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A Trip to Remember

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A shout out to StoneyLodge another author here at Lit who did the editing for this story. Thanks.


The summer after high school graduation, before the Army came and got me, I decided to hitchhike across the country. It was 1969, the tail end of the “hippie movement,” so hitchhiking was still acceptable and somewhat safe.

I thumbed my way to the East Coast and was starting my return. My last ride had let me off in a little farm town, Mifflinville in Pennsylvania right off I-90. It was late August, hotter than hell and I hadn’t been able to get a ride for two days. I was sitting on a corner near a truck stop, trying to thumb a ride, when this Chevrolet Suburban with a large Air Stream trailer attached pulled up and stopped at the curb.

A very pretty, 20-something dark-haired woman rolled down the passenger window and said, “Where are you going?” Her question was said with a moderately heavy French accent, something I had only heard on TV, but with which I was immediately taken.

“Any place as long as it’s West and away from here,” I replied.

She smiled a dazzling smile and said, “We are going to the California coast. If you would like a ride, please to come in.”

I was happy to get a ride. I tossed my packsack into the back seat and jumped in after it.

“My name is Yvette,” she said, then pointed at the driver. “This is my husband, Carl.”

I shook Carl’s hand. He appeared to be in his late 50’s. As we rode, Yvette chattered on and on but Carl said very little. From her I learned she was French and he was retired military and they had married while he was stationed in Germany. We stopped several times for fuel and food. Then about 7:00 PM, Carl pulled off the road into a campground just outside Granger, Indiana.

As we stopped I said, “Thanks for the ride. I guess I’ll go find a place to crash for the night.”

Yvette turned to Carl and said in her sweet French-accented voice, “Carl, perhaps he can sleep on our extra bed? We have the room, no?”

Carl nodded and in his usual stoic manner said, “Yeah, sure, why not?” as he climbed out and began to set up the trailer.

After it was setup we all three climbed into the trailer and Yvette began to make dinner. As she did I noticed she poured Carl a large glass of whiskey. Through the evening she poured him at least 2 more large glasses. Carl drank them all, but they didn’t appear to affect him. Around 10:00 PM, without a word Carl walked to the rear bedroom, entered, and closed the door.

Yvette smiled and said, “He does this every night. He drinks then goes to bed. I will finish up the dishes and then make a bed for you.”

She talked as she worked, much like she had all day. Most of the time, it didn’t call for an answer from me so I sat and covertly admired her body. I was sitting behind her so I could watch her without her knowing. She had on a tight pair of shorts which showed off her round ass. And her legs were perfect: long, smooth, and tan. Like all young men, I was perpetually horny, so I wondered what her soft skin would feel like under my hands?

She finished the dishes then began to make my bed. It was the dining area at the front of the trailer. Yvette laid the table down, then pulled the cushions out to make a 3/4 sized bed. She finished then smiled and bid me good night as she went into the bedroom in the rear and closed the door.

I pulled a book from my pack and settled down to read. Several minutes later I heard the bedroom door open and looked up to see Yvette coming out dressed in a white, mid-thigh length terry cloth robe, a bag in one hand and a towel in the other. She smiled and stepped into the tiny bathroom. I went back to my reading but I could hear the shower running and my mind wandered.

I began to fantasize about what she would look like naked in the shower with water cascading over her body. My cock grew rigid and I knew I was going to have to jack off as soon as she was back in the bedroom. I heard the shower stop. Five minutes later Yvette stepped out in her robe. She smiled at me once more then turned to go to the bedroom.

Just as she reached for the doorknob she dropped the towel. She bent over to pick it up and I got a quick glimpse of her ass. It was bare and perfect! I couldn’t wait until she was back in bed so I could close my eyes, stroke my cock and fantasize about what I had seen!

As she went into the bedroom, I was stroking my cock even before the door closed. A few minutes later I was getting close to cumming when I heard the

bedroom door open again. I instantly stopped stroking and glanced down the short hallway.

Yvette was just closing the door. She was now dressed in a mid-thigh length silky looking nighty that flowed around her when she moved. She turned and walked toward me, then stopped at the sink and filled a glass with water and took a long drink from it.

She sat the glass in the sink, then looked in my direction and said, “I thought you would casino oyna be asleep.”

I replied, “I’m not sleepy yet. I was reading.”

