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Affair with Aunt Ch. 03

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Vanessa said, “You did what?”

In a defensive way I said, “I didn’t plan too, it just happened.”

Her reply, “You betrayed me!”

“Are you crazy? How did I betray you?”

You could almost see steam coming out of her ears when she said, “Are you fucking trying to be funny?”

“No, I’m asking a straight forward question.”

It’s amazing how she could swing her voice from deafening heights to soft and poised in the space of a single response, “You know what you did; now you stand here and act like it was nothing.”

I responded in a soft tone hoping that peace was about to prevail, “Yes I know what I did, but why is it a problem?”

“How can you ask me that? You slept with another woman and you still come here and stick your cock into me.”

“What do you want me to do? Are you forgetting that you are a married woman and you promised your husband that you will be staying in the marriage?”

“You know why I am doing that!”

“You afraid of what people might say if they find out you doing a younger man.”

“No, how many times must I tell you it is for the children.”

“Which children are you doing this for? I know you defiantly not thinking about the un-born child growing inside you all you thinking about are your other two children. How long are you going to be able to keep this from them? Your son is a man now, he is even a year older than me, and your daughter is ten how long do you think it is before they start to figure out that their new brother or sister is not their father’s child?”

I didn’t expect her next response, but looking back I should have. “That’s it, I have had enough! Just get the hell out of here.”

I was all too happy to walk out of there, the situation was too heated, and so all I said was, “Okay I’m going” and I walked out.

This was the situation I found myself in after I decided to tell Vanessa I fucked another woman. I didn’t think it would be a big problem because Vanessa wasn’t my wife or my girlfriend , she was my uncles wife and mother of my two cousins.

Those of you who didn’t read the first two chapters might be asking yourselves, then why did Vanessa act this way?

Well the answer is simple; Vanessa is my aunt by virtue of marriage to my father’s cousin whom I regard as my uncle. A few months back my uncle had an accident which left him sexually impotent, but not before his wife Vanessa caught him cheating for a second time. My uncle went away to try out this new procedure and that’s when it happened.

My aunt and I had an affair, I don’t know if at first she just wanted to cuckold her husband but she swears that this is not the case and her reaction to the latest events kind off confirms that. The fact that the un-born child growing inside of her was created from our affair might have even made her fall in love with me.

That’s why I think the green eyed monster of jealousy engulfed her when I told her I fucked another woman, a woman that was also a MILF and mother of my ex-girlfriend. As for my uncle, well he was tricked into believing that the only way he could save his marriage and his bank balance was to have his nephew fuck his wife but it was just a way for us to conceal the fact that we had already started our affair and I had knocked up his 40 year old wife.

My uncle even agreed to us continuing our sexual encounters as his condition didn’t allow for him to satisfy Vanessa in that way, but he did set out some rules.

Every thing was going great and in the last few months Vanessa had even casino oyna convinced her husband to let me move into their pool house, actually she threatened to find a place of her own and invite me to stay with her, witch was in direct contradiction to some of the rules set out by y uncle, but still my uncle agreed.

I should have known then that, what Vanessa felt for me ran a little deeper. The fact that she was willing to break the rules set out, and walk out on her marriage should have been the sign.

I had feelings for Vanessa as well but I have to admit it wasn’t as strong as what she had for me, the one thing I knew for sure though was as the bump in her tummy grew bigger I felt more connected to her.

It seemed now that the love affair was over. The next two weeks things were totally different, prior to finding out about my escaped with the other woman Vanessa spent almost every night with me at the pool house, now she hadn’t even come to visit me once in two weeks. I tried to mend things with Vanessa desperately but to no avail.

In all of this there was one person that was extremely happy and that was my uncle. He was in a world of his own for the last few months but who could blame him, with him knowing that every night while he slept alone, his wife’s pussy was been filled with his nephews cock.

Although he always gave the inclination that he was fine with the situation, I knew that he wished that we would eventually get tired and stop our actions. As the days passed and he noticed that his wife stopped frequenting the pool house, I noticed that he was a little more relaxed and happy.

