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A Tribal Love

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Deep within the mysterious Amazon Rainforest, there lived a hidden tribe without a name. Even into the modern era, never had this tribe made contact with civilization. Not until this day.

Doctor Joshua Neville hacked his way through a thick bush and pushed past it. Behind him followed his young assistant and sister Jane Neville. They were three hours from their base camp and were cutting through an unexplored section of their nearby jungle.

Joshua was twenty three and only a year older than his sister. He was a scientific savant, knowledgeable in untold amounts of primitive tribes and the species of South America. He was here on a funded expedition to catalog and search a relatively unexplored portion of the wild Amazon. A handsome young man, he had short black hair and a thin body. He wore tough tan pants and a thick shirt. It was hot and humid, but it was far more dangerous to wear airy, loose clothing than what he wore.

His sister wore clothes a lot like his, although her lithe body had little to hide. She looked almost like a twin to her brother, their hair color and style almost the same. She had always hung on her brother’s every word and she loved him dearly, even to the point of following him into his field of studies. However, unlike her brother, she was an average student and only had a four year degree by the time he got the funding for his expedition.

“Look there! Sister, look down there!” Joshua exclaimed as they neared a tall ridge. They stood over a rich and vibrant valley, in the middle of which sat a mysterious little village. A rather tan populace was visible, probably more than a hundred people.

“Wow! We found people! We found a new civilization!” Jane said excitedly.

“Well its not really a civilization, more like a subculture of Amazonian tribals.” Joshua said, “Anyway, let’s get down there and say hello.”

They found a path down the ridge and into the valley. On the outer edge of the village, they came face to face with two very naked tribals. One well-cut looking young man and an exceptionally busty young woman. Both of them had beautifully dark skin and they carried bronze-tipped spears.

Joshua’s eyes were immediately drawn to the voluptuous woman. Her hips were curvaceous and her breasts were almost as large as his head. They were amazingly round and bouncy, moving with her every step.

Jane, on the other hand, felt her panties getting warm from the sight of the man. His body was beautiful and dark, and his cock hung a good ten inches from his crotch. He had huge testicles and they seemed to jiggle about from the motion of his thighs.

“My goodness! Hello!” Jane jumped upon seeing them walk out of the bushes towards them.

“We greet you strangers.” The man said, sticking the butt of his spear in the ground. He gave a small bow and looked at them.

“You speak our language!” Joshua exclaimed in surprise.

“We speak the language taught to us by our elders.” He said, looking Joshua up and down, “Thou look strange.”

The tribal reached out and prodded Joshua’s Shoulder. He felt around his shirt and down his chest.

“My shirt? You think my clothes are strange?” Joshua asked.

“What does that word mean? Clothes?” The tribal asked, reaching out towards Jane. He grasped her breast and fondled her. She gasped in surprise and jerked back a little.

“Don’t do that!” Jane squeaked.

“I apologize, are you his property? I didn’t know.” The tribal said, stepping back, “In recompense, I shall allow you to use my woman. She is fine and quite pleasurable.”

He slapped the female tribal’s ass and she stepped forward.

“Greetings.” She bowed to Joshua, much lower than the male tribal had.

“Use your… No, I am sorry. She is not my property, she is my sister. Where we are from, you do not just touch another person like that.” Joshua explained, “I mean no disrespect, I just believe we have different cultures.”

“I do not believe I understand. We should go to my village. You should speak with the elder.” The tribal said.

“Do you have a name? What are you called?” Joshua asked, “I am called Joshua.”

“Joshua. My people call me Xu’leun.” He said, bowing his head again, “My woman is Tel’Seni.”

“I am Jane.” Jane said.

“Greetings Jane. Let us go to the village.” Xu said, taking up his spear.

Joshua’s eyes sunk down to Tel’s ass as they walked, admiring the astoundingly round shape of her backside. Through the bushes and trees, they headed all the way back to the heart of their valley. The village seemed much larger as they reached it. The people there were no different from the ones they already found. Everyone was sexy and very sexual. Every man in the village had at least one woman following him around, signifying their property nature.

