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Betty’s Self Discovery Ch. 02

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Over the next couple of weeks, I dated several men and had sex with two of them. One of them was a jerk that didn’t even try to make me come and just left satisfied with himself. The other one took the time to make sure I came, but the orgasm just wasn’t as good as the ones that Laura and Nancy had given me. Of course, Laura had given me a hard to beat orgasm – three in a row, actually – that nearly blew my legs off. I was worried Laura would come back too soon, and as fascinated as I was by her lovely body, and even by the prettiness of her private parts, I still didn’t feel the lust for her that I knew that she felt for me, if that makes any sense. Maybe sex just wasn’t my thing. I finally decided not to date anybody for a while.

Then my thoughts about my social life were severely curtailed by professional concerns. One of the attorney’s at my firm got assigned a high-profile criminal case and I got assigned to him. It was more than a little thrilling to work on a case that one could read about in the papers every day. The firm was short of paralegals at the moment, and this was way too big for me to handle alone. I had over two hundred and sixty cardboard boxes full of files to research and two weeks to do it in. I explained to the attorney that I wasn’t super woman, and he commiserated and explained that expense was not an object – I was free to hire outsourced help – there would be much padding of the legal bill.

I managed to find two freelance paralegals to supervise, but I still had too much work to do in the limited amount of time, so I put out an advertisement for a college student; preferably pre-law to personally assist me. That’s how I ended up hiring Lisa, a local student who was actually an English major, but willing to work. I explained how I wanted her to keyword documents, and gave her a list of keywords to look for, and then I told her how to briefly document decisions, legal rulings and so forth. I also explained that to save time from going to and from the office we would be doing most of the work at my apartment where I had set up my dining table as an ‘at home’ office.

I was delighted at Lisa’s intelligence and energy and we worked well together the first few days, but I found something distracting about her and couldn’t put my finger on what it was. I knew it must be related to her appearance because I found myself often looking at her. She was a big girl, tall and wide at the shoulders with big hips and judging from how she filled out her jeans, she had meaty thighs. Part of what distracted me was I couldn’t decide whether or not she was a little fat – her clothes definitely made it hard to tell.

She always wore a sweatshirt or a tee-shirt that was several sizes too large and jeans that fitted fairly loosely. She didn’t seem fat but her jeans were certainly filled with ample buttocks and thighs when she bent over or did anything else to tighten them. I never could get a good look at her waist because of the baggy shirts. Her face was on the pretty side with a strong nose, beautiful green eyes, long lashes and a sprinkle of freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her grin was infectious. Her hair was shoulder length and a light brown – a little darker than mine, and wherever skin showed she seemed tanned. Her hands were large but still feminine, and her smile was dazzling – highlighted by even white teeth, full lips and engaging laugh dimples. She was a good four inches taller than me – a big girl.

It was the third day that my distraction became sexual in nature. We were both working at my dining room table when Lisa finished off a box of documents. She rose and set the box on the floor and stooped to lift another. Her shirt rode up and her jeans rode down, and I got a good look at the small of her back and the crack of her ass. Her waist showed no fat, only muscle and a tan that was perfectly even down to the cleft at the top of her buttocks where the skin suddenly paled – bikini marks. My breath caught in my throat and I felt warmth spreading in my groin, as I contemplated the roundness of her bottom.

Hardly the most flattering view of a woman, but it stunned me. I knew she was only nineteen, which made me feel like a dirty old woman (I was twenty-seven), but I felt a sudden rush of lust for her. My fingers trembling slightly, I glanced at the clock – nearly nine – we always quit at nine. I cleared my throat, “Um Lisa, you can consider yourself still on the clock until 10 tonight, but I’m exhausted. What say we take a break and have a glass of wine in the living room and relax a little. You’ll be getting paid for it.”

She straightened, put her hands on her hips and grinned, “Ms. Stonewell, that sounds like a wonderful idea!”

“Please,” I tried grinning back, “From now on, just call me Betty.”

I hurried to the kitchen, my heart pounding, and poured two glasses of wine. What was wrong with me? I felt like the victim of an adolescent crush. I breezed back to the living room where I found Lisa sitting on the couch and leaning back, her hands rubbing the back of her neck. I sat down beside her and handed her a canlı bahis şirketleri glass, then kicked off my shoes and propped my feet on the coffee table. We each took a couple of sips of wine before Lisa spoke.

