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Becoming Flyer Ch. 03

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Stacey’s walk back to the bunkhouse was slow. She was reeling in thought as well as babying her ankle. She had decided to go without the crutch. As much as she enjoyed all the girly frolicking, she was also passionate about cheer, and really wanted to get back in the routines. She had no watch or phone, but assumed it was late, probably close to the ten o’clock lights out. She hoped she would get back before then, so she could mentally prepare Erica, rather than just ambush her in her bunk and risk rejection.

“Hey, flyer! Did you get any special attention from Coach tonight?” Stacey felt her cheeks get hot, and smiled but remained silent as Vicky blew a bubble and bounced a muscular calf off her bunk, wearing just cotton underwear and her raven hair in two princess Leia buns. She extended her arm holding the peace offering of a lit fat joint to the silent rookie. Stacey thanked her and took a deep inhale off of it as she walked over and sat next to Erica on her bed, quietly reading a rather thick novel. She handed it to her, and whispered just loud enough for only her to hear,

“Would you mind if I paid you a little visit after the lights go out tonight?” Erica took a big hit from the joint, staring into Stacey’s eyes, apparently either enjoying the suspense she was creating or weighing the pros and cons of fucking around with the little flyer.

“Be my guest.” She mumbled with a smile, handing the weed back to her. Stacey handed it to another girl on the way back to her bunk and started to undress, getting fully nude before crawling under the covers. She wanted to just relax and assemble the events of the last couple of days in her head, so they resembled some sort of orderly experience. Rather than the shattering explosion of lust and depravity that she felt she was flirting with.

She pictured herself balancing naked on a tall fence, with succubi and flames staring up at her from one side, and pillows and naked glowing angels on the other, as she carefully tip-toed along with her arms outstretched for balance.

Shortly after the lights clicked off, she wandered over to Erica, not sure if either of them was more angel or succubus. As she crawled under her blankets and attempted to lower her head between the cheerleader’s legs, Erica spun one-hundred-eighty degrees, the action suggesting they sixty-nine. ‘Be my guest’ resonated in Stacey’s head, as she kissed Erica’s pretty lips and mentally checked another item off of her sex to-do list.

They fell into each other and slowly developed an easy, flowing rhythm. Both girls were on their sides, legs splayed, cupping each other’s backsides and hips with their hands. They were both quickly able to multitask effectively, exploring each other with their mouths while also enjoying the sensations coming from their lover’s licking, sucking, and hot breath.

Time was lost on both of them as they pressed tighter into each other, literally feeding on each other’s gushing vaginas. It was insanely sensual, and neither girl cared about the telling moans and other sweet sounds they were making. It was worth being lewd to feel this amount of ecstasy. Little did they know literally every other girl in the room was pleasuring themselves or each other watching and listening to them. At the moment it was a room full of love. Or lust. Or something just between.

They both came so hard and so many times that neither remembered themselves spinning around before they woke up cuddling together. It must have been approaching dawn so Stacey shared a passionate kiss with yet another beautiful young babe before sneaking back to her own bed, cascading back into another exhausted sleep while she could, before breakfast time.

Morning came, and aside from some knowing smiles and flirty giggles, no-one acted any differently towards Stacey or Erica while getting ready to go eat. ‘So polite, such poise’ flashed in Stacey’s mind as she wondered how many of these girls had been “disciplined”. After eating heartily but not overdoing it, anticipating being able to work out today, Stacey made her way to the field, not favoring her bad ankle at all after another nights rest.

After stretches, when it came time for the warm-up run, Natasha pulled Stacey aside.

“How’s the ankle sweetheart?”

“Feels good Coach Natasha,” she grinned.

“Good. How was Erica?” Stacey smiled.

“We sixty-nined almost all night long Coach Natasha, it was scorching.”

“Good girl! Jog to the training room and have Alex look at it you before you try tumbling and stunts.”

“Yes, Coach. Natasha,” she caught herself, then jogged off the field.

When she got to Alex’s spot, the door was locked, but hearing her music inside she knocked loudly on the door. After a few moments, Alex was at the door.

“Just a minute!” She could hear muffled voices inside, definitely at least one guy. She opened the door looking flustered, her shirt half untucked, hair sloppy, excitable. There were two men, both wearing maintenance uniforms, also looking disheveled and ankara evi olan escortlar interrupted.

“Ah, Stacey!” Come in. She locked the door behind her.

