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A Favor For Rick

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Lisa arrived home after a day of marathon shopping exhausted yet happy. Rick was taking her out that night to celebrate the promotion he had received last week. Dinner and then to the symphony – Lisa was still trying to figure out how he got tickets on such late notice. No matter. She had just spent all morning shopping and had found the perfect outfit: short, sexy black dress and high-heeled sandals.

Hurrying into the apartment, Lisa hoped that she would at least have an hour or so to just relax before having to get dressed. As she set her purchases down in the hallway, a note from her roommate caught her eye. Lisa picked it up and noticed the large manila envelope underneath. Picking up the note, Lisa hoped her roommate didn’t have some favor to ask of her, as she simply didn’t have time.

“Lisa, Rick stopped by shortly after you left this morning. He left this for you. Said it’s for tonight. Have fun, and I’ll see you Sunday night! Denise”

Curious, Lisa picked up the manila envelope and looked at it. She smiled. Well, it certainly wasn’t the most romantic looking gift she had ever received. Lisa ripped through the envelope and pulled out the contents. Lisa gaped at what she held in her hands. What was this? What she held was a pair of pantyhose. She held open the envelope and noticed a note inside. Fishing it out, she read it.

“Hi hon, Can you do me a favor? Can you wear these tonight? And just these? Please? Looking forward to seeing you! Rick”

Lisa glanced back at the pantyhose. Why would he ask her to wear these? It was going to be a beautiful evening, and Lisa had legs that most women would kill to have. She was looking forward to showing them off in the slinky dress she had just bought. And the sandals! What about the sandals? She couldn’t possibly wear pantyhose with them! Tossing the pantyhose back into the envelope, Lisa took her packages to her room and then went to the bathroom to take a long hot shower.

As she showered she thought about the man she had met only a couple of months ago. Rick was tall, 6’2″ and his blue eyes were a startling contrast to his dark hair. His body wasn’t perfect, but Lisa actually liked the small belly he had. She giggled in the shower as she thought of him and the way she would rub his belly when they were watching TV, telling him he was her buddha. Getting out of the shower, Lisa gently rubbed in lotion over her body and wrapped a towel around her shoulder length blond hair. She walked back to her bedroom and started rummaging through her dresser, looking for just the perfect panties and bra to wear. It was then that the envelope caught her attention.

She thought back over the past couple of months. Rick had always been so giving with her. He was constantly surprising her with little gifts and cards, and so far had not refused to do whatever she asked. Then it dawned on her that he had never asked anything of her. A small stab of guilt went through her. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to wear pantyhose tonight, would it? Shrugging, Lisa picked up the envelope and pulled the pantyhose out. Sitting on the bed, she began to gently pull first one leg on and then the other. She was surprised at how soft they felt – almost like silk. And she had to admit they were so sheer it was as if she wore nothing. The nylon gently caressed her legs, and as she raised the waistband over her hips to her waist, she had to admit the softness felt good against her ass and shaved pussy. Still, they didn’t look as sexy as stockings, but if it made Rick happy what did it matter?

Lisa found a lacy black bra to cover her full breasts, and then applied her make-up, paying special attention to her full lips and big blue eyes. She pulled the black dress over her head, and zipped up the back. She was pleased with the way the soft material hugged each curve, the neckline plunging low to expose her cleavage.

She unwrapped the towel from her hair, and quickly dried her hair. She then wound it into a French twist. Wrapping her neck in a pearl necklace and putting on her pearl earrings, she wondered which shoes to wear. Lisa dismissed the sandals, and looked through her closet. In the back she found a pair of black pumps that she had completely forgotten about. They had heels that were almost 4″ high and when esenyurt escort she slipped them on, she was pleased with the way they made her legs look. She smoothed her dress over her body and suddenly there was a knock at the door.

Opening the door to Rick, she caught her breath. He was dressed handsomely in a finely tailored suit with a crisp shirt and gorgeous tie. Together they made a beautiful couple. She saw his eyes glance over her body, his gaze lingering on her legs. She smiled playfully as she spun around for him, modeling the dress.

“You like? Got it today, on sale!”

“It’s great! And you are beautiful, Lisa, absolutely beautiful!” He kissed her cheek, then whispered into her ear, “Are you ready to go?”

She smiled up into his blue eyes, and turned away from him.

“Let me grab my purse, and we’re gone!”

She picked up the tiny black purse, and they both walked out of the apartment. In the drive to the restaurant, Rick told Lisa exactly what the promotion would entail and how much better it would be for his career. Soon they pulled up to the French restaurant, and a valet helped her from the car.

They were soon seated after having a drink in the lounge, and she allowed Rick to order for her. As she looked into his eyes over the tabletop candlelight, her heart skipped a beat. He reached out his hand, and she eagerly gave him hers. As they talked, his hand began to caress her arm and she shivered at his touch. She was close enough now to smell his cologne and her senses were filled with it.

