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Auditor Tales Ch. 02

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After she finished peeing I closed the door and moved over to my side. She was about to put on her panties but I stopped her. I want to feel you, I said. I want to feel your piss wet pussy. She let me flick my tongue over her wet lips tasting the pee drops she left there. The taste was good and I regretted that I was too late to taste all of her pee. She became quite exited and asked if I liked women’s pee. Yes I do. As a matter of fact I love it. Next time, she said, I want you to take it all.

So there will be a next time I thought. I was already looking forward to it. We got dressed and after kissing a little while during which I felt her huge breasts pressing against me, she left the car and went into the house. I drove away into the dark night. Goodbye Francis, I said to myself, this was a lovely night.

About a week later I saw Francis again. Our conversation was as normal as it could be. Have you slept well? How was the weekend? And all the other ordinary stuff. I told her my next assignment would be an audit in Barcelona. This would take about 3 to 4 weeks. I call you. Yes, that would be lovely, she said to me.

I didn’t call. I met this Spanish cute girl. Petite, long curly hair, lovely face and above all excellent tits. How in the world could this happen to me. All of a sudden, in a couple of weeks, I was making love to more than one woman.

Mercedes was a very nice and warm young woman. We made love in the hotel room I was staying as she (like Francis) was still living with her parents. She could not stay over for the night but our lovemaking was so passionate. This was not sex. This was love.

The audit was concluded in 4 weeks and I left, leaving Mercedes behind, and telling myself I would not have another girl than she. How wrong I was. Seeing Francis in her office again, her huge breasts güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pointing towards me, I felt myself so week. We made another appointment. This time she would arrange a hotel room where we could stay. At dinner Francis mentioned that it was so obvious I liked her tits that it made me blush. Don’t all men love your tits, I asked? Yes, but you’re the only one who does not make comments. I like that about you and that’s why I love you to touch my tits and make love to me.

We drove to the hotel after I bought a bottle of coke and cognac. These were Francis’ favourite drinks. As soon as we entered the room she started to undress me. Hey, wait a second I’ll fix you and myself a drink. You made me a promise, remember. I do, she said, but that does not mean I don’t want to kiss you and suck your dick, lick your balls and stick my finger in your ass. You have to suck my nipples and caress my breasts. I love to feel your hands over my tits. That is making my pussy soaking wet.

We fell on to the bed and I was almost tearing off her clothes. As fast as I could I unbuttoned her bra and these two enormous breasts were coming out. Oh, how much did I love those two. Touching, feeling, squeezing, licking, sucking her nipples. She loved it. She was moaning and telling me to go on for ever. Her body was moving from excitement. My hand moved down over her belly and removed her panties. Slowly I move my hand over her legs up to her pussy, nearly touching but back again over her thighs. These were big as well. Everything was big about her and I really loved it. Both hands moving over her thighs and than to her fat ass. I wanted to touch her body all over. Where should I go? I am short of hands, I thought.

She ran her hands over my body the same time but her favourite part was my cock güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri and balls. She took my cock into her mouth sucking like a madwoman. It was hard as steel and her tongue flipped over the top. I felt her body coming on me pressing me against the sheets. My hands touching her back down to her ass. I slid my finger through her ass cheeks, looking for her anus. When I found it, she shivered. You want me to put a finger in, I asked. Yes, please she said. Rather two than one. I wetted my finger and shoved it in. She lifted her body as if she wanted more. I moved my finger up and down in her ass, while my other hand was on her breast. What a magnificent woman. Move your finger, she screamed, in my ass. I want to feel it deep inside me. My cock grew even more by hearing her saying that. But there was more to do. I wanted to lick her wet pussy and her anus. Move your body over my face I said. I need to taste your juices.

As soon I saw her pussy I moved my tongue inside her pink lips. The taste of her wetness was fabulous. Flicking my tongue up to her anus, she parted her cheeks to help to get inside. We both felt like being in heaven. The feeling was so intense that she came instantly. Her body was shaking, her breasts swinging from left to right and back. She moved her soaken pussy over my face, searching for my tongue. Deep inside I tried to push. Rotating movements in her cunt made her move even more. She came again no doubt. It looked like she passed out, but instantly she took my cock and put it back in her mouth. Her lips over my top created such a feeling that I could not hold back. My sperm flew into her mouth. Suck me I screamed, take my cum. We both collapsed on to the bed and lay there for a while. She kept my cock in her hand and her breasts were right into my face. Looking at güvenilir bahis şirketleri those two huge tits, her hardened nipples, I felt my cock rising again.

Let’s go, she said, I need to pee and I want you watching. I just followed her into the tiny bathroom. Lay down on the floor she said, I sit on top of you and you look at my pussy. It makes me hot knowing you’re looking at it. So it was done like that She move her fat ass into my face and I could hardly breathe. I kissed her wet pussy and I tasted something different. She let her pee coming out very slowly so I could take it all. That was the promise. My cock grew to enormous heights (so it seemed) and it even felt painful. More pee came out and I swallowed some, rub some over my face and hair. This was very exciting. She moved down to my hard cock and pissed over my balls.

Was there more to come? She took my cock into her mouth and placed her hands over my balls. Her tits were touching my body and getting wet with her own piss. She started to suck and her tongue moved over my cock. Let me see yours, she told me. Wet my tits with your pee. I released some piss she licked off with her tongue. More I want from you she almost screamed. Placing her big tits close to my cock I started to piss. It was flowing over her huge breasts and getting wet completely. Again she came. Fiercely rubbing her own hand over her pussy and erect clit. More, she shouted, I want to be soaking wet with your pee as you are with mine. We kissed, sharing each other piss. We lay there on the bathroom floor in our piss. We both loved it. After a while it was getting a bit cold so we took a hot shower and went to bed.

In bed I could not resist to lay my hands on her enormous breasts. I like that, she said. I love to fall asleep knowing your hands are on my tits. We woke up almost together. My hands still on her tits and I felt her hand slowly moving down to my morning erection. Does it ever go down, she asked. Not being with you, I said. We had to go. We showered together, admiring each other. She was gorgeous. What would we do if we were really together all the time?

To be continued.

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