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Abby , Becca

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Abby sat on the edge of the bed, waiting anxiously for Becca’s arrival. The waiting was as exciting as what was to come when Becca finally made an appearance. Abby had been dreaming all day of the things they would do to each other on this night. It had been several weeks since they were able to meet.

Abby was a very beautiful woman, and completely in love with Becca. Twenty-six year old Becca had been married to Mike for 6 years, and although they had although they had a companionable marriage, it was not completely satisfying sexually. When the women had met 8 months before, Becca was surprised at the desires that immediately surfaced for Abby. She had never before felt attracted to any woman. But after establishing a friendship with her, there was no denying the feelings she was having. Abby, on the other hand, had been openly bi-sexual for many years, and now at 29, she was very happy with Becca, but only wished that they had more time to be together.

Becca had never told Mike about the sexual side of her relationship with Abby. He just wouldn’t understand, she thought. Although sex with Mike was bland and she rarely had an orgasm with him, she didn’t want to end their marriage. Six years and 2 beautiful children were too much to risk. So the ladies met in secret as often as they could. It wasn’t too difficult to hide it from Mike. He liked Abby, and approved of the friendship, but getting away to meet without the children was very difficult.

But tonight, Mike told Becca to go have a girl’s night out. Relieve the stress of the week he said. Becca and Abby couldn’t believe their luck. So now, Abby waited, perched on the edge of the bed, waiting for Becca. For hundredth time she checked her long blond hair in the mirror across from the bed. She had taken her time in choosing what to wear. She decided on a lacy pink teddy, knowing full well that pink was Becca’s favorite color. She had added to the teddy pink stockings, complete with garter belt, and four-inch stiletto heals. Shoes, which she purchased specifically for nights like this, knowing she could never wear shoes that this in public.

An array of toys was all laid out on the night table beside the queen size bed. Everything was brought out tonight. They had hours in which to tease, torture and satisfy each other, and Abby wanted everything ready at hand.

Finally, Abby heard the key in the door. Standing now, in anticipation, she waited, while she listened to the sounds of Becca relocking the door, removing her coat, then her clothing, and finally the sound of her heals clicking canlı bahis şirketleri on the hardwood floor, coming towards the bedroom.

She entered to soft light, sexy music on the radio, an erotic movie, muted, on the TV at the end of the bed, and Abby, beautiful, all blond and pink. Becca almost came at the sight of her, all flushed with desire, waiting for her.

At the sight of Becca entering the room, Abby’s breasts heaving in a sigh. She was so lovely. Shoulder length brown hair, in soft waves. Dressed all in white lingerie, very similar to her own. Her lips in a shocking contrast to the rest of her luminescence were painted in a glistening red lipstick.

Slowly, she crossed the room to where Abby waited for her. Slowly, they reached for each other, first softly, touched one another’s face, stroking softly the soft skin of each other’s cheeks, necks, hair. Abby leaned in and softly kissed Becca’s mouth. A soft moan escaped Becca’s throat, and it was almost Abby’s undoing.

Their kisses became stronger, tongues intertwined, hands delving into hair. Their breasts pushed against one another, bodies rotating, stimulated those glorious nerves. Nipples hardened, breaths quickened. Hands roamed now, to breasts, hips, they cupped each other’s bottoms and squeezed, oh, the arousal was so intense.

Abby felt such heat and wetness in the very center of her body, her body was screaming for what was to come. But she wanted it to last. She wanted to send Becca over the edge before she would allow herself to feel that complete.

She led Becca to the bed; Abby knew what Becca liked the most. They knew each other so well. Abby sat down on the edge of the bed again, pulled Becca closer. She lowered the straps of Becca’s white teddy, exposing her glorious breasts. Unclipping the teddy from Becca’s stockings, she lowered the teddy over her hips, down to her knees, then her ankles, Becca stepped out of the garment and kicked it aside. Pulling Becca close once again, she encased Becca’s full breasts in her hands, caressing them, gently playing with her nipples. Pulling her even closer, she took one breast into her eager mouth, suckling like a child. First one side, then the other. Becca swooned with desire. She didn’t know if she could hold back her orgasm for much longer.

Suddenly, the air was cool and nipping at her damp breasts. Abby had left them, and was pulling her face down, across her lap. Her pussy was throbbing now, so wet, she could smell the sweet scent of female sex in the air. It was sensory overload; she almost canlı kaçak iddaa couldn’t bear it.

Abby reached across Becca’s back to reach for something on the night table. Becca trembled with excitement. She heard something clicking and knew what Abby had in store for her. Abby gently nudged Becca’s thigh, urging her to open herself to Abby.

