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A Fly on the Wall

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Good morning Anna!

I’m Bob! The proverbial fly on the wall so to say.

I can hear your thoughts, and I can talk to you, if you just listen.

Anna dumped another spoonful of sugar into her coffee. The unpleasant thought of going to work after the weekend made her want to just say fuck it and go back to bed.

Ahhh, so you would rather just ignore me? Do you need proof? Well let’s see, I watched you masterbating yesterday afternoon. You were on your sofa watching TV. I watched you check to make sure the door was locked, you even checked it twice.

Do you remember swatting at me when I landed on your leg? Twice you stopped rubbing your clit to shoo me away.

I sat above you watching when you slipped two fingers into your pussy.

I listened to your thoughts. It was interesting that you were fantasizing about your friend Maggie instead of your boyfriend, Larry is it? I watched you humping at your fingers while you were imagining Maggie kissing your breasts. I enjoyed listening to your moans when you finally made yourself cum.

Oh, Don’t be embarrassed Anna, all humans do it. Truth be told you humans think about sex 24/7. You wouldn’t believe the things I see and hear.

So, right now, I probably seem like only more thoughts in your mind, right? Like a conversation between two people?

We should be friends Anna! I’ll tell you what, I’ll just hang out with you today and we’ll have some fun. I’ll tell you what people around you are thinking. If you just listen and trust me that is.

You can visit with me Anna, it’s okay! You’re not crazy! All humans talk to themselves, they all ask themselves questions then answer themselves.

Maybe you’ll get curious about someone today. You won’t need to speak out loud. Just ask me in your mind. If you want I can tell you what they’re thinking. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Oh, and it gets better! I can put thoughts in other people’s minds. Now think about that!

Go ahead, try me!

Anna wondered if she was losing her mind. The voices in her head seemed to be conversing with each other. It was making her nervous, even a little nauseous feeling.

But she couldn’t help herself.

“Okay Bob, I’ll play your silly game. What is the guy across the hall wearing?”

The other voice in her head replied.

Ha Ha, that’s easy, hang on, I’ll be right back!

She noticed a fly buzz across the room. She watched It land on the floor at the bottom of her door, then it disappeared under the door. She thought it ironic. She shook her head and tried to blow the whole thing off.

Getting ready for work, thoughts of her coworker Maggie rolled through her mind again. Maggie was so damned cute and sweet. Her smile and sweet personality made Anna tingle like no other woman ever had.

Anna downed the last of her coffee, gathered her briefcase and purse. She took one last look around for anything else she needed to take to work.

Just as she reached for her car keys on the table, a buzzing noise caught her attention.

Blue Jeans, green tee shirt, and a black baseball cap.

“Ya right!” she thought.

Again she blew it off and headed for the door.

As she was walking to her car she had a feeling that someone was behind her. Turning, she recognized the guy that lived in the apartment across from hers.

She stopped in her tracks. He had on blue jeans, a green tee shirt and his black baseball cap.

Well, do you believe me now?

Anna blinked and shook her head as if trying to clear her thoughts.

“I want to believe you Bob, but it’s so hard to distinguish my thoughts from the other voice in my head. It’s the same. I feel like I’m losing my mind.”

Not to worry Anna, you’ll get used to it!

So do you want to have some fun today or not? I must warn you though, knowing what other people are thinking can be disheartening at times. But it can also be enlightening.

As long as you remember that we can put thoughts in their minds. It changes everything!

By the way, your neighbor thinks you have a gorgeous ass!

Anna looked back at the guy. He had stopped at his car and was just looking at her with a big smile on his face.

“Have a good day!” she said as she unlocked her car door.

The guy’s smile grew wider, he waved, “You too!” He said.

“Hay Bob!”


She felt like she was answering herself.

“How do you put thoughts in someone’s head?”

I just talk to them, like we’re doing now. Only they don’t know it’s me. It’s just like any other thought that rolls through their mind. Think of it like planting seeds!

The possibilities began to amuse her. She began thinking about her supervisor, Linda, and what a bitch she was. She thought about how Linda was constantly threatening to fire her and everyone else for little or no reason at all.

She thought about Larry, the guy from work that she had gone out with a couple of times. He was always pleasant but something about him seemed fake.

