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A Gentlemen’s Agreement Ch. 06

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AUTHOR’S NOTE: I had planned on ending this story with the fifth installment, but felt like the story wasn’t finished. So, I’m adding this part, with another on the way to finally conclude the story.


I didn’t even want to go on that stupid field trip in the first place.

Well, I did, when I thought Grady would be going, but his grandmother died and he had to go to Lake Charles with his family to attend her funeral. Now I had to take the long bus ride to Austin, stay overnight in a cheap hotel, tour the Capital building, and ride back without my best friend and lover to break up the monotony of the whole thing. I tried to get out of it, but Grandma planned to visit my parents in Beaumont while I was away. She didn’t get to see them very often since they kicked me out. I couldn’t justify depriving her of spending time with them.

Being an over-nighter means I’d have to share a room with someone- not a great situation for the someone who has never been real big on making friends. Grady was different in that he pursued his friendship with me, and in the beginning, that was only because he had first been friends with Wade. It’s not that I was a loner or anything like that. I was just a little shy, which is why I never could just walk right up and talk to Tyler. Now we were at the motel and I was bored out of my mind, tired, hungry and in a generally bad mood. I was really missing my boyfriend.

Mr. Tanner told everyone to pair up, boys with boys and girls with girls. That was followed by a groan from the boys. I would inevitably be paired with some weirdo or loser because everyone else had friends they’d voluntarily pair up with. I felt like the guy who was picked last to team up in Gym class.

Everyone did as they were instructed and I went and sat on the bus steps and went back to reading one of the graphic novels I’d brought with me, listening to what was going on around me. I knew I’d end up with the odd guy out, so why bother?

“Has everybody found a partner?” Mr. Tanner asked. There seemed to be a general consensus, which worried me because I wasn’t paired up with anyone. I stood up and raised my hand high.

“I don’t have one.” I blurted out. Everyone turned to look at me. I didn’t care. I was secretly hopeful that with Grady not on the trip, maybe I’d get a room to myself.

“All right,” Mr. Tanner bellowed, “who doesn’t have a partner for the night? There are an even number of you, so everyone has a partner.”

“That would be me,” came a voice I recognized.

It belonged to Tyler Warren.

I had almost forgotten he was in my American History class. I really hadn’t seen much of him at all lately. Even with most of my attention on Grady these last few months, Tyler seemed to have become nearly invisible. I knew he was being harassed in the locker room because it got out to the entire student body that he was gay. Grady told me that Amy Hashaw, Tyler’s best friend, said that Mark Jacobs dropped him like a bad habit when that happened. He’d been socially ostracized, so he was just lying low until he could get out of school and move away to college.

I looked around to make sure it was Tyler I’d be spending the night with, and there he was, leaning against the back of the bus, looking a little embarrassed at the sudden attention he was getting. He was still beautiful, his short, fat curls were brilliant red in the sunlight. He stood about an inch or two shorter than I did, and weighed about a buck twenty soaking wet. His dark blue eyes, once shiny and clear, seemed to have darkened with sadness. It shouldn’t have surprised me no one wanted to bunk with the school’s outed gay mascot A lot of those old feelings began to stir in me and I suddenly found myself feeling very protective of him.

I didn’t like that he was being treated so callously just because he’d been found out. I tried to put myself in his shoes, but had a hard time imagining it. Tyler was a nice guy. He deserved to be treated better than that. Of course, this was coming from the guy who had spent the better part of three years beating off to fantasies of him but didn’t have the balls to speak to him directly. Based on that alone, I should have been a better friend to him. The thought that this night probably wouldn’t end well for him must have crossed Mr. Tanner’s mind because he gave me a worried look before consenting.

“All right. Carter, you’re with Tyler.” The class laughed nervously as Mr. Tanner added our names to his list of roommates and handed me the key to our room. Tyler moved slowly over to stand next to me in that lanky, relaxed way he had of moving. It was a walk I often admired from a distance.

“Hey”, he said, looking down at his shoes, the beautiful timber of his voice sending a tremor right through me. I gave him a shy smile, and realized, to my embarrassment, that I was beginning to sprout wood.

I gathered up my overnight bag, to use to shield my erection, and followed behind him, admiring his denim clad ass as we walked across the parking lot. When we reached the door canlı bahis to our room, I unlocked and opened the door, then held it open, and ushered him through. I was working at being chivalrous, trying to covey to him I wasn’t going to treat him badly. He entered the room, then waited just inside the door for me to close it behind us.

