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A Gripping Long Weekend Ch. 01

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Chapter 1: Getting Acquainted

At noon on Friday of the first long weekend of spring, I finished packing and headed out. The forecast called for perfect weather – clear skies and warm temperatures. I had booked myself into Pine Lake Resort just west of Halliburton. I had been there for a couple of conferences years before and was eager to get back and spend some time in the natural beauty of the countryside. I had planned to arrive early in the afternoon and had brought my golf clubs hoping play a round that afternoon. But my foremost goal was to capture some extraordinary images of the beautiful, rugged countryside. This would give me the opportunity to compare my new digital SLR camera with my trusted 35 mm cameras.

The traffic leaving the city had been much worse that I had expected. So, I was grouchy as I registered at the front desk. After putting some stuff in my cabin, I had gone to the restaurant expecting to get a fast meal. After studying the menu for several minutes, I scanned the room looking for wait staff. I saw none; however, an attractive, sophisticated looking, red head sat a nearby table staring out the picture window at the lake beyond the uncut lawn and debris-cluttered beach. Several more minutes passed before she looked in my direction. I flashed her my friendliest smile. She responded in kind.

“It seems like we’re all alone here.” I quipped

“Yes, I’ve been here for almost twenty minutes” she replied “I was beginning to wonder whether this place was open or not.”

“Would you be interested in finding someplace else to get something to eat?” I offered.

“Sounds good to me, but there’s nowhere else here and it’ll take over an hour to town and back” she quickly answered.

“I’ve got some burgers in my cabin and there’s a small barbeque by the beach” I offered. “I was going to have them when I go hiking but I’d be happy to share them with you if that’s to your liking?”

“That sounds fine to me. I’m starving. I’ll bring some wine – you drink wine don’t you?” She responded.

“By the way, my name is Ava.”

“I’m Doug.” I eyed Ava from head to toe, paying particular to her statuesque figure. She was a Sophia Loren look-a-like except her hair. Ava’s was short-cropped and copper red. “I’m in cabin 9 just over there at the edge of the beach.” I stated.

“Oh, I’m in cabin 6, up by the main lodge.” Ava replied. “I’ll get the wine and be down shortly.”

I hurried down to the barbeque near my cabin. I lit the charcoal, while waiting for it to get up to cooking temperature; I pulled up a couple of chaise lounges then went to the cabin to get the stuff to cook.

As I returned to the BBQ, I was delighted to see that Ava had claimed one of the lounges. She gripped a tumbler in each hand; a large wine bottle thrust up from between her legs. “Care to open this up?” She smirked.

“Don’t have a cork screw” I quipped.

Ava looked down at bottom of the deep ‘V’ in her form fitting t-shirt. Sure enough, her ample cleavage securely held the black and chrome handle of a corkscrew.

“May I?”

“Well my hands are full!” Ava chortled.

“That’s not all – your shirt appears to be busting out a bit.” I admired.

“I felt that I should wear something more suitable.” She commented.

The tailored suit and translucent blouse that Ava had worn in the restaurant had been replace by skin tight leather pants, a brilliant white cotton t-shirt with a deep ‘V’ front, covered with pant matching leather jacket-vest. The leather colour accented üsküdar escort her hair colour, as did the colour on her finger and toe nails.

“Your smoke signal made it easy to find your place.” Ava laughed.

“I may have gone a little heavy on the started fluid.” I replied sheepishly.

“Oh so you’re not the great outdoorsman that starts you fire by rubbing two sticks together.” She needled.

“I’d rather save my energy for more important things.” I proclaimed emphatically ogling her gratuitously.

“Good idea.” She rebutted.

I straddled the chaise lounge just above her crotch, leaning over I extricated the tool from between her breasts. I opened the corkscrew. My left hand grasped the neck of the bottle, the blade cut through the outer wrapping, then I surgically inserted the tip then methodically twisted the tool as it worked its way into the firm flesh of the cork. A soft ‘pop’ signaled that the dark ambrosia was available to enjoy.

I reach down brushing Ava’s right thigh. She smiled. The leather felt like it was at body temperature. Lifting the bottle, I filled the tumblers two thirds full. We both took long swallows of the fragrant liquid.

