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A Phone Call

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–Welcome to Mistress Wanda’s World of S and M. THE home for ALL your most sick and twisted fantasies. Feel the sting of her whip. Hear the crack of her lash. Unleash your most INTIMATE desires.

–If you’re over 18 and have a credit card, enter the number now.

–First time callers—



–Very good … Slllaavvvvvve.

–Now, let’s see how well you REALLY obeeeeyy.

–Enter the FOUR digits for the expiration date on your card.


–One moment, please.

–Thank you. Your card has been approved.

–Welcome to Mistress Wanda’s House of Domination. Here you will meet our beautiful, sexxxy, Dominatrixes who just love to give you


–EXACTLY what you deserve.

You may choose from any of the following options. Remember, press the star key at any—


–Mmm-mm. Now, sexy, tell me more about the type of Mistress you NEED. Press 1 to get SPANKED by Punishing Paula. Press 2 to get TIED to the bed and TEASED un-MERCifully. Press 3 to be treated like the slut you are. Press 4—


–Just a moment, sexy. You’ll be connected with one of our Mistresses right away. Remember: Simply press 1 to speak to a different Mistress at any time.




–Are you on your knees?


–Yes WHAT?

Yes, Mistress.

–Better. Now … what’s your name?


–Hmmm … Tom. What have you been up to?

Well, Mistress. I’m on my knees in your boudoir. Sort of going through some of your things. And … well, I’ve tried on … I mean, I’m wearing a pair of your panties.

–Which ones?

They’re white, Mistress. Satin with pink roses.

The G-strings that have a matching lacy bra.

–I know which ones, you fucking Bitch. I’m wondering why it is you’re in my boudoir, wearing my underwear.

–Why is that, Tom.

I —

–You WHAT, Tom?

I — I just …

–Just what? Hmmm?

I guess, I guess I like the way they feel.

–Do you? You like the way the satin triangle cups your tiny little prick? Do you like the way it holds your cock tight?

Yes, Mistress.

–I bet you do, Tom. I bet you like the way that tiny little string rides up your ass and presses into your butthole. Tell me, Tom, is your ass a virgin?


–It is? (laughter) We’ll see.

–Now, Tom. What I’m wondering is NOT why you snuck into my personal things without my asking. I’m not wondering why you are wearing my panties like a little sissy slut. Because I know, Tom. I know what a sissy bitch you are. I know what you need and you know I’m going to give it to you. I’m going to give it ALL to you. Do you think you can handle that, Tom?

Yes, Mistress.

–Hmm-mmm, we’ll see. No, what I’m wondering, Tom, is why you still aren’t looking at the ground like the fucking whore slave you are!

I’m sorry, Mistress.

–Look at the fucking ground.

Yes, Mistress.

–Are you looking at the ground, Tom?

Yes, Mistress.

–Good, boy. Good boy.

Thank you, Mistress.

–Now, Tom … tell me … what else do you have there besides my panties?

Well, Mistress, there’s the bra but I haven’t put it on yet. And I have some ice and there are candles burning and a belt.

–Hmmm … ice, candles, and a belt. Is that all?

Yes, Mistress.

–Are your sure you don’t have anything else there, Tommy? No long, hard toys for example?

Well, I do have my girlfriend’s vibrator, Mistress.

–Then fetch it, Tommy, and don’t waste my time any more.

Yes, Mistress.

I have it, Mistress.

–(laughter) Good boy, Tommy. Now, fetch me a rubber band and some clothespins.

Unh, I’m not sure I have any clothespins, Mistress.

–Tom, do you want to be my slave?

Oh yes, Mistress.

–Do you really, Tommy?

Yes, Mistress.

–Then why are you insisting on making me mad?

I’m … Mistress, I—

–You what, Tommy? Are you making me mad so that I’ll punish you? Is that it, Tom? Do you need to be punished?

Yes, please, Mistress.

–You want me to punish you? You want me to hurt you?

Yes, please, Mistress.

–Why is that, Little Tommy?

Because I’ve been a bad boy, Mistress.

–A bad boy, Tommy? Or a bad girl?

–Which is it, Tommy? Or is it … Tommasina? Are you my little Tommasina slut?

Yes, Mistress.

–Are you my little bitch-whore, Tommy?

Oh, yes, Mistress.

–And you’ll do anything to please me, won’t you Tommy?

Anything, Mistress.

–You’ll thank me for punishing you, won’t you, Tommy? You’ll beg me to hurt you, won’t you Tommy?

Yes, Mistress. Anything, Mistress.

–You’re going to be a good little slut, won’t you, Tommy?

Oh, YES, Mistress.


Yes, Mistress.

… … …

I have them, Mistress.

–That took a long time, Tommy-girl.

I’m sorry, Mistress. I had to look everywhere for the clothespins. But I found four of them.

