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An Elevated Affair

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Her heart pounded as she stepped off the train and onto the city platform. It had been weeks since she had last seen him and she yearned to feel his touch. She could feel her pussy already starting to ache just at the thought of his lips on hers. Finally being able to be alone together again. Actually being able to touch him rather than just being mind fucked. A further talent that he had.

There was a bounce to her step and a seductive sway to her hips as she walked towards their spot. As she approached she looked up to see him casually leaning against the wall. God damnit the man belonged on a billboard advertising the latest men’s cologne or Calvin Klein underwear. He was tall with a body that was muscular but lean. Filling out the suit he was wearing perfectly. She felt her pussy clench as she walked up to him and casually kissed him hello on the cheek. Why did he have to smell so good too! Part of her wanted him to pull her into the alcove he was standing in, hike up her dress and take her there and then. Reluctantly she pulled away from him.

They talked casually as they walked towards the hotel. She wondered if passers by could sense their chemistry. Her heart continued to race as he opened the door for her to the boutique hotel. She walked through letting her hips sway knowing he would be watching as she walked up to the concierge.

As she sorted out the check in details she felt him come up behind her. Laying his hands on her hips. Pulling her back into him. She could feel his cock between them grow hard. The smell of his cologne was intoxicating. She subtly pushed back against him as he casually leaned down to kiss her exposed neck. She could feel her nipples hardening at his touch. Her mind swooned at his intoxicating effect. She could barely fill out the paperwork and she was sure she felt him chuckling behind her. He knew all too well the istanbul escort effect he had on her.

With the key in hand he took her by the other hand and led her to the elevator. Again standing behind her as they waited for the door to open. His hands firmly on her hips, holding her against his hard cock. The doors opened and she stepped forward and he followed. Turning her to face him as he pushed her hard against the wall. His hand moving from her hip to her jaw, tilting her face up to his. Her hands moved to the back of his head lacing in his hair and eagerly bringing his lips to hers as the elevator door closed silently behind them.

Their kiss was electric making her forget to breathe. Their tongues danced with each other as his hands moved down to her thighs, hiking her skirt up before pushing her panties aside and teasingly running his finger along her wet slit, pulling her wetness over her clit. She couldn’t help but moan into his mouth. Her mind was foggy with desire and she doubted she would have protested had he decided to take her there and then in the elevator.

The elevator door opened and closed behind them as he teasingly drew wet circles around her clit. Breaking their kiss to kiss down her jaw line and across her neck. Her head fell back against the wall behind her, eyes closed, savouring the touch of her lover. Her mind focused solely on the feel of his fingers on her clit and the drag of his teeth gently across her neck. Her fingers absent mindedly exploring the hardness of his muscles, feeling as they tensed as he touched her. She wasnt sure if it was the weeks worth of build up or the added thrill of getting caught but she found herself quickly at the edge of coming. Her grip on his arms tightened. Her only awareness under the veil of her desires was that she couldn’t dig her avcılar escort nails into him and leave any marks. She was glad he still had his shirt on and as her breath got ragged he slowly pushed two fingers deep inside her. Her clit rubbing against his palm as he did. Riding his palm, with his fingers working deep inside her she felt her orgasm crest then fall as she came hard. Her body falling against his as he held her up as she lost all feeling in her legs.

He kissed her lips softly and asked her if she could stand before slipping his fingers from her. Allowing her dress to fall back in place before pressing the button to open the doors. Taking her by the hand and leading her to the door to their room. She fumbled with the keys trying to get in the door. He chuckled before taking them from her and letting them into the room.

Her desire for him reawoken as the post orgasm haze subsided. This time it was she who pushed him against the wall. Kissing him with abandon as she unbuttoned his shirt, pulling it free from his pants. Pushing it off his shoulders, letting her fingers explore his muscular arms as she pushed his shirt from him. Running her fingers back up his arms before they began their exploration down his chiseled abs. Breaking their kiss as she now kissed down his neck, her lips and tongue following the path her fingers had taken. As she playfully licked his nipples her fingers fumbled at his belt and the button on his pants. Pushing his pants to the floor her hands exploring his thighs. As her tongue ran a line down his abdomen.

She was now before him on her knees. Looking up at him she grinned mischievously as she pulled down his jocks. Freeing his hard cock which she greedily took into her mouth. Her hands cupping his balls as she swallowed his cock. Pulling out so she could run her tongue along the length and şirinevler escort then the head. Before again seeing how much of him she could swallow. She looked up at him, their eyes locked, as she pushed past her gag reflex. Feeling his thick cock against the back of her throat.

Letting him slip from her mouth she firmly held the base of his cock as she ran her tongue teasingly over his balls. Taking them each gently in her mouth and sucking on them. Teasingly running her tongue across them as she did. She wanted to have him cum in her mouth, but she was also aching to feel him inside her.

Slowly kissing her way back up his body, as her hand firmly stroked his cock. Kissing up his neck, then jaw until their lips met again. There was an urgency to his kiss as he unzipped her dress, pushing it off her shoulders and letting it fall to the floor. Before she knew it he had unclipped her bra and it too had joined the growing pile of clothes on the floor.

He picked her up and through her on the bed before teasingly pulling down her panties. He was slow and she could see the restraint in his face. Restraint she didn’t possess at this point in time. She pulled him up to kiss her wrapping her legs around him, drawing him close to her. She was frustrated that he was using his superior strength to stop her from pulling him into her. Instead he had one hand on her hip, holding her to the bed as the other used the head of his cock to tease her clit. Before letting just the head push in as he toyed with her. Her body was torn. Her pussy wanted him to fill her but her clit wanted his attention. Arching her back she ground her clit against his finger, as she did so letting her pussy fuck just the tip of his cock. She hated and loved the way he teased her. Wishing she had the same restraint as he did. She felt her orgasm start to build again. Her fingers laced in his hair bringing him down to kiss her. Moaning into his mouth as she felt herself fall yet again over the edge into the bliss that was him. As she came he slowly pushed all the way into her, extending her orgasm as she ground against his thick hard cock. Holding him close, kissing hard as he slowly began to fuck her.

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