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Adventures of a Sales Executive Ch. 05

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Friday Evening.

Jane’s cab pulled up outside the gates of a huge house in Hampstead, a prime spot in this wealthy part of London.

‘Oh, not far from Abigail’s house’ she thought.

Jane speed dialed the number Sarah had given her. She answered immediately.

‘Oh hi Jane, I’ll release the gates, get cabby to drop you off at the door and I’ll meet you.’

As the cab pulled away Sarah came out of the door, she was wearing a cropped bralette cut low at the front showing plenty of cleavage, and her trim waist and flat stomach were also on view, this was toped off with low slung blue/grey sweat pants and trainers. The effect was classy and very sexy.

Jane was wearing a chambray top with a fitted nude coloured short skirt and killer heels. She oozed sex appeal and as ever looked stunning. They hugged.

‘Come in darling, leave your bag in the hall, come into the living room and have a drink before dinner.’

The pair relaxed on the settee catching up their respective activities since they had last met. They appraised each other remembering the hot sex they had both enjoyed.

‘Let me give you a tour of the house Jane, on the way you can leave your bag in my bedroom.’ She winked at her lover.

The house was stunning with artefacts in abundance and on almost every wall hung beautiful paintings.

‘Right, let’s eat and later on I will show you my playroom.’

They had enjoyed some good food and an excellent bottle of wine and were reclining on the sofa again. Sarah draped her arm over the back of the settee and softly stroked Jane’s blond hair.

‘Well my pet, are you ready for some naughty fun?’

‘I am always ready to be naughty Sarah, but not sure I am in your league of naughtiness.’ Jane giggled.

‘Don’t worry I am going to ease you in gently my little sex toy. You know I like to own lovely things, and you, my most stunningly gorgeous creature, are going to be my special pet. I am going to introduce you to some amazing sexual experiences.’

‘Oh, Sarah my pussy is tingling.’

‘Then let it tingle no more, let’s make it throb and spill some of your lovely cum juice for me.’

Sarah led the way down some stairs Jane had not noticed before. They stopped in front of a door.

‘Normally Jane, I don’t allow anyone in here wearing anything other than panties.’

‘OK, that is fine.’

Sarah pointed to an adjoining door.

‘That is a changing room and shower room.’

Both girls quickly undressed down to their panties, in Jane’s case a blue satin thong. Sarah ran her hands over Jane’s body, squeezing her ass.

‘Come on my pet, let me show you my play room.’

Unlocking the door Sarah ushered Jane inside. Looking around Jane realized she had never seen anything like this ever before. Along one wall was a row of whips, floggers, paddles, everything needed to inflict pain. Below these items was a shelf containing a complete range of dildos, canes, and strap-on dido’s of all sizes and thicknesses, including one enormous dildo. Jane gasped.

‘What is that?’

‘It is a horse dildo, darling you must experience that at some stage.’

Jane could not envisage being able to take something that large.

‘How big is it?’

‘It is 17 inches long with an 8 and a half inch girth. The head is flared and gives a thrilling plop as you slide it in.’

‘Wow! It is just awesome.’

Jane took a good look around the rest of the room. She saw a wooden cross decorated with leather, containing restraints, a couple of benches, various hooks and chains, some from the ceiling. There were metal locks set into the floor. Sarah indicated an upright padded plank.

‘Ooh, what is that?’ Asked Jane.

‘If I secure you on there my little pet, I operate a switch, and you will be bent forwards or backwards for whatever pleasure I feel like taking from you.’

Jane noticed another contraption was a set of stocks.

‘Yes, that is interesting. I can secure your head and wrists and ankles, splaying you out so I can fuck your ass or cunt as I wish. Or, I could fuck that beautiful mouth of yours. Now, come over to this side of the room.’

Sarah took both of Jane’s hands and secured each wrist to a padlock hanging from a rope attached to a pulley. She activated a button, and with a low hum the pulley became taught and began to stretch Jane pulling her upwards.

When she could only touch the floor on tiptoes Sarah ripped her captive’s thong from her body and smelt it.

‘M mm, I love your aroma pet, but your aroused darling.’

Pushing Jane’s legs apart she secured them to a couple of restraints. Looking down Jane could see they had long chains attached so no matter how high she was hoisted her legs would continue to be restrained.

‘You look absolutely beautiful my darling submissive cunt.’

Jane felt helpless and completely exposed. Sarah walked over and stood in front of her prisoner. She grabbed both nipples, roughly pulled, twisted and tugged on them stretching them.


‘M mm, nice and hard just how I like them.’

Squeezing canlı bahis şirketleri the nipples HARD. The pain was intense. Then Sarah took each nipple in turn into her mouth rolling her tongue over each one, licking and sucking softly. This was so pleasurable to Jane after the inflicted pain, but then Sarah BIT each one really HARD.

