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At the Library

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It was when my right shoulder nearly took a girl out that I realized how fast my pace was. I blushed, apologizing profusely – while walking backwards, of course – and went on my way again. With a nervous giggle, I turned the corner of Campus Drive and took the back steps up to the main entrance in a jog. Readjusting the book bag to my other shoulder and catching my breath, I wedged my way past a couple of guys huffing the last draws of a cigarette near the doorway. The wall of smoke burned my chest, making my breath stop and eyes squint for a moment, and then the cold draft of air conditioning saved me as I slipped in the doorway.

Smiling politely at the front desk attendant’s blank stare, I went to the stairway by the elevator. No one used the stairs and they were empty and quiet as always, only an echo of my sandals rising up the halls. I paused at the landing before the second floor. Maybe I could do it here? I turned, looking down the stairway at the doorway. I chewed my lower lip in deep thought. Hmmm. My hand slid down my hip and into the crease of my pelvis. But, I jumped with a soft yelp as a doorway slammed a couple floors up. No one was ever in here! What the hell? I turned and continued up the flight with horrific visions running through my head of getting caught. I felt the heat rush up my neck and face as I blushed, staring at the ground intently as the person from above passed me going down the stairs.

The third floor would be better. There are not as many people there. I walked along the outer corner of the building, passing the law library, the staff lounge, the magazine archives and on into the corner along the windows. Several study desks were set up here. The fluorescent lights were blinking at me as my sandals seemed to clang along the floor. I slowed down and made my steps more deliberate, eyeing the aisles and not spotting a soul.

I chose a desk about halfway down the aisle. I didn’t want to be near the corner and have to worry about two hallways. I squeezed into the desk and looked around. Quiet. Just the buzz of the light ahead. Unzipping my bag, I pulled out my notebooks, my props. It was then my gaze fell to my right and my hand stopped mid-air. I was next to the window, three floors up. I know they were tinted on this end, but also knew at night, you could distinguish shapes in the glass from the campus walk casino siteleri below. Just shapes though. I shrugged and lounged into the seat, feeling the fabric of the long dress bunch up beneath my ass in the seat. My eyes closed and I resumed the fantasy so horribly interrupted by my roommate earlier.

…. She was behind me, hand full up my shirt, over my bare tits… her hands were cold from her drink, making my nipples rock hard pebbles beneath her splayed fingers… she squeezed… the edges of her nails going into the flesh…..

I sunk a little further down in my chair, knees splaying, the long dress fabric hanging about my shins. My thighs were sticking slightly and I jerked a little when they parted and the cold air from the room met my wet thighs. My hand slid over my tummy and over my mound through the fabric, eyes flickering open, then darting about. I saw the end of a coat walk to the other side of the aisle many rows up from where I was sitting. My hand paused. I darted my head behind me. Nothing. Waiting… waiting… quiet.

I pushed at the fabric between my thighs, scooting my ass further to the edge of the seat so I could spread further. My hand practically squished into my crotch. God, I was so wet. I looked over my shoulder out the window as I started to finger-pull the skirt up my leg. The fabric tickled my skin as it slid over my knee and up my thigh until finally my fingers touched skin. I leaned forward a little to fluff my skirt out around my legs while my hand was pushed between my thighs. The skirt was full enough, flowy enough, to completely keep my legs covered even with my hand inserted between my legs.

I looked around again as I let my fingers tickle along the slick smooth lips of my pussy. The fingers were so cold. Mmmm… like HERS. My eyes wafted closed again.

…. I felt her pelvis press sharply against my ass and I pushed back against her, grinding my soft bottom into her warmth, wanting to wedge it in enough to really feel her heat. She bit into my neck and I groaned…

My eyes flew open, realizing I had groaned aloud. My head did the quick sharp look around. Fuck. Someone was in a desk a few yards away behind me. I could only see a foot sticking out. I know he couldn’t see anything or really hear anything. I don’t think.

