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A Mature Woman’s Eyes Pt. 04

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Pt. 4: Coming Together

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance between the characters and real individuals is coincidence. All characters are over age eighteen.

Ms. A. gives me another lesson for a healthy, loving life.


That Friday, Ms. A. sent me a text that she had befriended Andie, the girl that shoved me when I tried to kiss her. I was a little upset that Ms. A. talked to Andie, but it only lasted a moment.

“Oh? How is she?” I texted back.

“Fine. She knows u and I are neighbors. She wanted me to say hi.”


“She likes u, a lot I think.”

“Really? Then…nevermind.”

“She’s sorry for shoving. She just reacted. Automatic. She was just afraid, but not really about u. Y don’t you come over after school? We’ll talk about it.”

At around 3:30, I knocked on Ms. A.’s side door and she let me in. We kissed, but she pulled away, then brought me inside. To my surprise, Andie was there, standing in the living room.

“Hi,” she said.

“Hi,” I replied. I realized that when Ms. A. said, ‘we’ll talk about it’, she meant the three of us.

Ms. A. looked different again. Her hair seemed more blonde and her eyes were…powerful, mesmerizing. She said, “I brought you both here to get to know each other. You’re both young and things between you got off to an awkward start. I feel that it was all a misunderstanding, one that I can’t let continue knowing you both as well as I do.”

Ms. A.’s words, her very presence moved things along. I had to speak from the heart. “Andie, I didn’t mean to be a jerk. Worse than that, I didn’t mean to be polite or respectful either. For that, I’m really sorry for what I did and how I did it.” I looked at Ms. A., and added, “I’ve learned a few things since then.”

I didn’t know it right then, but Andie felt the same way I did. She too spoke from the heart, “Alright, I forgive you. I should also tell you that I’m sensitive and easily frightened, especially from some men.” Andie looked at Ms. A., then said, “Something happened to me a few years ago. Maybe I’ll tell you one day. I’ve been kind of hypervigilant since, programmed to protect myself. I could have used my words instead of just shoving you, and I’m sorry about that.”

“It’s alright. You have a right to defend…”

“But it’s how I did it.”

I nodded to Andie and said, “I’m glad we talked it over.”

“Me too. Thanks to Ms. A. for that.”

“No need to thank me. I know you both and knew you needed to each hear that deeper story. May I suggest you two relive that moment.”

Andie and I looked at each other, then back at Ms. A, confused. Her voice was persuasive and what she said seemed so obvious and so right. We didn’t wait; we both smiled and approached each other. We put our hands on each other’s shoulders and hips, gently, without grabbing. Then we kissed. It was so perfect!

“Oh, that’s very nice,” Ms. A. said, her voice powerful and seeming to come from multiple directions.

Andie and I paused for just a moment to look at each other. Then we went back to kissing, more passionately than before, and soon we were holding each other tight and breathing hard. For just a moment, I wondered why neither of us minded that Ms. A. was there, not just watching, but directing.

“Very nice, very nice,” Ms. A. said. “You can sit if you like.”

Things moved pretty fast then. It was the weirdest thing, we acted as if Ms. A wasn’t even there. Who would do that? There was a tiny thought in the back of my head that Ms. A. was watching, and for reasons I still can’t figure out, it seemed just fine. Andie must have felt the same way.

We sat next to each other on the couch and we tried to kiss and hold each other, but for only a few seconds. Loveseats, it turns out, were designed to prevent making love. Granted, countless babies have been conceived on them, no doubt, but let’s face it, they just suck. Recognizing this, Andie sat on my lap and soon we were lying down, embracing, kissing, moaning, and grinding our bodies against each other.

All the while, Ms. A was watching and encouraging us. “Feel each other’s body, listen to each other breathe and moan. Mmmm, feel that passion building.”

The passion definitely kept building. Andie grabbed my ass about the same time I grabbed hers. We continued groping each other through our clothes, our heart rates and breathing rising, our moans became more and more frantic.

