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A Midnight Tryst with Farmer’s Son

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I sat in my stalled car, engrossed by the rain and pissed that my cell phone couldn’t pick up a signal so I could call for help. I had no idea where I was, where to go, or even how long my car had sat on the shoulder of what appeared to be a deserted road. I locked my doors and vowed that would be the last time I met anyone for a last-minute appointment.

I was startled when someone knocked on the window. A man who lived in a nearby farmhouse smiled down at me through the downpour.

“Need some help, miss?” he asked.

I was both grateful and nervous to see someone. While he appeared to be middle aged and had a friendly face, there was no guarantee the guy wasn’t a deranged rapist.

I carefully cracked my window and told him what had happened.

“My wife and I were on our way home when we saw you,” he replied.. “Little wet out here. Why don’t we drive you to our home and you can find help from there?”

“Yes, thank you.”

I hopped into a worn-looking pickup truck with the farmer and his wife. She was as friendly as her husband and expressed concern as to why I was out so late. I told her I’d been on my way back to town when I’d apparently taken a wrong turn and then my car engine expired.

“It’s very dangerous for a woman alone at night,” she said. “Lord knows what could’ve happened if Al and I hadn’t come along.”

“I’m very grateful. My phone must’ve gone dead too.”

“Those fancy phones don’t work well out here,” the farmer said. “Just as well. Too many of those towers bring down property values.”

By the time we reached the farm where my rescuers lived, the rain had slowed a little. The house was cozy and welcoming, and the farmer showed me where their phone was located.

“Eileen,” he said to his wife. “How about making some coffee for our guest?”

She nodded and disappeared into the kitchen while I tried to find a garage that was still open and could send a tow truck.

I made a second mental note: join an auto club in case I got into another situation like my present one.

After casino oyna I made some calls and discovered no one would be available until morning, my hosts invited me to stay for the night. “We have some spare rooms and I’m sure Eileen can loan you something to sleep in,” the farmer said.

All of us were sitting at the kitchen table when a dark-haired and tanned younger man appeared in the foyer right outside the kitchen. He was wet from the rain and his T-shirt clung to his muscular chest, wide shoulders, and well-defined upper arms. When he turned to remove his shoes, I noticed his strong back and tight ass.

“Hired help?” I asked the couple.

“Could say that,” the farmer replied. “He’s our son. Last one left at home. Our three girls are married and on their own.”

“Twenty-two years old,” his wife added, “and still hasn’t found a nice girl to marry.”

I was amazed how this couple was close to my own age, yet had four grown children, three of them living away from home. I figured the couple must’ve married and begun their family at a very young age.

“Pop,” the younger man called. “Sorry I’m late getting in. Main roads are flooded. Probably won’t have them open again until morning. I had to take a longer route.”

I finally got a good look at him when he came into the kitchen. Though his mother said he was twenty-two, I wasn’t sure if it was his hard body or how he’d carried himself, but he appeared older than his actual age.

He gave me a shy smile before turning back to his parents. “Didn’t know you folks had company.”

“Devon is just staying the night,” the farmer said. “Car trouble.”

“No one can come out until morning,” I replied.

“Where is it?” his son asked while staring at me with his dark eyes. “As long as your car isn’t on one of the main roads, I could take my tow truck to bring it back here.”

“About a mile from here.” I gave him the approximate location. “Your parents came by and found me not long after my car died.”

He nodded. ” I know where that is. Not safe for a lady to be out canlı casino by herself at night, though.”

I was flattered by his concern and couldn’t help wondering why he was still living at home. When he was gone, I turned back to his parents. “I bet he gets all of the women.”

The farmer shook his head. “Mostly city trash who just want to get him into bed. He’s better off with a nice country girl with some decent values and can give him children.”

He’s twenty-two with his whole life ahead of him. There’s no rush to settle down and have kids, I wanted to say.

I was married at eighteen and gave birth to our daughter a year later. Now at forty-two, I’d been divorced for five years and Julia just started graduate school. I didn’t want to see this couple’s son throw away his life in the same fashion in spite of their beliefs. Nice women also lived in the city.

The son returned about thirty minutes later with my car on his tow truck. He offered to take me to my mechanic’s garage the next morning on his way to work. In addition to helping his parents on the farm, he worked in construction. I guess the latter explained his tanned and toned body.

We all went upstairs not long afterward. I found a nightgown laid on a bed in one of the spare rooms the couple prepared for me. I took a shower in an adjoining bathroom and put it on. The nightgown was a bit loose and not something I’d wear to bed, but it had to do for the night.

I don’t know what time I went to sleep, but it was around midnight when I was awakened by a presence in my room. I turned on my back and gasped upon seeing a silhouette by my bed.

It took a moment to realize it was the couple’s son. Even in the dark, I could see he was nude and had an erection.

“Shhhh…” he whispered and then kissed me. His tongue licked the corner of my lips before he slid it in my mouth.

We broke the kiss and he moved to the foot of the bed. He pushed up my nightgown, exposing my naked pussy, spread my legs, and dove his head between them. His tongue caressed, teased, licked, kaçak casino and tormented my clit and the entire perimeter of my opening. His fingers found their way inside me and he slid them in and out of my opening while he continued teasing my slit with his mouth and tongue.

I was so turned on by the fact that I was being both orally pleasured and finger fucked by a man almost Julia’s age while his own parents slept down the hall, it didn’t take much for me to come. His face remained buried in my pussy for a few minutes after my orgasm.

He stood and pulled the nightgown over my head, tossed it aside, and looked at my body. He mounted me and started rubbing and squeezing my large tits, sucking and licking each of them while rubbing the tip of his cock up and down my slit. He then looked into my eyes as he pushed his entire shaft inside me in one fast motion.

His cock was long, thick, and very hard. I clutched the sheets and bit my lip to keep from crying out while he fucked me until my body jerked with orgasm.We kissed while he thrust his hips into mine and continued pounding me.I loved how he fucked me hard, rough, and passionately. He was so hard and hot that I thought I would pass out from ecstasy.

He never stopped looking into my eyes as he slammed his body against mine. He lifted my legs, placed them on his shoulders, and drove his cock deeper inside me. I rocked my hips, meeting each thrust, feeling him fill me each time. I began to whimper, rolling my head back and forth, my hair spread around my head.

I felt him start to pulse inside me and heard him grunt softly while he continued screwing me. He let out loud sigh and I felt the warm wetness of his sperm pass into my pussy.

After a few more thrusts, he withdrew his now-limp dick. He then pulled the covers over my naked body and kissed me one last time.

“Thank you,” he whispered before he left my room.”Sleep tight.”

I never saw the young man again, but I have a lasting reminder of our only night together.

My son is now three years old and the exact image of the man who fathered him. I’ve also found myself wondering if Evan’s father followed his own parents’ wishes and married a “nice country girl” or decided to travel another path in life.

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