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Ashley’s Homecoming Ch. 07

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I’m not really sure who I wanted to be on top of me as I came, I do know that it didn’t really matter because it meant that Lori was now at least partially comfortable with me fucking another woman and for me that was the ultimate reward. It meant that I could be with the women I had fantasized about and the woman who I loved with all of my heart.

It took my eyes a second to adjust to the light in the room after having my eyes covered for so long but I could tell by the silhouette that is was Kara. As everything came into focus her face was still twisted in agonizing pleasure but it looked so angelic, like she had stubbed her pinky toe while celebrating winning the lottery. Her extra perky tits were lightly undulating as she slowed her movements to a slow rocking motion, not going up and down on my cock but just making it move inside her as she ground her pussy around my base. Looking around now I saw Lori sitting on the hope chest with her fingers tenderly caressing her pussy, her chest was rising and falling rapidly, and her eyes a little glassy. Ashley was just sitting with her back to Lori’s, leaned over resting her elbows on the corner of the bed.

“Me,” I said after my quick scan of the room. “because I just had 3 beautiful women suck my dick while they thought I was asleep. I gotta say this was probably the best game we have ever played.”

“It’s a whole new experience when you don’t know who is doing what to you, isn’t it?” Lori questioned as Kara dismounted me and just laid next to me on the bed with a shit eating grin plastered to her face. I quickly looked to Ashley and she confirmed my questioning look.

“I told her it was me going down on her.” was all she said, apparently leaving out the part about me fucking her from behind while she was doing it.

“It was fantastic, that’s for sure.” I said reaching over to Kara and lifting her up to a seated position so I could give her a deep and passionate kiss that just seemed to go on and on, neither one of us wanting it to end. When I finally broke the kiss I crawled down to the end of the bed and gave Ashley a kiss and whispered ‘thank you’ in her ear before pulling Lori up into the bed and giving her a long hug and a loving kiss. “We may have to do that again.”

We all slept in the same bed that night, it was a little crowded but me made it work. I was awoken a few different times during the night by someone working my dick into their body. Lori was the first, grinding back into me as we spooned, Kara was the second and she just crawled on top of me and rode herself to another orgasm before she rolled off between Lori and myself falling back to sleep quickly. Still hard I snuggled up behind Ashley and worked myself inside her, I slowly pumped in and out of her luscious cunt until she woke up and started grinding her hips back into me which quickly got me off. I woke up a little later to her cleaning my cock, I thought she was just trying to get a midnight snack but when I reached and touched her shoulder she released me from her mouth and resumed her little spoon position. She kept pushing her ass back into me, begging to be filled again. I grabbed my cock, lined it up with her pussy, and started to push forward.

“Not there.” she whispered the most wonderful words I had heard from her mouth.

I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her tight against me, holding her for what seemed like an eternity before whispering back “I’ll be gentle this time, I promise.” I lined myself up and put gentle pressure on her sphincter, surprisingly I slid right in, slowly I buried myself deep within her anus.

“I was stretching it while I woke you up, there should be plenty of lube still.”

This was her wanting me to make love to her ass, slow, tender, loving. Even though I slid right in it was still a very constraining feeling around my shaft. This time I rubbed and fingered her pussy about the same speed I was slowly drilling her ass, she came at least three times, maybe more, but it was hard to distinguish the end of one and the beginning of the next. The entire time we made little movement of the bed and no noise above a whisper, what we were doing was truly meant to be just between us. Finally I couldn’t take anymore of it and told her I was about to fill her up but she mumbled something about not wasting it and pulled herself off my prick and slowly slid back under the cover sucking me quickly into her mouth and coaxing my remaining seed through my shaft. Once her hunger was satiated she returned and snuggled back into my grasp.

I woke up around 8am to the smell of breakfast and the sound of people outside shopping for bargains next door. Kara and I were the only ones left in bed. She stirred a bit so I leaned in and starting kissing up and down her neck until she was rubbing the length of my shaft between her ass cheeks.

“I love you care bear” I said as I nibbled on her ear lobe then I raised her to her hands and knees and assumed my position behind her. Entering slowly, drawing out the initial sensations as I found her depths as if for the casino oyna first time. We quickly settled into an even pace, somewhere between the gentle and sensual lovemaking and the hard and nasty fucking. Kara looked so perfect in front of me, like her body was designed for only me to mount, she exuded sexuality and innocence simultaneously making me want to fuck her as hard as I could and also make love to her as slowly and passionately as possible.

