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A Response at the Spa

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The “massage” complete, Tom slowly backs away from the table, leaving Cindy on her back with legs spread, still trembling from her orgasm. His erection subsiding, Tom slips out of the room, closing the door behind him, and heads to the shower room.

Recovering her senses, Cindy slides off the table, slipping a club robe over her nakedness. She follows Tom out of the massage room. Hearing the water from the shower room, she silently moves towards the increasing sound. Tom’s naked body is visible through the opaque glass door of the extra large shower. As the steam billows out of the shower, Cindy drops her robe and opens the door. Tom’s head is down, water running off the back of his neck. His arms outstretched against the shower wall. His ass exposed to Cindy as she enters the shower’s spray.

She silently moves into the shower and presses her body against Tom’s back. Her arms reach around to rub his chest. Cindy feels Tom’s nipples quickly become erect with excitement. She is curious as to what else may be erect. Still standing behind him, she reaches for the soap and lathers her hands. She rubs his chest and stomach, slowing moving down to an eagerly awaiting penis. Gently she takes Tom’s casino oyna penis in her right hand, wrapping her fingers around it, slowing moving her hand up and down the shaft. Her left hand cups Tom’s balls and very softly massages them, so as to make the pleasure last longer. She kisses the back of his shoulders and neck. Her finger runs over the tip of Tom’s cock, bringing a quiet, short moan from Tom’s throat.

Cindy’s hands release their prize and move around to Tom’s back. The water from the shower now washes down the front of his body while she briefly returns the favor of a backrub which Tom had given her in the massage room. For a few moments she presses deeply into his lower back, causing Tom to groan slightly. But she wants something different…..

Cindy turns Tom gently towards her and gives him a long, soft kiss on the mouth. She slides slowly down to a very erect penis and tickles the tip of it with her tongue. Tom’s hands immediately land on the wall behind him to brace himself. His legs are slightly spread. Cindy begins to massage Tom’s cock with her tongue, moving very slowly up and down the underside of the shaft. Then quickly back to the head, flicking over the tip of his penis. canlı casino Once again, back down the shaft, reaching his balls, which she laps at eagerly, occasionally sucking on them gently. Tom’s back arches, signaling his pleasure. Cindy steals a glance through the spray of the shower and finds Tom’s eyes are shut, but his mouth is open. The steam continues to fill the shower stall.

Cindy’s mouth moves back up Tom’s erect penis, taking it back in her mouth. Her head moves back and forth, taking his length in again and again, slightly sucking, her tongue moving wildly over the tip. Her hands are again massaging Tom’s balls.

Tom’s moan is louder this time. “Oh God, Cindy!” he moans.

Cindy is not ready for Tom to cum. Not yet. She stops her sucking, stands up and finds Tom’s open mouth. Her tongue slides deep into Tom’s mouth.

“I want you inside of me now,” she whispers between kisses.

Cindy breaks the embrace and turns so that her back is to Tom. Bending slightly, she exposes her shaved pussy below the crack of her ass. She looks back at Tom, fully erect, watching the vision in front of him.

Tom steps forward, grabs a hold of her ass and guides his cock into kaçak casino a wet, waiting pussy. He moves slowly at first, so that they can experience every centimeter of each other. Cindy grabs at the wall for support. Tom’s hands are around her waist, pulling her closer and then pushing her away. Sliding comfortably, but urgently inside her.

Their steady rocking motion picks up speed and force. The hot water is spraying over both of them. Their skin still holds the oils from the earlier massage. Soon Tom is pulling her towards him faster and faster, harder and harder. His balls slapping against her thighs. The feeling is amazing for them both, with Tom inside of her, rock hard and huge. Cindy slides a hand over her breasts as they sway with Tom’s thrusts. Squeezing a nipple, her mouth open, she can feel herself starting to cum.

Tom’s thrusts become more rapid. His grip tightens on Cindy’s waist.

“I’m cumming Cindy, oh God! OH GOD!” he shouts.

The sound echoes through the empty locker room.

Tom thrust up inside Cindy once, twice more, with a groan. He remains inside her, gently quivering as the last of his orgasm subsides. He wraps both arms around her and kisses her neck.

“Thank you Cindy” he says.

She replies, “It is I that needs to thank you! My back hasn’t felt this great in months!”

They both laugh as the water continues to spray over them, limp and spent.

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