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A Lesbian Love Triangle

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Ashley spent her morning shower thinking of reasons why her affair was a good thing. Diana loved her, she knew that, but she still thought there could be more between them. “Sure we have great sex,” She thought, “but sometimes sex is all we ever do.”

“Ash,” Diana called, “Are you finished?”

“Yea,” Ashley called back. She shut off the water and went to get dressed. She put on her exercise gear and grabbed her workout bag from her closet. Diana was getting undressed when Ashley went to leave.

“When are you gonna be back?” She asked.

“I don’t know yet,” Ashley replied, “It depends on what kind of workout I do.”

“Just be back for dinner, okay,” Diana said. She kissed Ashley and got into the shower.

Ashley was getting into her car when her she got a text. It was from her lover and read “Are you coming over?”

Ashley replied “I’m on my way.”

She was uneasy about cheating on Diana, who would go insane if she ever found out. Ashley was always careful about covering her tracks. She deleted all messages as soon as she had read them; she always took a shower after they met, and could cover their meetings with her workouts.

Ashley was always training in some way. She was a trainer at her local gym and always made a point to run at least two miles a day, either on a treadmill or along the beach. That was one nice thing about living in California, there were beaches everywhere and everyone takes fitness seriously.

When she reached her lover’s house, Ashley made sure to park in the open garage, just in case. She walked up the steps and rung the bell. The door opened and her lover stood there with no shirt. “Good morning Ashley,” He said.

“Morning Vince,” Ashley replied as she stepped inside.

“You tell Diana you were going to the gym?”

“Yea, she still has no clue about us.”

Ashley moved in closer to Vince and kissed him. She pulled Vince up to his bed and pushed him down onto it. She pulled off her sweatshirt and pants and sat down on Vince’s lap. “You know,” She said as she kissed Vince’s neck, “Diana usually pushes me around like that.”

“Another reason you love me?” Vince smiled.

Ashley pushed him down and stood up over him. “Definitely,” She said as she pulled off her sport bra and panties. She laid down on vice and rolled him on top of her. Vince kissed her body and pulled out his cock.

“Slowly,” Ashley said. She always wanted to have passionate sex with Vince instead of the rough, all-business sex she had with Diana. Vince teased her pussy before he slid his cock inside. Ashley grabbed her tits as she felt Vince’s cock stretch her pussy. Vince leaned in and kissed Ashley then slowly started fucking her.

“Ohhh fuck,” Ashley moaned. She loved the way his cock felt since all Diana ever used was her tongue. “Make me cum, baby,” She begged.

Vince sped up gradually and Ashley felt herself start to cum. “Harder. Harder! Ohh fuck! Shit, I’m cumming!” She screamed. Ashley tensed up and tried to hold back her orgasm until a wave of pleasure washed over her as she came.

As Vince slowed, Ashley rolled on top of him and pressed her body against his as they kissed. She began using just her hips to fuck Vince. She knew she could cum again and started slamming Vince’s cock into her pussy.

“Ohhh! Oh fuck! Yes!” Ashley cried as she felt second orgasm build. She rubbed her clit with one hand until she came. Vince pushed her onto her back and pulled out his cock. Ashley laid there breathing hard as she waited for Vince’s load. Vince came on Ashley’s stomach and fell down beside her.

“I love you, Vince,” Ashley said.

“I know, Ash,” Vince replied.

“I was thinking earlier,” She said, bakırköy escort “and I think I want to leave Diana for you.”

“Are you sure?” He asked. Ashley had told him about her and Diana and he knew how in love with they were.

“Yea, and I know how hard it’s gonna be, but I honestly love you more. You respect me.”

“Diana doesn’t respect you?”

“Some, but I think all I am to her is the girl who makes her cum. I was essentially her slave for the first month we dated.”

“You better come up with a plan, because if you just leave her out of the blue, she’ll know something’s up.”

“I have a plan, in a way, but I need your help,” Ashley said. She sat up and turned to face Vince.

“What’s your plan?”

“You pretend to be my new boss and come to the house one night for dinner. Diana will undoubtedly drink too much wine and start talking about us. When she’s drunk, Diana becomes attracted to anyone in the room who isn’t me. I know she’ll like you, so play on that and you’ll end up fucking her. I can use that to drive a wedge between me and her,” She replied.

“You want me to fuck Diana?” Vince said, “The woman who gave up cock ant the age of 20?”

“Yes, but it’s gonna take time. If she really likes you, she’ll become obsessed with you. Give her a fake business card with your number, she’ll call you, then you come over to the house and fuck her while I’m away,” Ashley replied.

