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Alex’s Gifts Ch. 22

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Apologies for the recent delays. It’s likely my submissions will become more spread out in the coming weeks as I’ve found myself busier than usual.

This chapter continues the Alex, Megan, and Ben storyline with a heavy dose of role play. Let me know if you enjoy and I’ll find ways to keep this plotline alive. Regardless, it’ll be a while until we return to these three.

Special thanks to Luna for helping to catch a few of my many mistakes.

Thanks & Enjoy


Making Movies

After work, Alex drove to Megan and Ben’s house intent on finalizing their plans from the day before. His long-overdue goal was to eliminate his friend’s peeping camera and move the system to Megan’s room, giving her and Alex free reign to begin their careers in the amateur porn industry. The original intention had been to simply cut off Ben after teaching him a lesson, but after he’d made thousands of dollars posting their first video online without consent, an idea came to light that seemed to appease all three horny teenagers.

Megan and Alex would act and Ben would play the part of videographer and editor at their discretion. The situation was far from normal, or even what would have been considered acceptable mere weeks ago. Alex’s recent desensitization left him feeling indifferent, especially considering that both brother and sister appeared enthusiastic to begin the new partnership.

Alex knew Megan was excited to show herself off in a safe environment and he was glad to still have a friend after the payback he’d inflicted. The siblings were both very important to him. His new calling as a sexual philanthropist seemed to be pushing him in directions that were simultaneously unnatural and irresistible. It was a continuing theme since his fateful night with Carrie and he’d given up trying to fight it.

Pulling into the driveway, Alex walked into the house and upstairs. Ben’s door was open and Alex found him busy rifling through a box of electronics with gadgets and wires strewn about haphazardly.

“Hey,” Alex said in greeting.

“Yo, just getting organized,” Ben said, awkwardly foisting a tangled pile of cables onto the floor with one hand. “You still want to do this?”

“As long as Megan’s on board,” Alex responded.

“She is; we talked last night. At first, I thought she was going to kick my ass, but then she saw this,” he said, holding up his bandaged hand.

“Ouch, what’s the damage?” Alex cringed.

“One broken bone, two fractured. I’ll have to wear this splint for a few weeks.”

“Shit man, that sucks,” Alex said. He had a hard time feeling bad for his friend. The wound was self-inflicted and it could have been Alex visiting the doctor had Ben’s punch fully connected with its intended target.

“Got what I deserved, I guess. Megan wasn’t that sympathetic but at least she didn’t give me a hard time. We went over the rules again; everything is clear. We’ll get the setup moved and I’ll let you guys do your thing. Topped five thousand on the first video last night.”

“Wow,” Alex said, shaking his head in disbelief.

“I spent my half on more gear this morning. Got a few new cameras and a laptop,” Ben added.

“Sounds like we’re all set. Let me go talk to Meg real quick and we can get moving.” Alex stepped back into the hallway and knocked on Megan’s door; it opened almost immediately.

“Hey!” said the excited brunette with a bright smile.

“Mind if I come in?” Alex asked politely. Megan stepped aside and he followed her into the room, already noticing some changes. Two new pieces of furniture immediately caught his attention.

Megan giggled. “Jenny wanted me to try out a couple of new products she’s thinking of selling. They just got here.” Walking up to a long wavy lounge chair she put on a demonstration, folding her malleable gymnast body across its curved surfaces and illustrating how its design would allow for a plentitude of new positions.

“I like it,” Alex said with a smile, thinking he might have to get one for his bedroom.

Standing, Megan walked to a strange three-legged chair. Handles and foot pegs branched from the back and lower legs. Mounting the devilish-looking chair backward, she mimed a scene. It quickly became obvious that Alex would be seated with her in his lap while she used the foot and handholds to move against him. The seat was U-shaped, almost like a toilet except open in front. Ergonomics was obviously not a consideration, but the strange piece of furniture would certainly allow for easy access to all his bits and pieces.

“I see,” said Alex, grinning as Megan continued to hump the air, riding her new chair in reverse like it was a bouncing motorcycle.

Stepping off, Megan said, “I have some other new toys too, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise.” Smiling wickedly at Alex, she asked, “Are we ready to do this?”

“That’s what I came to check on. Have you thought about where the cameras should go?”

Megan nodded. “I have it all figured out.”