Jane yelped! Sarah grinned.

‘I love seeing you squirm. Did that make your pussy tingle sweetie?’

She roughly pushed 2 fingers into Jane’s pussy making her gasp.

‘Oh dear, you are wet you little slut.’

Sarah turned and walked to the wall. Walking up and down the racks she finally selected a flogger which had a series of long leather thongs woven together forming a long thick handle and a narrow whip end. As Sarah walked back she flicked her wrist and the flogger made a whooshing noise.

‘Oh, I love that sound slut, and coupled with the sounds I can extract from you it will be highly erotic.’

Jane was not exactly sure what was about to happen but seeing her captor looking so powerful and sexy was a turn on, and she felt aroused but a little nervous too.

SWISH, the first blow landed on Jane’s breasts. A second or two later she felt the sting.


It felt as though she had been stung by a thousand bees.

WHOOSH, on her left breast.

WHOOSH, on her right breast.

Sarah is an expert with whips, she knew Jane was experiencing searing pain which gave way to a sexual thrill.

SWISH, this one landed exactly om Jane’s left nipple.


SWISH, on the right nipple.

Jane’s nipples were engorged and throbbing. Sarah walked to the wall and returned with some nipple clamps which were attached to a chain. She clamped each nipple and tugged roughly on the chain.

‘Aaaaahhhhhh.’ Jane had tears in her eyes from the pain.

WHOOSH, this time the whip landed on her midriff.

Walking behind her Sarah landed a blow to her shoulders, another on her back. She arced the whip to land forcefully on Jane’s buttocks.

Jane yelped!

‘Oh darling, seeing your ass cheeks wobble like that is so fucking sexy.’

The next blow landed on her right cheek, the next on her left.

Jane’s body was on fire, each blow stung fiercely at first, but was then replaced by an incredible feeling of sexual pleasure. She could feel some of her wetness trickling down her inner thigh. Standing on tiptoes with her legs splayed open she was fully exposed to Sarah. The next two blows landed on her rosebud.

‘Oh fuck,’

she groaned, never having felt anything like this in her ass.

Sarah roughly shoved her finger into Jane’s ass and began to finger fuck her. Jane could not help herself, she pushed back on the intruding finger and moaned softly.

‘I thought so Missy you love it don’t you?’

Pushing a second finger in she pumped her ass vigorously, reaching around she rubbed Jane’s clit. The girl was so helpless and so aroused.

‘You want to cum don’t you slut?’

‘Yes.’ She gasped.

‘Cum for me you slutty bitch.’

Jane could not help herself, she just let her body take over. She shuddered as the orgasm exploded. Sarah fucked her through it. Removing her fingers she returned to face Jane who was flushed and only being held upright by her restraints.

‘Lick my fingers clean whore.’

She roughly pushed her fingers into Jane’s mouth. She licked and sucked them clean, smelling her own musky scent.

‘M mm, good girl.’

Sarah picked up the whip again and landed a blow on each of the younger girl’s inner thighs. The next blow landed on her cunt.

‘Oh fuck.’

Sarah reached in and rubbed Jane’s clit. Easing the clit out from it’s hood she sucked it into her mouth. Rolling her tongue around and over it sucking, and licking, she BIT HARD. Jane was so aroused she wanted Sarah’s fingers inside her to bring her off. Sarah released the clitty and landed a blow from the whip on Jane’s clit.

‘Aah h.’

The pain mixed with the heightened sexual pleasure she felt caused her to cum for a second time, actually squirting.

‘M mm. Very impressive my little slut. You are so fucking sexy.’

Sarah lowered Jane allowing her to stand, although her legs were shaking. She strapped on an 8 inch dildo and stood in front of Jane. Pushing a finger into her cunt she wiggled it around. Withdrawing it she saw how wet it was.

‘I thought so, your so wet I don’t have to lubricate my girl cock. Clean my finger slut.’

Jane did as she was told and cleaned the finger. Looking at Sarah she thought.

‘OMG, that was a delicious cum, but seeing Sarah with her large cock, she is so fucking sexy, I just want her to take me.’

Sarah could read the expression on the young girl’s face and new she was eager to be fucked hard, and she aimed to do just that. Reaching around she slapped Jane’s ass forcefully, pulling her into her, at the same time she thrust her hips driving the cock deep into her wet cunt.

‘Oh fuckkkkkk.’

