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A Harley Man

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Hope this fits the request I received…enjoy!

* * * * *

It was 103 degrees outside and I didn’t know what I was going to do. My car just broke down, I am in the middle of the desert, looking both directions, there isn’t a gas station in sight. I reach in my car and grab my purse, and flipped it over my shoulder. I knew I should have changed my clothes before I left, these Levi’s are oh so hot, and my halter top is soaking wet. I start to walk back the way I came , figuring that would be the closest station. I walked what seemed like hours, when I heard a rumble in the distance. I stop and turn around…it was a bike…not just any bike but a Harley.

The man on the bike was gorgeous, He was incredible…long blonde hair flowing in the breeze. As he slowed down I could see his bronzed skin. As he took his sun glasses off, his eyes were as blue as the sky on a clear day.

The stranger looked at me and said, “Hey there, need a lift?”

I let out a sigh of relief, I was hot and tired from my walk. I threw my leg over the seat, I reached up and pulled my hair into a pony tail, and wrapped my arms around his waist. I could feel the six pack , as I hold on to him so tight. Damn he was hot. We took off, if he only knew how much I loved to feel the power of a hog between my legs.

He must istanbul escort have sensed how turned on I was becoming…As we rode, he saw a dirt road that lead to a group of trees. He turned and headed there… I knew I might have the chance to see what was underneath that shirt. We stopped and climbed off that awesome machine. Stretching my legs and arms I walked in a small circle ending up standing right in front of him. Our eyes meet and I am totally captivated. The stare penetrated me like no other has. He reached up and brushed the dust off of my cheek and forehead, then touched my face, as he leaned in and kissed me deeply. My knees buckled underneath me, and he caught me as I fell into his chest.

My hands could feel his bulging pec’s. And I also could feel a rather large bulge in his pants… My hands start to run over his chest…reaching down and pulling his white tee shirt over his head. ” Damn baby, you are hot” Reaching down and undoing his button fly jeans, as he pulls my halter top over my head, letting my tits fall freely out. I anxiously undo my jeans…kicking them off as quickly as possible. Standing there in front of this mysterious stranger, I was so turned on, my dark blue lace avcılar escort thong is all I had on. He turned me around and sat me down on the seat of his bike. I slowly pulled my panties off and kicked them over on the ground. He reached down and lifted one leg as he knelt down between my legs…

He dives right in, aggressively biting my clit and my lips…sucking them into mouth. OHHH yea…that feels so good. My feet are on his shoulders as I lean back on the bike. I start bucking my hips toward his face…wanting him harder and faster. He took my lips in his mouth and drags his teeth over the skin…as he slides a finger deep inside of my wetness. The faster he flicks my clit, the closer I get to the ripples of my first orgasm. Gasping…YES YES… I am gonna cum on your face. CUMMING…as I finish, the stranger sets my feet back on the ground, places his hands on my hips and turns me around.

Now leaning over the massive machine, my ass in the air, he moves closer and slowly slides his cock between my ass…passing my pussy and sliding between my swollen lips. Oh my god, that feels sooo good. His hard cock rubbing on my hard clit. I am getting wetter with every stroke. He stops and slowly enters my wetness. OHHHHHHHh I moan loudly as I feel him slam his powerful cock şirinevler escort inside me. Whap…he slaps my ass…sending chills right down my spine. He leans forward with his strong arms he wrapped them around me and squeezing my bouncing tits… they are swinging with every slam…Just then he straightens back up and grabs hold of my pony tail, pulling firmly but not to hurt me. Pulling with the rhythm of our bodies fucking…wildly.

He moans loudly as I feel him explode deep inside of me. OHHH yea…which brings me to climax with him…

He pulls out of my wetness, and I turn and face the dark stranger. Reach up and kiss him softly then drop to my knees… I take his softening cock into my mouth and suck it hard again, tasting our cum all over it. I reach down and squeeze his balls every so softly pulling on the skin, as I take him deeper and deeper into my mouth. I absolutely love to suck cock… I can feel my pussy still pulsing from the last orgasm. Licking and sucking his shaft, jerking him off in my mouth… His eyes roll back in his head, as he screams with pleasure.

He says, “YEA baby, suck my cock,” just then my pussy starts to tighten and I’m cumminggg…As my pussy is pulsing my jaw tightens…I look up and give him that “I’m cuming look,” just that moment he pulls out of my mouth and shoots his load all over my face…dripping down onto my tits…I reach up and rub the cum into my skin, like lotion. He stands me up and wraps his arms around me, and whispers in my ear, WOW that was incredible. We sit there in each arms for a while, and then we get dressed climb back on that Harley. As we drive away I know I will never look at a Harley the same way again…

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