“Ooooh,” Ms. A. hummed. “I can hear the desperation rising. So much joy in touching, even with all those clothes on.”

The moment she said this, I tugged on Andie’s blouse while she went for my belt buckle. As we went to work on each other’s clothing, we kissed each other’s necks. Andie kissed and bit my ear, making me moan. Then I reached across one breast to grab the other, making her moan.

Ms. A. moaned too, “Oooooh, those kisses and nibbles must feel soooo good. And the way he squeezes that perky breast is such a turn on!” I could hear Ms. A. breathing now. Clearly, she was getting into this too.

With that, our bakırköy escort hands and tongues were all over each other while we tugged and pulled at each other’s clothing. In a moment, Andie and I were standing and undressing, she in nothing but bra and panties and me down to my boxers.

Just as we were about fall back onto the couch, Ms. A. took our hands. “Not here. Come with me,” she said. Andie and I followed without questioning Ms. A. We gladly followed her command. Ms. A. walked us to her bedroom. “Andie, would you like him to take off your underwear?”

Breathlessly, Andie said, “Yes, please.” She seemed to be as much under Ms. A.’s spell as I was, both of us powerless to resist and eager to comply.

Andie turned so that I could unhook her bra. Then she turned around to face me. We looked into each other intently. I saw in Andie a mixture of desire and fear, which was exactly how I felt too. Even though I had made love with Ms. A. a few times already, my nerves told were like it was the first time all over again.

“It’s normal to be afraid. But it’s alright. Andie, he won’t hurt you. He’s not at all like your neighbor was to you years ago. He’s kind and gentle, and much more mature now than he was even a few weeks ago. Besides, Andie, I’m here. You’re not alone; you’ll never be alone.”

Andie’s expression changed as she said, “I know.” Her fear didn’t disappear, but it did soften. I felt the same. Andie then pulled her own bra off, exposing her soft, perky breasts to me. They seemed to grow and quiver with Andie’s labored breathing.

I looked at them and turned up to her eyes. We just smiled at each other for a moment. I reached out and placed my hands on her hips. Her breath caught, but Andie kept looking at me as if she wanted more. I kissed her gently, then again, deeper and harder. I heard Andie breathing deeper and a quiet little, “Mmmmmm…” escaped her lips.

Ms. A. came closer and whispered, “Beautiful, just beautiful.”

I let my hands slide over Andie’s hip bones and rest on her panties. She rose up on her toes a little, just enough to put some downward pressure on my fingers. I took this to mean that I should pull them off. As I began pulling them down, Andie let out a breathy moan, “Oooooh, Oh.”

I dropped to my knees as I pulled the panty straps down her silky thighs. When her reddish muff appeared, I said, “Ooooh!”

Ms. A. let out a soft moan too, liking it as much as I did.

I kissed Andie’s belly and hips, resisting the urge to kiss per pussy. With each kiss, Andie moaned softly as her breathing intensified. I rose back to a standing position, kissing her abdomen on the way up. When I reached eye level, I looked at her and before I could come close for a kiss, she came at me and french kissed me aggressively. Then it was her turn to pull off my undies. My cock was holding them taut long before them, and when Andie pulled them down, it bounced out toward her.

Andie looked at me intently, asking with her green eyes if she could grab my dick. All I needed to do was smile a little. She reached out and grabbed it.

“Oooooh,” I cried, as Andie began to stroke my stiff cock.

“Oh,” she said, and laughed as her breathing quickened. As Andie held and rubbed my erect dick, she alternated looking down at it and looking at me and smiling.

“Mmmm, ooooh,” I said as I ran my fingers up her ribcage and back down to her hips.

Andie came in close and began kissing me. I took her hands and back toward the bed. She followed and we fell together, touching, kissing, moaning and touching. I played with her breasts and nipples while she gently teased my cock. But when she stopped teasing it and began stroking it again, I reached down and gently rubbed her abdomen, each stroke coming closer and closer to her pussy.

“Mmmmmm, Oooooooh,” Andie cried, breathing hard and biting her lip.