“Guys this is Stacey, she’s the team flyer, ‘the girl on top’.” The guys muffle some giggles. “Stacey’s a little vixen herself, I think our little secret here will be safe with her. Right doll?” Stacey nodded, trying to look as chill as possible.

One of the men cleared his throat, saying, “Meh, I’m not so sure about that. Quite frankly, Natasha scares the shit out of me, and we both have wives. We need insurance. I think you know what I mean, just like last time.”

“Ok, ok, just…” Alex appeared nervous. “Stacey, hop up, let me take a look at your ankle. I assume you’re here to follow up?” Both guys lean against a counter, arms folded, with shit-eating grins.

“How does it feel?” She asked, checking the ankle muscles with both hands.

“Much much better.”

“Stacey, I find myself in a pickle here,” her hands moved up her calves then thighs, then under her shorts.

“These two handsome guys here, they want to, well…”

“That’s fine, they can both fuck me so they know I have nothing on you without incriminating myself,” Stacey blurted out, cocking her head with a smile that said, ‘I’m smarter than the average teen.’

“Well, shit!” One of the guys laughed, “we were just asking her to do you while we watched and snapped a couple pics, like last time this happened!” He high fived the other scruffy yet good looking worker as they both hooted, and started dropping their pants. Both were still half erect from whatever they were doing with Alex, and both had above average sized, nice looking cocks.

“Well, that worked out well,” Alex said, as she ripped off the flyers shorts and panties violently, with a devious smile. She moved behind her, rotating her toward the men, and lifted her knees, pulling them back to her shoulders. “She’s very flexible. Aren’t you Stacey? Hold your legs up.” She squirted a bottle of lube onto her lower belly and rubbed it all over and into her already swelling cunt.

“Fast and furious gentlemen, we need her out on the field a.s.a.p., Natasha will be looking for her little MVP.” She wrapped her arms around Stacey, offering what comfort she can during the fucking she’s about to get, and whispered a thank you in her ear.

“It’s my pleasure,” she whispered back, looking forward to finally getting fucked by something more substantial than a tongue or some fingers. She turns her head to kiss Alex, while the first guy gently penetrated her teen pussy.

“So this is the golden girl huh? Shit, she’s tight! Wow, that’s nice!” He rears back and slammed his much larger hips into hers.

“C’mon fuck her,” his buddy sneered, “I need a piece, then we gotta get back to work.” He plowed into her like a steam engine going balls out, having dreamt about fucking a hot teenager like this for a decade.

“Don’t come in me,” Stacey pled when she felt the man building up to a crescendo. He pulled out.

“Ohhhhh FUCK yea!” He spurts all over her little belly, pumping a large pool of spunk on it. “That’s good pussy right there! Get some for yourself brother!” Alex wiped off a nearly hyperventilating Stacey, shaken from getting plowed so hard by a man twice her size.

“Ready little girl?” Worker number two took position, easing his rock hard dick into her and started fucking. This guy was younger and in better shape than the first and it showed, he rapidly bucked into her like a rabbit, lifting her off the table with his strong arms and impaling her ruthlessly. His hips thrust at the same tempo his big hands slammed her little frame down onto his cock, giving her the sensation that she was being blasted by a machine rather than a man. It’s amazing what some young pussy, an audience, and a sexless marriage can turn a thirty-year-old guy into. Alex supported half of her weight as she arched her back, accepting her fate of getting blasted by this muscled worker stud, and loving it.

Just when she felt him pull out to climax, she jumped down onto her knees and took the head of his pulsing cock into her mouth, determined not to let his seed also go to waste.

“God Daaaaamn, Goood fucking girl!” He exclaimed as he pushed it into her mouth and jetted his salty spew into her, as she made a guttural grunt and swallowed it, again getting a rush from being enjoyed like a little piece of meat.

“That was fucking hot,” Stacey said, cleaning the corner of her mouth with a fingertip and savoring the creamy gel after cleaning her fingertip with her lips. She added, “Alex do you think you could re-tape my ankle now? I’m late for practice.”

“Thank you miss Stacey!” One of the men said as they let themselves out, laughing.

“Fucking hot is right,” Alex agreed, cutting her loosened wrap off quickly before replacing it with a fresh, tight, reinforcement. “You really saved my ass there, our little secret?”

“You owe me, Alex.”

“Anything for the flyer, ankara olgun escortlar I’m at your disposal.”