–Only four?

Yes, Mistress.

–Very bakırköy escort well, Tommy. Next time you’ll have them waiting for me, won’t you?

Of course, Mistress.

–Very good. Now, Tommy, you will do everything I say, won’t you?

Yes, Mistress.

–Good, then get the belt, bend your ass over and give yourself twenty good smacks.

Yes, Mistress.

–And after every spank, you will thank me for punishing you. Is that clear?

Yes, Mistress.

(smack) One Thank you, Mistress

(smack) Two –Thank you, Mistress

–Hit your pathetic little ass harder you little cunt! I want to hear it!

Yes, Mistress –(Smack) Three –Than—

–Start over at one, you cheating fuck!

(Smack) One Thank you, Mistress

(Smack) Two Thank you, Mistress

(Smack) Three Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK) Four Thank you, Mistress

–That was a good one. Do it hard like that.

(SMACK) Five Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK) Six Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK) Seven Thank you, Mistress

(Smack) Eight Thank you, Mistress

(Smack) Nine Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK) Ten Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK) Eleven Thank you, Mistress

–Come on, Tommy. Don’t slack off. I want to hear that soft leather crack on your ass.

(SMACK) Twelve Thank you, Mistress

(Smack) Thirteen Thank you, Mistress

–Doesn’t that feel good on your ass, Tommy?

(Smack) Fourteen Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK!) Fifteen Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK!) Six teen Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK!!) Seventeen Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK!!) Eighteen Thank you, Mistress

–Make that ass sting. Make it red for me. Make it burn.

(SMACK!!) Nineteen Thank you, Mistress

–Don’t slow down, Tommy. Smack that ass for me! Smack it! Beat it! Make it fucking sing for me, Tommy!

(SMACK!!!) Twenty Thank you, Mistress


–How does that feel, Tommy?

Oh, it hurts, Mistress.


It hurts so good, Mistress.


–How do those panties feel sliding up your ass?

Oh, so good.

–Pull the string up there, Tommy.


–Pull it harder.

Ohhh. Mmmm.

–Does that feel good, Tommy? Does it feel hot?

Oh, yes, Mistress. Mmmm-mm.

–Tell me, Tommassina, is that little slut ass of yours red?

Fuck yes.

–Well, let’s cool it down a little bit, shall we? Get some ice, Bitch, and rub it on that sore butt.

–How does that feel, Tommassina?

Very good, Mistress.

–(laughter) Good, now press the ice cube against the “virgin” butthole of yours.


–Feel good?


–Good. Now, relax, Tommy, and work that cube of ice inside your butthole.

Ohhh. Ooooh.

–I bet that feels good, doesn’t it Tommy.

Oh, yes, Mistress.

–You’re such a good little slave, aren’t you Tommy? You’ll do anything I say, won’t you?

Yes, Mistress. Of course, Mistress.

–Then slip that G-string back in place so that ice cube doesn’t move and give your ass five more swats.

–Hurry up, Bitch!

Yes Mistress.

(Smack) One Thank you, Mistress

(Smack) Two Thank you, Mistress

(Smack) Three Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK) Four Thank you, Mistress

(SMACK!) OW! Five Thank you, Mistress

–(laughter) How’s that feel, Tommy?

It hurt, Mistress. My skin was all cold and … the belt …

–You’re a good boy, Tommy, and I’ll give you a reward on one condition.

Thank you, Mistress.

–Is that cube still up your butt?

Yes, Mistress.

–Good boy. Then your reward is to put that bra on like a real sissy girl. I’m gonna turn you into my true panty-slave and work you over like the cunt you want to be. Isn’t that right, Tommy? Don’t you want to be my cunt? Are you ready to be my slut?

Yes, Mistress.

–Is the bra on?

Yes, Mistress.

–How does it look?

It looks … it FEELS very sexy, Mistress.

–Of course it FEELS sexy, Tommy. It’s my lingerie. But I bet it looks RIDICULOUS. I bet you look like a fool. In fact, Tommy, you look like a sissy boy, don’t you?

Yes, Mistress.

–Now, my little sissy slave, get a cube of ice and start rubbing it on those tiny nubs you call titties. Make your little nipples hard. Make them fucking HURT!

Yes, Mis— Oooh. Mmmm.. Aaahhhh.

–Hmm-mmm. Good boy, Tommy. Keep rubbing that ice all over your little nipples. Make them stick out and reach for the sky make them as hard as that little cock of yours. Is it hard, Tommy? Is your prick straining against the satin of those panties, smearing pre-come all over the front?

Oh, God yes, Mistress.

–You’re gonna be so sorry for soiling my panties, Tommy. You’re gonna rue the day you decided to get into my lingerie.

–Are beşiktaş escort you still rubbing your nipples?

