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A Playful Spanking

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Meredith is a friend of mine. Best friend, sometimes. That cow Meredith on other occasions. We’d been like this for years and even though we are both nineteen, pushing twenty, you’d think we’d have grown out of our childish spats. I suppose we have, really. Our spats are now more adult in tone.

Right now I was irritated with her. It hadn’t reached the stage of that cow, Meredith, but it had certainly reached the point where she was currently my ex-best friend. Not that she seemed to notice.

I was home alone on a fine spring day when Meredith rocked up, even though I wasn’t sure that I was currently speaking to her. The day was hot and Meredith was dressed accordingly, wearing a light sundress. Not that I could comment. I was doing the same. The difference was that hers was somewhat shorter than mine with a bit more cleavage. Actually, a lot more cleavage, the tart. Our busts were similar in size but I’d never show that amount of cleavage, not unless I was in a formal nightclub type of gown.

I was relaxing on the back veranda when Meredith arrived. Typical of her, when she knocked and no-one answered she’d just barged in and came through the house looking for me.

“What’s up, Heather?” she said cheerfully.

“Nothing,” I said.

“So what are you doing this afternoon?”


“Want to go down to the mall with me? We can go window shopping even if we’re not buying.”


“Hum. Is this one of those days where you’re not talking to me for some reason?”

“I’m talking.”

“Yes, but you’re not saying anything.”

“Oh. I’m so sorry. What would you like me to say?”

“Ah, how about the reason you seem to be mad at me?”

“I’m not mad at you. Why would I be mad at you? You’re a mature adult. You’re entitled to go your own way and see anyone you like.”

“Geez. You heard I had a date with Brian, right?”

“That’s none of my business. You can sleep with whoever you want to. Even my ex-boyfriend. I don’t care.”

“Heather, love, I didn’t have a date with him. I was having lunch and he came into the café and joined me. What was I supposed to do? Tell him to piss off?”


“Well, I didn’t. And I haven’t slept with him. Yet.”

“What do you mean, yet?”

“Well, he is quite attractive, now isn’t he?”

“And he knows it and feels it’s his god given duty to spread himself around. If you’re going to sleep with him, take a number so that you’re available when he calls it.”

“I haven’t said I’m going to sleep with him. Really, Heather, when have I ever picked up one of your exes?”

“Tony,” I snapped.

“For god’s sake, we were eleven. All we knew how to do was hold hands.”

“Well you got past that pretty quickly.”

“I don’t sleep with everyone I date. Hardly any of them, for that matter. I’m not a slut, you know.”

“A matter of opinion,” I muttered, but Meredith heard me anyway.

“Geez, you’re being deliberately unreasonable and you know it. So I had lunch with Brian. So what? What am I supposed to do? Cry tears of remorse for being a bad girl and tell you to spank me?”

“That’s the first good idea you’ve had in your life.”

Meredith damn near laughed her head off.

“Oh, I can just see it. There’s me bending over, and you trying to spank my bottom. You wouldn’t know how to.”

“I’m willing to learn,” I said through gritted teeth.

“Aw. You’re really upset over this, aren’t you?”


“Well, I didn’t do anything but have lunch with him but if it will make you feel better, spank away. See if you can make me squeal.”

To my surprise Meredith turned, hitched up her dress to reveal thong panties, and leant over the veranda railing, turning her head to give me a mocking look.

“I’ll do it, you know,” I threatened, and she laughed.

“Maybe, but will I notice you doing it?”

Incensed, I stepped up and delivered a hard slap to her bottom. Easy to say and easy to do as there was a lot of bottom showing. And I chickened out, pulling the spank at the last moment, not wanting to hurt her.

I thought Meredith was going to have hysterics. I couldn’t help starting to giggle myself.

“Oh, come on, Heather. Even you can do better than that. Spank me as if you mean it. I’m a slut and a boyfriend stealer and I deserve it. Teach me a lesson.”

She was giggling so much her bottom was shaking, which did nothing to help me control my giggling. I hauled off and delivered another spank, this time actually popping her quite a good one, or so I thought. From Heather’s reaction it was all noise and no pain and it hadn’t even put a touch of pink to the whiteness of her bottom.

