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Any Chance We Could Ch. 03

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This began as a NaNoWriMo entry last year and was 51K words long then. It’s now over 100K words and growing. A work still in progress, 20 chapters are complete and will be submitted in two or three day intervals. It’s in the Incest category because I had to choose one. The chapters include Romance, Incest, and Group Sex. I couldn’t find an editor so all mistakes are mine and are copyrighted along with the rest of each chapter. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. Enjoy, please comment, and vote.


Saturday, September 29.

Coffee was ready when I came into the kitchen. Katrina was sitting at the table reading the paper. When she got up to refill her cup I couldn’t help but notice that she was wearing a pair of her very tight volleyball shorts, a tank top, three inch pumps and pantyhose. Her shorts were so brief that the darker pantyhose top was clearly evident.

“Nice look, Katrina. Why?”

“I don’t know, I just thought I might start your day on a hard note.”

“Well, it certainly does do that. A suggestion though if you ever decide to do it again,” I ventured.


“Get some sheer to the waist hose, they’ll be more subtle. Don’t get me wrong, the look is outstanding, and I like it on you. Don’t hesitate to do it again. You may even want to lose the shorts,” I said.

“Ohh, do you think you might enjoy that look even better? Should I leave my panties off as well?”

“I won’t comment until I’ve seen it, but I can’t imagine I wouldn’t like it.” I said.

“Move your chair back a bit, Dad.”

After I did she sat on my lap, took the coffee cup from my hand, set it down, took my hand and put it on the inside of her thigh almost at her crotch. As happened last night my reaction was to gently squeeze. “Like the way my leg feels with the stockings?” she asked.

Blushing, “You knew I would.”

“Leave it there for a minute, please. Don’t hesitate to move it around. I talked to Ashley this morning, and she suggested bikinis for this afternoon. What do you think? Move those fingers while you’re thinking,” she asked.

“Sweetheart, whatever you want to wear is OK with me.” Her stockinged leg did feel very sensual under my moving finger tips.

“She also asked if I could spend the night, she said it was OK with her mother. Is it OK with you? And why did you stop moving your hand?” She asked.

The brain had started working in a different direction. If Katrina is at the Bryce’s, and I could bring Veronica back here to show her my exhibited photographs and other things, this could be a very nice Saturday. “Sure, it’s OK with me.” I began moving my hand again having regained my train of thought.

“I have a few errands to run, and then a few things to do back here. What are you up to before we go to Veronica and Ashley’s?” I asked as she stood up.

“I’m going to take off these hose, change into lower heels and go pick up a few items at the mall. Different pantyhose, some thigh highs, perhaps a new bikini. Can I use your charge card? And by the way your dick felt nice against my butt.”

“Get whatever you want Katrina, have fun.”

She bent to kiss me, I moved my hand around to her hip and gently squeezed. She said, “This could become habit forming.”

“What, my hand or my charge card?” I asked.

“Your hand on my body, or even both hands on my body, you have a wonderful touch,” said Katrina.

“Any chance you could take off the shorts before you leave the kitchen?” I asked.

“Sure, I’d love too,” she said as she pushed the shorts down and off her feet leaving them on the floor. I stood and moved closer and took her into my arms with one hand around her back and with the other hand began to gently squeeze and massage her wonderful ass.

“Wait,” she said after a few minutes as she backed up a bit.

“Did I offend you?” I asked.

“God, no,” she said as she thumbed the waistband of the hose and began pushing them down. When they reached her ankles, she held onto my arm with one hand as she stepped out of her heels and finished pulling them off with the other. “Now, where were we?” she asked as she pressed against me. “Put your hand back on my ass” she said.

I embraced her. This time sliding both hands down to her ass cheeks as I kissed her and gently massaged them again.

“Try now with my heels back on,” she said. She stepped into them and asked, “Does my ass feel different?”

“This may take a few minutes for a very scientific, objective appraisal.” I said. After five minutes or so of caressing, I said, “Yes, the heels definitely tighten your ass.”

“Now that too could become habit forming,” I said as we broke the embrace and ended the scientific experiment.

“I hope,” was all she said as she left the room swinging her wonderful panty-covered ass at me.

At one thirty we were in the final stages of getting ready to leave when Veronica called.

“Hi handsome. Remember me?”

“Are plans changing?” I asked.

“No, just wanted to hear your voice and ask if you minded me wearing a bikini?”

“You’re casino siteleri kidding, there isn’t anything you could wear that I would mind?”