Alex canlı bahis could sense her eagerness from across the room. She probably spent half the night planning how to build her little perverted pavilion of exhibitionism. “Alright, I’ll be right back.”

In Ben’s room, Alex began disassembling the network appliances that he’d previously installed. His friend was still sifting through cameras and cables, trying to get everything together for the final steps of the setup. Carting the hardware over to Megan’s room, Alex placed it on a shelf she’d cleared. The furniture had been moved to cover the wall shared with Ben’s closet, obviously meant to be insurance against her brother’s continued use of the peephole. Powering the gear on and attaching the new laptop, Alex reconfigured access rights and ensured everything was still operational.

Back across the hall, Alex picked up the first set of cameras and microphones and brought them to Megan. “Put them where you want them and I’ll wire everything up. These two,” he said, hefting a pair of small rectangular cameras, “are wireless and can be handheld.”

“Oh, nice. I know right where to put those.”

For the next half hour, the pair ran cables and set up a half dozen cameras around Megan’s room. Alex installed and configured the software that would be used to control them while Megan strategically arrayed the lenses to cover every inch of her room, discretely positioning them so they wouldn’t be obvious unless you knew where to look.

“What’s next?” Megan asked as she plugged in the final camera.

“I figured you’d have that worked out by now,” he said with a sly grin.

“Oh, I have plenty of ideas,” she said, nodding her head emphatically. “Too many”

“Let’s hear it,” Alex said in anticipation.

“I think we should continue the theme from the first time. Role play brother and sister, that seems to be what sells.”

“Agreed, let’s give it another shot,” Alex responded.

“I was thinking maybe we could get into a fight and you could get kind of rough with me,” she said sheepishly.

“Like you stole something of mine and I have to punish you?” Alex said, playing along

“Exactly. Sexy punishment; slap my ass, throw me around. One thing leads to another and…” Megan trailed off, leaving the obvious unsaid.

Alex nodded his head. “I’m following.”

“Then I was thinking we could do a separate scene where I try to make it up to you. That would be a little nicer, more intimate.”

“So two videos?” Alex asked.

“Yeah. It’ll take Ben some time to edit it all down, but then we’ll have material to post over the weekend while you’re gone.”

“Okay, let me make sure he’s ready.”

Once again in Ben’s room, Alex tapped his friend’s shoulder. Engrossed in his laptop, he appeared to be busy watching howto clips for video editing software. “Give me a few minutes to get you set up,” Alex said once he had Ben’s attention.

Ben stood and Alex took his seat. He spent the next ten minutes configuring access to the video system, ensuring Ben had to be given permission to view and control the cameras and recordings. As a final step, he disabled all of the extra features that he’d initially snuck into the system since they were now redundant, having been moved to the computer in Megan’s room.

“Alright, you’re good to go. You should see a message pop up when I switch control over. Everything else is the same, the only difference is you’ll have to choose a camera before you can move it. Should be obvious.”

“Sweet. Are you guys going to do it now?”

“I think so, Megan is full of ideas. We have two scenes planned. We’ll leave it up to you to edit everything once we’re finished.”

“Sounds good!” Ben said, eagerly anticipating what was about to happen.

“Enjoy the show,” Alex said, grinning at his friend. The situation felt particularly strange at that moment, although he was surprised at the casualness with which the whole experience unfolded. Like it was totally normal to have your friend film you fucking his sister. Alex could only shake his head as he walked back across the hall and into Megan’s private porn set, closing the door behind him.

Megan had changed into a flowing floral summer dress that just reached her knees. She was pacing around, adding the finishing touches to her room. Alex reached out a hand when she handed him a mask, it was white and orange with two pointed ears resembling a fox. She pulled on her own mask, shaped like the top half of a black cat’s face with glittering silver sequins strung across the cheeks to imitate whiskers.

“So why should I be mad at you?” Alex asked, trying to get into character. “What did you do to make your brother angry?”

“Let’s make it easy. Say I stole money from you; like it’s happened before but this time you know it’s me,” Megan offered.

“Sounds good. Ready?”

“Showtime!” Megan squealed, clapping her hands together and bouncing on her heels.

Alex walked over to the laptop bahis siteleri and switched control over to Ben. “Okay, your brother is live.” He left the room and pulled on his mask, preparing to make a dramatic entrance. Attempting to fall deeper into character, he imagined the situation in his mind, forcing himself to become angry at Megan for the perceived wrongdoing. He took several deep breaths, letting his rage build before kicking in the door.