I went to put the meat on the grill but my attention was elsewhere.

“So, are you here by yourself? Attending a conference perhaps?” I inquired.

“No and No” she stated matter-of-factly.

“Oh” I replied with a definite disappointment in my voice. “How do like your meat?”

“Juicy” she smiled as her tongue flicked her upper lip.

“Me too!” I said, without thinking.

“Reeeaaaally, that’s good to know.” She laughed.

I just rolled my eyes.

After several minutes of careful tending interspersed with small talk, I announce “I think that these are ready to be eaten.”

Ava just pouted her lips and sucked air in slowly making a long low hissing sound.

“Let’s eat inside?” Ava suggested.

“Fine by me.” I led the way to the cabin carrying the burgers, condiments, and bottle of wine on the large tray that I’d brought from the cabin. Ava delicately gripped to one half full glasses. As I glanced back at her, I watched in amazement as she sipped from both glasses.

I nudged the screen door open and held it for her. She smiled divinely as she passed through into the cabin. I followed and placed the tray on the tiny table in the eating area of the main room. After putting the one-third full tumblers on the coffee table, she lumbered over beside me and reached for a burger.

Juice from the meat dribbled over her fingers. She placed the burger on a plate then lasciviously licked her hand. There was no doubt that this woman had something on her mind or she was one helluva tease. Regardless, I was finding it increasingly difficult to hide how much her actions were arousing me. I was certainly ready, willing and able to give this spontaneous encounter my all.

“Oh this looks so good, I’ll bet it tastes out of this world, I told you I was starving!” She picked up the plate, firmly gripped the burger and took a large bite. A stream of burger juice poured out, spraying her bare chest, splattering her top. “Daaammmn!!!” she exclaimed. “Quick, get some cold water.”

I raced to the sink, turned on the cold-water tap and shoved the stopper into the drain hole.

I turned around to find the t-shirt flying at me, beyond, Ava was standing topless taking another bite out of her burger. I caught the soiled top, rubbed a little soap tuzla escort on it, rinsed it, and then let it soak in the sink as I turned off the water.

I strolled toward the table thoroughly enjoying the spectacular vision of this topless stranger in my cabin.

“Enjoying the view?” Ava said smugly.

“A vision of beauty to be sure.” I stammered.

She popped the last morsel into her mouth and slowly savored the taste, eyeing me from top to bottom particularly my bulging crotch. “I think you’re hungry too.” Ava mumbled.

I sensed that my cock was like a steel rod. “I seem to have lost my appetite for food.” I said with an extremely dry mouth ogling her luscious breasts, unencumbered by any foundation garment.

As I passed her, Ava reached out and stroked my manhood through my thin pants and licked her lips.

I took my tumbler and drained it. I noticed that both glasses were empty, “Care for a refill?” I inquired.

“You know it.” She smiled.

I reached past her to get the bottle of Shiraz. Like a magician, Ava unzipped me and tenderly gripped my rigid member. I gasped at the sensation and froze in position. Releasing my hold on the neck of the bottle, straightened up and seized Ava’s head just in front of her ears with my fingers combing the silky curls that framed her face. I pull her face to mine and pressed my lips to hers with an unexpected urgent passion. Her mouth opened and our tongues began a hot wet dance of lust. She pressed her body tightly against me. Her breasts burned through my golf shirt like two stove elements. She released my throbbing cock and grabbed my ass with a vice like grip; pulling my crotch to hers. The creamy warmth of her leather pants felt like skin next to my cock.

I ran my hands over her shoulders and down her back. Then my fingers discovered the fastener and zipper aligned with the valley of her firm buttocks. Not to be out done by her slick move, I undid her pants with one slow pull.

Ava stopped the embrace, took a half step backwards, and then grabbing hold of my shirt hauled it over my head binding my arms around her. She ducked down then like a dancer, with a deft move, slipped behind me. Without a moment’s hesitation, she pushed my pants and shorts down to my ankles. I was trussed up like a calf in calf roping contest. Ava ran the backs of her fingers up the inside of my legs. She raked her fingernails over my tightly clinched butt. The sensation was so intense my legs shook like trees in a hurricane. I bit my lower lip, closed my eyes, and savoured Ava’s fondling.

