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Angry Wife Creates New Life Pt. 02

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Thanks for stopping by to read my story. This story is based on pure fiction.

Every character in this story is older than 18 years of age. Places mentioned are fictional, and not tied to any particular business or person.

If you are squeamish about having affairs or sexual intimacy within a family then skip this story.


Roger and Kayte’ were swaying with the music, both of them just enjoying the moment. Both of them had their eyes closed. No lines crossed, just a nice, gentle mother and son dance. Roger felt Kayte’ shift, and when he opened his eyes, Kayte’ was looking up at him. He kissed her forehead, a quite innocent kiss. But he saw the disappointment in Kayte’ eyes. He bent over and softly kissed her on the lips. Still, just an innocent kiss. Kayte’ again signaled her disapproval. So far, the line had not yet really been crossed.

Roger held his mother in his arms, looking lovingly into her eyes. A face he had looked at for 27 years. A face that was all of everything in his life, rolled up into one package. The mother he loved and adored, the mentor that guided him through almost 20 years of his life. And now… a woman. A woman that he lusted for in his teenage years. But looking down into her loving eyes, there was one thought that nagged at him.

If he were to cross that bridge, the mother that he loved, the mentor that took care of him, would be gone. Morphed into a woman that he would end up not just loving, but would make love too. So many questions, so little time, he thought.

Roger really didn’t know what to do. He had times before that when with a woman, he knew exactly what to do, and did just that. This was an issue that wasn’t as easy to resolve. He was in turmoil. He needed more time to think. Then realized, that was perfect! Don’t move too fast. Don’t do anything hasty. It was a way he could consider all of this, have some time to think. It’s not like they were going to do anything that hasty. Or were they?

A kiss, he argued in his mind, wouldn’t be that far over the line. He would have to control this situation very carefully, very skillfully. Roger leaned into her, and kissed her.

Their lips touching, opened slightly. Roger could sense a slight bit of the rum and coke she had been drinking. The seduction of the moment brought their tongues out, and in just simple play, they briefly touch tips. The sensation of the touch was the catalyst, both of their tongues sought out the other. It was soft. Yet demanding. Powerful. A Hunger. A Need. A Dance. In and out. Up and down. Exploring, feeling, drinking in each other’s lust.

Yet Roger has this in the back of his mind… slow down boy, don’t get in a rush.

Kayte’ finally starts to pull away slightly. This time, it is Roger who wasn’t ready. “Baby,” she whispers… “I want you…”

Oh… crap, Roger thought to himself. He had already processed that up to now the delay tactic could work. They might be on the line, but have not fully crossed it. And even though his brains were thinking slow down, his loins were demanding, Dammit Roger… do something!

Roger pulls Kayte’ back to him and whispers “Not yet.” He dives back in for yet another kiss.

This kiss is more heated. More passionate. More tongue action. More hands action. That mental wall was crumbling.

On purpose, Roger moves one hand down Katye’ back, to her ass. He had a hand on his mother’s ass, and was holding onto it for dear life.

The action of Roger grabbing Kayte’ ass, intensified her kiss, and her hands on her son’s body. She knew that any remaining doubt about her son, was now gone. She had to have him as her lover, whatever the cost.

After what seemed like seconds (that was actually minutes), they separated their kiss again. Both needing to come up for air. Roger was still trying to process this. He still wasn’t sure. But with his hand never moving an inch from his mother’s ass, he was able to keep her there, still, by his side.

Kayte’ was awestruck of the firm grasp that Roger had on her. He was quite the man, indeed.

“Kayte’, honey, I…”

“You don’t want to do this, do you Roger?” she said to him. Why else would he hesitate so, she thought?

“Kayte’, I don’t know yet.” Roger knew that he was on thin ice at this point. But a stall tactic popped into his head. “I’m still trying to process all of this. There is a very lot on the line with this. Not to mention that several hours ago, I was a single man, with no women out there for me. And then to find out that you left Dad, for me! It’s a lot to take in.”

Yes, Kayte’ wanted him. But he was right. She just dumped her world in his, with no warning. It was only fair, she figured, to give him some time. Let him work through it all. Heaven forbid that she scare him away.

“But,” Roger noted, “I would like to make a suggestion, if you would let me.”

“What?” she asked.

“You are all dressed up, and crazy beautiful and incredibly sexy too,” he said. “And I bet, on top of all that, you are hungry… I know casino siteleri I am.”

