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Awakened to the Forbidden Ch. 03

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With the door open a crack, Stephanie watched Ashley and Collin step off the elevator. One look at Ashley and Stephanie’s eyes widened. Her little sister appeared positively wanton in her short black skirt, peaking just past the bottom of an oversized sports jacket. With her hair mussed, and her lips swollen and red, Stephanie could easily guess what she’d been doing.

Bare feet scuffing on the red carpet in the hall, Ashley giggled and twirled away when Collin reached for her. Two long strides and he had Ashley pinned against the door to her hotel room. Stephanie couldn’t see them anymore, since Ashley’s room was on the same side as Collin’s, but her sister’s gasp gave her a pretty good idea of what Collin was doing to her. She imagined her big brother claiming her little sister’s lips in a hungry kiss.

About time. She smiled and pressed her thighs together as liquid heat pooled in her core. Collin wouldn’t take things too far the first time, he’d want to make sure Ashley didn’t regret whatever happened between them.

Which meant he’d come to Stephanie for some relief. And for once, he wouldn’t think twice about discussing Ashley. She could almost feel him thrusting into her body, panting as she whispered in his ear that she didn’t mind if he pretended he was fucking their little sister. She’d tell him to picture her eating Ashley out while she sucked his dick. He’d come so hard . . .

“Do you think Steph’s here?” Ashley whispered.

Stephanie covered her mouth with her hand to stifle a moan. Maybe things would move faster than she thought. Maybe Ashley wouldn’t want to wait before joining her siblings in some hot, raunchy sex. Stephanie’s pussy throbbed and she slipped her hand under her skirt to rub her soaked panties over her clit. Getting herself off before they joined her might be a good idea. She didn’t want to seem desperate. Even though she was.

“I don’t care.” Collin said, tone gruff. “I told you, this is about us. We can tell her as little or as much as you want. After.”

Feeling like her brother had just punched her in the gut, Stephanie drew her fingers away from her panties and let her hand fall to her side. He’d threatened to leave her out, but she hadn’t taken him seriously. Far as she was concerned, Collin was doing the macho ‘I’m in charge’ thing. He’d get over it.

“Maybe we can tell her after . . . I don’t know.” Ashley whimpered and Stephanie guessed that Collin was touching her, probably had his hand in her shirt. He was a breast man—Ashley’s pert little breasts would tempt him to distraction. He wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off them.

“Come on, let’s get you in bed.” Collin’s voice dropped to the seductive low he used when Stephanie teased him. Only now it was their little sister teasing him, tempting him . . .

And Stephanie was irrelevant. She heard Ashley’s door open and shut. Her throat constricted and she pressed her forehead to the doorframe. She was alone. All her plans had worked out better than she could have hoped—with one exception. Neither of her siblings planned to include her. Images of Collin stripping Ashley and fucking her on her bed—if they made it that far—flashed behind her eyelids.

They don’t need me.

She closed the door and squared her shoulders. What did she care? It wasn’t as though she couldn’t find someone else if she wanted. She checked her watch and ground her teeth. Just after 1:00 am. If she went to the bar down the street she could pick someone up without too much effort. She’d bring him back to Collin’s hotel room and fuck him all night long. When Collin returned in the morning for a change of clothes, he would find her in his bed with another man.

Which would serve him right. He had some nerve excluding her when she’d saved herself for him the entire time he’d been gone. But the thought of some stranger pounding into her made her feel a little sick. Someone knocked at the door. Her purse slipped from her hand and hit the floor.

He changed his mind. He does need me.

She rushed to the door, her brother’s name on her lips. She was too excited to even give him shit. All that mattered was that she hadn’t been cast aside.

The man standing outside the door wasn’t Collin.

“Can I help you?” She tried for polite, but knew her tone was cold.

Hooking his thumbs in the pockets of his loose, faded blue jeans, the man spared her brief smile before glancing past her into the room. “I wanted to see Collin. Is he around?”

“He’s around.” She snapped, then bit her bottom lip. “Sorry, I’m a little pissed at him right now. I came to see him and he’s busy . . . .” She looked the man over, taking in his bulging muscles, as big as Collin’s if not bigger, displayed nicely under his tight, white T-Shirt. Beautiful blue eyes, a nice smile, perfect teeth. She held out her hand. “I’m Stephanie.”

He squeezed her fingers. “I’m Joey. Me and Collin are on leave together.” His thumb stroked her palm and she shivered. “You’re his sister—Stephanie, right?”