Swearing softly I managed to deliver a few spanks that must have actually stung somewhat, as I could finally see a flush to Meredith’s bottom. Also my hand was stinging slightly. Meredith, damn her, was commenting on the spanking as it proceeded, in between crocodile tears and abject apologies. It’s hard to believe an apology delivered by casino oyna someone laughing like a loon.

Ever get the feeling that someone is watching you. I suddenly had that feeling and turned to look. Talk about a shocker. It was Terry, the man from next door, watching me spank Meredith, casually leaning on Dad’s lawnmower. He must have borrowed it and was now returning it and had caught us. I started to speak but he put a finger to his lips and strolled across the veranda to me.

Now Terry is quite a big man but he moved awfully silently and smoothly. One moment he was leaning on the lawnmower, the next he was standing next to me. Meredith was making a rude comment about my spanking ability when Terry reached past me and pulled down her panties, exposing everything.

Meredith gave a squeal and at the same time Terry indicated that I should resume the spanking, so I did, although now I was the one laughing.

“Bitch,” squealed Meredith. “That was uncalled for.”

She didn’t try to pull them up though, apparently quite happy to have me deliver a bare-assed paddling. Not that I had long to do it.

I didn’t have the heart to really deliver a good spank, stinging little slaps the best I could manage, and it was no real wonder that Meredith was able to laugh them off. Terry watched for a few moments, looking amused, and then he stepped silently forward again.

He was now standing next to Meredith but because she didn’t have her head turned she still didn’t know he was there. She was about to have one hell of a shock.

“You do it like this, Heather,” he said, placing one hand firmly on Meredith’s back to hold her in place while his other hand came round in a big spank. He had very large hands I noticed. His spanking hand seemed to cover most of Meredith’s bottom, with his fingers long enough to curl down and around, slapping against her pussy. I got wet just imagining him doing that to me.

Meredith’s reaction was a bit extreme. She gave a galvanised jerk as though she’d touched a live wire and shrieked with both shock and pain.

Then it was, “What? What? What?” as she frantically twisted about to see what was going on.

“Hi, Meredith,” Terry said. “Just showing Heather how to spank you properly.”

He followed this up with another firm swat and a scream from Meredith, probably because those long fingers were reaching around to certain tender areas.

“You stop that. Go away. Oh my god, I’ve got no panties on. Don’t you look at me.”

“I know you have no panties on. You’re being spanked so I thought it best to pull them down. Don’t worry about it, though. If I’m standing by your side spanking you I can’t actually see you here.”

With that comment he reached around and patted Meredith, letting her know exactly what he couldn’t see.

“Mind you,” he said, idly rubbing her pussy, “while Heather was spanking you I had an excellent view of the show.”

“You get your hands off me,” wailed Meredith. “This isn’t fair. I told Heather to spank me. Not you.”

Terry brought his hand down again, delivering another nice spank. Perhaps it was my imagination but when he lifted his hand I could swear that Meredith’s pussy was moving of its own accord, her lips seeming to be swelling and parting slightly. Fair enough, I suppose. My own pussy seemed to be flaring to life, fires igniting deep within me.

Terry delivered a few more spanks to a bitterly protesting Meredith before he stopped.

“By the way, Meredith, what did you do that earned you the spanking?” he asked.

“I didn’t do anything,” she protested. “Heather was just feeling hard done by for no reason so I told her to blame me and spank me to cheer her up.”

“Heather?” said Terry with a query in his voice.

“Um, well, yes, it was sort of like that,” I admitted. “I have to admit watching her shock when her panties went down and you spanked her cheered me immensely.”

“Uh-huh. Then this will probably help cheer Meredith up as well.”

Now it was my turn for the, “What? What? What?” as I found myself being propelled forward to lean over the veranda rail next to Meredith.

“No. Stay there, Meredith,” Terry ordered when she tried to stand. “Just wait until I say you can stand.”

With that he hitched my dress up and tucked it around my waist and, of all the nerve, pulled down my panties. I squealed and protested, naturally, and was promptly furious with Meredith as she started giggling, knowing that I was now on display right next to her.

After that I was sympathising with Meredith as Terry brought his hand firmly down upon my bottom. Just my bottom I was pleased to note, despite the pain. Pleased for about one second, as Terry slid his hand down between my legs and squeezed me there. I gave a wail of protest, he and Heather both laughed, and another spank landed. Followed by a squeeze, damn him.

