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A Long Distance Lust, Reunited

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Your plane gets in at 4pm. I meet you, kiss you hard when you see me, then we grab a taxi. The kind they have here are sometimes fancy cars, and we get in one of those. We make out in the back seat half the way home, and in between, I try to make conversation with the driver about where he’s from so he doesn’t hate us. But he smiles at me in a way that he gets it, we’re lovebirds.

When we get to my apartment block, we walk up the four flights, trembling. The moment we push through the door and shut it behind us, you kiss me against the wall. We’re both breathing heavily and start pawing at each other, pulling clothes off and kicking off our shoes. It’s cold out, so there are a LOT of buttons and zips to navigate, and we both keep laughing into each other’s mouths as we do. Once we get the outer layers off, while I’m romanced by the idea that we never made it into the flat, even, I also like comfort, so I pull back, take your hand, and pull you towards the couch.

I push you down onto it, then straddle you, lean down and kiss you while you pull off my t shirt. I’m wearing a black, lace and silk bra and you take a moment to look at my breasts, to take them in, right in front of you finally. I break the spell by leaning down to grab your shirt and pull it off. Then I stand up, so I can unzip my skirt, and I bend over to push it down, revealing matching black panties, light and beautiful, and a black suspender belt and stockings.

You smile up at me and I smile down at you. I look concerned for a second, then lean behind you to grab a cushion, which I drop on the floor in front of you. You have your hands gently on my hips and, as I kneel down, your hands slide up my body, stay a moment on my breasts, one finger sliding inside the soft bra cup to feel my hard nipple and I give a sharp intake of breath. I pull your face down to kiss me, deep tongue kissing. Then I let go and pull back and smile, and start undoing your fly, and pulling down the front of your underwear.

Your cock springs out, so fucking hard already, and I stop for a moment just to take it in, breathing deeply. I bend down and first, lick the top, flat tongue, then, kadıköy escort slowly, I wrap my lips around the head of your cock and take it into my mouth. All of it, right down to the back of my throat. You take your hands and push your fingers into my hair, then grab the hair at the back of my head as I start working on your dick, sucking you; inside my mouth, I’m moving my tongue all around the head of your cock. I have one hand on the base of it, and the other, I slide down and, on the outside of my panties, through the silk, start touching my clit, which feels so fucking good that I immediately moan out and you can feel the vibrations through my mouth, around your cock.

You lean back, lean your head back, then lift it and look down at me working your cock, touching myself below and moaning because I’m so fucking turned on. “Good girl,” you say. “You like sucking my cock like that, don’t you?” – because you know that this kind of line of questioning makes me fucking wild, and I shudder a little and moan even louder. “You like sucking my cock and touching your pussy like that, don’t you? I want you to make yourself come. Put your hand inside. Feel your wet pussy.”

I’m trembling a little, and I take my hand from the outside of the silk and slide it inside my panties, where I’m so wet that I gasp, and you feel that gasp as a fast suck on your dick. I take some of the wetness and start rubbing my clit, and moaning again.

Your hand is still on the back of my head and you’re guiding me to suck your cock the way you want me to. And it’s so fucking hot, but you want to know how wet my pussy is for yourself. So you sit, watching me for a bit, as long as you need to, and then, gently, pull my mouth from your cock, pull my face back. And I look up at you, half-confused, half just fucking lost with desire and you smile to let me know it’s ok. You gently pull on my arm so I take my hand out of my panties, and then you stand me up in front of you. And you look up at me and smile, and I look down on you and smile, and we’re both breathing heavily.

You sit üsküdar escort up, and reach up, and cup my breasts with your hands. You use your thumbs to get inside my bra and feel my nipples and my breathing becomes short and ragged. “Clean your fingers.” you order, and I reach up the hand that I was using to touch myself, and lick the juices from my fingers, one by one, holding your gaze while you breath even harder.

“Take off your bra.” you say, and I reach my hands behind me to unclip it, as you help me pull it off to reveal my breasts. My nipples are so fucking hard and I’m shivering as you run your hands on them. I want you to suck them so much and you know that, but you have something else in mind.

You slide your hands down, gently take my hips and pull me towards you. Kiss my belly, kiss all around my belly button. Start kissing lower. Kiss down the front of my panties. Get to the silk and breathe hot breath into it while I cry out. I’m so wet I’ve soaked right through the silk, and you breath into that wetness, smell it, take it in. You reach your hands up a little, hook your fingers into the tops of the panties and, v e r y s l o w l y peel them off, to reveal my pussy, almost hairless in honour of your arrival, save for a little landing strip just above. You leave my panties just at the top of my stockings.

You move your head back a second to take it in, and I stand there, trembling, ragged breath, it’s almost too much. You lean forward, push my panties down to my ankles, push your face against my pussy and start to lick. Slow, flat tongue licks on my clit. I’m grabbing your head and moaning, “Oh…”, and I moan your name. You sense that my legs are about to buckle, so you pull me around and lay me flat on the length of the couch. You watch me there for a moment, head thrown back, legs open in their stockings and suspenders, pussy glistening wet. You smile and pull off your jeans and underwear and socks. Then you push my legs wider, run your hands up the insides of my thighs, then bend down and start licking me again. I’m so fucking wet and you can taste and feel it, and as you tongue me with tuzla escort that slow, flat tongue you hear my moans get louder and I start trembling and grabbing at your head.

I’m moaning your name again. Then, “I’m gonna come! I’m gonna come!” I can barely get the words out in between my cries and then you feel it. I grab your head and push it into my pussy, and I clamp my thighs on either side of your face so you almost can’t breathe but you keep licking the slow flat, licks as I say, “I’m coming! I’m COMING!” and cry out so loudly you can hear it even with your ears covered like that, and my thighs fall back to either side and I’m trembling and shuddering like fucking crazy.

And, then it subsides, and you look up at me, and I look down at you and smile (so dazed), and I can’t even speak so I mumble, “I want you to fuck me…I need you to fuck me…” – but I’m confused and confusing because I also want to suck your dick a little first, so I pull you up, I push you up so you’re standing next to me and take your dick and wrap one hand around the base and then wrap my lips around it and start sucking.

You’re holding my hair, but you know you can’t do this for too long, and I’m moaning and sucking , then eventually, you gently push me off, turn me around and bend me over the side of the couch, then come up behind me, take your dick, slide it over the front of my pussy as I gasp, then slide it into me, grab my hips and start fucking me. And I cry out as you do, and I’m so wet and I contract my pussy around you. Every time you pull your cock out, you see it’s covered in my juices, then you slam it back in and I cry out.

I slide a hand underneath me and start working my clit again while you’re fucking me and you fuck and you fuck and you fuck and you grab my hips and I say, “Baby, I’m coming! I’m coming again” and you feel me start to come and I’m crying out and just as I get so loud you feel your orgasm building and you say, “I’m coming!” and you pull out and come all over my pussy, all over my ass, your come and my juices blending together.

Then you take your cock, and rub your cum into the front of my pussy. Before kneeling back, gently lifting me back against you, then turning me around and taking me into your arms and kissing me. I push my face into the crook of your neck. “Baby!” I mumble, “You made me come so many times!” You laugh and kiss the top of my head, then we lie down together on the couch and fall asleep, me in your arms, feeling safer than ever.

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