“Yes.” She watched him casino oyna blow a strand of blond hair off his forehead. His hair was wavy at the top and shaved around the sides—he probably kept it stuffed under his cap in uniform. He reminded her of the model, Jessie Pavelka, buff and damn sexy.

“Mind if I wait here for him?” He stepped towards her even as he asked, and she swallowed.

Why would I mind? I wanted Collin to find me here with another man. Who better than one of his army buddies?

Could she really sleep with a man she didn’t know just do spite her brother?

She tilted her head to one side, then reached around him to push the door shut. The side of her breast brushed his elbow and electricity sizzled along her nerves.

Her voice was husky when she spoke. “He might be awhile.”

“Oh, yeah?” He loomed over her, eyes sparkling with amusement. “What should we do while we wait?”

Stephanie stepped away from him and rubbed her arms as goose bumps formed. This might not have been such a good idea after all.

“What do you suggest?” She retreated until she stood by the little round table near the sofa and let her hand hover near the lamp.

Joey shrugged and walked over to the sofa without looking at her. He plunked down and got comfortable. “There’s got to be something on TV. Why don’t you fetch me a beer and we can hang out until Collin gets back.”

Lips parted, Stephanie stared at him, tempted to pick up the lamp and chuck it at him just on principal. She sputtered several times before practically screeching. “Fetch you a beer? Who the hell do you think you are?”

He draped his arm over the back of the sofa and looked up at her with a crooked smile on his lips. “I’m one of the few, the proud . . . and I’ve lived too much to play games with women like you.”

“Like me?”

“Yeah. You’ve got that pampered air—I’m thinking some guy jilted you and you came to whine to your brother about it. You’re pissed at him because he wasn’t waiting around. You were batting your eyelashes at me because you wanted revenge. Then you got scared.” He made a dismissive motion with his hand. “I’m fine with that, just don’t expect me to sniff around your prissy ass until you figure out what you want.”

“How dare you!” One fist on her hip, Stephanie pointed at the door. “Get out. I’ll tell Collin you stopped by.”

Fast as he’d sat, Joey stood. He strolled by her, paused with his hand on the doorknob, and glanced over his shoulder at her. “You sure?”

“Yes.” She had both hands on her hips now. He opened the door.

You’re not seriously letting him go, are you? Her core tightened and her pussy clenched. The man was rude, and obnoxious, and probably amazing in bed. She wouldn’t have to worry about him holding back.

“Wait!” She stomped forward and slammed the door inches from his face. “You can stay.”

“Until I ruffle your feathers again, prima donna?” He put his hand on her side and stroked his thumb over her ribs, stopping just under her breast. “I don’t think I like that idea.”

“What more do you want?” She knew it was a dangerous question, but she had to ask.

“Let’s see . . . .” He raked his gaze down her body, then back up slowly. “I haven’t had a woman in almost a year. What do you think I want?”

“Am I supposed to care?”

“Maybe not.” He pulled her against him and grinned. “But you haven’t said no. That’s a start.”

She could feel him against her belly, already nice and hard. Her insides seemed to melt, but part of her—the part that had remained true to Collin for so long, the part that kept him in mind even when she stuffed her vibrator deep in her pussy—protested.

He has Ashley now. He’s not thinking about me.

“You’re right, I haven’t said no.” She slid her hands up his chest, then laced her fingers behind his neck. “And I won’t.”

Joey bent down and kissed her lips. The kiss was soft, almost chaste. “Good.” He said. Then he pried her hands from his neck and set her away from him. “Go fetch me a beer and you can suck my dick while I drink it.”

Stephanie bristled. “How—”

He pressed his fingers over her lips. “How dare I? Mite repetitive, don’t you think?” He folded his arms over his chest. “I want to make damn sure you really want this, Stephanie. Collin’s a good friend of mine. I won’t have him thinking I used his sister.” He gave her another crooked smile and her pulse sped up. “But I’ve got no problem being used. So long as you work for it.”

Much as she tried to refute his logic, she really couldn’t. She could probably find another man for the night—one that would do whatever she wanted and be grateful for her attention.

Only, she didn’t want another man. She wanted Joey.

She’d worry about making him grateful as the night wore on. For now, she’d get him his fucking beer.