Anna istanbul escort dreaded the morning meeting. She could already see all the office personnel sitting around the huge conference table waiting for Linda to come in and belittle everyone. She wondered who would be Linda’s target this morning, who would she try to embarrass in front of everyone else.

She thought about Larry. Was he as much in love as he always said he was?

As she pulled her car out of the parking lot she thought about Maggie, the young woman from the IT department. She was always so sweet and friendly, sexy without trying to be.

Anna wondered what it would be like to be with her. She thought about how enjoyable the orgasm was yesterday while fantasizing about Maggie when she masterbated.

The desire to be with her was almost overwhelming.

Something about the faint scent of patchouli oil that was so uncommon these days.

Anna felt depressed all the way to work. She dreaded having to spend the day catering to Linda.

She parked her car in the employee parking and gathered her stuff from the passenger seat.

At the main entrance to the office building, she was greeted by Samuel, the son of the president of the company. Everyone called him Big John.

“Good morning!” Samual said as he held the door for her.

“Good morning!” she replied.

She noticed him take a quick glance at her breasts.

He’s fantasizing about playing with you’re titties Anna.

She found humor in it.

“How was your weekend?” she politely asked.

“It was boring as hell! I didn’t do much of anything.” “How was yours?”

“I had a wonderful weekend! I cleaned my apartment from top to bottom.” She replied.

They both laughed.

She noticed Samuel looking at her lips.

It made her giggle to herself.

Anna, now he’s imagining what it would be like to see your lips wrapped around his dick.

It always amazes me how humans can be fantasizing about having sex with someone that they’re visiting with, and yet hold a completely different conversation with them.

At her desk and computer booted up. She was still thinking about Samuel being smitten with her. He’s such a little punk! She snickered at the thought.

Ya, he is a young punk alright, but he’s handsome, and he’ll probably be very rich one day.

“Hay Bob!”


“Can you fuck with Samuel? Make him think about rubbing one off?”

“Maybe in the mop closet down the hall?”

Now we’re talking! The voice in her head replied.

She was amused when a fly she hadn’t noticed flew off her desk and buzzed across the room.

Samuel, sitting at his desk kept glancing at Anna across the room.

It was way to early in the morning to be fantasizing about fucking her again.

The voice in his head was taunting him. It was relentless. She’s so fucking hot!, I’ll never get any of that, not any time soon anyway. Fuck, my balls are aching, I need to cum so I can stop thinking about her. It’s early, maybe I can jerk off in the mop closet again. Then I can get on with my day.

An older man walked past Anna’s desk. She recognized him as John Cannon, the owner of the company. He went straight to Samuel’s desk. Samuel stood up to greet him.

Anna watched the two of them talking. Samuel, with his back to Anna. She noticed Mr. Cannon kept glancing over Samuel at her.

On his way out he smiled at her. Anna smiled back and politely said, “Good morning!” He only smiled back and nodded.

Anna glanced over the top of her monitor again. She watched Samuel walking down the hall. He stopped at the mop closet. He looked around, not seeing anyone, he opened the door, stepped inside and shut the door behind himself. He knew Tom, the old janitor wouldn’t be in until after 9:00.

Hay Anna, he’s in the closet!

“Ya, I see that!”

She giggled. This is kinda fun, she thought as she waited a minute.

Then she went to the coffee pot and poured herself a cup. She intentionally spilled a little coffee on the floor. With cup-in-hand, she went down the hall and opened the door to the mop closet. There stood Samuel with his back to the door, obviously with his cock in his hand. Startled, his face turned beet red, he stuttered. “Aaaa, Aaaa Fuck! I’m so sorry Anna, I didn’t think anyone would ever come in here.”

“What the fuck Samuel?” She giggled, “I’m sorry, but I spilled coffee, I need the mop!”

He handed her the mop.

She laughed to herself all the way back to the coffee pot.

See, I told you we would have fun! You really ruined it for him and I’ll bet he dodges you at every turn today. Shame on you! Bob teased.

Not long after that, Larry strolled through the office. He stopped and kissed Anna on the cheek.

“Good morning sweetheart! Want to meet up for lunch?”

Anna got the slightest whiff of Linda’s perfume.

This guy is a two faced avcılar escort jerk! The voice was loud in her mind, it seemed to echo off the walls.

She smiled at Larry, “Good morning; ahhh, yes, lunch would be nice.”

“It’s a date!” He teased.