Looking back at the spanking I’d guess that Terry gave me about the same number of spanks as he gave Meredith. It just seemed a whole lot more. canlı casino He finally stopped and left his hand resting on my bottom.

“Decisions, decisions,” he murmured. With that his hand slid down between my legs, cupping my pussy and holding it. The fact that Meredith’s outraged gasp matched mine told me he’d done the same thing to her.

“I feel that now you’ve been spanked,” he said, his hand slowly rubbing my mound (and presumably Meredith’s), “I feel that I should reward you for handling it so well. Which one of you wants to volunteer to be the first to be rewarded?”

I had a very strong suspicion of what he meant by rewarded so I kept my mouth tightly closed. Meredith must have felt the same as she didn’t let out a peep.

“In that case, I might as well continue in the same sequence as per the spankings.”

Thank god for that. You’re up, Meredith, and with a bit of luck he’ll be too spent to worry about me.

Terry stepped back, his hand dropping away from where he’d been rubbing me. Turning my head I could see him moving up behind Meredith and his intentions were perfectly clear. To me, anyway. Meredith might guess, but she couldn’t see what I was looking at.

He looked at me and made a little gesture with his hand, indicating that I should stand. I did so, taking a step back. Oh, my. His cock was just lightly touching against Meredith. I could scarcely breathe, I was so tense, waiting for him to start. His cock brushed up and down her lips a couple of times then he reached out, spread her lips slightly, and pressed the head of his cock against her.

“Unless you say no, Meredith, I’m going to keep coming at you,” he told her.

He paused, giving her a chance to protest. Fat chance of getting a protest from Meredith. She wasn’t going to say a word. She was just going to let him take her. What a slut that woman is.

It was just as I expected. Meredith kept her mouth shut and her pussy open and Terry drove firmly into, sliding in like a knife into a sheathe.

He paused once more, probably giving her a chance to adjust, and then he started. Hands on her hips he started pumping into Meredith, and he wasn’t doing all the work. He’d barely started when Meredith’s started working overtime, pushing herself along his big fat cock.

It was all so embarrassing and I didn’t know where to look. That’s probably why I finished up looking at them, watching them go at it like a couple of minks. Honestly, I wasn’t a virgin, but I’d never really seen anyone do that. Truth be known, I’d never even watched while that sort of thing happened to me. It was either too dark or we were under the covers or something. Not that I’d done it very often.

Terry’s hands slipped off Meredith’s breasts and vanished up inside her dress, reaching around her even as they vanished. I’ll give you any odd you care to name and bet that he was pushing her bra up off her breasts so he could feel them. Trust a man to go the grope even while he’s actively screwing you.

Meredith was making these funny little sounds as he banged into her, the noise sounding as though it was being forced from her by the thump of his cock hitting home. These were not sounds of distress, mind you. Quite the opposite. I could not believe that she could find so much fun in a man forcibly taking her.

All right! I know he gave her a chance to say no, but he probably knew she wouldn’t. That’s why he was so industriously fucking her and not me. No! I was not jealous. I had never in my life considered Terry to be a potential sexual partner. It just seemed wrong somehow, not that Meredith was complaining.

My god, they just kept going and going. They were taking so long I wondered if I should go inside and have a cup of tea while I waited. Finally something changed. Meredith was starting to get very verbal, incomprehensively so, and she was getting louder at the same time. Then she gave a small shriek and seemed to get all jittery, shaking and clinging to the railing while Terry thundered into her, gradually slowing down and withdrawing.

Meredith was just sagging against the rail, breathing hard, while Terry was looking very smug and pleased with himself. After a few moments Meredith pushed herself upright and turned around, though still leaning against the railing, her hands either side of her to help her stand. She was also looking very smug, the slut.

I suddenly realised that they were both looking at me.

“What? What are you looking at me for?”

For answer Terry just took hold of my dress and lifted it. Like a fool I lifted my arms, letting him take it off me, finding out at the last moment that he’d hooked a hold of my bra on the way past. I was naked. I was standing in front of a man and I was naked. I’d never actually been naked in front of a man when he could actually see me, and Terry was definitely looking.

“What did you do that for?” I demanded.

“It’s your turn,” Terry pointed out.

“But you can’t. I mean, Meredith. . .” I pointed to Meredith so he kaçak casino would know what I meant.