The food was delicious, the wine was exquisite, and the conversation flowed. As they left the restaurant, Lisa was feeling excited and happy and she wrapped herself around Rick’s arm. As he pulled her closer to him, her heart started thudding in her chest, and she was tempted to ask him if they could forego the symphony. Yet, she wanted to go just as much as Rick, so she didn’t say anything.

Once seated in the concert hall, the lights dimmed, and the music swelling, Lisa felt Rick take her hand. She felt him stroke her fingers, the heat from his hand coming through the material of her dress. She could feel her pussy beginning to tingle, and she felt the strange binding of the pantyhose beneath her dress. As she became wrapped up in the music, she hardly noticed that Rick let go of her hand. Suddenly she felt his fingers brushing her knee, making tiny circles. Lisa had crossed her legs, and she felt Rick trace patterns down her calf to her ankle and then back up again. A shiver ran through Lisa’s spine, and she almost wished she had not worn the pantyhose so she could feel his fingers on her bare skin. Slowly, but with confidence, Rick let his hand slide up under her dress, gliding along the firm muscles of her thigh.

Without looking at him, Lisa uncrossed her legs, spreading them slightly. Almost immediately she felt Rick’s hand slide the remainder of the way up her thigh, his fingers tickling the soft inner flesh. He stopped when he reached her pussy, and she began to hate the pantyhose that encased her lower body. Yet, Rick’s fingers slowly traced the panel that covered her pussy, the panel she knew must be wet to the touch. She felt Rick slide his fingers along the panel until he found the entrance to her pussy. Pushing lightly, he poked his finger into the opening of her pussy and wiggled his finger around gently. Lisa started breathing heavy, her mind no longer on the music. She tried not to wiggle her hips, but it was difficult. She kept her eyes glued to the stage, but her body was on fire.

And then his finger was gone, his hand coming from beneath her dress. Leaning towards her, Rick held out his finger to her nose.

“Breathe deep. Isn’t that the most wonderful scent in the world?”

Lisa breathed deeply and caught the scent of her sex on his finger. She glanced at it and then up to him, just to see him run his finger lightly under his nose and then take the very tip between lips, like a child will do when licking up frosting. Lisa was trembling now, her desire overwhelming.

“Let’s leave at intermission, shall we?” Rick whispered into her ear.

Lisa couldn’t speak. All she could do was nod. When the house lights came up at intermission, they quickly avrupa yakası escort made their way towards the exit and to Rick’s car. During the drive back to her apartment, Lisa rubbed the swelling cock in Rick’s trousers, as he reached over to run his hands along her legs.

Finally making it inside the apartment, the door was barely closed before they fell into each other’s arms. As they kissed passionately, Lisa began to strip Rick of his clothes: first his coat, then tie, then shirt. He kicked off his shoes, as Lisa quickly undid his belt and trousers. Rick slid them down, standing in front of her with his stiff cock pointing up at the ceiling.

Sinking to her knees, Lisa ran her fingers over his cock, feeling its contours and veins. She brought her lips to the head, her tongue slowly making circles around the tip. She tasted his pre-cum, lapping at it with her tongue, while his fingers slowly undid her hair. She felt her hair fall about her face and Rick’s fingers running through it as she wrapped her lips around his cock, sliding down him, sucking. She felt his hips start to move against her face, and she increased her movements, using her hand to stroke the base of his cock.

Without saying a word, Rick reached down and pulled her up by her arms. Looking up at him, a question in her eyes, he leaned down and kissed her, sucking her tongue into his mouth. As she returned his kiss, she felt his arms go behind her, felt herself lifted. He carried her down the hall to her bedroom, and stood her next to her bed. As he kissed her, his hands searched out the back of her dress and slowly undid the zipper. As he pulled the dress from her body, he pulled away to look and admire the sight of her.

Lisa was wrapped up in the moment – until she realized that she was wearing the pantyhose. Damn! They must look awful! She reached up to pull them off, but his hands moved over hers, pushing them away. He ran his hands over her hips and then back across her ass. His movements increased as he felt the silky nylon under his hands, and he pulled her to him. His fingers buried in her ass, he kissed her with a passion she had not felt from him before. She wrapped her arms around his neck and returned his kisses with abandon.

She felt his hands move up, felt him fumble slightly with the clasp on her bra, before she felt it come loose. Rick pulled back, allowing the lacey material to fall from her body, her breasts exposed for him. Almost delicately, he traced the pearl necklace around her throat before he let his hand glide further down until he cupped first one and then both breasts. His thumbs played over the nipples, causing ripples of pleasure to travel through Lisa’s body. She threw her head back and sighed as she felt his tongue circle her left nipple, and then his lips lightly sucked at the swollen flesh. She ran her fingers through his hair, and bent forward.

“Rick, I want you – now. Please, baby.”