“Oh,” Ms. A. said. “That all looks so good. “Can he touch you, Andie? Without words, he asked you permission. What will you say?” It was almost as if Ms. A. was speaking through Andie.

Andie didn’t reply, except to take my hand and push it lower. “Oh, Mmmmm,” I said, slipping my fingers over her reddish, wet fur.

“Ohh!,” Andie cried. “Oooooh, oooooh.” My fingertips were just barely touching her slit and already she was on fire! I pulled her toward me for a kiss and as our tongues played together, I pushed my fingers farther down her wet pussy lips, where I rubbed my fingers in a circle without trying to penetrate. “Mmmm, uhhhh,” she called, as we kissed and moaned together.

We played like this for what seemed like forever, Andie stroking and fondling my cock, and me doing the same to her muff.

“Oooooh, that is so beautiful!” Ms. A. said. I glanced toward her as she spoke and saw her unbuttoning her blouse. Thinking back on it now, it’s all so strange that I thought nothing of it at the time.

Andie and I continued to play with each other, getting hotter and hotter. Soon, we both wanted more. Andie rolled us both over so that she beşiktaş escort was on top. She started to get up on her knees above me. As she did so, I stroked her ribs with my fingers that were wet with her juices. Andie looked at Ms. A, as if to request guidance.

“It’s alright, Andie. Follow your instincts.” By this time, Ms. A.’s blouse was half unbuttoned and her hair was down. It was clear she was enjoying what she saw.

Andie positioned her knees on either side of me and grabbed my cock. She hesitated and trembled and looked to Ms. A.

I stroked Andie’s hair and held her free hand. “It’s okay, Andie.”

She looked back at Ms. A., who smiled and nodded at her. Andie then slowly lowered her pussy toward my cock. She still trembled, but there was anticipation too. “Oh, Mmmmmm,” she moaned. Then, as my crown began to penetrate her wet canal, she quivered and gasped, “Oh! Ohhhh, OhhhhhOooooo,” as my cock slowly slid between her pussy lips and into her body. Andie’s eyes rolled back and a smile spread across her face. “Oh, oh it feels so good.”

Slowly my cock filled Andie and when she had reached the hilt, she shuddered and called out, “Oh!, Ooooooh, Ooooh, Ooooh, Mmmmm.” That was an orgasm, even if only a small one. I looked over at Ms. A. and she was beaming. She came over to hold Andie’s elbows and pulled Andie up gently. As Andie’s soaking slit reached the tip of my cock, Ms. A. tossed her blouse to the side and gently pushed Andie down again.

Andie began to do this on her own, rising and dropping on my thick cock as it slid gently in and out and up and down. With each pump, Andie called out through a smile, “Ooooh, ooooh, Oh!, MmmmmMmmmmm.”

By now I was moaning too. Andie’s cunt was tight around my dick. “Oooh, Andie. Oooooh!” I cried. Finally, she looked at me and she rose and fell, loving every stroke, free of her fear.

She leaned forward and supported herself on her hands and began banging away using her hips. “Ooooh, that is so good. Oh! Aawwwwww! Oooooh, Mmmmmm!”

“Oh yeah!” Ms. A. cried out. “Get into to it; it’s beautiful.”

That drove Andie and I crazy. Andie began to fuck me hard as I pinched her nipples and ran my fingers through her hair. She looked at me through heavy eyes, the same eyes Ms. A. had used on me. Suddenly a shudder ran through me and I thought I might cum any moment. I tried to hold back, to let Andie cum first.

“Oh, Andie!” Ms. A. said into her ear. He wants you to cum. Can you cum for him? Can you cum on his hard, thick cock. Do you feel it sliding in and out, filling you up as it slides into your drenched pussy? Doesn’t it feel fantastic!”

“Oh, yeah!” Andie cried, barely able to form words. She was pumping me now, harder than ever, her hair swinging from side to side, her cunt gripping my stiff cock harder with each stroke. “I feel it. I want to cum. I want to!”