“Mind if I take off my shoes, too?” she asked, untying her tennis shoes.

“Take off your socks, too,” I suggested, “Naked feet are happy feet.” She grinned and did. I noticed she had pink toenail polish, although she wore no nail polish on her fingers. Her fingernails were clipped neatly short, the way I wore mine.

“You know something, Ms – uh, Betty?”

I grinned at her, “What’s that, Ms – uh, Lisa?”

She giggled and blushed slightly, glancing at my legs (I was wearing a two piece dress, a matching blouse and skirt, and the skirt had a dangerously high hemline, so she was seeing most of my legs), “You’re so beautiful and sexy and petite that you make me feel like a cow. Is there a course I could take on dressing better?”

“Mmm,” I answered, “In the first place, you’re plenty sexy as you are, and in the second place, you dress fine for work. Of course you don’t want to wear jeans to a dance or a nightclub.”

She shrugged, “I don’t know about the sexy part, but that is my problem, knowing what to wear. Like you choose your colors so well. That dark red dress you’re wearing really makes you look hot! It goes great with your shade of blond hair and your barely tanned skin. It even goes well with your brown eyes.”

Regretfully, I felt she wasn’t coming on to me. She was just asking honest questions about fashion. “I’m glad you think so, but actually I’m sure there are places to get advise about such things.” I noticed her rubbing her neck again, “Would you like for me to rub your neck a little?”

“Oh, I couldn’t ask you to do that…” she protested taking her hands away from her neck with a flutter.

“Nonsense,” I said firmly, “just turn around.” I sat my wine on the coffee table and she shifted her back to me. I began rubbing her neck with both hands – her muscles were really tense.

“Oh God!” she groaned, “That feels so wonderful!”

“Is the tan on your face, hands, arms and legs pretty even?” I asked, feeling her muscles slowly loosen. I really wondered what her legs looked like but she had always worn jeans around me.

“Yes, my boyfriend takes me to the beach pretty often, or he did. We recently broke up.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” I expanded my massage to her shoulders, “To show off a tan, you want to go with pastels, in your case, blue, green or even pink, to bring out the color of your lovely green eyes.”

“Wow,” Lisa sighed, “Good advice, wine and a massage, I feel like I’m getting the royal treatment, Betty. Why isn’t a gorgeous, talented lady like you married?”

“I was, but it didn’t work out,” I really didn’t want to talk about my marriage, besides, I was just experiencing the most amazing feeling coming over me. I was feeling even more lust for this girl. My nose was remembering the musky, tangy scent of Nancy’s pussy, and I suddenly realized how much I would really enjoy going down on Lisa. I was just dying to know what her pussy looked like, smelled like, and how it tasted. How wet did she get? At that thought I had a sudden rush of warmth through my groin which spread all the way to my face. Ok, this is what sex is supposed to be like! Suddenly that interest in pussy expanded to Laura and even Nancy, even though I had been there, well I had been there with Nancy. Yes, yes, this is what was missing in my making love to women, but why now? And worse, how would I get my way with this young girl?

“You know, Lisa,” I tried to keep my voice from sounding husky, “I’d be glad to rub your back but, you’d have to take off your sweatshirt. I don’t think I’m strong enough to massage through it.” I leaned forward slightly breathing in the scent of her hair, waiting for her to respond. I think I was smelling Head And Shoulders shampoo, but on Lisa it was like the most exotic French perfume. I so wanted to nuzzle her hair but held myself back.

“That sounds so tempting, but are you sure, Betty? It wouldn’t gross you out for me to take my shirt off? I’m uh, not wearing a bra.” Lisa’s shoulders shrugged slightly against my hands.

“It wouldn’t bother me at all,” I assured her, “In fact its warm enough in here that I might take my blouse off too. It’s just a little snug for heavy massage work.” My heart was pounding again, wondering what she would say. I felt I was being crazy, and that she would see through my pass for what it was and flee in horror.

“Oh, well that’s fair then,” she giggled and pulled her sweatshirt over her head, and lay down on the couch on her stomach without showing her breasts or looking back at me. I hurriedly unbuttoned my blouse and peeled off my bra before straddling her blue-jeaned thighs and beginning to rub her back. She moaned her pleasure at my hands working the back of her shoulder blades and I was feeling a power thrill at the feel of her round bottom pressing in between my legs. I was trying to imagine what it would be like to rub canlı kaçak iddaa my face back and forth in her pussy, and I hoped I wasn’t already getting the seat of her pants wet because my panties were probably already soaked through.