Yes, Mistress. The ice is almost gone.

–Stick it down your panties, slave. Rub the ice up and down your cock and balls!

Aaah! That feels so good, Mistress!

–(laughter) Of course it does. Now, Tommy, I want you listen very carefully to me. I want you to put a clothes pin on each nipple. Can you do that?

I … I think so, Mistress.

–Good. Put one on the left nipple first, Tommassina. Then the right one.

Oh! OW!

–Does that hurt, Tommy-boy?

Ah, yes!

–Good. Hurry up and get the other one on.

–They’re both on, Mistress.

–Do they hurt, Tommy?

Yes, Mistress.

–Good (laughter). And, Tommy, don’t you dare take those off before I tell you to. Is that clear?

Yes, Mistress.

–You’re not touching your prick are you, Tommy?

No, Mistress.


No, Mistress. Really. I—

–Don’t fucking contradict me, bitch! Twist those clothespins right now and make your fucking nipples scream! Hurry up!


–Now, Tommassina, don’t ever lie to me again. Is that clear?

Yes, Mistress. I’m sorry, Mistress.

–(laughter) You are very sorry, Tommasinna. Very FUCKING sorry. Standing there in your girlfriend’s bra and panties with clothes pins tearing into your nipples and melting ice dripping out of your ass. Yes, Tommy, you’re a sorry excuse for a man. In fact, I don’t even think you’re a man except for that little thing dangling between your legs. And YOU WILL NOT TOUCH THAT TINY EXCUSE FOR A PRICK AGAIN WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. You fucking whore. In fact, Tommy, I’m going to change your name. I’m not gonna call you Tommy anymore. If you want to be my panty-slave, then you’re name’s going to be … Rosalita. How does that sound, Rosie?

Anything, Mistress. Please, just let me serve you.

–If you’re worthy, Rosalita. If you’re worthy.

Thank you, Mistress.

–So, those are your girlfriend’s underwear, aren’t they, Rosie?

Yes, Mistress.

–What do you think she’s gonna say when she finds her panties are all stretched out fitting around your fat ass?


–Do you think your girlfriend doesn’t know what a panty-slut you are, Tommy?


–Of course she does, fool. She’s just waiting to find you out in her own time. Maybe that time’s tonight, Tommy. Maybe I’m going to invite her over to watch me fuck you, my little panty- slave. Do you think she’d like that, Rosie?

No, I—

–But you’d like that wouldn’t you?

No, Mistress, I—

–No? Oh, I don’t think so. I think you do. I think you’d like me to invite all your friends over. I think you’d like to be dressed like a woman and fucked by me in front of all your friends from work. All the boys from the gym. They’d love to see you act like a slut, wouldn’t they, Rosalita.

Mistress, I—

–Shut the fuck up and get on your knees.

–You will do what I say and you will beg me to do it. Is that clear?

Yes, Mistress.

–Then beg me to put on some of your girlfriend’s lipstick.

May I please put on some lipstick, Mistress?


May I PLEEEEZE put on some lipstick, Mistress?

–Whine like a little girl!

Oh, PLEEEZE may I put on some lipstick, my most beautiful, Mistress?

–(laughter) What a good little slut you really are, Rosalita. Very well. But make sure it’s slut red.

Yes, Mistress.

I’ve put it on, Mistress.

–Do you look like a cheap whore, Rosalita?

Yes, Mistress.

–I bet you do. Cuz that’s just what you are, right Rosie? You want me to take you down to the bar, Rosalitalita? Pimp you out for five bucks?

Oh, Mistress. I—

–Maybe we should paint your nails, to match those fuck-me lips. What do you think, Rosie?

I dunno, Mistress.

–Might be kind of hard to explain to your girlfriend, eh, Tommy?

Yes, Mistress.

–(sigh) very well, Tommy. I s’pose you’re getting anxious to get FUCKED. I bet that prick of yours is starting to hurt, eh Rosalitalita?

Not as bad as my nipples, Mistress.

–(laughter) Very well, my panty-slave. Take the clothes pins off. But I’ll have to punish you.

Thank you, Mistress.

–Next time, you’ll not only have the clothes pins ready, you’ll have a little better endurance. Won’t you Rosalita?

Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.

–How are your balls, Rosie? Kind of full? Hurt a little?

Unh, yes, Mistress. But—

–Well, they’re about to hurt a lot, bitch. How many rubber bands did you bring?


–Place two of them around your balls, right below the base of your cock. Now listen, Rosalita. I want them tight and I want them to hurt but not too tight. Do you understand?

Yes, Mistress.

–Then take two more rubber bands and place them at the base of your puny cock. Same rules. Tight and painful but it shouldn’t cut off your circulation. Don’t let that prick change color. You wouldn’t want to have to explain THAT to your girlfriend now would you?

