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A Kitten’s Tail Ch. 03

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“Slow, deep breaths Felicia, just remember that there is no commitment here. You have wanted to do this for a long time now, and the worst that can happen is you end up not liking it. You can always go back to your old life,” I silently tell myself.

I guess there is one advantage of not being able to talk anymore. I feel less crazy sitting quietly in my car in front of a strange house, than I would sitting and talking to myself in my car in front of a strange house.

I smile in amusement as I look myself over. Elizabeth and Amanda assured me that my attire would help convince Alonso to accept me as his pet. I was not sure what he would want with me while he had the two of them around, but the outfit they picked out certainly makes me feel sexy.

The white fur boots came up to the middle of my thigh and had padded knees for when I wanted to crawl around like a kitten. The fur gloves came up to the elbow and had the same kind of extra padding in the palms. I even had furry kitten ears and a white fur bikini on to help complete the look, but I was not going to put on the final piece of the outfit unless Alonso and I both decided we wanted me to be his pet permanently.

I looked over at the bag in the passenger seat with a bit of trepidation. The final piece was my tail, and it was in that bag. My husband had never had any interest in anal play, so I had never thought about putting anything in my bottom before. Elizabeth and Amanda had insisted the only proper way for a pet to wear her tail was on a plug though, and I was willing to try it if this worked out, but it still scares me a little.

After making sure the letter was still attached to the bag, and checking my collar in the mirror one last time, I opened the car door. I could not believe how nervous and excited I was as I walked up to the house. My heart rate jumped a bit as I got down in the kneeling pose Amanda had showed me and set the bag in front of the door. November fourteenth would either go down as the best of my life, or the most embarrassing. I hoped for the former as I put a smile on my face and knocked on the door.

-Inside the house-

I was a bit surprised when Elizabeth and Amanda announced that they wanted to watch a movie after breakfast. Normally they would just disappear back to the solarium and work on their tans until lunchtime. It was a bit easier on me that way, because the more time I spent with them, the more it hurt to think about them having to leave once the contract ended.

When they came back down the stairs fully dressed in their lioness outfits, and put on a documentary about lions in Africa before snuggling up on either side of me, I just laughed. They were both feeling playful apparently, and wanted a little bit of affection. I felt a bit bad about how withdrawn from them I have been, so I put my arms around them and relaxed to watch the movie.

We were about halfway through it when I heard a knock at the door and they both jumped up. They exchanged a smile before looking down at me. “We need you to come answer the door Master, because we arranged a surprise for you.”

“Is that why the two of you have been so cheerful this week,” I asked as I got up. They both had a big Cheshire cat grin as they nodded and followed me to the door. I was not sure what was going on as I walked to the front of the house. Neither of them had a way to buy me a present unless they had asked Julien to do it for them. I know he would do a lot for his special pets if they asked him to, but it seemed odd for him to agree to get something for me because they asked him to.

I was expecting to find a delivery person when I opened the door, so the sight of an attractive woman dressed up as a cat left me speechless. “I hope you are not upset Master,” Amanda said as she stepped up beside me. “We just wanted to help you find a pet so you would not be alone when we left. Please take the bag and read the letter attached to it before you say anything.”

I was still a bit shocked, but the pleading look in her eye made me agree to at least read the letter. As I picked up the bag, I took a moment to really look over the woman kneeling on my doorstep. She was kneeling in the exact same position Amanda had been in the other day, and it showed off her petite yet womanly curves beautifully. The white fur of her boots, gloves and bikini was a stark contrast to her dark olive skin. I could see a pleading look in her sparkling hazel eyes as I opened the letter.

Dear Alonso,

My name is Felicia Caro, and as you read this, I am kneeling on your doorstep with my heart beating a hundred miles an hour. I have never done anything like this before, but over the past few years, I have developed a desire to become a kitten. Earlier this week, I placed an ad on-line that Elizabeth and Amanda answered. We talked quite a bit and they agreed to help be see if being a pet is something I truly want to do, and if you are willing to accept me as your pet. I am not asking bostancı escort you for anything more than your acceptance, affection, and possibly someday, love.