She responded, “I’m not sleepy either. May I join you?”

“Ah, sure,” I replied.

She came over and sat down on the edge of the bed and without preamble, again began to talk about how she and Carl had met and married.

After she told me about the marriage, she surprised me by saying, “You are wondering why a young woman like me would marry such an older man, yes?

I will be honest, I married him so I could come to this country. It is a marriage of convenience. Carl is a good man, but he knows I do not love him. He knows why I married him and he, how you say, accepts this. I enjoy our life traveling but I miss other things.”

“What things are those?” I asked trying to keep my eyes focused on her face and not allow my gaze to slide down to the wonderful vision of the cleavage she was showing.

She smiled, and said, “There are many things. Children for one. Carl and I have been married for 5 years and have no children. We do not sex much anymore.

To be honest, even in the beginning, we did not very much. But I do not think

the lack of sex is why we do not make a baby. I think perhaps we just cannot.”

“The other thing I miss,” she said as she reached over and placed her hand on the lump of my hard cock under the blanket, “is this.”

I stifled a groan as her hand pushed down on my cock. I thought I was going to cum right then!

“Have you been thinking about something naughty?” She asked with a smile as her hand began to move slowly back and forth on my cock.

“I….I…..I…” all I could do was stammer.

“I tell you a thing.” She whispered in her soft French accent, “I will help you with your problem, if you promise never to tell anyone. Carl must never, ever find out, or suspect. Oui?”

“I…promise,” I stammered.

In reality, I would have promised anything right then. My cock was two seconds from exploding and it ruled all my thoughts at that moment.

“I imagine being a virile young man, that you are close to cumming, are you not?” she asked still rubbing her hand up and down my hard rod through the blanket.

“Ye…..yes,” I managed to get out, “very…..very close.”

“You tell no one, oui?” she asked again.

“Never,” I replied in a hoarse whisper.

She smiled, then pulled back the sheet and blanket. My hard cock lay against my belly, a small, wet spot just under the head where my pre-cum had dribbled. She smiled again, then to my surprise, took my hand and pulled it to the v of her legs. A moment later the feel of her wet slit against my fingers caused me to stiffen even more. Another moment and the world exploded with wondrous feelings of pleasure as she leaned over and took the head of my cock into her mouth!

I lasted all of 30 seconds before I came, my cock throbbing as it squirted into her mouth. Through it all, I remember her hand on mine, pushing my fingers deeper into her warm, slippery depths. Just as my cock throbbed its last, I felt more than heard her moan then felt her pussy gently moving against my fingers. After a few more moments, she sat up and smiled at me.

“No one, oui?” She asked again.

“Never, ever,” I replied adamantly.

Yvette nodded her head, stood and walked into the bedroom without a single glance back at me. As she closed the bedroom door behind her I raised my hand to my face and sniffed my still wet fingers. My cock instantly responded and a few seconds later I was jacking off with my fingers, coated with her musky, sex laden scent, pressed to my nose. It took me an hour to get to sleep. During that hour, because of what had happened and her scent, I jacked off twice. I woke in the early morning, wondering if it had been a dream or was real?

I was dressed and waiting when Carl and Yvette came out of the bedroom.

She made breakfast and I helped Carl get things ready to move. At first, I had a difficult time looking at Carl or saying anything to him. Here I was taking his hospitality, and I had my fingers buried in his wife’s pussy the night before, not to mention that she had sucked me off. But as the day slid by, I rationalized it that she had instigated the contact, not I. Before long it bothered me only a little.

We got on the road that day a little after 8:00 AM. Throughout the day, Yvette talked and chatted with me as she had before. She never made a sign, nor gave me a look to make me think she remembered the night before. Toward the end of the day, I was almost convinced it was a dream.

We stopped that night in a campground in Lexington Nebraska. Carl set up the trailer as Yvette made dinner. Much like the night before, Carl drank four glasses of whiskey, then retired to bed. Yvette washed the dishes while chattering on.

By this time I had learned to tune out most of what she said for she talked incessantly. But I did sit staring at her ass, wondering what this evening might bring.