“My ex would have and I don’t want Katrina to get the wrong impression?”

Just then Katrina walked into the room in a new bikini with a cover up slung over her shoulder and in two inch high heeled slides. “She won’t be offended, believe me, she won’t. See you in a few minutes.”

“Katrina, what’s come over you? I’ve never seen you in anything that revealing. How enticing and sexy you look.” The top was essentially a semi-sheer white tube with a single strap from the middle that looped around her neck. The bottom was minimal and when she turned around the narrow thong allowed her fantastic ass to be completely revealed. There were a few pubic hairs that escaped the bottom, but I didn’t mind. In fact, I rather enjoyed it.

“You really like it?” She threw her arms around me and pushed her hips against mine, “You really do? When the top gets wet you’ll be able to see my nipples, will you like that?

“You doubt that I wouldn’t? Come on let’s go before I start squeezing some of your tempting body parts.”

“Ooh,” she giggled, put her robe on and picking up a small bag that she had brought into the room with her, turned and said, “I’m ready.” She did flip up the edge of her cover up to give me another ass show as she began walking away.

Seeing my camera bag, she asked, “Aren’t you bringing that with us?”

“Yep,” I replied.

“Do you have your suit on under those shorts?” Katrina asked.

“Ooops, no I don’t, and I haven’t packed it either . Too many distractions, I guess. Hold on for a minute, I’ll go get it.”

“Too many distractions? What distractions?” she asked.

“Well, sweetheart you ended last night cuddled next to me with your legs in my lap wearing only heels, hose, bra and panties and started my morning in pantyhose under very tight and very short shorts, then I caressed your ass both in stockings and just in panties, now, look at the suit you have on. Plus Veronica calling to check if it would be acceptable for her to wear a bikini; those distractions.”

“Oh, yeah, well OK. Get your suit and let’s go before I’m tempted to increase your distraction level.”

“Wait,” she said, “put the camera case down. Put your arms around me and run your wonderful hands under my cover up. Right there on my almost bare ass. Still like that? I do.” She kissed me and pushed her tongue against my lips. “Squeeze my ass.”

“That was also surprising and very pleasant, Katrina, why?”

“Ashley made me aware of what a handsome, sexy man you are, so I had to find out for myself. You are, and I like your touch. And your lips on mine. It’s been years since I’ve seen you for any length of time and I now realize how much I’ve missed you, so call it making up for lost time. I make you hard, you make my pussy wet. Do you mind?” she said.

“No Katrina, I don’t, I’ll get used to it very quickly. You’re a beautiful woman and growing up kind of happened while I wasn’t paying attention. I’m sorry and I’ll help with the making up,” I said.

“Before we go though,” I said as I again wrapped my arms around her, caressed her wonderful ass again, and returned my tongue to her lips which she parted and touched with hers.

“More later? Much more? We need to go,” she said.

“Yes we do and yes to more, and more often,” I said.

I opened the car door for Katrina, closed it and walked around to the driver’s side and got in. She had twisted a bit and had her left leg cocked at the knee and her legs were apart with her cover up pulled up. “What are you doing?”

“Flashing you,” she said coyly.

“Why?” I asked. “I just got one from your ass inside.”

“So you still have an erection when we get to Veronica’s.” Katrina said.

“Why do I need to have erection when I get there, I’m likely to have one shortly after I’ve seen all of you in bikinis.”

“Just want you to make another good impression on Veronica,” Katrina said as she spread her legs just a bit wider exhibiting more pubic hair at the edge of her suit bottom. “Can you see my pussy hair?”

“Yes, a bit. Why?” I asked.

“Do you like it showing, or should I trim it or shave it?”

“If you’re asking for my opinion, I like it. I like a woman to have hair on her private parts. The little bit of yours showing is very sexy to me. If you want to trim it for that style of suit, feel free. But I’d rather you didn’t shave it all off”

“Oh, Dad, you can say ‘pussy’, I know the word and what you’re talking about. Another fetish Dad, like hose and heels?”

“Yes, I guess.” I groaned and drove.

When we got to Veronica’s Katrina had accomplished her mission. I had a hard on, well really more of a firm on, but noticeable nonetheless. As we walked up to the door, Katrina was smirking, and laughed out loud when Veronica answered the door and said, “Are those extra batteries for your camera, or are you glad to see me?”

“Cripes, Veronica, you’re just encouraging her,” canlı casino as I put my arm around her and kissed her with the passion of having been away from her for over twelve hours.

“Come in. You did bring a suit, didn’t you?”