“Which bed do you want?” I asked, tossing the key onto the little round table that sat between two uncomfortable looking chairs under the window, near to the door. My being the perfect southern gentleman, I wanted to give him first choice.

“Um, it doesn’t matter to me.” he finally answered, bowing his head a little in submission. This frustrated me a little, and I threw my bag onto the nearest bed.

“Fine,” I snorted, “I’ll take the bed nearest the door. That way, if someone breaks in to murder us in our sleep, you’ll have a fighting chance at surviving.” This elicited a little giggle, which caused me to smile at him.

With that, he snatched the remote up from next to the TV on the dresser and flopped half onto his bed, one leg hanging off the side. He fussed with getting the pillows behind his head just right as I made my way to sit on the edge of my bed. He turned on the television and started flipping through channels until he stopped on what I recognized as a rerun of Stargate SG1.

“Do you like sci-fi?” I asked enthusiastically.

“Yeah,” he answered, slipping back into his shyness.

“Do you like comics?” I asked, trying to coax him into a conversation. While I’m no nerd, nerdy things were something I knew a little about because of my love of graphic art.

“Comics? What am I, ten?” He knitted his eyebrows together. It was adorable.

“Those are fighting words,” I said playfully, “I read them for the artwork, which is above caliber stuff. They aren’t just for kids, you know.”

“I like science fiction, but that doesn’t make me a nerd.”

We watched the exploits of the SG1 team in silence. I glanced over at Tyler, who was smiling when a second episode followed, and wiggled my eyebrows at him. He was lying on his stomach, his cute little butt perfectly displayed for my enjoyable admiration. I may have had a boyfriend, but I wasn’t blind. Besides, there’s no harm in looking, right?

About halfway through the second episode, there was a knock at the door. Answering it, I found myself face to face with a pizza delivery guy.

“You must have the wrong room,” I informed him, “but a great idea. Do you have something with the number on it?” He gave me a flyer, listing the current specials.

“How about pizza tonight?” I asked, sitting next to Tyler to show him the specials. He took it and looked it over. I placed a hand on the other side of him to brace myself as I read over his shoulder. I didn’t realize I was so close to him until it was too late. I was within touching distance. I was within kissing distance. I was in over my head and quickly sliding into Troubleville.

I stood up and moved back to my place on the side of my bed. After a little debate over the possibilities, we settled on a medium pepperoni pizza.

While we waited for the pizza guy to return with our order, we finished watching what was left of the show. Afterward, I asked if he believed in extraterrestiral life.

“If the Drake Equation is correct, it would be weird if there isn’t intelligent life on other planets.”

“The Drake Equation?” I mused with humor, “Are you sure you’re not a nerd?”

“Maybe I’m a little nerdy.” He smiled, and I felt a warm, fuzzy feeling flow through me.

“Okay, so let’s test your nerdiness. In comics, Marvel or DC?”

“Um, which is the X-men?”

“Marvel,” I told him.

“Then, Marvel, but only because I liked the movies.”

“All right, I’ll give you that one, but for future reference, DC is the correct answer.” Tyler laughed, and I realized how much I enjoyed- and missed- the sound of his laugh. “So, Star Trek or Star Wars?”


“That’s not one of the choices.”

“What difference does it make?”

“Answering Star Trek indicates you prefer more intellectual sci-fi, while Star Wars indicates you prefer more action driven sci-fi. Stargate is somewhere in the middle and negates the purpose of the question.”

The knock at the door interrupted us, and we both jumped up to greet the delivery guy with our order. Then I headed out to the soda machines to get some drinks. There were a few other students who had the same idea, and were now hanging out with nothing better to do.

“Hey, Carter,” Sammy Whitehead called, tapping his buddy Max Boudreaux on the shoulder, “Better sleep with one eye open tonight.”

“Better to close your eyes and pretend it’s a chick sucking your dick,” Max added with mock amusement.

“Ha. Ha.” I deadpanned.

“Unless you’re a butt bandit, too.” Sammy interjected. The two of them burst out in laughter, joined by the others crowded around the machine. That was all it took. I had had it with the fag jokes, even if they weren’t directed bahis siteleri at me- yet. In reaction, I rushed them, pinning Sammy against the machine, a fist raised and ready.