“Are you two coming down for breakfast?” Lori called up the stairs.

“We’re up, will be coming in a minute.” I hollered back and returned my attention back to making sure Kara got off. Within a couple minutes she started peaking and pulled me along with her as we both finished and hurriedly got dressed before hustling downstairs hand in hand.

The party goers started showing up around noon and it was in full swing by 1, which meant I was out in the garage by 2 to escape the noise. Lori slipped out once to check on me and have a quickie in the backseat of her Caddy before heading back inside. I slipped back in as everyone was taking more and said my goodbyes.

By 5pm everyone had left, Kara and Ashley took Judy’s van and the four boys to Judy’s house leaving just me and the two sisters to pick up after the carnage of the party. Once Lori was satisfied we decided to grab a quick bite to eat then hit up a bar for a few drinks. A few drinks turned into about five each and we took a cab home around 10pm. Once we got home Lori and Judy decided watching a movie with some more wine was a good idea, I wasn’t about to argue because I like drunk Lori and Judy gets downright slutty when she drinks.

They made what can only be described as a nest of pillows and cushions on the floor, I had always wondered why we had so many pillows but I thought Lori just did it to piss me off. We have 9 pillows on the couch, 7 on the loveseat, and another 3 on the oversized chair (we also have about 10 or so on the bed also but I doubt you really care) and they were all laid out on top of all the cushions from the furniture, forming a giant mattress. They had pulled the ottoman and chair against one side, the couch on the opposite, and the loveseat was at the ‘head’ of the bed, the furniture holding everything in place, leaving the ‘foot’ facing our entertainment center, they even ran a couple body pillows along the loveseat. I was honestly impressed with their ingenuity!

They brought up some chick flick on the dvr and lounged in their nest, each with a bottle of wine and a glass tucked into the gaps left by the corner cushions’ tab that normally rested around the arm. I decided to let them consume a bit more alcohol while they entertained themselves and I headed to the basement to fire up a couple hitters.

I turned the TV on, found a pretty good stand up comedian and kicked back. Grabbing my hitterbox I found it to be once again wrapped in a pair of wet panties, any other time and I would have been stroking myself as soon as was was able to get my zipper down but I didn’t want to do anything to reduce my ability to rise to the occasion throughout the night. I managed to get three smoked before I decided to put everything back and just hop in the shower. When I got out I just wrapped up in the towel and sat back down in my recliner for a cigarette, the next thing I know I hear the girls clunking down the stairs.

“What are you doing down here?” one of them slurred.

“Sorry ladies, guess I dozed off.”

“It’s OK, I needed a smoke anyway.” Judy said as she stumbled to the loveseat. Lori decided my lap looked more comfortable and plopped her sexy ass down directly on my dick.

I must have been out for a while because both women had changed into nightmare, Lori in a short nightie that barely covered her bare butt cheeks, Judy in a hot black négligé that was more see through than fabric. Having only a towel around my waist I somehow felt overdressed for the situation. Lori wasted no time in beginning to grind her ass up and down my crotch searching for my ever present erection, once she found it she slowly glided her ass cheeks along my length.

“So what movie you got on now?” I asked.

“It just ended actually,” Judy said as she took a drag and watched as Lori got into a smooth rhythm.

“If we put something on I can stand maybe we can just hang out in the living room instead of down here.” I said wanting a little more freedom than my chair allowed for.

“Sounds good to me.” Lori purred back at me while Judy just snuffed her cig out. As Lori moved to get up I ran my fingers through her pussy and popped them into my mouth.

“Uuuuhhhh” Judy moaned as she roughly manipulated one of her big tits in her left hand.

We situated ourselves so Lori was in the middle and Judy was propped up in the corner as Lori started the movie in the DVD player.

