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A’s for Mommy Ch. 1

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Deborah lay stretched out on a beach towel next to the pool. Her goal for this hot August day was to shock some color into her soft creamy skin. She’d gotten bored of her romance novel hours ago and there she lay dozing in the sun, her bikini top unfastened so she wouldn’t ruin the perfect tan she hoped to achieve.

Life had been good lately. She’d managed to send two of her three children out into the real world without any consequences. Doug, her ex-husband was finally out of her life, and she’d finally convinced Ian, her eighteen year old son to go to community college. She even figured out a way to motivate him to do well: by promising to fulfill one of his wishes every time he got an A.

Brandon’s first quarter had gone well, he’d gotten A’s in nearly every class. She’d had to fork over a sizeable amount in order to deliver the vintage corvette he’d bargained for, but as far as she was concerned it was well worth it. In fact, his next report card was due any day now.

Deborah was so engrossed in her mid afternoon day dreaming that she didn’t notice Ian come home. He was usually a loud boy, but not today. She had finished her vodka tonic twenty minutes ago and her tongue was getting dry.

“Well, since no one’s home…” She said to herself as she stood up, leaving her bikini top on the towel. Her nipples became taut as she stretched and let the light afternoon breeze blow over her overheated body. She walked casually into the kitchen, catching a glimpse of her immaculate body in the sliding glass door. For forty-five she looked pretty damn good.

When she got into the kitchen she set her glass on the counter and opened the freezer; she’d never stood in front of an open freezer topless. The sudden realization made her hot. She removed the ice cubes and the vodka from their icy haven and pulled the tonic out of the fridge. As she twisted the ice tray, two cubes flew out onto the floor. She sighed and bent over, her tight ass high in the air.

“Mom?” A surprised Ian called from behind her.

Deborah shot up and turned around, her heavy breasts swinging into full view before she could cover them with her ice cube laden hands. casino siteleri

Ian’s eyes grew large. “Uh, excuse me,” he said, staring at her breasts before he bolted out of the kitchen and upstairs.

Deborah’s heart was racing. Had that really just happened? She ran into the laundry room and grabbed her robe, which she had just conveniently washed, out of the washer. She pulled the damp terry cloth over her electrified skin and headed upstairs.

She paused at the end of the hall, trying to formulate the conversation she was going to have with her son. How embarrassing, was all she could think. She took a deep breath, and headed down the hall. Once she was at his door , instead of knocking she swung the door open; an act she immediately regretted.

Ian was on his bed, fervently stroking his glistening ten-inch cock.

“Oh my!” Deborah exclaimed as she turned to go.

She was nearly out the door when Ian yelled, “No, please mom. We need to talk.”

Deborah turned around to see that he had pulled the covers up over his engorged member. He was trying to hold down the fabric, but his enthusiastic hard-on was still clearly evident. She stood there for a few moments, knowing that she should go, but something compelled her to stay. Was it the growing wetness between her legs?

“Mom, please sit down.” Ian patted the side of his bed, the only place in the room to sit down.

Deborah moved forward and obliged, sitting down on his bed, only inches from the tent in his lap.

“I got my grades today,” he explained. His voice quivered with excitement and fear.

“Did you?” Deborah’s mouth was dry, but she was wishing she’d never gone inside for that vodka tonic.

“I got straight A’s again.” Ian said, his blue eyes boring into her own.

“That’s wonderful,” Deborah replied. She was genuinely excited by this, good grade always made her so proud. “Have you decided what you want?”

“I think so,” Ian put his hand over hers. “you said anything right?”

Deborah’s heart felt like it was going to burst. Was he going to ask her what she thought he was going to ask her? It wasn’t that she didn’t think she canlı casino would be able to live with herself, the problem was that Deborah was actually starting to think that a sexual encounter with her son would be incredible. She’d never seen a cock that big before. Ian’s father had had a nice six inches, it wasn’t anything fabulous, but he had known how to use it. It had been six months since the last time she’d had sex, and she felt like any minute now, the growing wetness between her legs would seep through her robe onto the bed. “I did say anything,” she said breathily.

Ian smiled and ran his hand up her arm until it touched her robe. He frowned, “your robe, it’s wet.” He looked at her and smiled, “why don’t you take it off?”

Deborah inhaled sharply, and stood up. She untied the robe’s soft belt slowly, unlooping it until it fell limply at her sides. The robe, wet and malleable, clung to her skin. She peeled it back slowly, exposing first one shoulder and then the other. She let the robe fall to the floor with a wet thwack. Her tanned skin seemed to glow in the darkened room.

“Come here, sit down,” Ian said, motioning to the bed once again.

Deborah obeyed and sat down. Her nipples stood erect, begging for attention.

Ian moved closer to her, placing a hand on her right breast. He kneaded it softly in his hand before he bent to kiss the rosy swollen areola. He let his lips linger, opening them slightly and accepting her bud into his warm mouth.

As his tongue rolled over her nipple, Deborah sighed heavily, then moaned. She threw back her head of sable curls as he moved on to the next mound of creamy soft skin.

He elicited groans as he nibbled playfully on her second nipple. He reached for her hand, bringing it under the covers to his throbbing dick. His lips traveled up her chest to her neck and then onto the lobe of her ear. “Please mom,” he whispered huskily as he brought her soft hand in contact with his swollen cockhead.

Deborah pulled back the covers, fully taking in the awesome sight of his huge dick. She wrapped her fingers around it and began to pump his eager shaft up and down; increasing the pressure kaçak casino as she neared his cockhead. Drop after drop of musky precum began to gather on the mushroomed head of his cock. she had to taste it. She bent her head over his lap and descended on his hard-on. First she licked his cockhead, savoring the taste of his delicious cum.

Ian sighed sharply as he tried to prevent himself from ejaculating. He had dreamed of this for so long, and now it was finally happening.

Deborah took a deep breath as she sucked his dick into her hot salivating mouth. She moved farther and farther down on his shaft, until her nose rested against his baby soft tuft of pubic hair, and her chin was cradled comfortable in his swollen balls. Her lack of tonsils made her an excellent deepthroater.

Ian closed his eyes and then looked up, concentrating on the ceiling. every now and then he would take a peak at his gorgeous mom bobbing up and down on his slick meat pole.

Deborah sensed he was near, so she began to increase the fervor with which she inhaled his cock. Up and down, back and forth. She snaked her expert tongue along the veiny bottom of his enormous manhood. Cock-sucking had never excited her this much, maybe it was because she knew she had created this gourmet piece of cock she was smoking. She’d never been so hot.

“Cum for mommy, baby,” she cried as she came up for air, and then dove down on his cock again and again.

Ian finally lost it, his balls tightened up before her shot streaming load after load down his mother’s hungry throat and all over her face and hair. He tried to get some on her huge melons, but she was too hungry for his jiz, eagerly lapping up every drop she could.

As soon as Deborah caught her breath she concentrated on milking every spare drop of cum she could from her son. His cock began to soften as she emptied him out and began to lick the cum off his balls and off her face.

“Thank you mom.” Ian said as he collapsed onto the bed.

“You’re welcome,” Deborah said as she stood up and grabbed her robe. She pulled it back on and turned to go.

As she reached for the door Ian called to her, “Mom, I said I got straight A’s, that’s five A’s.”

“Five?” Deborah said slyly as she let the robe drop and headed for the bed, “well, we’ll have to see what I can do to reward you for all five…”

To Be Continued…

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