“You got a problem with Tyler, then you got a problem with me” I growled through clenched teeth, “Do we have a problem?”

Sammy was paralyzed with shock more than fear, but Max wasn’t. He came up behind me and tried to pull me off his buddy. I turned and coldcocked him, sending him to the ground. I returned my attention to Sammy, but he escaped and ran back to their room, gathering Max up from the ground as he passed.

“That’s right, run away, you little faggots! Go back to fucking each other in the ass! Live and let live, motherfuckers!” I yelled at the top of my lungs as they fled across the parking lot. Turning my attention to the task at hand, I fed money to the machine and retrieved our sodas. The other students there were all staring at me silently. I looked at them, my eyes still burning with anger.

“Any of you have some smartassed remarks about Tyler you want to share?” I asked, silently daring one of them to utter a syllable. Everyone shook their heads no, clearly not wanting to challenge me. “Tyler’s the same guy today as he was before we heard the rumors about his being gay. All that’s changed is that we know something about him that’s none of our business. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, you fucking hypocrites. Maybe I should get Tyler to write down all the names of the guys he’s messed around with. Let’s out all of them and see which of us really has the right to throw stones.”

I walked back to my room, slamming the door behind me.

“What’s wrong?” Tyler asked, clearly aware of my change in mood.

“Nothing,” I huffed, handing him his soda. I studied the worried look on his face before continuing, “If anyone bothers you about your being gay again, you let me know. You understand?” He nodded his head. “This homophobic bullshit needs to end.”

I sat on the edge of my bed while Tyler fussed over the food on the table, laying out a makeshift buffet. I worked on calming my temper and flipped through channels to find something to watch while we ate dinner. Tyler must have sensed I was angry and suggested we watch a sitcom I had never seen. In very little time, Tyler was laughing and the sound of his laughter improved my mood.

When we finished eating, I got comfortable on my bed, my head propped up on pillows. Tyler lay across his on his stomach.

For the most part, what remained of my evening with Tyler past quietly, peacefully, and easily. I enjoyed spending time with Tyler. It was an unassuming passage of time, silent but for the stolen glances and openly shared smiles driven by the antics of unrealistically funny people. I felt comfortable in his presence, far more comfortable that I would have imagined, or deserved.

While I was well aware that I had been in love with the fantasy of who I had imagined Tyler was, the truth I discovered that night was far more attractive. Here was this sad boy who sought after laughter like oxygen, and all I wanted was to hear him laugh. Well, that and the feel of his naked body lying next to mine, preferably sweaty with spent lust.

Just before hitting the sheets, Tyler disappeared into the bathroom, to take a shower. I thought about Grady and wondered how he was holding up. I missed him and wished he was there with me. But Tyler was there, being all perfect and vulnerable. The temptation he posed to me was a direct threat to my relationship with Grady. There were only a handful of hours left to get through, and I’d never have to face so great a temptation again.

When Tyler emerged, he had changed into sleep pants and a white tee shirt. It was evident that he wasn’t wearing underwear, which was a problem for me, lying on my bed in nothing but boxers. Tyler put his clothes away and went to his bed, sitting down on the edge. I was trying to keep my focus on the television, but caught sight of him out the corner of my eye. Turning to look, I realized he was looking at me, his eyes scanning my body. When he caught my eye, he turned away quickly and climbed under the covers.

After we turned the lights out and went to bed, I lay awake for a long time. I had a hard time finding sleep with the man of my dreams lying in the next bed, no more than three feet away. I thought about how he was checking me out and wondered if he liked what he saw. My cock was hard, aching for his touch, but guilt balled up in my stomach. As much as I wanted Tyler, and knew I could so easily have him, I belonged to Grady.

“Hey, Tyler,” I voiced in a loud whisper, “Are you awake?”

“Yes,” he said, his gorgeous voice singing seductively to me from the darkness.

“Who outed you?” I asked with trepidation.

“I don’t know. I asked Amy, because she’s the queen of gossip, but not even she couldn’t find out who.” Silence lay between us, as I considered what he said. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure,” I answered, hoping he wouldn’t ask me if he bahis şirketleri could suck my dick, because I knew I’d let him. I cared about Grady deeply, but nothing compared to how I felt for Tyler.

“What was the commotion in the parking lot earlier? I heard your voice, but couldn’t make out what you were saying. All I heard was ‘faggot’.”