“If you believe it will work, I’ll do it,” Vince said.

“Thank you, Vince. I love you,” Ashley said.

“I love you to, Ashley,” Vince said. Ashley could tell he meant it.

Ashley showered, and then drove to the gym where she ran on a treadmill. She thought about her plan, and what this would do to her if it didn’t work. She would have to just break up with Diana after they had been together for almost a year. But she and Vince connected and she was prepared to spend her life with him.

She got home and found Diana in her study doing paperwork. Diana was a secretary for a law firm and was constantly bringing work home. “Hey, Ash,” Diana said when Ashley walked in, “Enjoy the workout.

“Yea, I ended up doing some cardio today,” Ashley replied.

“That’s great; I’m here sorting through some expenses for work.”

“Have fun with that, I’m gonna take a shower,” Ashley said.

That night, she put her plan into action. She was lying in bed with Diana when she brought up Vince.

“So, I got a new boss down at the gym,” Ashley said.

“When?” Diana asked

“Not that long ago, he’s nice so I didn’t mention it. But he says that since I’m the head trainer there, he wants to have dinner sometime and “Establish a business relationship” as he put it.”

“Did you tell him about us?” Diana asked.

“Yea and he says he’s okay with us. He’s single, but he told me he totally accepts us if we love each other.”

“Well we do love each other,” Diana said with a smile.

“So it’s okay if he comes over for dinner this weekend?” Ashley asked.

“Absolutely, I’d like to meet him,” Diana replied.

“Thank you so much,” Ashley said. She kissed Diana, who gave her a look, then pulled her in and kissed Ashley harder.

“Get your toy,” Diana whispered as she pulled off her clothes. Ashley took off her clothes and pulled her strapon out of her dresser.

“Let’s see how much cardio you did today,” Diana said as she warmed up her pussy for Ashley’s cock. Diana let down her long, black hair and rubbed her clit until she was wet. Ashley’s hair was always down since she had her natural blonde hair in a pixie cut.

Diana got on her hands on the bed and waited for Ashley’s cock. Ashley used beşiktaş escort the tip to tease Diana, then spat on her cock and slid it into Diana’s pussy. She grabbed Diana’s hips and pulled her further onto her cock.

“Oooh yes. Just like that, baby, just like that. Faster,” Diana moaned. Ashley sped up and watched as Diana took all of her cock over and over again.

“Are you gonna cum yet?” Ashley asked seductively.

“I’m not that easy,” She replied. Ashley grabbed Diana’s hair and pulled her head back. Diana moaned louder and started rubbing her clit.

“God yes!” Diana screamed, “Keep going! Fuck! YES!”

“Yea, you like that? You gonna cum on my cock?” Ashley said. Diana nodded, than collapsed onto the bed as she came. She shook as Ashley slowly thrust her cock into her pussy. Ashley slid out her strapon, took it off, and licked Diana’s juices.

“Your turn,” Diana said as she pulled Ashley down onto her back and started licking Ashley’s pussy. Diana grabbed Ashley’s tits and watched her as Ashley started cumming. Ashley felt Diana’s tongue in her pussy but visualized Vince fucking her.

“Oh god!” Ashley moaned. This was all she could muster before she came. Diana got up and kissed Ashley hard as she slapped Ashley’s pussy.

“Your pussy tastes so good,” Diana said as they kissed.

“I know,” Ashley said.

That weekend, Vince came into the plan when he came to have dinner with Ashley and Diana. Diana wore her long silver dress while Ashley had on a deep blue dress. Ashley’s plan was working perfectly as Diana had glass after glass of white wine with dinner. After dinner, they went to the living room to talk. Just as Ashley had predicted, Diana brought up her and Ashley.

“We met at the beach one day,” Diana said, “Ash was running along the beach while I was out tanning. She had on this sport bra and her tits were bouncing as she ran. I got so wet watching her I knew I had to at least have sex with her.”

“So when did you start being with girls?” Vince asked. Ashley’s smile said her plan was working.

“I saw how badly some of the girls at college were treated by their boyfriends and I swore I would never give any man the satisfaction of treating me like dirt, so I found the first lesbian girl there and started going out with her. I was 20 then.”

“Are you still a virgin?” Vince asked.

“Broke my cherry on a dildo with my second girlfriend,” Diana replied.

“What about you, Ashley?” Vince said. Diana answered for her.

“No, but I won’t put a strapon in her until we’re married,” She said.

“Well,” Vince said, “Before this gets any more personal, I think I’ll be going.”