“Dad! …I’ll get it from the car,” said Katrina.

Veronica and I walked in just as Ashley was coming down the stairs to see us. She also had a cover up on over her suit, or I assumed she had her suit on under it. It could have been a bra and panties, or nothing in keeping with how my day was going so far.

“Hi Ashley.”

“Hi, Scott. Where’s Katrina?”

“She’ll be right back. I forgot something in the car.”

“What your suit, or some sort of battery powered device that all those batteries are for?” asked Ashley.

“Ashley, be nice,” said Veronica.

“Hi Ashley. Here’s your suit Dad.”

“Come on Katrina, let’s get to the pool,” said Ashley as she grabbed Katrina’s hand and began leading her through the house.

Veronica on the other hand grabbed my lips with hers, put both arms around my neck pressed her body against mine and saying “God, it’s good to see you again. Let’s get changed and join them,” she said around her tongue in my mouth.

“Together?” I asked.

“Well since Katrina and Ashley are here, together as in at the same time, but in different places,” Veronica clarified. “You use the bathroom down the hall by the kitchen and I’ll use my bedroom upstairs. Meet you right here in a few minutes.”

I went into the guest bath, changed and walked back into the hall with my towel draped over my shoulder. I was wearing red, baggy trunks that stopped a little north of my knees. I don’t exercise as much as I would like too, but have good metabolism, so while not sporting six packs anywhere on my body, my stomach is rather flat.

The new love of my life came down the stairs as a vision of incredible sexiness. Her black bikini fit as if she had just sprayed it on. The top were triangles that almost completely covered each breast. Her suit panty was all that was necessary to cover her in front with a full coverage back. She had lovely breasts, probably 34B, full hips, awesome legs and a divinely rounded ass.

“Like it,” she said as she reached the landing and turned around.

“What does that tent in my trunks say?” I asked.

“Wow, shouldn’t you be hanging out the bottom?” she asked.


“Well if you really were 14 inches from the floor, wouldn’t your cock be below your knee by now?” She asked with her arms folded across her chest.

“I guess I exaggerated, maybe later on we can take a test drive and see if I’m adequate for you.”

“Maybe? Count on it. I have no doubt that you’ll be more than adequate. Come on handsome, let’s go join the girls,” she said.

We walked to the pool deck and both girls had taken off their cover-ups and were standing with their backs to us talking to each other. Katrina in heels with her almost bare and well shaped ass was enough to take my breath away. Ashley also in heels had bit fuller rear, but the narrow string up her ass crack revealed even more of her delectable ass than Katrina’s thong style.

“Ashley, turn around, let me see if there is anything in the front of that suit,” said Veronica.

She turned on her high heel, smiled at us, put her hands on her hips, and asked, “OK?”

Veronica looked at the top pieces which did a good job of covering Ashley’s aerolas but little of the rest of her breasts. The bottom fulfilled its function which seemed to be to cover most of her pubic hair except for a fringe at the top edge. Ashley had a beautiful body, a bit fuller than Katrina’s but with a flat stomach and toned legs. Very, very sexy.

“Well, that’s a lot less suit than I expected, just confine wearing it to our pool,” said Veronica.

“Mom, you think I wouldn’t?”

“Just making sure,” said Veronica. “Besides that look what you’ve done to Scott.”

Damn. It was trying to escape.

“Thanks, but I’m sure that Katrina and you contributed an inch or so, don’t you think?” asked Ashley.

Veronica was in three inch slides and if I were ever going to hyperventilate it would be now.

“Come on Katrina, let’s catch some optimal rays.” With that they dragged two loungers into the sunniest part of the deck and lay down side by side on their stomachs.

“Scott. Scott. Oh, Scott!” Veronica was saying. “Let’s get wet before we sit down, shall we?” Veronica was smiling when I turned to her. “A bit distracted, eh?”

“Ah, yes, sorry,” I said, not too convincingly.

“Don’t be. I think I’ll leave my hair down.”

“OK.” still dazed by my surroundings.

She took my hand and we walked down the steps into the pool, having dropped my towel and her cover up on the deck. As we got to about chest deep, hers, not mine, she turned me towards her and said, “You are a very exciting man.”

“What does that mean?” I asked.

“Look at the way you react to women, I’m going to include myself, who are special to you.”

“With an erection?”

“That’s kaçak casino only one of the ways, Ashley and I have seen many more ways. You really are attracted to me, aren’t you?” Veronica asked

“Veronica, I haven’t been this attracted to a woman since I was in college.”