After around two weeks Vanessa finally came around to the pool house, when I saw her step through the door I immediately went to embrace her but instead of doing the same she pushed her self away from me and took a step back.

“Van, how long are you going to do this?”

Vanessa spoke in a soft tone “Please let’s not get into this now; I just came over to let you know that my five month gynaecologist appointment is tomorrow. We are going to be doing the advanced scan so I thought you would like to be there.”

“Okay, you know I won’t miss it for the world.”

I hadn’t been to any of Vanessa visits to the gynaecologist, as she preferred to go her self, but I was now going to get an opportunity to see my child growing inside of her for the first time.

The next day we arrived at the doctor’s office at around 10, just in time for the appointment as we got there the other couple was leaving and so we went straight in.

Vanessa put her bag down, and then went in to an adjacent room; I followed her and watched as she stripped of all her clothes. Vanessa looked so beautiful with the considerable bump in her tummy and the pregnant glow of her skin.

Vanessa put on the hospital style gown, then went back to the other room and got on the bed.

The doctor was in shortly after that. When I saw the doctor I realised that I knew her, she was one of Vanessa’s best friend and even the maid of honour at Vanessa’s wedding to my uncle. I expected her to ask me to leave the room but the first thing she said when she came in was, “Hi. We probably will be able to tell if it’s a boy or girl today, I know you been waiting for this Vanessa but how about you daddy to be, Do you want to know?”

Wow! It felt great to hear someone other than Vanessa call me a daddy to be, but it took me by shock that she knew I was the father of the baby. Vanessa looked at me and said, “Don’t look so shocked she canlı casino is my doctor and my best friend, I had to tell her who the father of this child was.”

The doctor smiled and said to my aunt, “Looks like this baby is going to be very good looking with such impressive genes. Okay let’s get started on the scan.”

Vanessa moved the gown to allow the doctor to spread the gel on her stomach, and then the doctor moved the machine over the bump in her belly. Until we could first hear the heart beat then see the image on the screen.

It felt amazing to see my baby for the first time, then the doctor started to look more intensely at the screen and she turned up the volume a little.

Vanessa noticed this and the asked “Is there some thing wrong.”

The doctor said, “No, but damn do I have a surprise for you’ll”

There was a long pause of silence in the room before I said, “What’s the surprise? Is it a boy or girl doc?”

The doctor looked at the screen and then looked at me and said “How would you like to be having one of each?”

Needless to say I knew exactly what she was getting at but I just wanted her to say it so I mumbled “you, you, you mean we are having…”

I didn’t finish my sentence when Vanessa said “Yes, she means that we having twins. We suspected it from an earlier scan but we knew we would confirm it with this scan.”

I was in complete shock but at the same time excited. After the doctor looked at all the vitals of the twins, she asked my aunt to get off the bed and to sit on the chair I helped Vanessa to get her legs into position on the V structure so that the doctor could do a virginal exam on Vanessa.

I don’t know how Vanessa managed to get in that position, but she did, and there was just something about knowing I pumped not one but two babies into Vanessa and now with her legs spread like that it made my cock start to wake up.

The doctor was just finishing up when her phone rang, “Hello. Okay, I will be there right away,” That’s all she said on the call then she said to Vanessa, “Okay we all done here, I have to run I got to go deliver a baby, you know when is your next exam right?”

Vanessa just said “Okay go, yes it’s my third pregnancy I know.”

The doctor rushed out of the room but before she left she turned to me and said, “Nice work stud, giving your aunt twins, hope to see you around for the next visit.”

I turned to Vanessa and said, “Wow! Twins.”

“I’m not surprised with a cock as hungry as that.” Vanessa said this making direct eye contact with the obvious bulge in my jeans.

“Can you blame me? With your pussy stretched out like that, as if it was waiting for my cock to come in.

“Who says my pussy is not waiting for you, if you only knew how much this pussy is missing that cock of yours.” Vanessa almost purred this out.