“You little bitch!” he yelled. “I told you to stay out of my room!”

Megan was seated at her desk and spun in her chair to face him. “What?!” she shot back in genuine surprise.

“You stole from me and you’re going to regret it! My own little sister, a thief!”

“I did not!” Megan said indignantly. “You can’t talk to me like that even if you are my brother!”

“I had two hundred dollars sitting on my desk and now it’s not there. I know you took it and I know it’s not the first time. I’m going to teach you a lesson!” Alex fumed, walking up to her briskly. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her up.

Megan screeched. “Let go of me!”

Alex dragged her across the room and threw her forcefully onto the floor in front of the curved lounge chair. Her skirt flew up and Alex knelt down at her side, lifting it. “What are you wearing?” he exclaimed as he exposed her bare ass, split by a tiny white g-string.

Megan screamed again, fidgeting on her knees. She bent over the padded arch of her new furniture. “What are you doing?!” she cried over her shoulder.

“I told you, I’m teaching you a lesson,” Alex said through gritted teeth. “I didn’t realize my little sister was such a slut. Look at that!” he said, lifting her skirt again. He reached his free hand back and brought it down on her bare ass with a loud clap.

“Ouch! You jerk!” Megan cried out but made no effort to move. Alex spanked her again, alternating sides, watching her tight cheeks ripple as his hand cracked audibly against her naked flesh.

“Stop it, that hurts!” she whined.

“It’s supposed to. Now admit it! Admit you stole from me!” Alex shouted.

“No!” she yelled. Thwack! His hand struck her again and she howled, her pale skin beginning to turn pink.

Alex hit her twice more as she flinched and futilely tried to move away. He was holding her down now, his hand pushed strongly into her lower back, keeping both her lifted skirt and petite body in place.

“Admit it!” he growled as Megan whimpered.

“No!” she sobbed, pressing her face into the padded lounger.

Alex changed tactics, slapping her in the center. He used less force but more focused aim as he struck between her legs. His hand contacted the string in her cleft and he slid down, grasping her crudely from behind, pushing into her panty-covered sex.

“Do you like that, little slut sister? Are you happy you made me do this? Now, admit it!” he spat.

“What are you doing?” Megan howled.

Alex pressed harder into her, still forcibly holding her against the chair. He pushed her thin white panties into her heat, trying to drive the fabric inside her.

Megan groaned, her shift in mood becoming apparent as Alex slid his hand along her backside and between her legs. “Oh big brother, I’m sorry,” she gasped. “I did it. I stole the money and I promise I’ll never do it again.”

“I knew it!” Alex shouted. Reaching both hands to her hips, he pulled her panties down to her thighs, rolling the thin strip down her cleft until it curled into a spiral between her knees. Licking his fingers, he reached down and pressed rudely into her puffy pink lips.

Megan howled, bucking her hips at the rough treatment. “Oh, oh, hmmm,” she grunted and mewled as Alex slid his fingers through her folds, circling her swollen clit and flicking it mercilessly. She cried out again and dropped her face back into the cushion. Alex continued forcibly massaging Megan’s pussy, making a show of spreading her open, displaying her glistening wet creases for the camera he knew was perched nearby.

Alex slid a finger into her tight tunnel and then a second. “Oh, god, big brother. We shouldn’t be doing this!” Megan said, gasping between words as her excitement grew. He slowly finger-fucked the twitching girl, shoving his two digits in and out of her moistening entrance while she moaned and made half-hearted attempts to withdraw from his forceful penetration.

Alex stood, pulling out of her but still holding her slick heat in his palm. Reaching through her legs, he wrapped his firm hand around her pelvic mound and slid his other under her chest, clutching her narrow frame below her breasts. With one strong motion, he jerked her body off the ground, grinding her wetness into his forearm as her center of gravity shifted down. His opposite hand cradled her squirming body as he swung her around and began walking towards her bed. Megan thrashed in his grip, kicking her legs and trying to free herself while Alex manhandled her across the room, practically lifting her by her pussy.

Megan’s bahis şirketleri skimpy white panties went flying as she flailed in his grasp. “What are you doing?” she grunted. “Put me down, asshole!”

