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Acting Out With Mom

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Listen to what she whispered in my ear…don’t just read it…hear it as I heard it…the warm air of her breath…her lips almost touching me…her fragrance surrounding me. Feel what a simple declarative sentence has the power to do. “I want you,” she said. Yes, she had said things like that to me before and yes, she had kissed me before in a more than motherly way…but that didn’t count did it? After all we were only acting.

My mother Connie was pretty well known in the community. She had starred in the local theater productions for about four years and I always ran lines with her. By the time she approached dress rehearsal, her emotions were at performance level. So when she said to me, “I want you,” I was stirred.

My heart beat with uncertainty along the drum line of acting and reality when our lips met. We read parts together even when there was no play to rehearse for. We had brought each other a measure of comfort with our special way of saying ‘You are loved.’ It was warm and safe when we kissed and touched. The controlled heightening of emotion and sexual feelings took us to a plateau where we both respected the dangerous edge…until that moment.

We didn’t break the kiss. Our lips met and we gently stayed in a magical place for a long moment. At that time we didn’t speak about it, it just became our way.

It would be foolish to say it wasn’t sexual but the mood was also loving and comforting. The first time I touched her breast, we were doing a scene that preceded the characters making love. She only wrapped her arms tighter around me and kissed me harder. When weeks later I attempted to reach under her bra to fondle her bare flesh she removed my hand. I didn’t do it again.

My mother’s last two relationships could better be termed, ‘train wrecks’ and the most I had given to other women had been a few months of my time and very little of myself. At that time, the fact that my relief came at my own hands after kissing and touching her was something I accepted. I was satisfied because I felt I was getting more from my mother’s warmth and love than I would from sex with a stranger. When my mother told me that she was happiest when we read together kept me going.

So when she told me she had met a ‘nice’ man at work and had enjoyed a few dates with him, I told her I was happy for her. I wasn’t. I wasn’t that mature. I was only thinking about me; I was afraid it would spoil our special times together. I met Tom and he really did seem sincere and ‘nice.’ Shit.

I wondered why she had hid the fact that she had gone out. I wondered if there had been more than just dates between them. I was of two minds…and both of them hurt my head. Maybe I should just be happy for her and let things be or maybe I couldn’t just let her go. Mind one never had a chance.

It was also at that time that mom told me about Sara. She was a woman in her fifties from India that lived with a man in our building. I assumed he was her husband. Mom told me Ravi was her son. Sara and Mom became friendly and spent quite a bit of time together. After a few months my mother confided that something was going on between Sara and Ravi. I said, “What do you mean?” She wouldn’t go into details but she hinted that their relationship was sexual.

I was turned on by that revelation and made it my business to befriend Ravi. I liked him and it really doesn’t take much to get a person to open up if you’re sincere with them. I remarked a few times how attractive I thought his mother was and he didn’t disguise his praise either. He needed someone to talk to and after ‘feeling me out’ he realized I wouldn’t be judgmental about whatever he disclosed to me.

It turned out that he and his mother had left India when their involvement was discovered. Sara was married to an uncaring husband and had turned to Ravi early on. I had more than a passing interest in the details. Ravi told me, “My mother craved my affection and was always very physical with me. We shared our feelings and in time I felt comfortable telling her my fantasies. One late night when we were home alone and after a few beers I was telling her that oral sex was the most exciting thing for me and she just said, ‘would you like me to do that for you?’ I wasn’t that surprised and she ended up sucking me that night.”

I said, “Wait a minute…you just tell your mother a fantasy and she blows you?”

He laughed and he said, “Well it was a bit more complicated but really that’s what happened…more or less. That went on for the longest time but we never had other sex. She never even took off her sari. It wasn’t until almost maybe six months later that I finally had sex with her. I remember I came to her bed when my father was not home and told her I had to do it with her. She let me and from then on there wasn’t a minute that went by that we weren’t doing it or thinking about doing it. We were having suck a good time we. Then we got careless. My father’s sister caught us. We actually ran away that day and after a while ended casino siteleri up here.”

I confided in him what was going on between me and my mother and I wondered aloud what I could do. I told him I was becoming consumed with wanting her and jealous of this new guy in her life. He said maybe he’d talk it over with his mother and see what she would suggest. It would never have occurred to me but I was happy about the prospect.