Kayte’ didn’t have to think twice, in being so wrapped up in Roger, she had forgotten about food. She was hungry. Two rum and cokes had made her a little light headed, but sitting on an empty stomach didn’t feel the greatest either.

“You’re right, Roger. I am kind of famished,” Kayte’ said. “And we do have all night.”

“And me taking out this gorgeous woman to dinner will give us some time. Time for me to think about all of this, and time for us to get to know each other at this different level. You know, I’m not one to just take a lover sight unseen.”

Roger knew his mother. But not in the dating sense. Now he was going to have to get to know the woman in her. Yes, being his mother helped, but there were parts to her that he didn’t know.

Nothing like studying for the big exam with just a few hours to prepare, he thought to himself.

“Are you up for Italian?” he asked Kayte’.

“Sure. I haven’t had any in quite a while,” she responded.

“I know this little place called ‘Ricco’s Italian’ on the northeast side. They know me, they don’t know you. You can actually be my date tonight, and they won’t know the difference. How does that sound?”

Kayte’ was taken back by what her son, her future lover just said. It sounded like he was ashamed to be with her. “You just made me sound like a piece of meat,” she said to him. It hurt her feelings a little. She looked away from him, partially in shame, partly in disgust.

Roger had heard that tone and got the message loud and clear. It didn’t go over the way he had intended.

“Look, Kayte’, that is not what I meant,” Roger said. He reached over, and gently moved her face back to look at him. Looking into her eyes, he said, “I have loved you all my life. Right now, we are embarking upon a new future. We need to keep this… Us… a secret, until we can fully work out the details.”

Kayte’s expression softened, as she listened to her man.

“What we would be committing to, is illegal, all around the world. I’m just trying to be logical about this while we figure all this out. It has nothing to do with you, yet it has everything to do with you. And no, you’re not a piece of meat.” Kayte’ look turned upwards with a little bit of a smile. “You are my precious pearl, you are my world. Its my job to protect you, and I, and what we could become. And at Ricco’s, I get to show you off a bit.”

The words Roger said to Kayte’, made complete sense. She was making Roger her protector. Something new for her to process that she hadn’t considered.

And yes, Kayte’ realized Roger was right. It is not an accepted practice for a mother and son to become lovers, or to become husband and wife.

“You’re right, Roger. I’m sorry. Ricco’s’ sounds nice,” she said to him. “Really good food?”

“Yes. The best.” he replied.

Roger picked up his phone, and within seconds using speed dial, the phone was answered by the Maitre’d. “Rock, hey bud… it’s Roger,” he said. “Yeah, doing good. How is Cathy? Great. I was worried there. Hey, I know this is late, but would you have room for 2 in the back? Really? Super Rock! I owe you a big one! See you soon!”

“Well, Kayte’, we’re in luck. He had a cancellation, and can squeeze us in, we have to be there in 30, so if you would like to take a powder, we then can go.”

“Ok Roger. Yes I would.” Kayte’ got up from the couch, and made her way into the bathroom.

Roger grabbed his jacket, slid it on, then grabbed her’s. She walked out, her scent lit up Roger’s nose. It was an intoxicating aphrodisiac, for sure. “Here you are, madam.” Roger held out her coat, and helped her get it on. After sliding the coat on, he spun Kayte’ around, and pulled her in close, catching Kayte’ off guard. “I can really say, I love you, Kayte’, and mean it.” Looking into her eyes, his lust overcame him and he pulled her in for a sensuous kiss.

Roger realized just how good Kayte’ felt up against him. He realized he was in the deep end of the pool. But for that moment, he didn’t care. She felt good to him. She needed and wanted him. And that was what mattered the most.

Their kiss started to ebb. Kayte’ said, “I just re-did my lipstick. You messed me up again.” Looking over at Roger, she realized that she had messed him up pretty good too. She got out her lip gloss and re-coated her lips. “You, mister, need a hanky.” she said.

Roger reached in his jacket pocket and pulled out a napkin. With a quick wipe, he said to her, “there… presentable?”

Kayte’ nodded. “Let’s not do that again till we get done with dinner. Then you can mess it up all you’d like.”

Roger said, “Deal.”

He held out his arm, Kayte’ took it and out the door they went.

The drive over was just small talk between them. She looked over at her handsome young man. Yes, he was right. Even though he was already her’s, it wouldn’t be easy for them to be husband and wife. There was still a divorce canlı casino to go through. Then what would they do about living arrangements?