“Well why keep it waiting then?” I said as I moved around front and took a seat on the doctor’s chair and moved it forward so I was in between Vanessa’s legs as they were still in the V position on the examination chair.

I kissed the right leg of Vanessa starting from her thigh, and slowly made my way to her love hole. I got to her pussy lips and I noticed that she was already wet, I flicked my tongue in her slit and then I found her clit.

As I clamped my tongue on her now erect clit Vanessa let out soft moans “Mhhhh, Mhhh, Mhhh.” I continued my attack on her clit as I inserted a finger into her pussy and I started to work it in and out at a good pace.

Vanessa’s moans kaçak casino increased in volume “Ahhhh, Yeahhh, Ohhhhh!” I stood up from the chair and with my free hand removed my shirt and then locked my mouth around Vanessa left nipple.

Vanessa had large boobs before she got pregnant and now at five months those things were enormous but it didn’t look freakishly large like some woman’s do when they have large boobs and then get pregnant, in fact her boobs was in proportion to the swell in her belly which made them even more delicious.

Larger boobs meant that the nipple also stood taller, it must have been about half an inch and it just seemed to grow bigger while I sucked on it.

It wasn’t long before Vanessa shouted out, “OHHH, YESSSS!!!! I’M CUMING!!!!!” and with that she let out a flood from her pussy which leaked all over the floor.

I made sure I continue my finger fucking until Vanessa completed her climax and at the same time used my spare hand to un-do the belt and button on my jeans. As Vanessa relaxed I pulled back from her and lowered my jeans and boxers to sit around my ankles.

“Mmmm, it’s been a while since you put that big thing in me.”Vanessa said in a seductive tone.

I played Vanessa at first like I normally do, by rubbing the head of my cock over her pussy lips, and due to Vanessa position on the chair she couldn’t do anything about it.

“OH! Don’t do this to me, let me have that cock.” Vanessa commanded me and I was all too happy to do exactly what she asked for.

I moved in slowly into her pussy. “You want more?” I asked.

“Fuck, yes, I want that whole cock in me now!”

I finally inserted all the way in and started to build up a rhythm, first slow and then I picked up the pace.

“OH YES!!!!” Vanessa screamed out.

“Damn Babe, I missed your warm, wet hole.” I said to Vanessa as I started to fuck her harder, her pregnant belly turned me on to a new extreme.

“Not as much as I missed your cock!” She shouted out.

I fucked at her pussy, and lowered my mouth around her nipple again; by now she was secreting a yellow fluid from her nipples, which I knew, was the substance that is present in a woman’s boobs before the actual milk develops.

“OH YESS!!! Fuck me hard with that cock, that fucking dirty cock of yours pumped two children into me at one time, even your uncle took more than ten years to pump a second child into me.” Vanessa was in a state of delirium by the time she started shouting this out.

I was sex drunk by now so went along with the crazy talk I released her nipple from my mouth and said, “I would have pumped a whole football team in to you if I could.”

“You dirty little stud, you want to make your forty year old aunty your bitch.” Vanessa was getting closer to cuming for a second time, I could tell by her voice and I wasn’t very far of as well.

I continued my furious pumping and Vanessa started rubbing her boobs, with the fluid flowing out of them. Then I felt Vanessa’s body tense up in the all so familiar way.

At the same time I felt my cum stirring in my sack. “Oh Fuck I’m going to cum!”

“OH YES! I’m cumming to stud, pump that potent sperm into me.”

“AHHHH, YESSSSS!” I exclaimed after I started offloading for the first time in almost two weeks.

At the same time Vanessa screamed out loudly, “OHHHHH!!!! FUCKKKK YESSSSSS!!!” as she exploded for the second time.

After a few minutes we came back to our senses, Vanessa got of the chair kissed me softly on the lips and said, “That was magical.” She then went to put on her clothes.

I also straightened out my clothes, and then Vanessa and I walked out of the Doctors room with large smiles on our face as if we were kids in a candy store.

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