“Waaah!” Jane squeaked in surprise as they walked past a couple that were having ravenous and wild sex. The man had the woman’s hair in his fists and he was squatted behind her. She was on her hands and knees casino şirketleri squealing with glee as his dick wildly slammed in and out of her asshole. Her pussy was running wetly down her thighs and she was lost in bliss.

“Do not worry, we will have time for pleasure later. We must speak with the elder.” Xu said, pointing at the slightly larger hut in the middle of the village. It was made of stone and it’s roof was made of strong thatching.

Joshua was torn between looking at all the beautiful and voluptuous women and taking in the sight of this mysterious village. The ground around them was packed hard in long, twisting pathways between the huts and other things. There was some technology around them, at least primitive technology. There was a forge somewhere as they could hear the banging of metal from the crafting of a weapon. Some people pushed carts on wheels and the elder’s hut even had a door on hinges.

Xu led them through the worn wooden door and into a brightly lit round hut. In the center of it burned a bright fire. On the opposite side of them sat the village elder on top of a nicely crafted chair. His dick was standing up tall and two beautiful women were pleasuring him. Six more women stood around his thrown, either caressing and kissing him, or touching one another. Joshua found it strange that this elder was not old at all. In fact, he wasn’t any older than any other tribal he had seen, looking mid-twenties at best.

“Elder! I bring outsiders that I came across while scouting.” Xu said, bowing low to him. Tel bowed as well, showing their reverence for him.

Joshua quickly smacked his sister’s hip and he bowed. She caught on and did the same.

“Greetings to you clothed ones. Come closer so that we may speak. Women, leave me.” The elder said, waving his hand.

In a moment, all but one of the women stood and left the hut. She stood at his side, obedient and quiet.

“Hello elder of this beautiful village. I come in peace from a land beyond yours.” Joshua said, bowing again to him.

“I thank you for your respect and honor. The last time one with clothes came to my village, it was many a moon ago. My father’s father’s father wasn’t but a child. He brought us the mystery of written word and taught us his language.” The elder said, “But the story of that day is still passed down among my people. We revere those beyond our lands because you brought us such amazing knowledge as writing.”

“So you have been visited before? That is amazing! I come from the north, a great distance from here. Many, many days travel, even with our advanced technology. I have many questions for you, if you’ll hear me out elder.” Joshua said.

“Of course. You and your woman shall be treated to a great feast and we shall provide you with all that you want! Spears, gems and women! All you want is yours!” The elder said, holding out his hands.

“I do not want for anything but knowledge elder.” Joshua explained.

“Then please wait a few moments. I shall call for the village to put together a great feast! Our land is plentiful and none have ever gone hungry here! Strangers or no, you shall be given all!” The elder said, standing to his feet. Jane stared in quiet awe at his foot-long hard cock and orange-sized testes.

Within ten minutes, they were seated at a long table outside the elder’s hut. Three dozen people were sitting on carved wooden chairs around it, a mixture of beautiful men and woman. Probably a hundred more were seated in chairs or on the soft grass all around them. Everyone had brought some kind of food or another and there was a great feast put together in no time at all.

Joshua and Jane were seated at the end of the table next to the elder and the woman who had stayed with him in the hut. They were given large plates of cooked meat and vegetables. It smelled quite delicious and they had no problem starting in on it.

“So elder, why does your tribe practice sex like this? I mean, why do they share pleasure so openly?” Joshua asked curiously.

“Openly? You mean where you come from, you do not share such pleasure with all? It is an amazing sensation to behold and it only seems right to share it with all.” The elder said, finishing another large piece of meat.

“No, we find it to be a private matter between mother and father.” Joshua said, “Another question I have. Why do you consider women to be owned?”

“Well because they are the responsibility of men. It is our job to care for them and to be their pleasure provider. So naturally the women we care for are ours.” The elder said simply, “Any woman who is not taken by a man may be claimed and as long as the man provides for her, she is his property.”

“That is not the case where I come from. We consider women to be equals and we work together.” Joshua said.

“Well of course we work together with our women, but if we did not own them, they would hurt themselves or possibly die. We could not allow that to happen. Why do you care so little for your women to not provide completely casino firmalari for them?” The elder asked worriedly.

“Because I can care for myself! I am capable!” Jane exclaimed.

“Your women must be as strong as you to do such. That is quite amazing.” The elder said, “So you speak so openly of your world. What is it like? Do you care to share more?”