Kayte’ heard her cell phone ringing, so she went into her purse to get it. It was the house number. She didn’t want to talk to Henry. She turned off her phone and put it in her purse. No reason for it to be on during dinner.

They reached Ricco’s 5 minutes before their reservation.

Roger got out, and like a gentleman, he went around and helped Kayte’ out of the car. Once she stood up and pulled her skirt down, Roger held out his arm and Kayte’ took it just as she had earlier. He held the door open, and allowed her to walk in first.

“Rock, my friend, good to see you again,” Roger said to the Maitre’d.

“Roger, looking good bro,” he said.

“Rock, I would like to introduce you to Kayte’. She is my girlfriend.” Roger winked at Rock.

“Cool, dude!” he said. He looked her over and said, “Welcome to Ricco’s. Would you follow me please?”

Kayte’ caught the look that Rock had made over her, and the wink back to Roger of his approval. She was at least a girlfriend. A good start, for the moment. It gave her a warm fuzzy feeling.

Rock lead them to a quiet corner booth in the back corner. It was romantically lit for the dinner hour. Ricco’s was one of the most romantic restaurants in town, that was also reasonably priced, and excellent food on top of that.

The waitress came and took their drink order, and gave them the menus to look over. Roger, ordered iced tea since he was driving, and Kayte’ order a glass of red.

They looked over the menu, and Kayte’ decided on the Chicken Parmigiana. Roger had the Angel Hair pasta with Italian Sausage.

Roger looked over at Kayte’ and said, “You are so beautiful to me…”

“My honey, you are such an inspiration. I love you so.” Because Kayte’ did love him as her son. “Yes, I love you too.” She hadn’t had a chance to say it to Roger since he said it to her.

“So what are we going to tell Helen?” Roger asked. “You know, she’ll find out.”

“She already knows that I left Henry. We had a girl-to-girl chat about it before my birthday.”

“Does she know anything?”

“No. I didn’t tell her about you. I gave Henry till the last minute. I had hoped, and he dashed that hope, for good. That’s when I decided.”

“What about the next door neighbors?” Roger asked. “They’re bound to know something is up, when you…”

“I saw Marge outside watering the grass when I left. She asked me where I was going with suitcase in hand, and I told her that Henry and I were over and done. I told her I was going to stay with a friend for a while.”

“There is still the issues of ‘what are we going to tell people’ about us,” Roger asked.

“I know. I’ve been thinking about it. As I told you earlier, one thing at a time. You, young man, were my first hurdle” Kayte said, looking down. “When I laid down the night I made this decision, I knew that there was a chance to say no.” Kayte looked up at Roger. “Yes, I kind of cheated with my inside information. I had to. Because I knew you were right for me, and that I’d be right for you.” She took a sip of wine.

“But I knew if you were not on board, I was going to have to have a plan ‘p’.”

“P?” Roger asked.

“Punt.” Kayte’ responded.

Roger was thinking ‘like what? What is P?’ and then it dawned on him. Punt. Duh…

Right about that time, their dinners were delivered. Kayte’ didn’t realize just how much of an appetite she had. Roger too, for that matter. When you have a plate of excellent Italian, how can you go wrong?

They finished up their meal. Kayte’ was working on her 2nd glass of wine. She was pacing herself. She didn’t want to get sloshed on her new young man. Kayte’ was hoping there would be more for tonight than just talking.

Roger said, “I needed that.”

“Their food was really good. I wish I had that recipe.”

“I’m sure I could ask Rock to get me a copy, if you’d like.”

“No, Roger, that’s ok. I’d much rather you bring me here, again, like tonight,” she said.

They finished and paid their waitress.

Roger got up, and helped Kayte’ from the table and chair. Extending his arm again, she took it. Right then she felt like a million bucks.

Roger still was feeling a little uneasy about this, but that had subsided quite a bit over dinner.

They walked out to the car and Roger opened the door for Kayte, and got her settled. He stuck his head in, and kissed her, before going around to get in the driver’s seat.

Kayte’ reached over and put her hand on Roger’s right leg. “Thank you for dinner.” She said.

That hand, cause a twitch in Roger’s pants. “You’re very welcome my Kayte’,” he replied.

Unfortunately, the bucket seats in Roger’s car didn’t bode very well for anything to happen in the car. She would have to wait.