Rick looked up at her and released her nipple. He pushed her onto the bed, and she fell back against the pillows. She reached up to pull the pantyhose down, but once again he stopped her. Reaching down, he removed her shoes and kissed the top of her right foot. Gently, slowly, his lips traveled up her leg, while his hand ran over her other leg. He felt the smooth, silky nylon under his lips and hand and felt his cock leap. He took his time trailing his way up her legs. He felt the nylon against his face, his hands, his chest. As he moved up her body, he felt his cock rub against the nylon on her calf and he shivered. Rubbing his cock against the silky feel of nylon on her leg, his lips made their way towards her pussy. He could smell her scent, and he breathed deeply of her. He could see the panel that covered her pussy was wet and he knew he had to taste her. Bringing his lips to the panel, he began to suck her juices through her pantyhose, his cock moving along the nylon that covered her thighs.

As his lips reached her pussy, Lisa felt him suck the panel that covered her pussy. The feeling was unlike anything she had ever experienced before and she held his head to her, and rubbed her pussy against him. She could not have known how aroused he was at the feel anadolu yakası escort of her pantyhose covered pussy being rubbed against his face. He felt his cock was going to explode. Reaching up, he spread her thighs wide and sucked the panel of the pantyhose between his teeth. With a quick pull, he managed to tear the seam where the panel connected to the pantyhose. He continued ripping and tearing until the panel was torn lose.

Lisa thought she would lose her mind! The feel of his teeth against her pussy, the pull of the material away from her body, and finally feeling the combination of cool air on her pussy while the pantyhose still covered the lower half of her body was incredible. She felt Rick wrap his arms around her thighs and hips, then felt him bury his face into her pussy. She felt his tongue lapping at her lips and then probing the folds of her pussy. She moaned and cried out, and wrapped her legs around Rick’s shoulders. The feel of Lisa’s legs, encased in the pantyhose, as she caressed his shoulders, his neck, and his back caused Rick to lick her cunt faster. He inserted first one and then two fingers into her, fucking her furiously, as his lips sucked her clit into his mouth, his tongue flicking the tender nub.

Lisa quickly picked up that the feel of her legs in the pantyhose was driving Rick crazy. As she enjoyed his lips and tongue, she let her legs caress his body. She could feel the heat of his body through the nylon, and the silkiness added a heightened awareness for her as well. Letting one foot slide underneath Rick, she rubbed his cock with her foot, letting him feel the silky nylon covering his cock.

Rick’s tongue and lips went crazy against her clit. He was sucking and licking as he pulled her to his face. She felt his hips move, his cock slide back and forth along her foot and the feel of the pantyhose. Lisa felt herself moving towards orgasm, and she pulled Rick’s head firmly into her. He started fucking her pussy harder, his tongue lashing over her clit. As Lisa’s orgasm took hold, she cried out his name, and clenched her legs around his body. As she shook with pleasure, Rick continued to lick her clit, tasting her juices as they escaped her body.

As she caught her breath, she looked down at Rick and smiled. She pulled on his arms, pulling him towards her. He moved up, his lips crushing hers, sharing her juices with her.

“Fuck me, Rick,” she whispered against his lips. “Fuck me right through these pantyhose!”

Rick did not need any further encouragement. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and with one thrust sank his cock deep into her cunt. Lisa cried out at the feeling, but quickly began to move back and forth against him. Rick started to piston in and out of her pussy, his hands sliding down to her hips, feeling the pantyhose covering her. Lisa held him close as she wrapped her legs around his waist, making sure she rubbed his legs and ass with her legs, letting him feel the softness of the pantyhose against his skin. Rick began to pump in and out of Lisa faster, the feel of the pantyhose against his body blinding him to all other feeling. As Rick fucked her pussy, Lisa could feel the edges of the pantyhose where Rick had torn out the panel, rubbing against her swollen pussy lips. With each thrust Rick drove into her, the edge of the pantyhose rubbed her flesh. She clung to Rick tightly, her hips moved with his as she felt the familiar tingle build.

Rick grabbed Lisa’s ass, his fingers buried deep within the flesh. Lisa was moving with Rick, feeling her clit rubbed by the pantyhose, until she could no longer hold back.

“Rick, Rick! I’m gonna cum, baby! Oh yes!”

Lisa suddenly felt her body rock from another orgasm, just as she felt Rick take one long final thrust into her cunt. He buried his face into her neck as he grunted his orgasm, and Lisa could feel her pussy clamping down on his cock. As Rick filled her pussy with his jism, Lisa continued to rub her legs along his body, loving the feel of him. Even after their orgasms subsided, they clung together for a long time. Finally, Rick moved, laying on his back and pulling Lisa on top of him.

“Ah, Lisa. That was great. Thank you, baby, thank you so much!”

Lisa looked up at Rick’s face which was a mask of contentment. She traced patterns lazily along his chest, and smiled. She felt Rick pull her face up to him, a question in his eyes.

“What are you smiling about, you little minx?”

“I’m just trying to figure out how many more pantyhose I will have to buy in the morning.”

Never again would Lisa hate wearing pantyhose.

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