“How about a ride to the field when you’re done?”

“You got it, honey buns.”

At this point all she wanted to do was cheer-lead. She needed something to focus on besides incredibly hot, erotic, fucking, sucking, licking and all the thoughts wrapped up with such depravity.

She basically sprinted from the cart to the team, and finally was able to handspring again, get thrown in the air again, and dance her little freshly fucked ass off. The whole team fed off of her energy boost, and lots of progress was made with the starting flyer back, making Coach and everyone else happy. They were starting to gel like a real team, and practice ended a few hours later with smiles all around. The super sexy group of girls gossiped and tweeted away like birds, on their way to dinner as the sun set.

Stacey shoved the reoccurring thoughts of pussy and cock out of her head at the first hint of them, recognizing she needed focus, she needed to moderate her desires. She needed, ironically, discipline. The moment she decided to cool it, Victoria sat next to her to eat.

“How’s it going hot stuff?”

“I’m good, trying to cool it on the sexy time stuff and focus my slutty mind on cheering, how about you?”

“Sweety, the sexy time stuff isn’t all your fault. There’s a reason for the showers, the games, the after dark rendezvous. I will let you know when I figure out what it is, but it’s all gone on long before you and I got here. I’ve been coming here for five years now. I was a flyer when I started actually. Before I grew these, and these,” she grabbed her big boobs and flaring hips.

“It’s better to just go with the flow, enjoy the ride. Speaking of which, two of the girls you haven’t fucked yet are planning on jumping you tonight after dark. Sounds like fun to me personally, but if you’re serious about toning it down, you can sleep with me. I’ll leave you alone. I’ve been where you’re at. Plus, I like you.”

Vick kissed her forehead and got up to dispose of her tray, walking out with a wave and a wink. ‘No wonder she’s a captain,’ Stacey thought to herself, ‘scary and totally cool at the same time.’ Not to mention totally hot, but the flyer was determined to ignore stuff like that, at least for one night.

‘Discipline, poise, virtue,’ she formed a mantra and repeated those three words in her head. While undressing for the shower, while getting washed, while watching two girls play in the shower. ‘Discipline, poise, virtue,’ while hitting a bowl, while looking at Erica, at Candy. She made it all the way to lights out.

‘Do it, let them come, let them have you, take you, what could be better than an all-girl threesome?’ Then, ‘discipline, poise, virtue.’ Her thoughts were mimicking the balancing on the fence imagery. There were flashbacks of being bent over Coaches hassock, being fucked on Alex’s table, in her arms. She knew she had minutes to decide.

She chose Victoria. She tip-toed to her bed in her pajamas and curled up into her waiting arms. True to her word, and as hard as it was for her, the captain just held her, tickling her back a little. It was warm, fuzzy, and remarkably comforting for both young ladies. They both fell into a deep, enriching sleep, holding each other like sisters or best friends. Well, maybe best friends who were both hesitant to make the first move. You get the idea. Disciplined, poised, hanging on to virtue by a thread.

When morning came she was still so comfortable with Vick she was tempted to sleep thru breakfast with her. Deciding that would lack discipline, she instead woke her with a juicy, super hot, super wet kiss.

“You fucking tease, flyer. Couldn’t do that last night tho, could you?” She smiled. “Good morning to you too. You’re welcome.”

“Thank you, Victoria. Where did you get these amazing tattoos?” She asked, examining the fine details and super creative artwork up close, tracing a flower lightly with a fingertip.

“My house. I kinda got carried away.”

“Wow, cool! You must’ve spent a fortune an all of this, it’s really good art.”

“Nope, spent very little on the ink, I did most of it myself,” she yawned.

Stacey sat up, excited.

“Wow! Vicky! You really must be a Navy Seal or something. You are soooo tattooing me! I want a pin-up girl, like this one, right…”

“EASY, MORNING PERSON. Maybe in like, four years or so, when your not an adorable, morning person anymore.” She rolled over, pulling a pillow over her head. “Coffee… Need coffee…”

“She did mine.” The girl in the neighboring bunk rolled onto her stomach and pulled down her panties, revealing a beautifully detailed angel, her hands together in prayer, nude and sitting in a cloud, gazing upward.

“Mine too!” Erica said, walking towards the showers. Stacey leaped off the bed to chase her, noticing a large red and black tattoo on the back of her shoulder for the first time. Sure enough, it was an amazingly ankara sarışın escortlar sexy and fierce looking succubus, looking upward, prodding with its finger for someone to come down to her.