No, Mistress.


I’m beylikdüzü escort done, Mistress.


Ohhhh, it fucking hurts!

–Veerrry good, Rosalita. Very good. Now, pull the rubber bands away from your prick and let it snap back.


–(laughter) Do it again!

OW! That hurts!

–Good. Do it again! And keep doing it while I strap on my nine-inch long, fat-thick, bright blue dildo. It’s my martian dick and you know what I’m going to do with it. Don’t you Rosalita?

Yes, Mistr—

–Keep snapping your prick!

OW! Yes, Mi— OW! Yes, Mistress.

–Good. Now, get on your knees in front of me and tell me what you see.

I … I see you, Mistress.

–Do you see my cock, bitch?

Yes, Mistress.

–You know what to do, don’t you?

No, Mistress.

–You’re gonna suck it, bitch. And you better suck it reeeaaaal good because the only lubrication you’re gonna get when I fuck you is your saliva!

Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.

–Now, hold that vibrator in front of your face and beg me to suck it.

Please may I suck your cock, Mistress.

–Beg me, bitch!

Oh please, please, Mistress, may I suck your prick. I’ll do anything you say, Mistress, anything at all. I want to be your salve, Mistress please may I be your slave

–Beg to be my panty slut!

please may I be your panty-slut I want to be your who’ Mistress I want to suck

–Tell me you need to suck my cock!

your cock I need it, Mistress, I need to suck it Gawd I need it so bad, Mistress, please let me please please please oh please let me I

–Tell me why you need it, cunt!

need it Mistress I need it cuz I’m a slut and a whore and your panty-slave and your bitch

–Are you my bitch, Rosalita?

oh yes Mitsress I’m your bitch I’m your whore your cunt yourFucking beg me like a cheap whore!

–Then kiss the tip of this dildo.


–Kiss it all over.

(kiss) (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) (kiss) (kiss)

–Now lick it up and down. Slurp on my dildo-cock, Rosalita.

(slurp)(lick)(lick)(slurp)(slurp) (slurp)(lick)(lick)(slurp)(slurp)

–You like that, don’t you, Rosie?

Yes, Mistress.

–Now, suck it, Rosie! Shove this dildo down your throat!


–In and out, Rosie! In and out. Fuck your mouth with the dildo. Get it all slicked up. Yeah, I’m fucking your mouth, Rosie. Fucking it with my big blue Martian cock. Getting it all lubed up for that virgin ass of yours.


–Take it all, Rosie. Moan like you enjoy it cuz I know you do, you bitch.


–You like that, don’t you bitch? Take it all. Take it deep!


–Reach down while you’re sucking my cock and snap those rubber bands a couple times.


–Bend over and smack your ass a couple times, Rosie

(Smack!) (Smack!) (Smack!) (Smack!) (Smack!)

Woa, Rosalita. Don’t get carried away smacking that ass. It’s gonna get sore enough in a minute.

Oh, please, Mistress, may I come?


No, Mistress.


Yes, Mistress.

Stand up and take those panties off. You no longer des—

Yes, Mistress.

–erve to wear them. You’re pathetic. You’re a fucking whore. Take the bra off, too. And the rubber bands. I want you fucking naked when I fuck you.

Yes, Mistress.

–On your back, bitch.

Yes, Mistress.

–Spreads your legs.

Yes, Mistress.

–Give the dildo one last kiss, Rosalitalita.


–Now, place the tip of that rubber prick against your anus and shove it in.


–All the way in, cunt!


–That’s it, Rosie.


–Is it in, bitch?

Yes Mistress.

–How far?

A couple inches.

–I want it all the way in, Rosie. I’m gonna shove this dildo up your ass so far you’ll remember it for a week. Now DO IT! FUCK YOURSELF!


–That’s it whore. All the way in!


–Is it all the way in?

Yes, Mistress.

–How does it feel?

It feels good, Mistress.

–(laughter) I told you you’d like to be fucked, didn’t I Rosie.

Yes, Mistress.

–So start ramming that cock in and out, cunt!

Please may I come?!

–Fuck yourself first, bitch!


–That’s it, fuck your self good, you little panty-slut.


–Now pinch your nipples hard with your fingernails.


–In and out you little cunt sissy panty whore.


–Now you may come, Rosie. Grab that cock of yours and pump away. Stroke it,


–bitch. Shoot your load. Make that warm cum erupt all over your hands do it bitch do it do it do it









… … …

–Does that feel good, Rosie?

Oh thank you, Mistress.

–Did you make a mess, Tommy?

Yes, Mistress. Thank you, Mistress.

–You’re a very good slave, Tommy. A very good whore. Would you like a reward?

Unh, yes, Mistress. Yes, please.

–Is your hand covered with come, Tommy?

Unh, yes, Mistress.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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