“I had a disagreement with Sammy and Max. They were running away and I called them faggots. I wasn’t calling you that, if that’s what you were thinking.” Again silence. “Look Tyler, I’m gay, too. I would never call you a faggot.”

“Okay,” he didn’t sound convinced.

“I even stood up for you to the guys who were loitering at the snack machines. I called them hypocrites, and suggested I that should write down the names of the guys you messed around with so the whole school could call them out.”

“You really did that?”

“I sure did, so don’t be worried, dude. I’m on your side. Always have been.”

“I could never write a list. There’s a name on it that would break Amy’s heart.

“Who is it?” There was a long silence. “I won’t tell, I promise, and I’m really good at keeping secrets. Hell, you didn’t even know I was gay until I told you, and even then you didn’t believe me. That’s how good I am at keeping secrets.”

“Grady Thompson,” came the reply, “I hooked up with him at her Christmas party.”

“Why would that break his heart?” I asked, trying to sound like it was no big deal that Tyler hooked up with a guy who was supposed to be in a monogamous relationship with me, at a party I also attended.

“They’ve been dating for months,” he told me, like I should have known, “and they were already together when it happened. I’m surprised he didn’t tell you about them. You are his friend, right?”

“I thought so,” I almost whispered, my voice croaked as it caught in my throat. Grady not only cheated on me with Tyler, but was in an ongoing relationship with Amy. My heart broke and part of me died. “Good night, Tyler.”

“Good night.”

The room grew quiet and I lay there in the dark for what seemed like forever, sleep eluding me. Once I was sure Tyler had fallen asleep, I started to slowly stroke myself under the sheet. Now that I had decided that Grady and I were finished, Tyler’s presence became even more obvious to me. I was convinced that if I busted a nut, relieved some of the sexual tension, I might get some shut eye. As careful as I was, my movements must have made more noise than I thought it did.

The bedside lamp clicked on, flooding the room with light. I immediately stopped working my dick and looked at Tyler whose eyes were locked on the tent under my covers. I lay very still for a while, as if it made me somehow invisible, then continued moving my hand under the sheet while Tyler lay there watching. My dick was rock hard from the show.

“Do you mind if I watch?” he asked, his face twisted into something that could have been embarrassment, but looked more like hunger.

“I don’t mind,” I answered, then throwing caution to the wind, I pulled the sheet away, revealing my hard-on.

With that, he threw the sheet back and bounded off the bed to kneel beside me, his dick tenting the pajama bottoms he was wearing.

“Suck it,” I growled at him.

Without hesitation, he reached for it, taking the heft of my throbbing cock into his hand and leaned in. I watched expectantly as my fantasy life merged with reality as he started licking the head like a popsicle. He opened his mouth wide and worked at taking it all into his hungry mouth, his lips never losing suction as he buried my cock down his throat. The sensations his mouth brought me left me breathless and moaning, quickly bringing me to the edge of orgasm. With his mouth overstuffed with my cock, he looked up at me. I smiled blissfully down at him, my eyes fixed on the image of my cock disappearing and reappearing between his lips.

“I’m cumming,” I whimpered, as my semen erupted into his mouth and my body spasmed with ecstasy.

Withdrawing my spent, and thoroughly cleaned cock from his mouth, Tyler rose to his feet, and I followed suit, pulling his tee shirt up to undress him.

“What are you doing?” he asked, obviously confused.

“I’m undressing you so I can return the favor.” I replied, successfully pulling the shirt over his head and admiring his flawless, milky white skin.

“You don’t have to do that,” he told me. There was panic in his voice. “The other guys never did.”

I suddenly realized why Tyler always hid his crotch when he was in the locker room. None of the guys he was ever with had even attempted to touch his dick, much less acknowledged that he had one while they were in the throws of the sexual act. He’s become embarrassed that he has a dick. They’ve emasculated him.

“I’m not like the other guys, Tyler.” I told him firmly.

In one swift movement, I pulled his sleep pants down, revealing Tyler’s hard-on. He was a little smaller than I was, but still a nice piece of meat, with a thin bush of red hair, and a nearly hairless, full nut sack. I instructed him to lie on his back. He sat down and lay back on the bed, his feet still on the floor. I crouched above him and slid his cock into my mouth, working his big fucker into my throat.

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