“Have a good night, Vince,” Ashley said. They all got up and walked to the door. Diana had been watching vice all night, so as they made for the door, he slipped Diana the fake business card Ashley had made for him.

About a week later, Vince got a call from Diana. “We haven’t talked since dinner last week. I was wondering if you wanted to come over and finish our conversation.” She said. Vince couldn’t believe how right Ashley was.

“Is Ashley there?” Vince asked.

“Don’t worry about Ash, shell be at the gym for a few hours. More than enough time for us,” Diana replied.

“I’ll be there soon,” Vince said. He sent Ashley a text that read “Diana wants me to come over. Your plan’s working.”

When Vince reached Diana’s house, Ashley had texted him back. “Make sure she swallows,” The message read.

Diana answered the door in a pair of black lace underwear. Vince acted surprised as Diana pulled him up to her bedroom. She got on the bed and posed seductively for Vince. Vince pulled beylikdüzü escort off his shirt and got in the bed With Diana.

“You’re my first real cock,” She said, “Don’t be easy.”

Diana undressed and pulled out Vince’s cock and started sucking. She seemed to be enjoying it, so Vince pushed Diana onto her back and shoved his cock as deep into Diana’s pussy as he could.

“FUCK!” She screamed. She screamed as loud as she could as Vince fucked her.

“Fuck! Oh fuck! Yes! This is amazing! Ohhh I’m gonna cum!” she screamed. Diana arched her back and grabbed the sheets as she came. She was so horny now; she pushed Vince down and started riding his cock. Her tits bounced as she moved up and down on his cock. She was screaming louder and louder as she started cumming again.

“Oh god, Make me cum! Ohhhh fuck! SHIT!” Diana screamed as he came again. Vince pushed her off his cock and shot his load into Diana’s mouth. She swallowed Vince’s cum and fell back exhausted. She was shaking and trying to catch her breath.

“I guess this makes me bi,” She said.

“I don’t blame you for being curious,” Vince replied as he got up and redressed, “Don’t tell Ashley.”

“God no,” was all Diana could say.

Vince left smiling. He’d made sure to get some of his cum on the sheets for Ashley to find. When he got home, Vince called Ashley to tell her what happened.

“Did you fuck her?” Was the first thing Ashley said when she answered.

“Yes,” Vince replied.

“Did she cum?”

“Twice, and she swallowed.”

“Did she say anything?”

“She said she’s bi now.”

“Will I find out?”

“I left come cum on the sheets. Diana won’t think to change them since she swallowed.”

“I’ll see you later. I love you Vince,” Ashley said, then hung up.

When Ashley got home, she acted normal. Diana was in her study like usual and acted like she usually did. When Ashley went into the bedroom, she found a stain on the sheets, just like Vince had said.

“Di, come here,” Ashley called. Diana walked in and saw the stain. Her eyes widened and she knew Ashley had found out.

“Is this cum?” Ashley asked seriously.

“Uh, yes,” Diana admitted.

“It doesn’t look like yours, whose is it?”

“Your boss Vince’s. We had sex this afternoon,” Diana said. Ashley could hear how bad she felt, but still faked anger at her.

“How could you fuck him?” Ashley yelled, “He’s both my boss and a man!”

“I-I’m sorry. I couldn’t help myself,”

“You’re unbelievable,” Ashley said. She got up and went to her closet.

“What are you doing?” Diana asked.

“I’m leaving. If you think you can go around fucking me behind my back, you don’t need me anymore,” Ashley replied. She threw all of her clothes into one bag and everything else that was hers into another. She stormed out of the house. Diana was begging her to stay.

“It was one time, Ash. I swear I’ll never do this ever again. I love you. We’re gonna get married. Ash I would never cheat on you,” Diana pleaded.

Ashley threw her bags into her car, than turned to Diana. “Just so you know; Vince and I have been together for two months. I cheated on you with him. I love Vince more than you. Plus, you’re old enough to be my mother,” She said. Diana stopped dead and tears started rolling down her face. Ashley drove off without another word.

Ashley was at Vince’s house in no time. She knocked on the door and Vince answered. “Hey Vince,” Ashley said, “I left Diana, but I told her about us.”

“Well, when she goes to the gym asking for Vince, She’s gonna get a surprise,” He replied.

“Yea,” Ashley laughed, “But you have to tell me you don’t have feelings for Diana.”

“I fucked her because you asked me to, she means nothing to me. Your plan worked and now we’re together. I only love you, Ash,” Vince Said. He kissed Ashley and embraced her.

“I love you Vince,” Ashley said, “Don’t ever leave me,”

Vince looked her in the eyes. “Not in a million years,” He said.

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