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A Pregnant Slave’s Morning

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Jessica woke up early in the morning. She felt a mixture of nausea and loneliness as she sat up on her mattress. She could hear the deep breathing of her lover and Master from the bed above. Silently, she stood up and looked him up from top to bottom, ending up at his crotch. He was half erect, as it would be expected in any morning.

Naked, carrying her bulging belly, Jessica climbed on to the bed and knelt down beside him, facing away. Slowly she lowered her head over his member, kissing it and taking the tip in her mouth. She licked it up before taking it in once again, expertly using her mouth. Her ass and pussy was facing him so he could take a morning inspection.

She had been trained to worship his cock, without using her hands if necessary. Her deliberations woke her Master up easily. He enjoyed the view of her bald pussy and puckering asshole for a few moments before closing his eyes to feel the sensations.

He opened his eyes after enjoying her ministrations for a few moments, and gently rubbed her pussy. Jessica continued to suck, since no order came from him to stop. He rubbed her pussy lips for a few moments further before speaking up.

“Stand in inspection pose, slave,” he ordered.

Jessica climbed down from the bed and stepped to her designated place a few feet away, protectively holding her seven month pregnant belly. She stood, spread her legs wide and moved her hands behind her head. Her eyes were cast downwards.

“Good girl,” her Master commended her. “You look pretty today”.

“Thank you Master”, Jessica replied.

“Bring me my tea now”, he ordered.

“Master, may I make a request?”

“What?” he asked slightly irritated.

“May I pee, Master?”

“Is it difficult to hold it for a few more minutes?”

“I can try, Master” she replied.

“Then, it was wrong to make that request. Bring me my tea and then we’ll see.”

“Yes Master”, she said, and left after respectfully bowing her head. Her Master watched her ass cheeks wobble as she moved on slowly.

Peter washed up, wrapped a towel around his waist, and waited on the bed till Jessica came with tea. He loved her new, pregnant body. He was insisting that she exercise and keep fit. Of course, her breasts had grown significantly, and she had slightly swollen legs. However, she mersin esc was generally keeping her body fit.

Its years since he was going to be a father. His son, if he was alive, would have been older than his slave. Jessica was his living partner for two years and slave for a little longer. She was still twenty eight, while he was a retired banker of sixty three years.

“Come, its time you had your pee,” Peter said, accepting the cup of tea from Jessica. “You may crawl to the back yard.”

“Thank you Master”, she said respectfully, and fell on all fours. He kept the cup on the bedside table and followed her.

“You may walk down the stairs,” he said, once she came to the staircase.

“Thank you, Master” she replied and stood up.

She had been granted some privileges since becoming pregnant. Walking down the stairs, rather than crawling, was one. Being asked if she could hold her pee was another. Earlier, if her Master deemed so, she was to hold it no matter what. Holding her pee for hours was a rude punishment she had to face at times. Now, thanks to her unborn baby, she could even be a bit naughty with no risk of this punishment.

Not that she actually disobeyed her Master. Jessica was punished mainly for tasks she could not handle or complete; not for disobeying. After two years, she had become an extremely obedient slave. There was no reason to punish her for disobedience.

Peter opened the sliding door for his crawling slave. She crawled on, past the swimming pool towards her special corner. A corner where the two walls meet was tiled, with drain connecting it to the main sewer line. It was her urinal. A tap was also attacked for washing and cleaning purposes.

As her Master watched from a fair distance, Jessica squatted, spreading her legs as far as possible as was expected. Peter did not give much attention to her this morning and only checked if she spread her legs according to instructions as she urinated. After living with him for two years, pissing in front of her Master was second nature to Jessica.

Peter walked over towards the pool and sat on a lounging chair to have tea. Jessica sat on the ground by his feet and kissed them. Then she placed her head on his feet.

“Good girl. I love you so much,” Peter said, feeling content about his life.

“I esc mersin love you too, Master” she said.