I tried to keep my hip movements to a minimum but by the time I got to the small of her back, I was beginning to hump her butt pretty steadily. Unfortunately, she was well aware of it because she said, “Betty, your massage has been wonderful, but the way your humping my butt is starting to seem, uh, sexual. So… maybe we better stop.”

I sighed – feeling disappointed but decided to give it a last try anyway. I wished I were as good at seducing as Nancy is. I lowered myself slowly on her back, trailing my nipples up her back until I could lay against her and whisper in her ear, “Why not consider a little fooling around,” I felt her shiver beneath me, “I promise to make you feel good.” I took my weight off of her, and sat beside her so she could sit up no matter what she decided. But she didn’t sit up, she rolled over on her back and looked at me, her large breasts rising and falling with her breathing.

Her breasts wobbled sexily as she turned over. They were pale with bikini lines and light brown nipples a shade darker than mine. Her breasts were large, but even on her back they were firm enough to stand up like little hills. The nipples were large and rounded on the tips – about the size of the first joint of my little finger. Her aureoles were about the size of a silver half-dollar and of the same light brown color. She had luscious breasts and let me gaze at them for a few moments before she spoke. I had the feeling that she was proud of them and didn’t mind my looking at all.

Her hair was messed up a little and half covering her face and her lips were parted. She was stunning in her causal sensuality. She still spoke in a whisper, glancing over my bare breasts as she did so, “Betty, I will freely admit that I have been pretty horny since my breakup…” Her gaze went up to my eyes then back to my breasts and her tongue slipped nervously across her lips once, “And you’re a very sexy lady… but I’m just not the sort that does it with girls. Believe me! Right now, I kind of wish I was into girls.” I looked at the fine blond hairs on her tanned belly then down to her navel where a fine line of golden blonde and light brown hairs trailed, thickening ever so slightly down to the button that fastened her jeans.

Lisa saw where my gaze went and she sat up slowly with a sigh. “I’m sorry, Betty.” She reached for her sweatshirt but only held it in front of her breasts.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for, Lisa,” I made no attempt to hide my own breasts as I reached over and took another sip of wine and handed her glass to her – which left her only one hand to shield her breasts with her shirt. “I got a little carried away… I guess I’m pretty horny, too. You don’t hold that against me, do you?”

“Oh no, Betty! Absolutely not!” Betty hastened to tell me, accidentally revealing one of her nipples in her eagerness to reassure me, “Your massage felt great and what you were doing with your hips felt nice too, for that matter. Maybe even a little too interesting. I’m just not a lesbian, you know? If you were a guy and I felt this close to him, we’d already be fucking, you know? But you’re a woman.”

I smiled, “I was married to a man, not a woman.” I looked away from her, suddenly feeling shy and ashamed, “It just felt so good to touch someone. I was surprised myself when it started feeling… well… sexy, you know, or maybe sensual would be a better word.” I let out a little laugh at myself for lying about my lust for the girl, but I didn’t want her to quit working for me. “No, sexy was the right word for it, after all. You never felt that way when you just happened to be with another girl?”

“I’m not sure,” she said, letting her shirt drop to her lap, “maybe a time or two. And…but no, I can’t say that!” She picked her shirt back up and hid her breasts again.

“Say what,” I smiled and leaned closer in my best conspiratorial whisper, “Go on, I already made an ass of myself tonight humping your butt. I would think that alone would let you tell me anything.”

She giggled, “Well, you just have the most perfect mouth, Betty, and I have wondered once or twice what it would be like to kiss a mouth like that. I mean a mouth that is so beautiful and didn’t have any whiskers to burn me.” She had lowered her shirt again, and glanced at my breasts again before looking back up. “I mean its not like I really want to kiss or anything. It was just hard not to wonder.” She turned pink, but instead of reaching for her shirt again, she reached over and drained her glass of wine. I refilled both glasses and we both had a couple of more sips of wine, glancing at each other’s faces and breasts.

I reached out one hand and put the palm of my hand softly against her cheek, “What if a couple of horny gals helped each other out a little? I don’t think you would have to change your life over that. Here, let me show you.” canlı kaçak bahis I leaned forward and gently kissed her mouth, once on the upper lip, once on the lower and one just off center on the side of her mouth – all three kisses soft and barely moist. I leaned back, “Now you know how it feels to be kissed by a mouth like mine. Was that so bad?”