Turning her back on him, she stomped across the room and grabbed a beer from the minifridge between the TV stand and the desk. By the time she returned, Joey was slouched on the sofa. canlı casino She gaped at him when she saw that he’d unzipped his jeans and was stroking his erect cock. He held out his free hand.

Speechless, she gave him the beer.

“Thank you, sweetie.” He twisted the cap, then took a swig of beer. Eyes on the TV, he motioned towards his dick. “Whenever you’re ready.”

Ready? She shook her head and glanced at the door with half a mind to walk out. Then she eyed him. A muscle in his jaw ticked. He looked fixated on the TV, but when she heard the diddy for Folgers coffee coming from the set, she realized it was an act. He expected her to leave.

Slinking up to the sofa, she knelt and took his dick in her hand. He jumped and she smirked.

“I hope you’ll make this worth my while.” She said before bowing her head and swirling her tongue around the tip of his cock.

He groaned and slipped his fingers into her hair. “Whoever this guy is that’s got you so worked up . . . .” He hissed in a breath when she closed her lips around him. “He a fucking moron.”

Stephanie slurped her way up his dick, then rose just long enough to say. “There’s no man—unless you count Colin.”

“Why would I . . . ah, shit.” He clenched his fist in her hair when she bobbed her head; taking him so deep he hit the back of her throat. “Baby, you have no idea how good this feels.”

His praise warmed things deep inside. Not that Colin never told her she was good at what she did, but she hadn’t been with anyone else in so long. Since her brother had found someone else to satisfy his needs, she liked knowing someone wanted her.


When Joey jerked her off his cock, something inside her shrivelled up. A lump formed in her throat. He’d changed his mind. He didn’t want her after all.

“Hey.” Joey leaned forward and cupped her face in his hands. “What’s that look for? I don’t want to come in your mouth. I want you to enjoy this too.”

“Oh.” Stephanie nibbled her bottom lip, not sure what to say. She’d never felt this insecure in her life.

Joey groaned and dragged her up into his lap. “Silly girl. You didn’t actually think I was done with you, did you?”

Bracing her knees on the sofa at either side of his hips, Stephanie gasped when he took her mouth in a fierce kiss, thrusting his tongue into her mouth as he unbuttoned her blouse. He rolled her blouse off her shoulders and down her arms as he kissed her throat. Then he flipped up her skirt and covered her pussy with his hand.

“You’re so fucking wet.” He worked his fingers under the crotch of her panties and stroked her folds. His dick nudged her belly and precum smeared on her flesh. “You need to be fucked bad, don’t you?”

She’d never thought anything could be dirtier than having sex with her brother, but having this man who she’d just met pushing his fingers deep inside her, after she’d sucked his cock, made her reconsider. Her back bowed as he jammed his fingers in deep, two fingers, three—she really couldn’t tell. All she knew was that she wanted more.

“I need to be fucked.” She rode his fingers as she gasped out the words. He bared one of her breasts and tongued her nipple. The climax building within spilled over into a fiery orgasm.

He withdrew his fingers and leaned back on the sofa. “Then take off that skirt and that blouse and bend over the coffee table.” He put his fingers in his mouth and groaned as he sucked them clean. “I want another taste of your pussy before I stuff it with my cock.”

His arrogance didn’t bother her anymore. Hell, he could call her a slut she’d cream for him. All she wanted was to feel him, fucking her, making her forget that her brother was fucking her little sister.

For the first time, letting Colin fill her mind turned her blood cold. Rather than letting him spoil things for her, she stripped, then set her hands on the coffee table, her ass and pussy bared for Joey’s pleasure.

She heard him shift behind her, then felt his tongue glide up between her folds. He didn’t stop until he’d licked right over her anus. Her arms quivered as he tongued her asshole and thrust his fingers into her pussy.

“Mmph.” She grunted as he hammered his fingers deep inside her while breaching her ass with his tongue. Her core throbbed as his thrust became frantic. The inner walls of her pussy billowed around his fingers and her hips bucked as she came hard. His fingers left her and his tongue dipped into her pussy. She moaned as he drank up all her juices, slurping and humming.

At the edge of another climax, she didn’t move when he stood and pried her thighs apart with his knees. She heard the crinkle of what she hoped was condom wrapper, then felt the head of his dick bump her pussy. She tensed and relaxed as he found the entrance to her dripping sheath. He slammed into her and she cried out.

Without moving his hip, he reached over to smooth her sweat soaked hair away from her face. “Are you okay?”

“Fuck me, Joey.” She ground back against him. “Just fuck me.”