“Then cum for him. Cum on that big cock! Tighten that beautiful wet pussy around his cock, stroke him hard, let it fill you up! All the way in and all the way out. Tighten it, grip it, and cum my sweet girl. Cum on that cock! Cum for him. Cum for me! Now. Cum, baby. Cum!”

Andie began to groan, “Gnnnnn. Oh! Oh OH! Ooooooog, Ahahhaaaaaa! Oh! Ooooosh!, Mmmmmm, Aawwww, huh! Huh! Oh! Ooooooh.” With that, her cunt gripped my dick really hard as it kept sliding in and out. Her hips were still bouncing up on down on me and as I heard Andie cry and felt her whole body shudder.

Ms. A. was moaning too, almost as if she was about to cum herself. “Mmmmm, so sweet. Oooooh, oh that looks so hot, with his cock sliding deep into you and out again.” I looked at her, still with her hands on Andie’s shoulders. Her bra showed lots of cleavage and her jeans were so tight.

Ms. A. let go of Andie can came toward me. “Keep going Andie. Keep pumping that cock until he cums.” Soon, she was lying beside me, whispering in my ear. “Feel that tight virgin cunt around your cock. Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t it beautiful how she made love to you. Did you feel her orgasm? So sweet. Now it’s your turn, baby. Cum for her. Cum into that wet, hot pussy!”

She didn’t need to say more. As Andie was still pumping on my cock, Ms. A.’s words had their effect. “Ooooh,” I moaned, as Andie’s cunt slid down from the tip of my cock all the way to the hilt. “Mmmmm, Mmmmmmm, Oooooo, Oh! Oh!”

“Cum for her. Shoot that hot cream into her body. Cum, baby. Cum! Cum Cum!”

“Aaaaahaaaaa!” I cried, feeling the first juicy glop of cum surge through my cock and into Andie. She felt it too and looked at me with an amazed smile on her face. She forced her body down onto my cock hard, as if she was trying to get the rest of me inside as well.

“Oh, yes!” Ms. A. cried. “Yes, yes, yes! Beautiful!”

Two more blasts of cum drained all my energy. “Oooooh, Oh! Gnnnnnn, oooh, oooooooooh! Oh!” I cried. Andie came down on me one last time and then came up to kiss me all over my face.

Ms. A. kissed me too and kissed Andie on the face. As Andie and I embraced each other on the bed, Ms. A. got off, beylikdüzü escort stripped down to nothing, and a moment later was with us again, holding us and stroking our bodies. I could feel her bare breasts against me. I looked up to see her pull Andie toward her and they began kissing and holding each other passionately on the mouth.

I’m surprised now, thinking about it. But not then. It seemed perfectly normal and acceptable, and beautiful too. I watched as Andie recognized the need in Ms. A. She moved from french kissing her on the mouth to her neck and ears. Ms. A. moaned when Andie began fondling her breasts.

Andie would stop occasionally and look directly at Ms. A. Each time she did, Ms. A. moaned, “Mmmm, oh, Andie.” I could tell that they had done this before, and this told me something new about Andie, but confirmed Ms. A.’s secret too. The goddess of love was a member of both teams.

Andie went back to Ms. A.’s lips then moved down to her chin, then down lower. She let her breasts slide over those of Ms. A. and then down across her abdomen. In a moment, Andie’s kisses reached Ms. A.’s nipples and she went at them, passionately kissing them and sucking the nipples. Ms. A. gasped and moaned, “Oh! Awwww, awww. Oooooh, Mmmmm.” I watched Ms. A.’s nipples grow hard and stick out and heard her breathing become heavy and desperate.

Long moments of breast loving passed before Andie slid herself lower toward Ms. A.’s belly. As she did, I rolled over and put my arm under Ms. A.’s head and began kissing her cheek. She kissed me and we tongued each other while Andie kissed her lower and lower. Ms. A. gasped for air between my kisses, her desperation rising as Andie worked her way toward Ms. A.’s puss.