“No,” she murmured, “It was very sweet, but…”

“But what?” I asked trying not to visibly notice that he nipples had suddenly grown a little larger.

Lisa giggled and shook her head, “Well, it was a little like potato chips. It made me want a little more.” She stopped smiling and tried to look serious even though there was still a twinkle in her eye, “Maybe that’s the problem. Maybe I wouldn’t know when to stop.” She set her glass back on the coffee table and I knew that she wanted me to kiss her again but was afraid to say any more than she had.

I leaned close to her again to within inches of her face, “If you want me to stop, just say so.” I kissed her again, softly the same way, but this time her lips responded to mine. I gave her three more brief but close-mouthed soft kisses, and then on the fourth when I parted my lips slightly, she did too. I let the tips of our tongues touch slightly then ended the kiss. I kissed her cheek, then near her ear, and I eased my arm around her, causing my right nipple to just touch her upper arm and kissed her again on the mouth. Her tongue was a little more aggressive now, so I let her in my mouth and teased her tongue with little flicks. I knew she could feel my breast touching her upper arm because she twisted to face me, our nipples barely brushing at each other’s breasts.

The kissing got a little more passionate and I eased her over on her back, with me on top still kissing her. After about five minutes of kissing, we were both breathing more heavily, and I suddenly raised myself on my arms and looked down at her breasts. She was gorgeous with no fat on her, but not skinny either – just a big shapely girl. She watched me looking at her and licked her lips to moisten them. “I feel really naked when you look at me like that, Betty, but it’s okay, I guess.”

“I’m getting very turned on, looking at you, Lisa,” I answered, my voice definitely on the husky side. “You have beautiful, sexy breasts.”

“So do you, Betty,” she whispered. I looked down and sure enough my pale brown nipples were as erect as they could be, I looked up to meet Lisa’s green eyes and she added, “I’ve never thought I wanted to do this with another female, but I really would like you to kiss me just a little more. I think I really like your kisses. And I’m starting to like the way you look at my breasts.”

I bent over her and trailed my nipples over her breasts. Her creamy bikini marks outlined lovely breasts whose brown nipples swelled even harder when touched by mine. She sighed and I gave her the softest gentlest kiss I could, barely touching her lips, then tracing my tongue over them. Then I kissed her a little more firmly and her lips instantly molded back to mine again as I settled my weight on her, our breasts mashed together. As dizzying and powerful as our sweet kisses were to each other, my mind was still imagining pulling down her jeans and pushing my face eagerly between her legs.

But I didn’t want to move too fast. I remembered how often I had backed out of sex because of that, so I went on kissing her, and she kissed me back eagerly, putting her arms around me and running her hands up and down my back. Unable to resist any longer, I eased my right thigh over her left thigh to press my pussy against her hip, and she responded by spreading her legs enough to press her groin against my hip. We both moaned at the same time. I stopped kissing her long enough to murmur, “This would feel so much better without your blue-jeans and my skirt.”

I kissed her again briefly and then she twisted her mouth free to whisper back, “But I’m not wearing any panties, Betty. I don’t know…we’d be completely naked…I think that would be going a little too far.”

I licked her ear, tracing in a circle then whispered, “The worst I can do is kiss your pretty pussy and that won’t make you pregnant. But I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.” I kissed her again, a long slow kiss, putting everything I had into it. Then I whispered with my lips still touching hers, “I would love to make you come. Wouldn’t you like that, too?”

“Maybe. I think so, but I don’t know,” she murmured back her breath heavy in her chest making her breasts push up and down, “My boyfriend never waited for me to do that, it was one of the many reasons we broke up.” She let me kiss her a few more times, “But you’re a woman, and for a woman to make me come…”

I just kept kissing her, gripping her thick blue-jeaned thigh between my thighs, pressing my pussy against the place her thigh became her hips, and enjoying the feel of our naked breasts pressing together. I rubbed my pussy against her harder and moaned, and I felt her groin pressing harder into my hip, her hands sliding down to my lower back to hold our hips more tightly together. We were both breathing hard and I was letting her suck at my tongue like it was a penis. Then I took a turn sucking at her tongue which was easily thick enough and long enough that I could imagine that tongue in my vagina.

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