About a week later he invited me over. Sara wasn’t in a sari as she sometimes was but had a plain white cotton dress on. It was thin enough to reveal the outlines of her breasts. I could tell by the darkened area, which I assumed were her nipples that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She gave me a kiss on the cheek and we sat around drinking Cobras and talked. She asked me straight out, “Why do want to make love to your mother?” I used a lot of words but basically it came down to a simple answer, I loved her. Sara said, “Okay I will help you.”

The next thing she asked was whether I was experienced in lovemaking. I hemmed and hawed and Sara said, “Okay…you know nothing…did you tell her how you feel about her?”

I said “No”.

Sara laughed. “Stupid boy…how can she know if you don’t tell her…and even if she knows you must tell her anyway. Anyway it is going to be easy for you because I know your mother.”

Ravi laughed also and said, “Yes it’s going to be easy for you because I also know my mother, don’t I mata?” Ravi went across to his mother and began unbuttoning her dress. She smiled and flushed as he exposed her mocha breasts with deep brown nipples. I had no idea what I was in for until Ravi motioned me over with his head and winked, “Don’t worry Rob, we’ve been planning this for a while”

Without much ceremony Sara took her son’s cock out and began sucking on it. I watched in fascination as she worked her fist and mouthed him at the same time. I was turned on enough to venture a hand onto his mother’s breast. When no red light flashed, I bent down and sucked on her nipple. I felt a hand on my cock and Sara looked up at me and smiled.

She took me out of my pants and left her son’s cock to attend to mine. I saw Ravi smile as his mother made me hard and then placed her warm saliva filled mouth over my thickened meat. She alternated between us and it was a good thing because if she had continued on me too long I would have shot off in a minute.

I could see she was getting excited when she attempted to fit the heads of both of our cocks into her mouth. She gave us both a long lick and stood to take off her dress. I saw that the dark pussy area was shaved clean and she said, “Okay boys now it’s time to take care of momma.”

We went into the bedroom. I got more experience in one night than I’d had my entire life. Sara moved easily from position to position and cock to cock; she never seemed to tire or run out of juice. The only time we used lubricant was when we both took her at once. She had me on my back on the bed when she mounted me. She leaned over until her tits were in my chest and then Ravi came up behind her. I saw him put some grease on his mother’s hole and then drive the head of his cock through her tight anal ring. That was the loudest she got. With two cocks in her she came close to losing control.

I’d never seen a woman in the throes of passion. It was a beautiful sight. I started fantasizing about my mother…that it was her voice telling me how much she loved having my cock in her…her moving on me…massaging my cock to spill it’s seed in her…to fill her pussy with my cum.

Come I did…over and over. Sara wasn’t quite there but Ravi continued banging his mother’s ass until she screeched. When she did come and he released into her, my cock was still hard enough inside her pussy for her to gyrate and use it to bring her to full satisfaction.

We had fun for weeks but more and more I wanted it to be mom. Listening to what Sara had said had taught me something and knowing what she liked to hear taught me more.

The night I began saying things that a son isn’t supposed to say to his mother is etched in my memory. I asked her to read a scene with me. It didn’t take her long to realize that I had written it. It wasn’t Shakespeare but it was everything I wanted to say…and everything I wanted to hear.

The title was “Acts of Desire.” I wasn’t trying to hide anything. I said to her, “It’s about a son who loves his mother and wants to make love to her. She began breathing hard and I said, “The scene opens with a mother and son reading a scene together.”

We began reading:

Son: Mom, I’m in love with you. You’re more than a mother to me…and that’s what I want you to be. I love you as a woman…a woman that fills my heart. I want to love all of you…the mother and the woman…I want everything with you.

Mother: I love you too Rob but you mean you want to make love…with me…your mother?

Son: Yes mom, of course I do. I’ve loved you that way since my first sexual urge. When canlı casino I was a boy I used to tell you that I wanted to marry you when I grew up. I still feel that way. I want you to be mine…like a wife is to her husband…and like a woman is to the man she loves.