“Yes, I know, and delicious I found her. But I promised both of you a treat and now it’s time for yours.”

I was backing away, although there wasn’t very far to go. I found myself leaning back against the veranda railing with Terry still right there in front of me. He reached down and started rubbing my pussy, presumably to get me aroused. Not that he’d have to do much after my witnessing that little exhibition.

I was standing there petrified, and I felt his fingers spreading my lips. Looking down I could see his erection pressing forward and then I could feel it nestling where he’d spread my lips.

“If you’re going to say no, now’s the time,” he said, waiting for an answer.

I looked at Meredith and she was watching me. She seemed to be daring me to say no, or was she daring me to take Terry. All I knew was that she was daring me to do something. I wish I knew what so I could do the opposite. I looked down and I could see Terry’s cock pressing against me. A stray shaft of sunlight was on it and it was gleaming. His cock was slippery with Meredith’s juices and he was going to stick it in me unless I told him no.

I took too long to decide. Silence meant consent and I could feel the increase in pressure and feel the sudden movement as he came into me. It was weird. For the first time I was watching as a cock went into me, watching it vanish while feeling it expand inside me. He treated me the same way he treated Meredith, I noticed, driving in in a continuous push until he was fully inside me, his groin rubbing against mine.

His hands came up and covered my breasts. That was why he’d wanted my dress off. He’d been frustrated by Meredith’s dress. No dress meant breasts on offer.

My eyes had switched to look down his hands on my breasts, but then there was movement lower down. I could see Terry pulling out of me, feeling the drag of his cock against my passage as he did so. He stopped, then he was thrusting firmly back into me, and I was startled anew to see my hips pushing forward to take him. I hadn’t intended to do that, I just did it.

Seeing that I’d started there was nothing else to do but keep going. Terry wasn’t moving very fast and it was easy to match his tempo, but it still seemed very odd to me to actually see his cock plunging into me. I wasn’t at all sure how I felt about that. I did flick one glance at Meredith to see how she was taking this and she seemed fascinated. She was going to give herself a visual orgasm at the rate she was going.

As Terry picked up speed any extraneous items such as Meredith’s reactions faded away. I was being well and truly fucked and all my concentration was on that. Isn’t it amazing how a cock inside you can concentrate your thoughts?

I was gasping, making funny little noises as he drove into me, excitement rising within me. Terry was teasing my breasts, a pleasurable sensation that added to the excitement and his cock was banging away, doing its best to drive me wild, and its best certainly seemed as though it could manage the task.

After his little effort with Meredith it was beyond me how he could continue to do this to me, how he could drag this out into a time of never-ending pleasure. Maybe Meredith had weakened him and he needed the extra time to fully recuperate. If that was so it wasn’t evident by the pounding he was delivering to my poor pussy. I idly wondered if he’d bruise me. I would certainly be tender there tomorrow.

It was a lot easier for me to spot the moment when he started to finish me off. Well, I guess it should have been. After all, this time his cock was in my pussy rather than me watching him stick it to Meredith. He seemed to be coming in faster than ever and I was feeling helpless, quite sure that I couldn’t keep up with him. I didn’t need to as I climaxed with a bang, giving a strangled shriek as I just totally lost it.

I was completely drained and still feeling full of life. As a matter of fact I felt wonderful and I’m quite sure that I had a smug look that fully matched the one that Meredith had worn earlier.

“Before I go,” said Terry, looking at Meredith, “your dress.”

He made a flicking movement with his fingers, suggesting she get rid of it. What a tart. She just giggled and stripped it off, together with her bra, standing proudly naked before him. (I know I was naked, too, but I didn’t take my dress off. Terry took it off despite my protests. Well I would have protested if he hadn’t done it so suddenly.)

Terry looked her up and down and nodded his approval, at which she promptly giggled. I’d never realised that Meredith giggled so much. Terry then gave us both a quick kiss (me on the lips, Meredith on her nipples) and wandered away leaving us standing there, totally naked and thoroughly fucked.

“That was all your fault,” I told Meredith.

“My fault? What about you? You didn’t warn me that he was standing there watching us.”

“If you hadn’t insisted that you needed a spanking he wouldn’t have been watching us.”

“Oh, I’m so sorry your neighbour sprung us while you were spanking me. I have obviously been a bad girl. Maybe you should spank me.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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