Soon she was done with canlı casino the dishes. She made my bed, then smiled and went into the bedroom. I lay nervously watching the bedroom door until I heard it open. Yvette stepped through dressed again in that short silky nighty. She smiled at me and went into the tiny bathroom. I could hear the water running, the splash as she soaped and showered. Soon the door opened and she appeared, hair wet, her nighty clinging to those spots she hadn’t gotten dry with a towel. She gave me another smile, then disappeared into the bedroom. I lay awake for an hour tense, waiting. Finally, I drifted off to sleep.

I woke with a start to a pair of soft lips against my ear whispering, “No one, oui?”

“No one ever,” I whispered back.

She whispered, “Have you ever tasted a woman?”

“No,” I answered.

She kissed my cheek, then quickly climbed onto the bed, straddled my chest and slid up until her pussy was right over my face.

“Lick me…” she said in a breathless whisper … “gently.”

I stuck out my tongue and for the first time in my young life the indescribable, delicious taste of a woman hit my tongue. I began to lick at the soft pink folds of her sex, slowly, gently, just as she had requested. She moaned, reached down and took hold of the back of my head. A moment later she had pulled my face tightly against her pussy, almost smothering me!

I didn’t complain. Instead, I reached up, took hold of her hips and pulled her sex even tighter against my mouth. I lost track of time. All I know was my face was buried in her pussy, my tongue teasing the hard nub of her clit. She was moaning and I was in heaven! Soon though I felt her tremble, heard her moans grow louder and then a gush of wetness covered my face!

She slowly got off, then whispered to me, “You are good. You will make some lucky woman a good lover. But now is my turn.”

She pulled back the blankets, took hold of my hard leaking cock and gently began to suck on the head. I didn’t think I would last long but Yvette used her hand to squeeze my cock at the base hard, which somehow kept me from cumming. She sucked and licked at my cock for what seemed like hours, then she released her hold and swallowed it to the root. At the same time, she began to gently fondle my balls. It took all of 10 seconds of that treatment and my cock exploded.

Throughout, she kept gently fondling my balls and kept my shaft buried in her throat. I finally collapsed into a heap of jelly the sensations I had just experienced still coursing through my young body.

Yvette smiled, kissed my cheek gently and said, “You are a good man. Again I ask, you tell no one, oui?”

“Oh hell no!” I grinned back at her.

She walked back down the short hall and disappeared through the bedroom door. I drifted off to sleep in a warm fuzz of sexual satisfaction.

We got on the road early the next day. Yvette as usual was chatty, Carl was silent and I was thinking about the night before, as well as wondering about the coming night. We drove all day. Alternately I napped, listened to the Country & Western music Carl played on the radio or chatted with Yvette. Close to 7:00 PM we pulled into a campground in Rock Springs, Wyoming. As with the previous two nights, I helped Carl set up the trailer as Yvette made dinner. We ate and again Carl drank four large glasses of whiskey, then went to bed. As Yvette washed the dishes we chatted.

Finally, I couldn’t take it any longer and blurted, “Are you coming tonight?”

Yvette stopped dead still, then turned to face me. Her expression was one of anger as she said, “You are not to mention this thing to anyone, ever, remember? Not even me.”

“I….I’m sorry,” I replied … “I, didn’t understand…..”

She turned back to the sink and was uncharacteristically silent. She finished the dishes, then without a glance in my direction, she walked into the bedroom. She came out a few minutes later dressed as she had been both nights before and entered the bathroom. I could hear the water running and the splash of it as she showered. She came out and again, without a glance in my direction went back into the bedroom.

I lay there angry with myself. It was apparent that asking what I had, had angered her. I figured she probably wasn’t going to come out that night and maybe ever again. It took me a long time to get to sleep. I woke to the morning sun coming through the window. As usual, I was up and dressed before Carl got up.

As we ate breakfast, Yvette seemed herself, chattering continuously. I helped Carl break camp and we got on the road. All day I wondered what it would take to make amends for my offense. Yvette seemed to be the same, talking and chattering on and on. That evening we camped in Carlin Nevada. Just like the last three times, we set up camp, ate the dinner Yvette prepared, then Carl drank his four glasses of whiskey and went to bed. I sat and watched Yvette wash the dishes as she chattered on.

When she was done, she turned to me, smiled, and said, “Good night.”

I kaçak casino smiled back, but inside I was feeling low. I had no idea what I needed to do to get back on her good side. She came out a few minutes later dressed in a flowing silk flower print nighty. She smiled at me as she went into the bathroom. She showered, then came out and again smiled at me as she went into the bedroom.