I leaned back with my head on the body pillow, Lori snuggled in with her head on my chest and just ran her hands up and down my exposed skin, eventually letting them bump against my towel enough times to canlı casino force it to come undone. Once loose she peeled the overlap back fully exposing my erection to Judy then wrapped her left hand around the base of my shaft and started kissing her way down my body. Lori rotated so her head was above my midsection with her naked bottom facing Judy, and lowered her head onto my dick. She made a greedy slurping noise as I breached the goal line formed by her pouty lips and in true drunk Lori fashion she proceeded to give me a down and dirty blowjob. Her hair soon hiding her face as her head frantically bobbed on my knob and the suction noises were echoing off the walls. Wanting to get my first taste of pussy since I woke up I grabbed Lori’s right leg and pulled her and a few pillows towards me, getting the idea she swung that leg over my body and rocked her hips back to find my mouth.

I looked to the left as I began licking and probing Lori’s cunt to see Judy spread eagle with her head on the ottoman and right leg on the loveseat that supported the body pillow my head was resting on. Her négligé had two strings that ran down both side of her exposed and protruding pussy lips, she didn’t have a hair that I could see but had a tattoo that I couldn’t clearly make out that was on the right side of her pubic mound. Her finger was tracing the inside edge of her outer lips, only the tip getting coated with her moisture. Her other hand was once again massaging her breast as she tweaked her nipple between thumb and forefinger.

She had been watching my dick disappear over and over into Lori’s ravenous mouth but turned to look at me before I had a chance to stop staring. Our eyes met and she sunk two fingers to the hilt in her dripping box causing her jaw to drop slightly. I turned my attention back to Lori’s tasty treat and now with all of my attention I quickly brought on her first orgasm. As her muscles started to shake she took my into her throat before thrusting back into my head, driving the tip of my nose into her little rosebud she instinctively pulled back forward but immediately eased back until my nose was once again nestled against her ass hole. Lori was coming down from her first orgasm as she took my cock back in her mouth, Judy’s foot slid off onto the top of my hand reminding me that she was still in the room.

I brought my left hand to her leg and gently traced my way along its soft and smooth length until I touched one of the support strings of her crotchless lingerie, I could feel her hand pistoning her pussy, I moved over the fabric and followed her lip up to her mound. On her next outstroke I snuck my fingers into her tunnel and started my own three finger probing of her twat, rotating rubbing on her g-spot before just fucking her hole, alternating as best as I could. Glancing over I see she now has one boob exposed and the nipple twisted between her fingers and thumb, her other hand rubbing her clit vigorously.

Lori’s walls clamped down on my tongue as I was searching her depths and hips once again lurching back against my face as she experienced her second climax. Her moans were soon echoed by Judy as I was now grazing her special spot with each retraction my fingers made from her now creamy and convulsing cunt. Lori dropped my member from her hole and said something about her jaw aching.

“My jaw feels just fine.” Judy announced and crawled forward as Lori slid off to my right. Judy quickly had her legs straddling my body and was waving her ass back and forth in front of my face.

“Mr. Stevens isn’t going to care about this, is he?” I asked just before Judy tried to suffocate me with her sex, forcing my nose inside her tunnel and grinding her mound into my open mouth. I felt the hotness of her mouth envelope my prick as I started to explore her body with my tongue, tasting every inch of her pussy and the surrounding area I could reach. Judy’s technique had more finesse than her daughter but her mouth was nowhere near as satiny feeling as Kara’s was. Lori started touching my thighs when Judy picked up her tempo, tracing light circles that sent tingles all over my body.

When Judy started twisting her head and licking my shaft in the opposite direction I started really working on her clit. If she was a car I had just found her gas pedal, her head now bobbing like she was listening to some head banging 80s rock.

“I’m gonna cum.” I said right into her cunt causing it to frantically grind her mound based against my face. When I felt the first jet erupt through my cock she moaned loudly and suddenly my mouth was flooded with her own fluid. Lori cupped my nuts and encouraged them to drown her sister with my salty seed, once my last ounce of sperm was deposited in her sister’s mouth Lori pulled Judy off my dick and forced her to share her prize.

“I like this nest you girls made but maybe we should just take this upstairs.” I said as my softening cock started to find a second wind as I watched them swap my cum back and forth.