I kept an eye on Andie’s progress toward Ms. A.’s wet slit and timed my next move to coincide with hers. Andie gently separated Ms. A.’s legs and began kissing and sucking her inner thighs. Each kiss and each lick and each nibble brought Andie’s beautiful mouth closer to Ms. A.’s pussy. “Ohhhh!, Oh, Mmmmmm, Oooooooh!,” Ms. A. cried softly, knowing where Andie was going and yearning for her to get there.

Finally, Andie was kissing around and beside Ms. A.’s pussy lips. Ms. A. was moaning and said, “Oh, yes. Oh, ooooooh, yes!” Andie looked at her intently, then placed her tongue deliberately at the bottom of Ms. A.’s slit and gently stroked up. “Oh!, Ooooooh!, Mmmmmm, Oh, baby that’s so good!”

Andie began licking Ms. A.’s labia harder and longer, kissing and making love to her soaking cunt. Andie used her fingers to separate Ms. A.’s pussy lips and drove her tongue deeply into Ms. A.’s canal. As she did so, I grabbed Ms. A.’s breast and began working it. “Oooooooh, oooooooh, Oh!” she cried, loving that her two young proteges were giving back all that they had learned. Andie tongued Ms. A.’s vag while I kissed her face and neck and ears.

Andie then raised the temperature. She pulled up Ms. A.’s hood and began licking her clit. Ms. A. cried out, “Ah! Oh! Oh, yes, yes yes, yes!” Then Andie slid two fingers deeply into Ms. A.’s sopping slit and began pumping them in and out. Ms. A. cried out, smiling, “Oh, Gnnnnnn, oooooh, YES!”

I kissed Ms. A. on the mouth hard, then began working my way down. Soon, I was sucking her breasts, making sure Ms. A. was getting the best treatment possible. Andie was working her cunt and clit, moaning softly herself, totally in to bringing Ms. A. higher and higher. I continued working Ms. A.’s beautiful breasts for a while, then moved up to her mouth again. “Oooooooh, Mmmmmmm, oh, you two are getting me so hot! Oooooh, you’re going to make me…I can’t…”

Andie moaned at this and aggressively licked and fingered Ms. A. While I pinched Ms. A.’s nipples and squeezed her breasts, I began tongueing her ear and whispering to her, “You’ve taught us so much, Ms. A. Show us how well you think we’ve learned. Show us!”

“Oh, oooooh, I’m going to show you!”

“Show us, Ms. A.” Andie said. “Just like you taught us to show you.” Andie then aggressively began sucking on Ms. A.’s clit while I rammed my tongue into her ear and squeezed her breast. While Andie thrust her fingers in and out of Ms. A.’s sopping cunt, I pinched her nipples, squeezed her breast, and nibbled and kissed her face, neck, and lips.

Ms. A. began to squirm and writhe. While Andie and I worked her over, we also held her in place, not letting her squirming prevent us from driving her most sensitive spots toward orgasm. She moaned and groaned desperately, “Mmmmmm, Ooohmmmmm, Oh!, Mmmmmm, oh, please!”

“Cum for us,” I said into her ear.

“Yes,” Andie called as she came up for air, “give us your cum!”

“Oh!, Aw, aw, aw, Gnnnnnn, Mmmmmm, Oh! Oh! Oh…oooooh, Mmmmmmmm. Oh, Oh! Aw, aw, Oh, Oh, I can’t…oh! Mmmmmmmm, Gnnnnnnnnn. Aahhhh! Ahhhhh!, Oooooh, Ahaaaahaaaa! Ooooh,” she cried out breathlessly as her pelvis bucked up and her entire body went rigid. She bucked and bucked again, each time crying out.

But Andie and I didn’t stop. Andie removed her two fingers from Ms. A.’s pussy, then rammed three fingers as deep as she could go. She sucked hard on Ms. A.’s clit while I did the same to her nipples. We worked her over hard until her legs began to tremble. “AHHHH, Oooooooh!, Wahaaaa, OH! OH! OH! AaaaaaOooooooh!” she called out as her entire body spasmed and bucked with a second, violent orgasm.

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