It didn’t strike me she was smiling. I was still trying to figure a way back into her good graces. I lay awake running things through my mind until I heard the bedroom door open. I glanced down the short hallway to see Yvette walking towards me.

She stopped beside my bed, knelt down put her lips to my ear and whispered, “I should not be here. I was not going to do this again. But I cannot stop. You are never to mention this to anyone, or put into words this thing, ever! Not even to me, oui?”

“Never!” I replied fervently, “I’ll never say a word to anyone again! Ever! And I mean anyone!”

She smiled, then kissed me, a long lingering kiss, her tongue snaked between my lips into my mouth. I felt her hand slide under the sheet, then wrap around my hard cock.

She pulled her lips from mine, then pulled up her nighty and said, “Suck them.”

I leaned forward and took her nipple into my mouth, sucking it as I reached up and fondled the other. At the same time, I slipped my other hand between her legs and pushed my fingers into her slippery wet entrance. I heard her moan, then felt her hips push forward. I had one finger inside her, so I pushed in another, then a third. She moaned, then I felt her suddenly rise to her feet. A moment later, she was astride me, grabbing my cock, and after a second, I was buried deep in her warm, wet depths.

She rocked back and forth, sliding my cock in and out of her hot, wet tunnel. I had never been in a woman and it felt absolutely wonderful! I reached up and tentatively cupped her breasts. As I did, she groaned and pushed her chest

forward, shoving her firm tits tighter into my groping palms.

“Suck on them,” she gasped.

I quickly complied, taking her stiff nipple into my mouth and using my tongue to lash it. I could feel my balls tightening and knew I was going to cum soon. I

desperately tried to delay it by thinking of anything but the wet, warm embrace holding my cock and the taste, the feel of her nipple in my mouth. I failed. My cock had a mind of its own. I felt it throb then stiffened as it blasted into her. As I came, I felt her body stiffen, felt her legs tighten around me, saw her fingers clutch at the

sheet as she climaxed. After I came, I lay gasping, sated, but disappointed it was over. She kissed me, a long soft lingering kiss, then climbed off the bed.

She smiled at me as she stood next to my bed and said softly, “Oui, Mon ami, you will make some woman very happy.”

She walked to the bathroom and entered. I could hear water running for the next few minutes, then she came out and unlike the other times, she looked in my direction, smiled, then blew me a kiss before entering the bedroom. I went to sleep that night sated, remembering the feel of her soft skin, her firm breasts cupped in my hands, but most of all the feeling of sliding into her wet, warm depths.

The next morning was much like the previous ones. I was up before they were. Carl and I broke camp as Yvette made breakfast. After eating and doing the dishes, we got on the road. The drive was much like the ones before: Yvette talked, Carl drove, while I ruminated on what she and I had done. Late that evening, we pulled into a campground outside Sacramento, California. Carl and I made camp as Yvette cooked.

Later, after we had eaten Carl said, “Tomorrow we are headed west to the coast to camp for a while. Which way are you going?”

I was stunned. I needed to head north toward home, but I didn’t want to leave Yvette. She had been the first woman with whom I had ever had sex, and it had been incredible. I wanted more. But I also knew it had to end and tomorrow was the day that was going to happen.

“I’ll need to head north to home,” I replied, trying to hide the dejection in my voice.

Carl nodded and said, “Ok, we’ll drop you at the I-5 freeway entrance tomorrow.”

I sat sullenly for the rest of the evening. It didn’t strike me that Yvette had been giving Carl glass after glass of whiskey. I later recalled watching him drink at least 6 large glasses. Finally he stood, and it surprised me when he staggered, something he had never done before as he headed for the bedroom. After watching him drink as he had over the last few days I thought it never affected him. Yvette went with him, steadying him as he walked, then returned ten minutes later.

As usual, she washed dishes and chatted as I watched her. When she was done, she said goodnight and went into the bedroom. She came out in the flower-print nighty a few minutes later smiled and entered the bathroom. As had been the case before I heard her shower, then she came out, smiled at me and went into the bedroom. I lay staring at the ceiling wondering what was going to happen. To my delight the bedroom door opened a few minutes later and Yvette walked out. She walked to my bed and stood in front of me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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