“Of course I will. Can we get some of this cleaned off?” Joshua asked, moving his plate aside.

The elder snapped his fingers. Two men and four women snapped up around them and cleaned their entire part of the table away, save for the elder’s plate. He lifted it off the table as Joshua pulled out a map and laid it before them.

“This is Brazil, the land in which we reside.” Joshua explained, flattening out the map of the country.

“No it’s not. Its the land of the sun god, for he is that which makes all live.” The elder said.

“Sorry, let me explain. This is where your village is. This is the land right around us, maybe… a days walk to cross this entire area right here. This whole thing is Brazil. See how much more land there is out there?” Joshua explained, circling and pointing at the map.

“Oh! I understand, you are saying this is that which lies outside our land. This is amazing, how did your people record all of this? You must have many, many brothers and sisters to explore so much of the land.” The elder said, quite in awe once he understood what the map was.

“We use technology, things like birds that we control high up in the sky that look at the land for us. It shows us from way up there and with that, we make these maps.” Joshua said. He was custom to explaining things in simple, primitive ways. This was not the first tribe he had spoken to.

“Simply amazing. My people could do amazing things with this kind of knowledge. What are all these little blue things?” The elder asked, pointing at the rivers on the map.

“They are the water of this land, the rivers and lakes. These lines are the roads, the ways my people travel across this land. They are like your pathways here in the village, only much larger and much busier. This is one of our cities here. It is much, much larger than your village.” Joshua said, describing the map to them.

“This is the greatest thing I have ever seen.” The elder said as people gathered around them. Everyone was in awe of the knowledge the map contained and they spoke hurriedly to one another about ways it could be used.

“Would you like to have this map? I will leave it with the village if you would like. Small price to pay for this delicious meal.” Joshua said.

“Truly, you gift us like the outsiders of old. I wish I could give you more, but my only possible gift to you is my only daughter. She is a beautiful young woman, one that I have not let any man claim yet. She has been mine since she was born, but I give her to you in thanks for this map.” The elder said, gesturing to the beautiful young woman who had stayed by his side in the hut.

“Uhhh…” Joshua started and Jane grabbed his arm.

“Josh! You can’t seriously be thinking of taking this girl. She is a primitive and you would be enslaving her!” Jane hissed to him.

“You don’t know what tribals are like. Denying a gift is one of the worst insults you could offer them. At least thats the case with the tribes I’ve met before. It’s just best if we accept her and then leave without telling.” Joshua whispered to her.

“Is there a problem? Does your woman find conflict with my daughter?” The elder asked, looking up from the map.

“No! We are just conversing about how great a gift this is. She was concerned that it was far too much for what we offer. I agree, but I will humbly accept as long as you wish for me to have her.” Joshua said, bowing his head.

“Good! Fol’Xen, you are now this man’s woman. Take good care of her!” He said to his daughter and then to Joshua.

“Elder, may we be permitted to leave? I wish to go back to my people and I will return later.” Joshua said, standing up.

“Of course! I hold no control over you, you are free to come and go as you wish! I thank you for this great gift.” The elder said, standing up and bowing to him, “May the sun watch over you until your last days.”

“I wish the same for you elder. Come Jane.” Joshua said and he turned and pulled her away. They quickly strode through the thickly packed villagers and away from them. They reached the edge of the village and started to climb the ridge, back the way they came.

“That was abrupt.” Jane said as they got to the top of the ridge.

“Sometimes it is best to just disappear before anything else can happen. This is a great discovery and we’ll have to record it carefully. I just feel that this village is a little explicit to stay in too long.” Joshua said, his face a little flushed.

“Y… Yea…” Jane mumbled, “I think I feel it too.”

By the time they were led the three hours back to their base camp by Joshua’s GPS, the sun was falling and they were both güvenilir casino hot and sweaty. Their heat wasn’t just from the setting sun, both of them felt extremely aroused after their meeting with the strange tribals.

Their camp was a large clearing with a number of tents and temporary buildings. The two of them stripped their clothes in the showers and cleaned themselves up. They felt thankful to be back in their lighter, cooler clothing as they went back to their tent. Inside, the two of them were alone as they spoke about the tribals they had met.

