We’ll do our usual of taking lots to see what order we use the Orgasmatron in, but before each lady sits on the machine, she needs to sit have Hans inside her first, then when we’re all done, we’ll compare votes and find out which is preferred.”

“I don’t feel comfortable with that.” Said Elizabeth. “I have no objection to having a machine vibrating inside my naughty bits, but not an attractive young man. What would I tell my husband?”

“The same as the rest of us will be telling our husbands, Betty. We went to the Manor House for tea with the girls. He’ll never find out.”

“No, I mustn’t. Who wants tea?” Everybody raised a hand.

“Who would prefer wine?” asked Jenny.

Most people muttered “Me.” and Elizabeth left the room to ring the refreshments in.

Jenny came over to me. “Is that OK with you, Hans?”

“It was what I expected, but I doubt whether I will able to screw nine women in one afternoon.

“Without Betty, there’s only eight and you don’t need to cum in us all.

“OK, but if one of the girls makes me cum, she needs to be punished by spending an extra ten minutes on the machine. That will give me time to recover.”

“Will you need privacy or is the Chaise Longue over there good enough for you?”

“I’ll be more turned on if I can watch everyone on the machine.

Betty came back with a tray containing a tea pot, cups, milk and sugar. When she had put that on the table and went out again. Soon she was back with wine glasses, and bottles or red and white wine. She disappeared again and was soon back with bottles of whisky, gin and vodka, Ice cubes and an assortment of mixers. “Help yourselves” she commanded.

Most of the ladies helped themselves to wine, a couple to tea. Jennifer went to the Beaureax and took out a sheet of paper on which she wrote each of the ladies’ names. She cut them up, folded them and put them in a black fabric bag.

“Who would like to draw the names?” After some discussion, it was decided that I should do it.

“The first is…” I put my hand in the bag and drew out a piece of paper. “Jennifer”

A muttering of “Fix, fix.” went round the room.

“The second is … Mary. Third… Mei. Fourth… Barbara. Fifth… Giselle. Sixth… Katherine. Seventh… Therese. Eighth… Caroline and last if she still wants to do it… Elizabeth.”

“I be riding the machine but not you.” called out Betty.

“Right girls, let’s get ready. You too Hans.” Jenny passed me a sheet to put over the chaise longue and started taking off her clothes. I watched her unzip her skirt and it fell to the floor. She was not wearing panties. She unbuttoned her blouse and shrugged it off. reached behind her back and unclipped the bra. Her huge breast spilled out of it. While I put the sheet over the piece of furniture that I would be fucking seven hot women on soon, I looked around the room while the others removed their clothes. As planned, Mary’s blouse quickly undid and fell to the floor. Her skirt quickly joined it as did her thong.

Mei’s top took longer to come off but her skirt was faster. Underneath she had white cotton bra and panties which didn’t take long. I blinked and in that time, Kate’s dress was on the floor and once off, she was completely naked. My biggest surprise was Therese. Once completely naked, she was beautiful. Giselle’s youthful body had the advantage that youth bestows. I was looking forward to fucking her. Barbie’s chest started swelling just below her neck anadolu yakası escort and the breasts perched on top were magnificent. The chest had already enlarged before it divided into two tits. Her body was completely covered with freckles which I found very appealing. Caroline was as I remembered her except that her breasts which has not appeared long before I last had sex with her had got larger.

“Stop gawking and get your kit off, Hans!” I pulled my T-shirt over my head, unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. As I took down my underpants my knob sprang into attention.

1 Jennifer

I laid down on my back on the chaise longue with my dick pointing towards the ceiling and Jenny came over and plunked herself on it. She must have been feeling extremely aroused as my dick slid easily into her vagina. She jiggled up and down on it. with a foot on the floor on either side. “Slow down” I asked her “You’re going to make me cum.”

“I can’t.” She replied “so am I”. I counted up in binary to distract me and quite quickly she shouted with the pleasure of an orgasm. “Again?” she suggested. Her boobs looked at their best. Her nipples stuck out and they jiggled in the most alluring way. I reached up and pinched her nipples before reaching down and rubbing her clit. She collapsed forward onto my chest and kissed me deeply as she came for the second time. “Now to test whether a machine is better than a real penis she said. I would appreciate it if you would lead each girl over here and let us hold onto you for this part, Hans.”

The machine sat on its own stool at about a convenient height for it to be sat on with their feet on the ground with two cables. One connected to a mains socket and the other to a remote control that Mei held. Peter Clarke had bought every possible accessory for his wife’s pleasure. There were dildos both small and large with textures hard and soft. A couple were a firm jelly which were designed to be heated in a microwave oven or hot water for a few seconds to bring the up to the temperature of a real cock. There were huge massive knobs that most women would be uncomfortable with, ten inches in length and two and a half inches in diameter, and a soft low mound for stimulating the clit only. There was even an imitation vagina that he’d bought for himself. For each of the sizes, there was a supply of condoms.

The remote control had two controls marked 0 to 100%. One controlled the amount it vibrated and the other, the amount and speed at which it thrust in and rotated.

It was currently fitted with a rabbit style fitting which had two fingers, a large one that went up and a smaller one towards the front. “For the previous few sessions, we all agreed that the simple six inch cock was best with the ridge for stimulating the clit, so I’ve fitted those.” A large plastic bottle of lube sat to one side.

Jenny straddled the machine and I stood in front of her for when she needed to grab on to me. “Ready Mei?”

With a loud noise the machine started vibrating inside Jenny as a wide smile spread over her face. She took a deep breathe and uttered a load “Mmmmm!”

Mei turned the control higher and Jenny had a look of deep concentration. “Ooof!” she said while twisting her hips. As the intensity increased, she looked more and more radiant and her breathing became heavier. Soon she was mewling and her torso stated shaking. She raised her hands to her tits and started pinching them. “Yessss, that’s so good. It won’t be long now.” She reached toward me and pulled me closer. Her mouth opened as she drew me down to kiss me. I could tell that she was extremely aroused and probably ready to cum as she repeatedly pushed her tongue between my lips. I put a palm on each of her boobs and flicked each nipple with my thumb.

“60%,” Said Mei “Enough?” Jenny shook her head and Mei turned it up a bit more.

The sounds of Jenny’s approaching orgasm were obvious. I kneaded her tits and suddenly it was there. She disengaged our mouths and shook violently, oscillating her hips back and forth as she succumbed to the most violent climax I have ever watched. “Higher.” she instructed Mei who turned the controls up.

“80%.” Jenny was writhing in ecstasy while shouting at the top of her voice and enjoying continuous orgasms.

Mei slowly turned the controls down. Eventually, the noise of the machine stopped and Jenny’s writhing decreased leaving her panting for air as she held onto me for support.

2 Mary

“Who’s next?” asked Mei.

“I am.” replied Mary.

I lay back on the Chaise Longue and Mary joined me. “I’m looking forward to this. Especially You and the machine together, my lover.”

She put some lube on her middle finger and wiped some in her pussy and some over the head of my cock, before lowering herself onto my eager erection. She leant forward and kissed me as I twitched my hips, pushing my dong further into her. “You know how I like it, this shouldn’t take long.”

“The longer the better.” I answered.

She tightened the muscles in her vagina, squeezing my prick as she went up and down on it in the way that I had grown to love over the past few months. Being inside her was like returning home and I finally realised that I was falling in love with this adventurous woman. Her bum pounding slapping on my thighs was encouraging us both to reach higher levels of excitement. “I want you on top.” she asked.

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