He kaçak casino fucked her, so hard and fast all she could hear was the slap of flesh against flesh, all she could feel was the pressure build up and blast through her. Her whole body seemed to ripple around him and her pulse pounded in her skull. Just as the waves of her orgasm began to fade away, Joey shifted his pace. He rimmed her pussy, his rhythm slow enough to drive her mad. Then he rammed in and almost knocked her right over the table.

The table tipped, then slammed back down. Stephanie dropped to her elbows and keened as Joey’s dick pistoned in and out of her core. His cock swelled and he growled as he came, wrapping his arms around her waist to lift her up into his last, vicious thrust.

“Jesus.” He drew out of her and picked her up, sitting on the sofa to cradle her in his lap. His sweat mingled with hers, causing her to slip a little in his firm embrace. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

She smiled and snuggled up to him. “You have no idea how much I like that you’re only asking that now.”

He laughed, then kissed her hair. “Darling, after you told me to fuck you, I wasn’t thinking about anything but how good it felt to be inside your tight, wet pussy. I just wish I didn’t have to wear the latex. Maybe sometime we could . . . .”

Stephanie tipped her head up and arched her brow. “You’re cockier than I thought. Who says we’re doing this again?”

“I do.” He stood, still holding her, and headed for the bedroom. “I’ve got three more condoms in my wallet. How ’bout you use that talented mouth to get me hard again so we can use them up.”

Oh, it would serve him right if I said ‘No’. She shook her head, then tipped her head back and laughed. “God, you’re so lucky I’m too horny to be mad right now, but you’re so paying for this when I’m done with you.”

Joey grinned as he tossed her on the bed. “Yes, ma’am.”

* * * *

A night of kissing and snuggling, half the day at the hospital, and supper at a fast food restaurant. Collin was impressed that they’d managed it all without any awkwardness between them.

But things changed the moment they returned to the hotel and she asked him to stay with her again. The night before he’d used the alcohol she’d consumed as an excuse not to take things further. Not that he’d outright said it, but he had suggested she get some sleep and clear her head when she’d pressed her body against his.

The girl wasn’t stupid. She’d figured out why, which he knew because she’d turned down his offer of a glass of wine before disappearing into the bathroom with one, last hot look tossed his way.

About a minute later, he convinced himself he’d imagined the look. The one time he’d touched her since they’d gotten back, just his hand on her shoulder, she’d jumped and shied away like a frightened doe. They last time they kissed had been that morning.

The sound of running water cut abruptly. A brief silence, then the soft lap of water on flesh. An alluring vision of Ashley stepping into the bath, steam rising like mist to caress her pale limbs, played out in his mind. Frothy bubbles framed her small, white breasts and her hair, almost black when wet, clung to her like sodden silk.

No way did fantasy equal reality. But that was all he was gonna get.

Dick hard as fucking stone, Colin slouched on the stiff, dark blue sofa and focused on the little flat screen TV bracketed to the wall in front of him. Remote held loose in one hand, he flicked through the channels until he found a sports station. Highlight reels. Good. That should distract him for a bit.

A little splash made his dick twitch. Ashley had asked to borrow a razor. To shave her legs? The image of her small, soft hands stroking her long legs, lathering them up with his shaving cream, made his mouth water. The image shifted and he could almost see her sitting on the edge of the tub, shaving her pussy of all those dark curls. His shaving cream would make her flesh tingle. Her tiny clit would swell and throb and ache to be touched. The hand that held the razor would shake as each stroke aroused her a little more.

Maybe she needed some help.

Hunched forward, elbows braced on his knees, Colin shook his head and scowled at the TV. Why wasn’t it distracting him? He loved sports and he rarely had the opportunity to get so much as an update on his favorite teams. Should be enough to keep him from jumping his sister while she enjoyed her bath. Their first time—if there was one—should be something special.

Wouldn’t be if he bent her over the bathroom sink.

His eyes drifted to the bedroom. If he could hold off just a little longer, maybe he could get her back on that nice, comfy bed and take it slow. Hold her and kiss her and give her all the tender care she deserved.

And even then, how far should he really take it? After what had almost happened to her, she needed to know she was more than a body to be used. Kissing and holding would be okay. But nothing more. Not yet.

His balls tightened in protest. He managed to ignore them. A tackle on screen made him wince. He frowned as one of his favorite players was taken off the field on a stretcher. So much for making it to the finals.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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