“So… So about that woman, the elder’s daughter…” Jane said nervously as she sat on her cot, “She was… beautiful.”

“Yea… really beautiful… body.” Joshua stammered, scratching his head.

They sat in silence for a couple of minutes before Jane leapt to her feet. She jumped across the tent at Joshua and into his arms. Their lips met and they kissed passionately.

“I have to have you brother!” Jane exclaimed.

“I agree! I want you too!” Joshua cried desperately.

His cock was rock hard in his shorts and he could feel his sister rubbing eagerly against it.

“God those tribals were hot!” Jane breathed as he set her back on the cot. He grabbed her shorts and dragged them off, exposing her pantiless crotch.

“I can’t believe how sexy the women were. Huge breasts and their butts… I love their butts.” Joshua breathed, shoving off his own shorts.

“I’m good enough, right?!” Jane cried, grabbing his collar to pull him close, “I’m sexy, like them, right?”

“Of course sister! You’re hot! I can’t wait to fuck you!” Joshua cried, grabbing her thighs. He pulled her legs open and rammed his cock deep into her pussy.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck me brother!” Jane screamed, “Your cock feels so big! It’s feeling me so much!”

He rode her wildly, fucking her with complete abandon as his balls slapped about. Even he could tell they felt bigger hanging beneath his shaft. Something had happened during their short time with that tribe, but it didn’t matter in the slightest to either of them. They were only interested in reaching wonderful climactic release.

“Sister! Sister, yes! Your pussy is glorious!” He panted, feeling his nuts start to clench up in release. He groaned loudly and his balls unloaded into his sister’s cunt. Thick, wonderful seed poured into her and she cried out. Her body shuddered with ecstasy and she came with him. Her eyes rolled back into her head and her tongue lolled out of her mouth. He released the last of the enormous load into her and pulled out. His cock didn’t lighten in the slightest, even though Jane passed out completely before him.

Turning to the tent door, he pulled it back and went to step out. However, he was stopped by someone standing there.

“You! Its you!” Joshua exclaimed in surprise. Before him stood the voluptuous, ebony skinned elder’s daughter, Fol’Xen.

“I found you! You left without me!” Fol said, looking up and down him, “Do you wish for me to take care of that?”

She pointed at his throbbing cock as cum dripped from the tip. His eyes dropped to her enormous breasts and he nodded. He quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her back into the tent. Sitting down on his cot, he spread his legs and she knelt before him. Her hot, plump lips wrapped around his cock and sucked on him.

“Oh yes! That’s it! Use your breasts, come on!” Joshua moaned happily.

She lifted her gigantic mammaries and squished them around his cock. He moaned as a sudden influx of pleasure poured through him. She jiggled her breasts around and the warmth of her body soaked into him. She sucked on his tip and buried her face between her own huge boobs.

“I’m going to cum! Yes!” Joshua howled, jerking into her mouth. He popped and his seed spurted down her throat. She dropped her breasts and deep-throated his entire shaft, eagerly drinking down everything he was giving her.

“Ahhh… That was delicious. Shall we continue?” She asked, standing up.

“Let me see that backside!” Joshua said, spinning his finger around.

She turned around and put her butt in his face, jiggling it’s big black expanse around.

“Oh god, that is it! That is so sexy!” Joshua breathed, reaching out and touching it. He jerked forward and buried his face between her amazing cheeks. His nose rubbed against her asshole and he buried his tongue in her puffy cunt. Her juices came in thick, delicious streams. She moaned happily and grabbed her knees to hold herself steady. He drank from her delicious honeypot for another few minutes before the throbbing in his dick became too much to handle. He leaned back and pulled her down.

With a squeak of surprise, she fell on his boner, wrapping him in her tight, wet pussy. He thrust up into her and grunted loudly. Fol moaned lustily, her breasts bouncing around as her gigantic ass bounced atop his lap.

“Yes! Yes! Bounce that ass! I love it!” Joshua moaned, feeling and fondling her squishy hips. Her pussy squeezed and convulsed around him, immensely pleasuring his cock.

He threw himself back on the bed, driving his cock back up into her big ass one last time. The last of his spunk spurted into her delicious pussy and she moaned happily. He groaned and went limp, exhausted from the wild and crazy sex.

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