The bag contains the last part of my outfit, which I will allow you to give me if we both decide this is something we want. If I choose to accept you as my Master, it will be easy to spot. I will simply stop wearing the bikini part of my outfit as a sign that I am willing to become your kitten completely. If you choose to keep me after that point, you may give me the tail that is in the bag and be the first man to explore that part of my body.

Felicia, your (hopefully) future kitten.

I looked into the bag and saw a long white kitten’s tail attached to a small butt plug. I looked from her to Elizabeth and Amanda, and could see the hope of my acceptance in all of their eyes. “I am not sure about this. If circumstances were different I would love to try having you as my pet, but there are certain parts of that I cannot give your right now. I just don’t know how I would work that out.”

She made a quiet ‘raow’ and shook her head vehemently before giving Elizabeth a pleading look. “She cannot speak Master. That ‘raow’ is the only sound she can make after her accident,” she told me before looking over to Felicia. “Did you leave your notebook in your car?”

She nodded, then pointed to me and put her hands together as if she was begging. “Don’t worry, we promised you we would help to convince him. Let me go get your notebook first. Master, you could at least invite her in to the house, it is a bit cool to be wearing these outfits outside.”

I shook my head to clear my thoughts as Elizabeth went out to the Fiat Palio parked in the driveway and I noticed the gate was open. “I forget my manners, please come in out of the cold and we can figure this out. I am guessing everyone in my household is part of this,” I said as I took her hands and helped her to her feet.

As I led her into the living room, Teodoro was waiting for us with fresh coffee. “Sorry Sir, but I promised that I would not say anything until she arrived. When Elizabeth told me about their plan, I had to agree to help them. You have not been yourself since they arrived, because you are afraid of being hurt when they have to leave. If this thing with Felicia works out, you can stop treating them as if they had leprosy when you are not breeding them, because you won’t be alone after they leave.”

I looked over at Amanda as Felicia went over and kissed Teodoro on the cheek in thanks. “It has not been that bad Master, but we do feel like you try to avoid spending time with us outside of our breeding’s. She needs the same kind of affection that we do, and if she stays, you will not feel the need to hold back because you will not be alone when we leave.”

I went over and sat down next to Amanda, pulling her into my arms. “I am sorry my pet. I did not realize I was hurting you so badly. You are right that I was holding back, afraid it would hurt more if I let myself get to use too you being here. I will try to do better for the two of you, even if your plans with Felicia do not work out.”

That statement was met with a quiet ‘raow’ from Felicia as she sat down next to me with a pleading look in her eyes. “No, I am not rejecting you my dear, I just don’t know how I could keep up with you in addition to Amanda and Elizabeth.”

She pulled off her glove and put a finger over my lips while pointing to where Elizabeth was walking in with her travel bag. She opened it up, pulled out a notebook and wrote out a message for me. “They have explained your arrangement with them, and I have no wish to interfere with that. I do not need the sexual part of our relationship to start right now as much as I want the affection Amanda was just talking about. I would be happy spending a couple months just being cuddled and touched as we decided if this is something we both want.”

I took a minute to think as I read her message. “What about your relationships with Amanda and Elizabeth. If we decide to try this, I would expect you to be curled up in my bed at night, possibly with both of them as well, even if you choose to stay dressed,” I told her. “The hardest part of this has been not letting them share my bed at night, as I miss having someone next to me at night. Would you be offended if I wanted you to be in bed with them?”

Felicia blushed furiously as she wrote her next message. “I have never been with another woman, but I admit that the way they kissed me after we found my outfit has me very curious. If they are willing, I would like to explore that side of myself as well.”

Amanda had been reading over my shoulder and smiled at Felicia. “We would be more than happy to help you explore making love to a woman. You can take your time and do it at a pace you feel comfortable with.”