“Let’s go bitch!” Lori yelled as she shoved Judy off of me onto the kaçak casino pillows and cushions, grabbing my arm and helping stand quickly, I grabbed Judy’s outstretched hand and pulled her to her feet as Lori drug us both up the stairs behind her. Once inside our bedroom Lori stopped and slingshotted Judy and I towards the bed, I easily stopped as I reached the end of Lori’s arm span but when Judy reached mine she wasn’t able to maintain her grip and went tumbling onto the bed. Lori pulled me back to her and tugged at my cock gently, I lifted her nightie off of her body, grabbing her hips I guided her towards the bed where she crawled up beside her sister and just laid her on her Judy’s one exposed tit.

“Why don’t you help her out of that thing.” I suggested as I turned on the stereo to a low level and searched for a decent station before just switching it to one of Lori’s playlists. As a “Doors” song started to encompass the room in the sounds of a storm I watched as Lori was pulling the fabric from Judy’s body. They both had slim waists and wide hips, large breasts and shoulder length hair, not quite a mirror image of each other but no one would ever doubt that they were sisters. Lori pulled her sister in for another kiss as I approached her nightstand, sliding in behind Lori I quickly began to kiss her neck. “Lay down at the end of the bed.”

Lori pulled away from her sister and scooted to the end of the bed, I crawled down her body dragging the tip of my dick from her forehead down her face. When it reached her mouth she wrapped her lips around my head but I kept crawling down, pulling my dick free elicited a groan to rumble from her body. Dragging it between her large breasts, I traced a path of pre-cum down to her naval and over her pubic mound as I crawled down onto the hope chest. I spun around and placed my dick at her entrance, it moved gently and worked to slowly pull it into its grasp much the same way a snake would swallow a large object. Pulling away from her vagina I ran my shaft through her lips using my palm to press it hard into her clit.

Judy was laying next to Lori, her hips at Lori’s head, with her hand working its way around her glistening pussy. In the light I could now see that her tattoo was a cat that had a speech bubble that said ‘rough’. I motioned for her to come towards me and she sat up moving to her knees I waved over Lori’s body and Judy just grinned back at me before crawling up to the heads of the bed then down Lori’s body just as I had done before, stopping to give her a kiss she moved towards me never breaking eye contact. When Lori sucked one of her passing nipples into her mouth Judy jumped a little then returned the surprise but actually biting down a little causing Lori to scream into her tit. Judy kissed and licked her way down the globe and into the valley beneath, along Lori’s creamy white skin cleaning her of the trail I left. Tonguing out her bellybutton caused Lori’s hip to jerk up hard into my cock that was now slathered in her juices. Judy followed my trail down to where my head was popping up between her folds.

She looked back as Lori’s tongue found her puffy lips then positioned her head so her chin was on Lorie’s pelvis with her tongue on her mound, it’s tip right where Lori’s lips begin to form, every time my head popped above Lori’s mound Judy pressed her tongue against my throbbing cock. Tasting her sister’s juices for the first time that I knew about. She tilted her head down so now her lips were resting less than an inch from Lori’s clit, she blew down Lori’s pussy and the coolness washed over my tip. She opened her mouth and I pushed forward through Lori’s engorged lips and directly into Judy’s mouth, over and over again I answered Lori’s juices across her sister’s lips and tongue. I changed my angle so I was just catching the top of Lori’s lips, applying all of my pressure onto her clitoral hood and began to drive fast and hard into Judy’s steamy mouth, holding her head down with my hands.

When Lori’s hips started gyrating and bucking against my stiff erection I backed up and plunged deep inside her in dripping cunt forcing her to wail into Judy’s box, Judy sat back on Lori’s face and started to hump her head. I leaned in and latched onto the same tit she had been playing with throughout the night, Judy mashed my head into her chest with one hand and started playing with Lori’s clit the the other. I could feel her hand pick up speed as it kept bumping my shaft and soon Judy was screaming her way through an orgasm. I looked up at her contorted face and bit down hard on her nipple, her eyes shot wide open and her whole body jerked and flailed.

“Why don’t you switch places with Lori.” I whisper to Judy after she pulled my mouth from her breast and kissed me tenderly. Without saying a word she swung herself off Lori and laid down next her sister. Lori’s face was shiny and covered in a slick film but she was smiling and watched as I continued to plunge into her womb. Once Judy was settled I backed out of Lori and slid in between Judy’s legs and pushed my throbbing head through the entrance of her tunnel then stopped to watch Lori mount her face with her back towards me. That was her favorite way to ride my face because I could tongue her box while she grinded her clit into my nose.

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