Sarah proceeded to fuck Jane, pounding her canlı kaçak iddaa pussy, and sucking on each nipple which were still firmly clamped. Jane let herself be used in this way She was helpless, exposed, and a little humiliated by the treatment she was receiving, but also highly aroused seeing Sarah taking her body as she wished, and felt so much sexual pleasure from the fucking she was getting. Moaning softly,

‘Oh Sarah I am going to cum again.’

‘Yes my darling pet I want to fuck every drop of cum from that gorgeous cunt of yours.’

Releasing the nipple clamps and discarding them she pulled her girl cock almost out, then RAMMED it fully in. Jane’s nipples were on fire, and the cock hitting her cervix caused her cunt to spasm, and her juices flowed freely. Sarah continued pounding her cunt, pulling almost out then SLAMMING her cock forcefully all the way in several more times. Jane was spent. She would have collapsed but for her restraints. Sarah thrust her hips and stabbed Jane’s cunt twice more. Then releasing Jane she helped her over to a nearby bench.

‘Now eat my pussy, my slutty whore.’

Sarah lay on her back with a leg on the floor on either side of the bench. Her pussy was completely on display. Jane obediently knelt and ran her tongue up and down Sarah’s labia.

‘Oh yessss, get that tongue right inside my cunt, bitch.’

Jane’s tongue slid inside the wet cunt on offer. She licked, lapped and sucked all the way over and inside her Domme’s pussy, exploring as she tongue fucked her. Sarah was moaning softly, which inspired Jane to speed up her attack on Sarah’s Mons. Her head shook from side to side and she sucked the whole pussy into her mouth, licking and nibbling on the lips of her labia. She started teasing Sarah’s rosebud with a finger.

‘Oh God yes. Fuck my ass whore.’

Jane pushed her finger in deeply and began to fuck her Mistress’s ass. Her finger was rapidly moving in and out, and she pushed a second finger in, rotating to drive it deeper. She could feel the ass clenching on her fingers. Removing her tongue she took Sarah’s clit into her mouth, at the same time inserting three fingers where her tongue had been. She fucked both holes hard and fast, licking and sucking the clitty.

She felt Sarah’s body tense, and new she was on the point of no return. Curling the fingers inside the spasming cunt, she prodded her mentor’s g-spot and BIT HARD on her clit.

‘Oh fuckkkk.’

Sarah flooded Jane’s fingers as she enjoyed an intense orgasm, she screamed.


Jane carried on fucking until Sarah cried out for her to stop. She let her recover.

‘Jane, come, let us shower then we need to sleep, I have so much to show you tomorrow.’

The girls soaped each other enjoying the firmness of each others body. Although being 42 years old Sarah is a striking woman who works out regularly, and her body is that of a much younger woman. She kissed Jane as the water cascaded over them.

‘Oh Jane, I just love being with you. I can’t get enough of your wonderfully toned body, I know I call you names, but you do know I don’t mean to hurt you, it is just how I am.’

Jane put her finger vertically onto Sarah’s mouth.

‘Shush darling, I know, and it is fine. I am incredibly turned on by what you do to me. I have never been flogged before.’

‘Did you’ like it?’

‘At first I did not like the pain but it suddenly became erotic and I was so turned on.’

‘I love turning you on, and the way you’re looking at me now tells me that you are turned on now, am I right?’

Jane smiled and nodded. She is 5’9, 34 24 36 with very long legs. Her body is sensuous, and she is a very sexy, alluring girl. They kissed deeply and passionately. Sarah whispered in Jane’s ear.

‘Put three fingers inside me and let’s fuck each other underneath the water.’

Jane did as she was told, sliding three fingers into her wet cunt, whilst receiving three fingers in return. They kissed and fucked each other, fingers pounding cunts. Both rapidly reached explosion point, and they came together.

‘Come my little pet let’s get some sleep.’

They got into bed, Sarah spooning into Jane and they slept soundly.

Saturday Morning.

Sarah woke first, turning to Jane she woke her with soft butterfly kisses all over her face. She blinked, opening her eyes and stretching.

‘M mm, what a lovely way to wake up darling.’

‘Jane, you are so beautiful.’

Pushing Jane onto her back she lay on top of her. Kissing her tenderly, she started to grind her cunt onto her lovers cunt. Jane moaned into Sarah’s mouth and thrust her hips. They rubbed and ground their bodies together. Sarah began licking and teasing Jane’s nipples. Jane squeezed her ass pulling her firmly onto her cunt. She began to tease Sarah’s pucker. Both girls were squirming and moaning, they reached the point of no return together.

‘Oh oh fuck.’

Jane shuddered as her orgasm hit her. Sarah moaned as her cum juices soaked Jane’s wet cunt. They recovered cuddling each other.

‘M canlı kaçak bahis mm, that was lovely darling now let’s get showered and have breakfast, I have a pretty full day planned for you and you are going to have some wild orgasms.’