Felicia looked grateful as she leaned over me and gave Amanda a tender kiss before turning sancaktepe escort to kiss Elizabeth as well. When she turned back to me, I could see the question in her eyes. “Would you wish to stay here as we decide if this will work for us,” I asked her.

She nodded as she started to write again. “I have my own home, but I live alone. I just need to stop in every couple of days to check my mail. My pension checks are automatically deposited to my bank, and all the bills are set up for automatic payments. If we decided to stay together I will probably rent it out or sell it eventually, but I do not have anything important to go home to. My only child is grown up and married with children of his own in Rome. My husband was killed in the accident that cost me my voice. Since I retired, I have been craving companionship more than anything, and I hope we can find that together.”

“In that case, I would love to have you as my kitten,” I told Felicia. “Of course I have no idea what that actually means. Is there some kitten rule book I need to check out?”

Felicia smiled and ripped a page out of her notebook before putting it back in her bag. She put her glove back on then leaned in and licked my cheek before handing me the page and crawling out of the room.

“There are no rules for any kind of play outside what you choose to make,” Elizabeth told me. “The two of you can make them up as you go, but remember that you are the Master. If you have any rules you expect her to follow, you need to make them clear to her. You may want to read what she just handed you though.”

I look down at Felicia’s note as Amanda and Elizabeth curl back up next to me. ‘I promise not to do anything silly like pee on the carpet or break things by crawling on furniture I should not be on. That does not mean I will not crawl on the tables unless you forbid it, just that I will not knock things off the table if I do. I plan on acting as I think a kitten would act as much as possible. All I expect from you is to give me love and attention when I am with you, and to make sure I am fed and watered. I will leave how you do the last part up to you.’

I hand the note to Elizabeth, “What does she mean by that part at the end?”

She chuckles as she reads the note. “Remember what I said about no rules? She is giving you permission to treat her as much like a kitten as you wish. You can have her sit at the table for meals, or put her food on a dish by your feet so she can eat it in the same way a cat would. You can feed her treats out of your hand or put a saucer of milk on the table for her to lap up. Experiment and see how you both feel about different things. Just remember to pet her and love her when she comes to you for attention, even of it is just putting your hand on her head as she lays next to you.”

“Our sister Shelly would do things like this sometimes, although her cat moments were usually more sexual,” Amanda told me. “We will help the two of you find what works. For now, she is doing what she thinks a kitten would do in a new house, and that is exploring her new territory. Just make sure she has something to drink when she decides to return, then relax and watch the movie with us.”

I nod and tell them I will be back in a moment as I get up and head to the kitchen. I find Felicia there, crawling under the table. When she sees me come in, she crawls over and rubs her head against my leg. Thinking about what I would do with a real kitten in the same situation, I reach down and start stroking her head as if I were petting a cat. After a minute or so, she smiles, licks my hand and crawls off down the hallway.

I look up to find Nicolina smiling at me as she puts a plate with some cut up pieces of tuna and a small bowl of milk on the counter. “I could hear everything, and if you are going to let her be a kitten that should be your first step.” I thank her and take the dishes out to put them on the coffee table before coming back and getting a glass of water with a straw, just in case. I cannot imagine it will be easy to drink enough if she is going to try licking up the milk in the bowl.

The smiles I get from Elizabeth and Amanda tell me I must have done something right as I sit back down between them. Amanda quickly found another nature documentary and curled up with me to watch it. They do not watch many movies, but they always pick nature shows when they do.

About fifteen minutes into the show, Felicia comes back into the room and notices the dishes on the table. Her smile lights up the room as she realizes I am going to treat her like a kitten as much as she wants and she crawls on to the table. She flips her hair over her shoulder before gingerly eating the bite-sized pieces of tuna and moving over to the bowl of milk. After a couple minutes, she appears a bit frustrated and shakes her head before getting a drink of the water.

She looks at me before pushing the dish of milk with her nose and shaking zeytinburnu escort her head, then getting another drink of water. “Okay little kitten, no more drinking out of a dish. I did not think that would work out very well.”

