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A Lovely View

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I walk into the lounge, ah there she is, standing at the window, back to me gazing out, leaning on the cill iPod plugs in her ears, no wonder she didn’t hear me come in. I pause and watch her, admiring her, hair tied back behind her neck, loose black vest, blue jeans encase her legs and bum, bare toes tap to the music. Nice body, nice bum!

I feel a familiar tingle between my legs, I approach, place my hands gently on her forearms, she gives a little jump and smiles, I hold her arms in place, she stays where she is. I lean forward and place my nose behind her ear, smell her, no perfume, just her sweet clean skin. I brush my dry lips over the edges of her ear, earlobe, her neck, round to the other side, breath softly against her ear, hear the music, feel a slight shiver, trace her neck line down onto her shoulder, my hands still rest on her arms. My lips retrace their path back to her ear, barely touching, take her lobe into my mouth, lick it with the tip of my tongue, release it, round to her other ear, lick her lobe, gently brush my cheek against hers and step back, she tries to keep contact, a slight protest escapes her lips but I’m still holding her arms, won’t let her move.

I start to stroke her hands and arms, just the lightest of touches, fingernails up, fingertips sarıyer escort down, just a couple of inches at first but a little further each time, finding the softest skin, between her fingers, the insides of her arms, the crook of her elbows, tiny goose bumps rising, the insides of her biceps, her underarms, still the lightest of touches, her breathing starts to quicken, her eyes are closed now, a slight flush in her cheeks.

My fingers move up, over her shoulders, lightly brushing in small circles, into her spine, back out, down to her elbows, back up, across to her neck, the lightest of touches, fine hairs prickle erect, brush round the front, fingers drift across her collarbone, back out to her shoulders down across her biceps to her elbows, back up the insides of her arms, knuckles briefly touch the sides of her breasts, fingers continue up and in, across the top of her chest, back out, over her shoulders and slowly down her back to her waist, around and down, over her hips to the tops of her thighs, fingertips make small circles, feel her muscles quiver, fingers trail back up to the slight indentation between her thighs and tummy, move in, cross and encircle her waist, my right hand has pushed her vest up and esenyurt escort I can feel her trembling stomach.

I shuffle in until we touch, my chest against her back, hips against her bum.

My left hand slowly edges up, under her vest, feel the ridges of muscle under her skin. Fingers of my right hand softly strum the skin above her jeans. Left hand touches her bra, pauses, she holds her breath, hand rises, cups her, feel the weight of her full breast, the lace of her underwear, her chest rising and falling, hand slowly up until I feel the nipple, give her a gentle squeeze, the nipple hardens, she gives a slight shudder, a groan. My right hand continues its strumming, catches the button of her jeans, flicks it open, takes the zipper, eases it down as far as it will go, hand keeps going, the tops of her thighs, for a brief second her thighs squeeze then ease apart, my fingers slip down, palm cups her, feels her heat through the denim, I press in, just once and move back up to her open zip, slide in, over her panties, feel the crinkly hair through the lace, fingers trace her mound, the heat intense, lace damp.

My left hand now pushes up under her bra until her right breast comes free, the soft warm weight of it in my hand, I begin to avrupa yakası escort caress it, rub the nipple, tweak it, roll it around. My mouth drops to the side of her neck, nuzzles her, nibbles her ear, I run my tongue up behind the ear, her head drops back and comes to rest on my shoulder.

My cock is painfully hard inside my trousers, I push it against her bum, she pushes back, we grind against each other!

All this time my right hand has not left her alone, rubbing up and down across her mound, feeling her lips through the lace, they are puffy and wet, so wet, my fingers rub up and down, I feel the little hood of flesh that hides that special place, I press in either side, feel her clitoris push out, gently rub the course material against it. I continue to stroke up and down, sometimes fast sometimes slow, sometimes concentrating on her clitoris, sometimes reaching right down passed her sex, right round until I press in on her perineum. But always moving, one hand on her pussy the other on her breast, bringing her closer and closer. She’s breathing hard and fast now, one hand grasping my right arm, the other my left, squeezing hard.

Suddenly, with a loud groan, she rises onto her tiptoes, pushes her head back into my shoulder and squeezes even harder, she begins to hiss and shudder, pushes my hand hard against the window cill. She holds position for what seems an age, shuddering, then slowly she begins to relax, let’s go of my arms and rests her hands and forehead against the glass, supporting herself.

Gently, I let go, step back, leave the room looking back once , admiring her…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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