Abby ever so gently brushed her fingertips across Becca’s slit. Her juices were flowing; Abby could feel her own thighs become wet from Becca. She gently flicked Becca’s clit, sending shudder’s racking through Becky’s body. She massaged Becca’s pussy, more forcefully now, rubbing her from her clit all the way to her ass. Becca was quivering now as Abby used Becca’s own juices to lube up her waiting bottom. Becca heard the clicking again, and felt herself clench in anticipation. She force herself to relax, she didn’t want any pain to interfere with this night.

Slowly she felt Abby pushing the first bead on the string into her ass, then another and another, using Becca’s juices and her own saliva for lubrication. When there were about 8 beads in her, Abby suddenly lifted her hand from Becca’s check and swung down hard enough to sting on her ass check. Becca was having a hard time holding back her climax. She wanted to savor every moment of this; she wanted it to last. Again, Abby brought her hand down on Becca’s bottom, and again, this time closer to her pussy. Becca shook with desire.

Abby suddenly stood Becca on her feet, and got up from the bed. On shaky legs, Becca turned towards the bed and placed her hands on the bed. Spread eagle and bent at the waist, she waited for what Abby had planned. She felt Abby kneel between her open thighs, felt Abby’s breath, hot on her pussy.

As tongue and pussy connected, Becca didn’t think her would be able to remain on her feet. Abby lapped eagerly at Becca’s pussy, sucked hard on her clit, almost bringing Becca to tears. She inserted first one, then two fingers into Becca’s aching pussy, grinding against her with her hand, and when she knew, that finally, Becca couldn’t hold back any longer, she gripped the end of the string of beads, inserted her thumb into Becca’s pussy, and clamped onto her clit with her mouth. And as she slowly pulled the beads out of her anus, she could feel Becca’s pussy clamping down on her thumb. As her orgasm over took her, Becca moan loudly calling out to Abby. Her juices flowed, covering Abby’s hand. Abby eagerly moved her mouth to Becca’s pussy, removing her thumb, and sucked as much of Becca’s juice into her month as she canlı kaçak bahis could. Unable to stand on her feet anymore, Becca collapsed onto the bed.

Finally, Becca’s orgasm subsided. Sated, she gazed lovingly at Abby, recovering her energy, so she could tend to Abby, as she had done to her. After a few minutes, she leaned into Abby and kissed her deeply. She could taste her own juices still on Abby month. Abby groaned with desire, waiting patiently for Becca to be ready.

Finally, Becca stood, and slowly peel off Abby’s teddy, leaving on her stockings and shoes, as she herself had done. She guided Abby back to the bed and had her lay face down, spreading her legs to expose her glistening pussy. Becca kneeled in between Abby’s legs stroking her hair, gently nipping at her neck, her ears, gently pressing onto her sex with her knees and legs as she bent over her, stirring her arousal to greater heights. She massaged down her back, and buttocks, finally reached her ass and her wet pussy. Pushing upwards on Abby thighs, to spread her legs as far as she could, Becca leaned in and ran her tongue up and down Abby from her clit to her pussy and her ass, and back again. When Abby was so wet she could barely stand it, Becca reached to the night table and chose Abby’s favorite toy. Abby could feel the tip of the butt plug caressing her anus, and almost came right there. As Becca worked the plug into Abby’s ass, Abby moan and tried to grind her pussy into the bed. When the plug was in place, Becca took from Abby’s technique slapping Abby’s ass checks, as Abby writhed and moaned as the bed. Again, Becca swung her hand down onto Abby’s bottom, gently rubbing the sting away each time. Lowering herself onto the bed, Becca pressed her face into Abby’s pussy, flicking, laping and sucking until Abby didn’t think she could hold back anymore.

When Becca lifted away from her pussy, Abby cried out for more, and Becca swung down and spanked her hard on her pussy. Abby’s whole body lurched, aching for more. Two, three more times Becca spanked Abby’s pussy. She reached for the night table again. Abby moaned with lust. Her moans were louder when she heard vibrating. She wondered which toy it would be.

Becca brought the cold metal vibrator to Abby pussy opening. Abby flinched, but then sunk her pussy down onto the metal rod, pumping away, closer and closer to her climax. Becca brought her hand down again and again on Abby’s ass and clit until finally, Abby screamed with her orgasm, thrusting down again and again until finally, spent, her body collapsed on the bed. Becca removed the vibrator and plug from Abby’s spent body and lay down next to her, stroking her gently.

When Abby regained her senses, she embraced Becca, and kissed her deeply. Then they started talking about how to fill the next couple of hours.

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