Two of my fingers had wedged their way canlı casino between my outer pussy lips and were stroking along the inner folds still. I pressed them on either side of my clit, making the little mini-dick wriggle free from its hood. I tapped at it and my entire body went rigid as jolts shot clear up to my face from that tap. I felt my face go red and realized my other hand was gripping the side of the desk until the knuckles were white. I pushed the fingers away from my clit and down to my positively oozing hole. I pushed my index finger in, wiggling it. I began to lean forward so it wouldn’t be obvious where my left hand was if someone DID walk by on my left. As I leaned forward, I turned my head to look out the window, watching a couple walk by a hundred feet below in the walk as I shoved my finger in to the hilt. My eyes glazed over and it was HER fingers…

…. Pushing up inside me from behind. I was bent, weakening, grabbing at her hand to shove her fingers in harder and faster, begging for more urgency. She just laughed at me, at my wantonness and yanked her fingers free to raise them up and smear them on my face….

I did the same. The smell was so musky and strong. I painted my upper lip with my juice, around the tip of my nose, dragging the fingers over to plunge them in my mouth. The slurp I made was a little too loud and I looked over my shoulder again. He was gone! Panic. I waited. This was too intense. I had to make this fast.

I reached down again and pushed two fingers inside, curling them up to rub at that upper wall. My hips squirmed on the chair and one foot started to straighten out as I maneuvered. I frantically reached with the other hand to bury it beneath the folds of the dress, pressing my middle finger over my clit and just pushing and pushing, trying to push it through the bones of my pelvis.

My face was on fire, my breath was heavy. I wanted, NEEDED, to cum so badly. I started to rapidly circle the clit while the fingers inside me just poked and prodded at that upper wall. My legs were starting to jerk and the fabric was falling away from my knees. I didn’t care. I had to get off.

My middle finger was burning my clit a little, so I yanked it up to wet it in my mouth and immediately flew it back to its job. Its job of circling madly and pressing tighter and tighter. I focused kaçak casino intently on the clock on the far wall as my breath came in grunted gasps, legs flailing and then one pressing on a leg of the desk, feeling my body tighten even more. The foot pressed into the desk leg harder and harder until it grudgingly moved along with the floor with a loud squeak.

I let out a whimper and there it comes, there it was. My mouth opened wide, but I restrained the scream and gritted my teeth in a pained expression as I shook, jerking in the chair, my hands were still and just pressed tightly to hold it… hold it… and then in a whoosh of breath, I yanked my hands free and leaned forward to press my hot face into the desk. I turned my head from side to side, breathing heavily, as I cooled my skin on the desk surface.

I turned towards the window and could see the shadow of my reflection. I watched as the woman in the window brought the fingers up to her nose to inhale deep and then suck on the fingers. My eyes moved down and focused on people on the sidewalk. They were stopped, facing the library. Could they have seen? Could they have watched me? I let out a murmur and suckled the fingers until I could taste me no more.

Rising up again into seated position, my shaky hands grabbed my books and things and shoved them into the bag. I stood up from the seat and had to grip the desk edge for a moment before walking on, trying to discreetly tug the fabric that was wedged into the wet crack of my ass. I walked to the back of the room, where the side exit was, thinking I would have to see the least amount of people there with what I knew was a scarlet red face.

Then a shoe popped out a couple desks away and I jumped in surprise. As I slowed my walk and looked over, the guy was looking up like he was waiting for me to pass and smiling. He said hello or something. I’m not sure what he said. I just nodded and walked on. Did he…? No, surely.

My pace quickened as I saw a restroom and flew into it and into the back stall. I slung my book bag onto the ground, hiked the dress up and plopped down onto the cold toilet seat. I leaned my head against the side stall to try to cool myself again as the urine burned my raw folds on its way out. I fumbled with the toilet paper and reached between my thighs. The toilet paper just slid past my soaked puss and my hand pressed up into the slick girl-cum. I let the paper go and let my fingers rub along the oiled lips, playing in the juice. My eyes closing, I smiled. I hadn’t cum that hard in a long time. Maybe next time I wouldn’t be in such a hurry.

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