Peter looked at her fondly. She was a dream come true for him. While most of his former colleagues were either stuck with their wives or were having mistresses who open their legs for the money, he was having an angel of a woman as his personal fuck toy. Furthermore, she was a devoted fuck toy who loved him in a way that he found reassuring.

On top of it she was a horny slut. Her pregnancy actually increased her appetite for sex.

“I am still thinking of a name for the little one we are having,” he said, sipping his tea.

Jessica caressed her bulging belly and turned her head slightly towards her Master. “You will choose the best name Master,” she said. “I know you will”.

“I hope so too”

“May I say something Master?”

“Go ahead slut”

It was the first time he called her by that word, she recalled. She gently reached for her pussy to touch her clit hidden from his view.

“I wonder what will happen to us when the guy is big enough to know things,”


“It is not that we will be apart. I do not want to be away from you. But then, our lifestyle will have to be modified.”

“I will take care of that slut, you need not worry.”

“I know Master”

“Tell me a few things that you will not be able to do”, Peter inquired.

“Such as… Living naked at home” she replied.

“What else?”

She began to think and said, “Peeing here in my backyard urinal.”

“Good. We’ll see about it then, okay?”

“Yes Master”

“Good girl… Now, take this cup to the kitchen and return immediately,” he ordered.

“Yes Master” she said and gently stood up.

When she crawled back, she could see him on the chair, minus his towel and gently rubbing his cock. “Its high time for a morning fuck, slave” he said. “Come over here and suck it!”

Jessica knelt beside the chair and started sucking his cock, gently taking it in. Peter reached forward and grabbed her ass before slapping it hard and falling back on his chair. Then he started playing with her now darkening nipples.

After a short while, he pulled her head gently from her hair, to tell her that it was time to stop. “Climb on here,” he said, climbing down from the chair.

Jessica mersineskort climbed on and remained on all fours, bending her upper body towards the chair and raising her buttocks. Her belly rested against the chair. Strangely, she felt no discomfort. On the contrary, she felt so safe.

“This pregnant bitch is one horny, shameless slut,” Peter said, spanking her hard. “And I am proud of her,” he added.

He squatted and licked her pussy, playing with her clitoris as she moistened rapidly. In a short while, his horny slut’s pussy was ready to be fucked.

The Master made a slow and gentle entrance into the slave’s pussy. He stopped making sudden, hard thrusts a few weeks ago as her belly was getting too big for his comfort. Perhaps today would be the last day he was fucking her doggie before the birth, he thought.

He wanted to make the best out of his bitch, and the thought made him spank her again and again, several times on both ass cheeks. Then he grabbed her from her waist and started making slow and deep thrusts into her.

“Play with your clit, slut” he said.

“Yes Master!”

She loved his slow thrusts more than the fast paced action, since she could feel it deep inside her pussy. Also, she had learned to play with herself while he fucked her.

As she approached a higher state of ecstasy, Jessica started moaning loud. This is where Peter enjoyed it even more. Almost unintentionally, he landed a few slaps on her big ass cheeks, which drove her even higher.

Peter slowed down to let her enjoy the feeling of climax. It was her gift for being a good slave. As for his climax, he had other plans. He pulled out well before she reached the zenith and replaced his cock with two of his fingers. He managed to hold on as she reached her climax explosively.

Jessica fell down on her back, careful not to crush her belly by falling face down. Peter kissed her on her lips and let her be lost in her climax until the feeling subsided.

“Dessert is ready, slut” he said, pumping his cock, directing it towards her face.

Jessica reached under his balls and cupped them gently, driving him over the line in moments. She opened her mouth and extended her tongue to accept the load. He released it, partly into her mouth but some of it coating her cheeks and chin.

“How is it slave?” he asked when he was done.

“Tastes great Master” she replied.

“Good. You will wear my cum until it’s time for a swim.”

“Thank you Master” Jessica said, with a faint smile.

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