When they got back to Roger’s apartment, she told him “I have an overnight bag in the kaçak casino car I need to get. I figured I would be here overnight, one way or another,” she told Roger. He took her keys, and got her suitcase out of the trunk. He went back to the car, and handed the keys back to Kayte’.

They both headed upstairs to his apartment. Kayte’ was a little excited, because of what she wanted to do. She was hoping Roger would be game.

What she hadn’t considered was, what if the plan backfired?

He closed the door, and locked it behind him.

Kayte’ sauntered up to him, “Hey Handsome.” She said.

He grabbed Kayte’s hand, and pulled in to him. There was no hesitation. His lips went directly to hers. His hand slid down his mother’s back, back to her ass.

She felt this energy from him, and intensified her kiss.

Roger pulled her as close as he could. Except this time, he was pulling her into his now fully erect member. His pants were straining to contain it. He was hoping that Kayte’ could feel it. For right at this moment, his girlfriend had made him hard. And he was pulling her into it, wanting her to know what she was doing to him.


“Yes Kayte’?”

“I need to use the ladies room.”

“Oh. Ok.” letting her go from his grip.

He watched as she headed toward the restroom. Not watching her as his mother, but watching her ass as she walked down the hall. Roger took some deep breaths…

He knew the canyon was there; the line was there. It was in sight. One wrong move and they’d be forever lost… in that deep canyon.

Kayte’ was surprised of Roger’s willpower. But also understood his concern about the Mother/Son bonding.

Kayte’ finished her business, took a damp tissue to give herself a good cleaning, and decided to press the issue. It was time.

“Roger,” Kayte called his name when she re-appeared from the powder room. “I know you’re not sure about this. But that’s ok,” said Kayte’. “I have something for you,” she said. “I hope you like it.”

Kayte’ sauntered up in front of Roger, and reached back behind… and with a smooth graceful motion, he heard the zipper on the mini-dress. His eyes were locked on her.

Kayte’ used her right hand, and pulled the black fabric of the dress off the shoulder. Then the left hand grabbed the fabric on the right shoulder and pulled it free. When her fingers opened, the material fell, but not all the way to the floor. The entire dress was being held up by her two crossed arms. Like if Kayte’ were covering herself with them.

Kayte’ took a couple of steps back from Roger. She danced around the floor a bit. She turned around to allow Roger to see the back, which was even more exposed. The dress had slid down far enough to yield a view of her lower spine, just above her ass cheeks.

Kayte’ turned again. Slowly, her arms started moving. The dress started moving.

All of this seemed like it was in slow motion. Gravity was doing it’s job. Downward the dress went.

In seconds, the dress was crumpled around Kayte’ ankles. Roger watched the dress all the way down to the floor. He was already in awe.

Slowly looking up, Roger was now seeing his mother. Her arms went from crossed down low to opening up, like she was putting herself on display. It was kind of a burlesque maneuver, he thought. And that made her that much more tantalizing.

But from this moment forward, Roger knew she was no longer his mother.

Roger was looking at a beautiful woman.

He scanned her over completely. She was now more visible to him, more exposed to him than she had ever been. Kayte’ could feel her cheeks flush with blood. Never before had she ever presented herself to a man as she had done this night.

Up her legs, under the lacy skirt of the babydoll, Roger could make out her perfectly bald crotch. He came out of there over 27 years ago. And if it played out, he’d be back in there again, very soon.

Continuing to look up her body, the only thing that could have been better, would have been an intact right breast, undamaged by the ravages of breast cancer.

Roger realized that could see his mother, his Kayte’, in all her beautiful splendor, standing there in his living room, wearing her sheer black lace baby doll. Everything.

“Beautiful,” escaped Roger’s lips.

Kayte’ stepped out of the dress, kneeled down and picked it up and threw it over on the chair. She stepped up to Roger.

“Do you like it?”

“Oh, Kayte’ baby, it’s gorgeous! You’re gorgeous!” Roger sat up, and reached out for her legs.

A smile appeared on her lips. His hands started to move up and down, feeling every inch of her. All the way up so that his hand was right at the edge of her ass cheeks. This woman was now in his arms. Kayte’ bent over, their lips meeting. They kissed even more more passionately than before. More than their last. But she prematurely ended it. What she did next was completely unexpected.

She dropped down to her knees in front of Roger. Kayte’ grabbed for his belt buckle, and like a pro, it was opened. She unfastened his pants. With a skill of a pro, she had hooked her hands in his trousers and boxers. He sensed what she was about to do, and raised up. She pulled everything down.

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