“I’m not finished with you yet,” Alex growled and then threw her onto her bed, tossing her several feet in the air. She landed in a pile, her disheveled hair now a mess, with legs askew and skirt lifted above her waist. Alex quickly took off his clothes and stood over her with a menacing posture, his chest jutting out and fists on his hips.

Megan lifted her head and stared at him in mock horror. She comically put a hand over her mouth and pointed at his big swinging dick. “No, not that!” she gasped.

“Yes, that,” Alex said, grinning maniacally as he pinched the base of his shaft and threateningly shook his stiff cock at her.

Megan made as if she was trying to get away, crab crawling on her hands and feet away from Alex and toward the far wall, which only had the effect of putting her in the perfect position. Alex pounced and pinned her to the bed. She writhed under him, weakly pounding his broad naked chest with her little balled fists as Alex forced her legs apart and held himself pointed at her entrance. He dropped down, rubbing his tip through her wetness and thrust abruptly, sinking deep into Megan’s sopping center.

“Oww!” Megan screamed in fake pain. “Get out of me, you pervert! I’m your fucking sister!”

“No! Take your punishment,” he snarled, crouching on top of her like a beast over its kill. Rhythmically moving his hips, he pumped his length in and out of her protesting body.

Megan howled and wailed and kicked at the air as he pounded into her rippled depths, slapping his hips against her and driving her hard into the mattress. Her wails of protest gradually turned into moans of pleasure as Megan calmed and wrapped her legs around his and started reacting to his motions, forcing her hips up off the bed and meeting his thrusts. Alex again admired the girl’s acting ability as she transitioned seamlessly from victim to benefactor.

“That’s right,” Alex grunted. “Take it and like it.”

“I do, big brother! Don’t stop!” Megan cried out.

Panting and shining with sweat, the couple rutted out of control. They changed positions every minute or two, fucking like only two teenagers in heat were capable of doing, trying their best to put on a show for the camera.

Eventually, Megan rolled on top and bounced gleefully on Alex’s lap. She stripped off her remaining clothes and he lifted himself up, taking her jostling breasts in his mouth, biting her nipples playfully while she shook her head and cried out with pain and passion, her straight hair rippling as she rebounded off the springy mattress. Alex laid back and grabbed her hips, spinning her around his shaft and helping to swing her leg over his chest until she faced away. She continued to ride him in reverse, slapping her firm round ass onto his lap as his glistening cock, slick with layers of her juices, parted her swollen pink folds.

In one final display of strength, Alex held Megan’s waist and sat up. She calmed her legs but continued grinding against his pelvis as he simultaneously lifted her and brought his feet back. Megan fell forward onto her hands and Alex rose up onto his knees. He immediately resumed a feverous tempo, driving into her from behind while she howled and shook uncontrollably. After several moments Alex thrust one final time and came to rest with his hands clamping the petite girl against him.

“Don’t come in me!” Megan shouted. “I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Would serve you right!” Alex growled and then grunted, feeling himself spasm and fire a hot stream into her womb.

“Noooo!” Megan howled as she shuddered following her own orgasmic release and felt Alex emptying into her.

Alex pulled out prematurely and shifted to Megan’s side. She immediately whimpered in displeasure, dropping character for a split second. He put his head over her raised backside and pulled her lips apart. The smell of her abused and inflamed sex was intoxicating. “I can see it inside you,” he hissed.

“You bastard,” Megan groaned, not needing to act the part.

Alex watched as Megan flexed her core and his pearly seed oozed out of her opening and dripped down her swollen red lips. He slid his hand into the mess and spread his cum between her legs, smearing it through her creases and rubbing it around her welted cheeks.

“That’ll teach you for stealing from me,” he said and slapped her bare ass one last time with his wet hand. Glistening white globs of their combined discharges dropped to the sheets as she quivered in response to the harsh treatment, still reeling from her orgasm.

The couple held that pose for several seconds before Megan twisted and sat next to Alex. He leaned in and kissed her softly. “Sorry,” he whispered in her ear, unable to help but feel guilty at how he’d treated his precious girl.

Megan laughed and fell back while removing her cat mask. “Oh my god, Alex. That was so much fun. I totally got lost.” Alex stood up and went over to the laptop, switching off the video feed so they could have a moment in private without Ben watching.

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