He kissed her cheek again.

Seconds later Linda strutted past them. Anna said good morning but Linda made no effort to acknowledge the greeting. She glanced at Larry with a warning squint in her eyes.

Larry left without a word and went to his office.

What a fucking bitch!

“Hay Bob, What’s up with that bitch?”

She heard the buzz of little wings fade and watched a fly land on Linda’s shoulder as she strutted down the hall in her high heels with an over exaggerated sway in her ass.

Anna opened her emails and started answering them. She got another cup of coffee and made a couple phone calls.

A good half hour had passed. She had almost forgotten about Bob until she heard the buzz of tiny wings.

Too funny, Linda is really pissed at her husband, he spent the whole weekend playing golf with his friends again and didn’t even go home on Saturday night. And, your friend Larry is thinking that if he can fuck Linda he will be running the show around here.

The funny thing is that Linda came to work with vibrating eggs in her pussy, She hasn’t been laid in weeks and she is horny as hell!

Anna sat contemplating what her little friend had told her.

“You know Bob? Your right, he is a jerk! I wish I could catch him fucking Linda so I could be done with him. Can you make that happen? go do everything you can to make Larry hit on her. I want to know if he would really fuck that bitch.”

She sat thinking about how Larry had been deceiving her, how he had lied and used her.

How he wanted to fuck Linda behind her back just to rack up a few brownie points.

Bob sat on Larry’s shoulder. He began planting seeds.

I should just go in her office and talk to her, I should just go in there and tell her I have been losing sleep thinking about her.

Bob flew into Linda’s office. Thoughts of how horny she was kept her from planning what she needed to discuss at the morning meeting.

Fuck, I need to get laid, what’s wrong with my husband? is he gay?

I’m so fucking horny, I’ll turn up the vibration, it feels so good! Nobody will know.

She pulled a small remote from her purse.

Higher, turn it up all the way and maybe I can cum and get these thoughts out of my mind. Fuck I need to get layed!

She turned it up higher. The vibration was making her squirm in her chair as little orgasms began to make her squeeze the eggs harder.

Bob flew back into Larry’s office.

Just go in there, just do it, I’ll tell her that I want her, I’ll get hard so she can see my cock through my pants, maybe that will do the trick.

He sat at his desk rubbing his cock through the thin material. He rubbed it faster until he was hard. He slid his hand inside his pants and readjusted it so it pointed up.

Larry pushed his chair back and stood up. He walked across the hall and knocked on Linda’s door then opened it.

She was sitting behind her desk with a surprised look on her face. The vibrations were pushing her closer to orgasming. She glanced at the obvious bulge in Larry’s pants.

Bob landed on Linda’s shoulder.

Is Larry hard? Does he want me? Damn, he looks big!

Linda watched Larry walk closer. She could see the outline of the swollen head through the thin material. The voice in her mind taunted her. Damn I wish he would just fuck me, I want to feel that hard cock in me.

“May I help you?” She asked Larry.

Bob buzzed over to Larry. Don’t back out now, tell her you want her, tell her now!

“I’m sorry to bother you Linda, but it’s driving me crazy. I can’t stop thinking about you, I can’t sleep at night.”

“Excuse me?” she replied

Larry stood in front of her desk. His cock throbbing in his pants. Linda couldn’t help glancing down to look at it.

He began repeating what Bob was saying.

I need you Linda, I want to go down on you, I want to taste you, I want to fuck you until you don’t want any more, I want to fuck you right now, right here on your desk, I can’t stop thinking about you!

The vibration in her pussy, the dirty talk and bulging cock in front of her was more than she could resist.

Larry listened to the thoughts in his head.

Just put her on the desk and eat her out, lick her pussy, just do it, she keeps staring at my cock, just do it!

Larry walked around the desk and offered his hands, motioning her to stand.

Linda reached out and put her hand on his cock. The only thing she could think about was the hard cock that seemed to be begging to fuck her, to give her what she so desperately needed. She began rubbing it through the thin material.

The eggs humming in her cunt and the cock pulsing in her hand drove all thoughts of şirinevler escort the morning meeting right out the window.

She unbuttoned his pants, never looking up at him, she set his cock free. She pulled it to her mouth, she cupped his balls in her hand, massaging them, squeezing them.

Bob was relentless with her.