I am a bit confused as she shakes her head again and pushes the bowl closer to the water glass. She shakes her head, looks between the two then cocks her head to the side and gives me a confused look as I realize what the issue is. “You don’t like the fat free milk, but like the dish,” I ask.

She smiles and nods as I hold out my hand to her, then crawls across the table and nuzzles into my hand, licking my wrist as I caress her cheek. “We can get you some cream to drink out of your dish but I still do not think you will be able to get enough fluids that way. I will make you a deal little kitten. I will get you some heavy cream that you can have in a dish with meals and snacks, and you will use the cup and straw for your water so you do not get dehydrated, okay?”

She smiles and nods again before crawling up on the couch and lying across all three of our laps. Elizabeth and Amanda casually reach down and start petting the parts of her that are in their laps as they continue to watch the show, so I follow suit, placing my hand on her side and gently stroking her. She stays in our laps through the rest of the show, quietly purring as she basks in the attention.

As the show ends, I notice a quiet moaning coming from Amanda. While Amanda was petting Felicia’s hair, Felicia had been lightly stroking the exposed skin on Amanda’s thigh. Since Amanda was a bit busy, I reached forward and clicked the button to start the next movie. In doing so, I inadvertently pressed my hard-on deeper into her side.

Thinking she did not want sexual contact yet, I quickly apologized. She gave me an odd look and shook her head again, then sat up and straddled my hips. Grinding her pussy against my cock, she shook her head, pointed to Elizabeth and Amanda and mimicked a pregnant woman’s stomach. She took my hands and ran them down her body, then lightly brushed her hand over my cock. Leaning in, she gave me a passionate kiss then pulled back and nodded before cocking her head to the side.

I am starting to figure out that little motion is her version of a question. “Let me see if I am understanding this. Any contact is fine, but I need to get them pregnant before we go further?”

Her face scrunched up as she thought for a moment before she smiled again. She reached up and untied to top of her bikini, exposing her breasts for the first time. They were a lovely pair of C cups, with dark brown areola and nipples that stuck out like a pencil eraser. Her smile got wider as she noticed my appreciation, but she put her hand under my chin and pulled my eyes back to hers. Putting my hands over her bare breasts, she shook her head with a sad look on her face before tying her bikini top back up and placing my hands back on her breasts and nodding.

“I can touch anywhere, but only outside the clothing until you decide if you want to stay?” She smiled and nodded again, then got up and got her notebook out.

“I am tempted to just toss the bikini right now, but I know a big part of that is just how happy I am to finally be exploring this side of myself. I need to trust that you will not push, because I would easily give in. I want this to work out more than I can say, but I do not want either of us to jump in before we are completely sure this is what we want.”

I finished reading the note and smiled as I reached up to caress her cheek. “Elizabeth told me there were no rules for this other than what we make. I agree what you are saying, and need to make one now that is not negotiable. You are not allowed to take your bikini off before December first. That should give you enough time to get past the initial excitement and decide if you truly want to stay.”

She looked a bit concerned and started writing again, “What if I am sure before that, and what about being able to touch each other?”

“I did not say anything about not touching, but your clothes have to stay on,” I told her. “Even if you think you are sure before that I expect you to wait. If you wish to be my pet, you have to accept me as your Master as well, and that mean sometimes following rules you may not like.”

I saw a small shudder go through her body when I said the word Master. She nodded and crawled back into my lap, giving me another passionate kiss before lying back across our laps. We relaxed and casually caressed her body until Nicolina came in to tell us lunch was ready in the formal dining room.

Felicia crawled off us and waited to follow us into the dining room. She looked as if she were about to explode from the excitement as she noticed the fourth place mat was set in the middle of the table. The eight-foot table was made for a dozen people, but it was rarely used, as we preferred to eat at the smaller table in the kitchen.

Nicolina had chosen to serve lunch here simply to surprise Felicia. My place was set at the head of the table, with Amanda and Elizabeth on the sides next to me. The fourth place would have been next to one of them, but Nicolina had pushed it into the middle of the table so Felicia could crawl up on the table to eat.

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