Mother: Oh honey we should talk about this…

Son: No mom the time for talking is over. It’s time to act. I’m going to kiss you and I’m going to take your clothes off and there’s only one thing for you to say – yes or no.

The directions didn’t call for Connie to blush but she did. I put down the script and approached her, looking into the black of her eye. I kissed her with a true lover’s kiss. I stripped her to the waist as we kissed and she said, “Yes.” As I fondled and suckled her bare breasts she said, “Yes.” I told her to lift her arms and took the dress over her head. When I removed her panties and held her moist pussy for the first time, she said, “Yes.”

I led her to our marriage bed where I would take her for the first time and she would become mine. She removed my cloths and I leaned back on the bed with my stiff cock straining and said, “Come mother.”

My mother’s lips slid over my cock-head and down the shaft. As she bobbed I felt her nipples and tits contacting my thigh. I took one of the meaty globes in my hand and stroked it between my thumb and fingers. I felt her nipple harden into my palm. At first, she was slow and deliberate. Her soft lips explored the hard shaft. She took me out of her mouth and ran her lips and tongue from the base to the head.

I couldn’t take the teasing. I took my cock in hand and guided it back into her mouth with one hand resting behind her head. She responded to my urgings and sucked as if she was trying to draw my cum from the tip. She sucked me with love and desire and her hair cascaded around my cock as she moved.

Her whole body was moving as she went up and down the shaft. Sara had sucked me but this was different. I could wait with Sara; with my mother I couldn’t. I yelled, “OH” with the first explosion that surprised me with lack of time between the urge to come and the release into my mother’s mouth. I guess she was surprised too because she came off me for a moment and a volley went at her cheek. She took the rod in hand and stroked me hard and fast while closing her mouth over the top of my cock. The jerking caused a second intense set of releases that made me yell again. As I came with the final spurts, I began hearing her moaning as she swallowed the cum that filled her mouth.

A mother had sucked all the juice out of her sons cock…and it was my mother…and my cock. I lay there stunned with the enormity of what had just occurred. She came up and rested her head on my chest. “Are you going to stop loving me now that I did that?” she asked.

I didn’t understand the question and answered with one of my own. “How could I stop loving you?”

“I don’t know honey…maybe you would think it was wrong that your mother took you in her mouth…and…I guess I’m just wondering myself what kind of mother I am.”

“Mom, you’re the kind of mother with the most beautiful tits in the world.”

She laughed and said, “Be serious.”

I stroked her hair and said, “You’re the kind of mother that makes her son proud…the kind that loves her son so much she’d let him come in her mouth.”

“I do love you” she said, “But I think I was more a horny mother that wanted you in her mouth for herself.”

“That’s even better mom…the best part of it was that it was you…my sweet mother’s mouth.” I touched her lips and they parted. “You’re the one I’ve always wanted to have…since the first time I started thinking about it…thinking about your beautiful breasts…and what it would like to be in your pussy…” I touched the wet lips between her legs and she closed her eyes. “Do you know something mom? The first time I came, I was thinking about you.”

“Is that true honey? Me? I never thought…” Even though I had just been in her mouth, she seemed embarrassed at the thought and I could see her face redden a bit. She kissed me deeply and then put her head back on my chest and started asking herself questions as if she was talking to me. “Honey, can this work between us? Could you love me…and want to be with me…like a woman…not just as your mother?” I gave her the answers I hoped she wanted to hear.

She laid her hand over my cock and the erection that was building sprang stiffly. She stroked it smoothly as she talked. “You’re hard for your mamma aren’t you baby…hard for me…you do want me don’t you honey…like I want you?” She straddled me and eased herself onto my cock guiding it up between her wet lips. Her pussy felt moist and I penetrated into her channel as she lowered herself until she was completely impaled. A smile lit her face as she reveled in the feelings that my cock caused when she moved her hips around.

Her breasts looked enormous hanging toward my face as she leaned forward. I gathered as much of the flesh as I kaçak casino could in both hands and she said, “Do you like your mommy’s tit’s baby…do they feel good? Do you like fucking your Connie?” I answered the questions that we both knew needed no answers.