“Holy shit, I don’t even, wow.”

“Yeah, she’s very talented. So much for the cheerleader stereotype, right? Come wash my back, since you’re so bright and chipper this morning.”

“Ok.” Stacey had a new well of energy after not spending half the night engaged in one form of sex or another but didn’t blow it all in the shower. She just engaged in some light petting and kissing with the girl she had shared a mind-blowing experience with two short nights ago. After dinner, and Vicky’s tender protection, not to mention the newly revealed artistic side of her with the whole angel/demon spirituality connection they had going on, she was smitten and knew she needed to hide it. Or she would start following her around like a puppy dog, and the other girls would resent her for being trite.

She was yearning to get even closer to her though and felt as if having sex with someone else before Vick would be like cheating. She knew it was silly and realized it meant she had a crush. She also realized the odds of that happening were slim to none with her track record thus far. As if the universe wanted to remind her how slutty she had been, on her way to breakfast the second guy who fucked her yesterday, quite well, rode by on a mower and blew her a kiss.

She waved but did not afford him a smile. After eating, the girls watched some videos of dance routines, since there were thunderstorms and lightning outside, and the air conditioning in the gym was down. They pushed all the bunks to the edges of the room and worked on their dancing there, tightening up some of the complicated moves. The dancing and stunts were extremely difficult because they weren’t here to train for a competition as a team, they are all here to become better individual cheerleaders. Become stronger, more coordinated, more athletic, more flexible.

“More Discipline!” Coach Natasha joins them, interrupting a giggly moment. It was instantly obvious she wasn’t in a good mood.

“Candice, come with me, you need some one-on-one.” Candy looked scared, as she had been one of the ones horse playing and giggling.

“Coach Natasha, could I speak to you outside?” It was Vicky, she had taken a position between her and the eighteen-year-old.

‘Oh I need to hear this’ Stacey thought as she quickly and quietly vanished, making her way out the back door and around the cabin to near the two ladies at the front door, but out of their view around the corner.

“You need to refresh your memory about who’s the coach here, Victoria. Stacey is ‘special’, now Candy is too ‘innocent and fragile’. Honestly, whore, I’m starting to think you are just trying to claim all the new girls for yourself. Maybe I should just take them both with me to spite you, hmm?”

“Please don’t, Coach Natasha. I will take their place. You can do anything you want to me.” Stacey heard a whimper, she imagined Coach had either grabbed her hair, or something else, hard.

“Tempting, slut, but as I recall, our last one-on-one pushed the envelope rather hard. Are you sure you want to pick up where we left off?”

“Oww,” another soft cry escaped the tough-as-nails Vicky’s lips.

“Because there’s no going backward. High-level discipline is a progression.” There’s a loud ‘SLAP’, followed by a groan.

“Yes, Coach Natasha. I’m sure Coach Natasha, just leave the flyer and Candy be. I will be good for you, I can handle it.” Her voice was submissive and pained, she may have been even crying. Stacey found this shocking, knowing what she knew of stoic Vicky. She heard footsteps and shuffling getting softer so she peeked around the corner and caught Coach with a fist full of Vicky’s hair, dragging her toward the golf cart, Vicky had her hands clasped behind her back, one in a tight fist. Stacey thought she was probably holding back the temptation to beat the hell out of her coach.


The moment they were behind closed doors, Natasha threw Vicky to the ground, calling her a nasty bitch who obviously had forgotten who the boss was. She spanked her full force, saying it had been far too long since she had been disciplined. The well trained Vick automatically pulled her shorts and panties off of her stinging ass, and spread her legs, assuming the position on all fours. She had missed this so much, even though it had gotten a little out of hand last time. Shortly before she started tattooing herself. Natasha strapped a ball gag on to her head before tearing off her t-shirt and bra, then gripped both of her ample white tits excruciatingly hard.

“How dare you challenge me! Little momma bear wants to keep her little cubs safe. Well, guess what, who’s the one in trouble now?!”

She slapped Victoria hard on the face, then squeezed her reddened breasts again. As if trying to pop them. She walked to her room, stripping down, and retrieving a paddle and some clothespins.


Stacey tried to rejoin practice, but after about an hour her concern for her teammate grew overwhelming, she needed to do something. She excused herself, saying her ankle needed a new wrap, and ran as fast as she could to the Coaches cabin.

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