Oh Gawd, this cock is gorgeous, I want it down my throat, I want it in my pussy with the eggs.

She began saying her thoughts out loud.

Fuck me Larry, fuck me now, right here, I need this!

She looked up at him as she stood up, still holding his cock in her hand.

Larry lifted her dress, he knelt down and pulled her panties down. Linda steadied herself with one hand on her desk as she stepped out of her panties.

Larry stood back up. He kissed her then picked her up, he sat her on her desk. Kneeling down on his knees, he lifted and spread her legs, placing her feet on his shoulders. He leaned forward and began kissing her inner thighs.

Bob flew back to Anna.

Ok, this may hurt, but your friend Larry has been playing everyone. He’s eating Linda out on her desk right now and they should be fucking in a couple minutes.

Anna picked up her cell phone. She turned on the camera and slowly made her way to Linda’s office.

She was nervous. She turned on the video recorder and checked to make sure it was recording.

Slowly she opened the door and peeked inside.

Sure enough, Linda lay sprawled across her desk with her eyes closed as Larry knelt between her legs lapping at her cunt.

Anna moved slowly behind him and quietly took a seat on a leather chair. She sat filming as she watched her boyfriend push Linda’s legs up higher.

Anna zoomed in until the two filled the screen.

Linda whimpered when Larry stood up and pushed his cock into her.. The vibrating eggs and cock filled her like nothing ever had. She began whimpering and shaking. She was oblivious to everything except the thundering orgasm that was almost instantaneous.

Larry felt only the clenching cunt and vibrations on his cock. He crammed himself into her and humped tight against the vibrating cunt. He began driving his cock into her. He could feel the head of his cock sliding back and forth over the vibrating eggs.

Anna sat filming as her so-called boyfriend pounded the company bitch right there on her desk.

Linda, “Oh yes! I needed this so bad, yes fucking fuck me harder!”

Larry kept driving his cock into her. The vibrating inside her pussy seemed to keep him hard longer than he normally would have lasted after having busted a nut.

Finally Larry stepped back and dropped to his knees trying to catch his breath.

Linda lay sprawled across her desk twitching, legs still open with cum running out of her until it dripped onto her desk, her legs shaking as the eggs kept her orgasm from fading.

Anna zoomed in on the dripping creampie that pulsed like it was gasping. The matted hair was covered in white froth and cum. The spasming cunt opened up, one egg fell out of her and buzzed in a circle on the desktop.

Anna stood up and began clapping like she had just watched her favorite rock star perform her favorite song.

Larry and Linda both turned to see Anna with her phone obviously filming them. They watched speechless as Anna walked out of the office with one hand raised high above her head, flipping them off.

Bob asked as Anna giggled on her way back to her desk.

Well; is that what you had in mind?

“Yes my little friend, it was better than I ever expected!”

Just as Anna settled in behind her desk, Maggie came into the room. She was her usual smiling, jovial self.

Anna got up, greeted and hugged her. They were happy to see each other. That faint whiff of patchouli oil seemed to have a lavender smell mixed in but it was hard to tell.

She really likes you Anna! Invite her to dinner at your place tonight. She wants you as much as you want her.

“Would you like to come have dinner at my place tonight? Anna asked.

Maggie smiled, “That sounds wonderful! What time?”

“Hummm,” Anna paused. “Why don’t you just ride with me after work? I’ll give you a ride home after if you want.”

Maggie, giddy with excitement, “That sounds wonderful!” she kissed Anna’s cheek “I’ll see you at five!”

Maggie turned, with a bounce in her step she headed to her office.

“Hay Bob,”

Yes? he answered.

“Go find out what Maggie is thinking.

Aaaaa, he said. Do you want to sleep with her?

“Well I’ve never been with another woman, but if I did sleep with a woman it would be Maggie!”

Bob, laughing and teasing, replied,

I’ll help, but don’t forget that I will be watching you two all night. You don’t mind someone watching do you?

Still teasing he asked, So exactly what is it you want to know about her?

Anna thought for a minute, “I want to know her darkest sexual desires!” she giggled.

Anna watched the little fly disappear down the hall. It was only a couple of minutes until it returned.

Just wanted to let you know that Linda and Larry are plotting on how to steal your phone.

The buzz faded again.

Anna picked up her phone and uploaded the video to her cloud account then pushed it into her pocket just as Larry walked up to her.

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