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A Milk Filled Mom

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It was two months after I gave birth to my first child and my bra size went from a 36d to a 38f. With my long brown hair and hazel eyes, my 36-26-36 figure had always attracted alot of attention. I was having my kitchen remodeled and the guy who was doing the work on my house was named Greg. He was about 25 years old and very good looking with a great body. Greg was tall, with light brown hair and piercing blue eyes, and my heart skipped a beat every time I saw him.

His second day on the job, I was breastfeeding my son at the kitchen table, when Greg arrived for work. He came into the kitchen and his mouth dropped open when he saw me feeding the baby. I was kind of embarassed, so I got up and took the baby into the nursery to finish his feeding. Then I took a shower, blew dry my hair, dabbed some perfume behind my ears and on my wrists, and put on some make-up. After dressing in a blue skirt and blouse, I applied some lipstick and went downstairs to see how things were coming along. Greg was checking me out and I could feel my cheeks turning red under his gaze. “How’s it going?” I asked. “Great,” he answered as he looked into my eyes. “Amanda, can I ask you something?” “Sure, I said. “What is it?” He said “I hope you don’t get angry with me, but when I saw you nursing the baby it really bostancı escort turned me on and I wanted to know if feeding him ever gets you hot”. Blushing, I lowered my head and nodded yes.

Greg said he had always wanted to taste breastmilk. That it has been a fantasy of his for a long time. I told him since I had so much, and it was uncomfortable with them always full, that he could try some of my milk and relieve me, if he felt like it. His eyes opened wide and a big smile spread across his face. He said he would love to taste it. So I unbuttoned my blouse and pulled it out of my skirt, then reached up to unsnap my nursing bra, revealing a swollen nipple to him. Greg came over and cupped my breast in his hand, reveling at my size and the huge dark nipple in front of him. Then he attacked it like a starving infant, sucking my big nipple into his mouth. I could feel the milk spraying out of me while he tried to swallow every drop. My other breast started leaking, so I unsnapped that side and let the milk shoot out all over. Greg looked up when he got wet and was amazed at the amount of milk pouring forth from my body. His suckling was turning me on and I felt like I was about to explode. I ran my hands through his hair and told him to follow me to the bedroom, fatih escort which he hurriedly did.

Once there, we both took off all our clothes and laid down on the bed. Our hands exploring each other’s bodies. Greg said he loved the taste of my milk and I smiled at him and pulled him closer, giving him a long, deep wet kiss on the lips. He thrust his tongue into my mouth and kissed me hungrily, which turned me on even more. We continued to explore each other’s mouths and bodies for a very long time. Finally, I reached down and rubbed his penis against my thigh as a loud moan escaped from his lips.

He pulled away from me and asked if I wanted to stop. In answer, I put my arms around his neck and pulled his mouth back down to mine, wrapping one of my legs around him. He lifted his body off of me and scooted down to the end of the bed, then he raised my legs up over his shoulders and plunged his hot tongue into my excited pussy. My body arched as I moaned in ecstasy. Greg reached up and started rubbing my nipples between his thumbs and forefingers as he licked and sucked on my clit. The build-up leading to my orgasm made it so intense, I thought I would never stop cumming. And as I climaxed, milk was shooting up into the air and pouring down all over us.

The bağcılar escort sight of my nipples squirting as I climaxed must have really turned Greg on because he started jacking off, so I pushed him down onto the bed. I expressed some milk from my breasts, letting it drip down onto his erection, then I held the base of his prick in my hand while I licked all the milk off of it. He was thrusting his hips into the air, begging for more, so I flicked my tongue back and forth over the head and then I put my mouth over it and sucked him off. My tongue circling his shaft as I took him deeper and deeper into my mouth. As he was approaching orgasm, I squeezed his balls to stop him from cumming. Then I turned around, straddling his body as I guided his throbbing member into my dripping wet pussy. I sat all the way down on his cock, rocking back and forth til it was deep inside of me, then riding him long and slow. Picking up the pace and fucking him faster and faster, as my muscles tightened around his cock, pulling it deeper and deeper inside of me. We were both approaching orgasm when he sat up and started feeding from my heavy bosom again. He cupped my breasts in his hands and alternated between the two, licking and sucking them. My body stiffened and we both climaxed with such intensity that we didn’t want it to end.

We lay there spent in each other’s arms for hours. And after that, everyday when Greg came to work on my kitchen he suckled my breasts and we had incredible sex. I never wanted it to end….. It was the most passionate and intense lovemaking I ever experienced.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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