I brought one of her big tits to my mouth and began sucking on the nipple. Her sounds were intense. We all vary in sensitivity I guess; mom seemed to be in the group on the extreme edge. Each tug on her nipple elicited a groan as she began raising and lowering herself on my cock. I let her swollen nipple out of mouth and she sat up to more fluidly move on the cock that impaled her.

As she spoke it all came out as statements rather than questions. “OH sweetheart…it is good isn’t it…good to be in your momma’s pussy…so I can show you how much I want you…how much I love you…you know that don’t you baby…don’t you…that your momma’s going to do everything for you…everything to make you happy?” She rode me harder as she said, “And your cock is for me…to be inside me…in my mouth and in my pussy…yes in momma’s pussy…in momma’s pussy.” Her talk was exciting both of us.

I looked between her legs to see our connection. I watched. I was entranced as my cock disappeared into my mother’s pretty pussy. I liked her neatly trimmed pubic hair and the pinkish coloration of the area. I thought I could feel my cock getting harder as it rode up inside my mamma’s belly.

I loved her naked body. Anyplace I touched felt like silk. Her scent filled my nostrils and I reached to hold my mother’s ass for the first time. The firm globes filled my hands and I spread and closed the cheeks as she went up and down on my cock. She leaned over to kiss me and we remained with our mouths and sexes locked for a long moment. Then my mother began a whimpering moan in my mouth and accelerated it as her hips accelerated over my cock.

As she rose and lowered herself on me I met her with thrusts of my own. Each time we made the full connection she let out a breathy “Ohhh…” alternately she called me her love and her Rob.

I closed my eyes for a while to experience the sensations that were jumping from my cock to my brain as my mother’s pussy grasped and massaged the stiffness that was in her. Wet sounds emerged from our joining and I wanted to look. I wanted to see her pussy as she took me into it and coated my dick with her cream. I wanted to see her tits as they bounced and swayed with her movements.

Because I had come in her mouth not long before I was able to enjoy watching my mother come without being taken over. She dug her nails into my chest bounced with abandon as her head moved in all directions. She was almost as loud as I was when I came. I stayed rock hard inside her as she used my pole to bring herself off. She squeezed her eye’s shut as she let out a final, “Eeeeee…” and slowed to a standstill, as I remained deep and stiff inside her pussy.

I turned my mother over so that she was on her back. My urge for her ass was almost as strong to possess her as for the sex of it. I pushed her legs back to her breasts and she held her thighs displaying her pussy and ass. I put a finger into my mother’s asshole and stretched it a bit. She knew what was coming and she just said, “Yes.” My cock was still sopping from her juices and I immediately applied the head of my cock to the smaller opening. The pink lips of her pussy were enticing and as I pressed the tip of my cock into her ass, I touched the soft lips.

I pushed into her hot hole and she let out the longest “Ohhhhhh…” I’d ever heard. I began methodically pulling out and pushing in deeper with each stroke.

With half of my cock into her I asked, “Is it good mom? Is it good to have your son in your ass?”

With almost a breathless cry she said, “Oh yes Rob baby…yes it’s good…it’s so good.” I pushed in the remaining part of the shaft and filled her ass with my cock. I stayed in up to the hilt. The pressure was enormous…my mother’s channel squeezing my cock…my cock stretching her channel.

Once I had her fully penetrated, I was able to stroke smoothly and evenly. At that point I no longer had to ask my mother how it felt. Her pleasure was evident by the way her hips were moving and thrusting to get more of my cock into her ass. She reached to touch my cock as the shaft went in and out of her hole. The sounds she made were unmistakable. My mother liked having me in there. It sounded like she liked having me in there as much as I liked being in there.

My mother’s ass felt perfect for my cock…I was wrapped and massaged and milked in a glove of flesh that made me feel like sparks could come off any part of me. Inside her…in my mother’s ass…it felt like the place I would always want to be…the place I would always need to be. I said, “You’re mine aren’t you mom…all for me?” I drove in and out of the tight hole that held me as if it didn’t want to let go.

“Yes I’m yours darling…momma belongs to you.” I held her legs and spread them wide as my cock burrowed into her depths. I pulled out for a moment and looked at the pucker that was pink from friction and openly waiting to receive me again. My cock went back in without my holding it and I resumed giving it all to my mother.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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