“Really, what happened to her, is she Katrina’s mother?”

“No, she graduated, took a job on the coast and I haven’t seen or heard from her since. The attraction apparently hadn’t been mutual. Oh, well.”

“Are you to me?” I ventured.

“Yes, Scott, I am. Ashley asked me about it when we got home from dinner last night. At least to her it’s very apparent. Kiss me. Hold me. Now!”

Who was I to refuse. I pulled her into me and kissed her deeply with liberal tongue usage. She ground her stomach against my cock and moaned as she did so.

“Scott!” “Dad!” We heard from the deck, “Get a room!”

We pulled apart a good inch, smiled and Veronica said, “Good idea.”

Veronica and I moved to the edge of the pool, she turned and I lifted her and set her on the coping, and began to caress her legs as I stood in front of her.

“I understand that Katrina is going to spend the night with Ashley, can you leave them here alone this evening after dinner?” I asked.

“Sure, what’d you have in mind?”

“Taking you to my house and showing you my etchings.”

“Ooh, the old etchings ploy,” said Veronica.

“They really aren’t etchings. They’re my exhibited photographs. Sound OK to you?” I asked.

“Which part? The photos? Being alone with you? Both do.”

I noticed movement on the deck out of the corner of my eye and looked toward the girls. Ashley was sitting up on her lounger and had retrieved a container of lotion that she was squeezing into her hand. She started to spread it on Katrina. She began with the backs of Katrina’s legs and liberally but gently coated them all the way up to Katrina’s ass, then began on her bare ass and lower back.

She untied Katrina’s single strap from around her neck, then said, “Katrina, you’re going to have to take this top off, it’s too wide in the back and it’ll give you a funny tan line.”

Katrina rolled onto her back, swung her legs to the deck and pulled it off. Her back was to me as she did this then she lay down sideways and rolled onto her stomach. Ashley then coated her back and sides including the part of her breasts that squeezed out to the side.

Ashley was sitting facing us when she simply untied the neck and back and let the top drop. Her breasts appeared firm, gently tear drop shaped, were full and she had beautiful nipples that were a bit darker than her areola which were about the size of quarters. “Mom, come and do me, will you. Or maybe Scott would like to? I don’t want Katrina to have to sit up. She’ll rub the lotion off her legs.”

Veronica said, “Be right there.” And to me, “Control yourself handsome, maybe some other time, but you’ll need to be tested first.”


“Yes, on me.” Veronica said.

“Say the word,” I said.

Ashley stood as Veronica approached then knelt on the lounger and lay back down on her stomach. An incredible sight, Veronica walking toward Ashley and her topless daughter facing me at the same time. Such gorgeous breasts and a shapely ass.

Veronica applied the lotion to her daughter’s back, legs and had her lift up her torso to put some on the side of each breast.

When she finished she walked back toward me and asked, “Want me to do you?”

I said, “Sure, only if you’re next.”

“Then get out of there and come over here and lie down,” she said.

I did. I dried off a bit, sat down and she scooted a lounger next to me and said, “On your stomach first, front later. I don’t want to go too high on your legs, because, you know.” That drew snickers from Katrina and Ashley. Her touch was wonderful and my erection threatened to lift me up and roll me off the lounger.

“Now do me,” Veronica said.

She turned onto her stomach, untied both the back and neck of her top and said “OK.”

I began at her ankles and applied more of a massage than a rubbing on of lotion. I wasn’t quite sure how high to go on her thighs but knew I was reaching the upper limit when she began to moan. “Tits, or legs, Mom?” Ashley asked without even raising or turning her head.

“Legs, honey, hmm, that feels good Scott.”

I continued on her back, telling her to pull her hair aside when I did her neck. As I moved to her sides, the moaning began again. “Tits now, huh Mom?”

I quit while I was ahead and lay down. We toasted for 30 or 40 minutes. I asked if I could get anyone something to drink.

Katrina and Ashley both asked for diet colas, Veronica wanted iced tea saying there was a pitcher full in the refrigerator. I got up, letting my cock lead the way, and returned with a tray of two iced teas and two diet colas. Honest to God I could have balanced it on my dick.

“Set it over there please and come over here and tie my top,” said Veronica. “And, by the way you passed the test. Ashley, he passed the lotion test.”

As I went to tie her top, both girls stood up, slipped their feet into their heels and walked over to the table and sat down after reaching for their drinks. “They both have lovely breasts don’t they?” Veronica off-handedly remarked.

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