I could have let my shirt fall from my arms, but being in Ava’s control enhanced my arousal. Her hand snaked between my legs and she palmed my scrotum, fingering my balls like she was gently playing a musical instrument. My cock throbbed and twitched with eager anticipation, beginning to ooze its liquid excitement.

Again, Ava magically repositioned herself, kneeling in front of me. I barely noticed that her form fitting slacks still clung to her body even though they were undone. Her left hand resumed rhythmically fondling my balls. With her right hand she seized the root of my member with her thumb and index finger, wrapping her fingers along the length of the shaft. She slowly drew her hand away from me milking the natural lubricant into the palm. As the ring of her thumb and index finger reached the tip of my cock she subtly reversed her hand and slid back down to my root leading with the heel of her hand pendik escort where she began the process anew. This methodical pistoning of my cock was exquisite torture. After just a few cycles of this treatment, the fire in my loins rapid began to rise to eruption level. To preserve myself, I frantically pulled away from her hands.

Of course I had forgotten that my ankles were still cuffed by my rumpled pants and underwear. I awkwardly collapsed onto the floor with an unexpected thud.

“What’s the matter, won’t you let me play with your toys?” Ava mocked through pouted lips.

“Not at all” I winced. “I didn’t want to splash you prematurely!”

“There was nothing premature about it.” She claimed as she rose to stand above me; grasping her breasts and teasing her erect nipples as she did so. I gasped in admiration of her form and beauty. She lowered her hands to the top of the leather material then began to sway her hips in rhythmical gyrations as her slacks were pushed down her legs. As her torso lowered, her pendulous breasts swayed hypnotically. I was mesmerized. Dizzy with lust. This stranger had captured me, mind, body and soul. Were all men such innocent and willing victims to these feminine wiles? Ava extricated herself from the last of her clothing then took a couple of steps forward straddling me above my knees.

From my horizontal position, I studied every nuance of her Venice like form; right down to the nude mound at the apex of her flawlessness legs and her puffy lower lips that were already glistening in readiness. She lowered herself and gripped my wrists then thrust my arms above my head stretching me out to full length.

“Keep you arms there.” She commanded. Then she lowered her chest so that her nipples and breasts grazed lazily in the hair on my chest.

Again I closed my eyes. I drifted off to a plain of ultimate sensation. Every fiber of my being was ablaze with wanton desire. I twitched and thrust seeking more and more contact with this heavenly creature. My nipples felt like corks ready to explode from a champagne bottle. My cock craved contact of any kind.

Ava dragged her breasts down my torso. Her fingernails raked along my arms, across my chest, and then she tweaked my taut nipples. Gorgeous pain flashed through my body. I moaned in ecstasy. At that precise moment she placed her hot wet tongue on the base of my penis and began to swirl her oral instrument up, down and around my thrusting shaft. My hips undulated wildly. I clenched my teeth, trying desperately to hold back the inevitable eruption from deep within me. Then her mouth was gone. I cried out “Oh God don’t stop please… please… please don’t stop!”

An eternity passed. Then the angels sang out as my manhood was enveloped by the warmest, wettest cocoon that I could ever have imagined. I lay suspended in time and space as Ava slowly rode me. Her pussy gripping me for all it was worth. I was no long in control body. She had totally possessed me. I was merely a toy for her pleasure and gratefully willing to be so. She went on and on and on. How could this be? I’d never been able to last this long before. I felt as though I was barely conscious.

Suddenly my nirvana was shatter by Ava screaming “NOW… FUCK ME NOW… HAAARRD… HARRDERRR. OH YESSS… YESS… YES… OHHH… YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

I didn’t hear what else she uttered; my whole being was concentrated in the eye of my cock as it exploded deep inside her. I was lost in the blinding white ecstasy that accompanies the climactic throws of the ultimate orgasm.

Sometime later, I regained awareness of my surroundings. Ava was gone. Had this been a hallucination, an extremely intense fantasy?

Reality hit home as I read Ava’s note “Come to cabin 6 when you’re ready for desert.”

How long could I wait?

[to be continued]

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