Jane grinned. Sarah turned her on in a way her other lovers did not. She had to admit that the controlling of her and the inflicting of pain was a fairly new experience, but one that she felt sure she would want to undergo regularly.

After breakfast Sarah led Jane back to the playroom. They entered wearing only panties.

‘Get on the bed on your stomach slut. Without your panties.’

Jane shivered with excitement and a little apprehension. Sarah noticed.

‘Fear of the unknown eh? My little cum slut.’

Sarah fetched some rope.

‘Bend your legs to your ass pet.’

She secured Jane’s wrists to each ankle, and wrapped rope around her body tying secure knots. Her breasts were separately bound tightly, pushing them out firmly, nipples erect. Sarah attached a hook to the rope at the center of Jane’s back. Pressing a button on a remote control that she retrieved from the bedside cabinet, a rope descended from an overhead beam. Attaching this rope to the hook and pressing some buttons, Jane was lifted into the air.

Pressing another button, swung her into the center of the room. More ropes were added to Jane’s legs. Another button was pressed and Jane’s legs and arms were splayed wide. Jane was suspended off the floor at waist height. Sarah was pleased with her work, and very turned on. Looking at her prisoner’s wonderful body open to her every whim. She walked up to Jane and raked her nails down the back of her neck, and down her spine, she caressed her buttocks.

‘Who owns you my little pet?’

‘You do Sarah.’


Jane’s ass cheeks wobbled enticingly. Slipping a finger into Jane’s cunt.

‘My my, wet already whore. Mm, yummy.’

She said this as she sucked her finger. Jane moaned softly. Realizing she was completely at the mercy of her Domme was turning her on. Sarah roughly pushed a finger into Jane’s ass and wiggled it around. Jane gasped and moaned.

Sarah pulled her finger out and walked to the front of her beautiful girl captive.

‘Open your mouth for me bitch.’

She opened up and Sarah slowly finger fucked her mouth with her slick musky finger.

‘Mm, you are so fucking sexy Jane.’

She kissed Jane hungrily and forcefully, tasting her saliva was really turning her on. She bit on Jane’s lower lip and tugged. Jane moaned, thoroughly aroused. Kissing Jane’s neck and nibbling, she kissed her way to her bound breasts, taking each nipple in turn into her mouth.

‘You look hot little slut, what do you want?;

‘I want to cum. I want your tongue in my cunt.’

‘Oh, that is very naughty of you.’

She slapped each nipple in turn.


Jane had tears in her eyes. Sarah walked away and strapped on a huge dildo. Returning, she gently pushed Jane who began to swing back and forth. Once Sarah was satisfied the momentum would keep her swinging she lined her girl cock up with Jane’s pussy. As she returned on a backward swing Sarah thrust her hips forward and drove her girl cock deep into Jane’s unsuspecting cunt.

‘Oh oh fuckkkkkkk.’

The momentum took Jane forward and the dildo left her pussy with a plop. On the return swing Sarah thrust harder driving the cock in deeper, the balls of her cock slapping Jane’s clit.

‘A aah.’

Again the cock was pulled roughly out, only to reenter on the next return swing. Jane was on the edge, with the effect of having her cunt filled and stretched this way being highly erotic, but each time the cock left her she felt deprived.

The anticipation of receiving the cock on a backward thrust was too much. As the girl cock took her pussy again, her cunt lips clamped and spasmed, and she came hard, oozing juices as the cock left her.

Sarah noticed the black cock was coated white with Jane’s girly cum juice. She walked around to the front and stopped her swinging.

‘Open your mouth slutty girl.’

Jane obeyed, Sarah rammed her cock into Jane’s mouth and began to fuck her face.

‘Lick me clean bitch.’

Sarah’s pussy was on fire. Looking at her sexy pet being fucked this way sent her over the edge.

‘Oh oh, Fucccckkkkkkk yes’ss, I am Cumming.’

She gasped, pulling her cock out she squirted in front of Jane.

When she had recovered she spoke to Jane again.

‘Now darling, I have a couple of friends arriving, not for coffee, but your sweet pussy is on the menu. Don’t go away.’

She purred, and left the room giggling. Jane was left alone suspended and fucked. She wondered who these people were and what was in store for her.

She did not have long to wait. She heard the door open and the sound of footsteps approaching. Sarah stood in front of her, still naked having discarded the strap on. Her two friends just wore panties. Sarah stood with the newcomers either side of her holding their hands.

‘Look sweetie I have two new people for you to meet. This is Michelle.’

The girl smiled, she is six feet two inches with an incredibly muscular figure. She is a lovely chocolate color, her breasts are 36c, she is 33 years old and spoke with an American accent.

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