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Bi-Curious Dads

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We could live at the beach forever. My wife Joan and I had told one another that for years, every time we made our annual trek to Nags Head, North Carolina with our boys. In the end after each week long vacation, we always came back to reality and knew we had to return home to work and family.

This year as we had for the last several, Joan and I shared our vacation with our best friends, Katie and Mike. This was the first year without any of the kids though. Here it was Wednesday evening, mid-week in our vacation. Wednesday evenings had become the traditional night for the wives to do a bit of shopping. It was a ladies-only night. Mike and I usually stayed at the beach house and watched a ball game and drank a couple of beers. As luck would have it this Wednesday night the cable was out from a storm earlier in the day.

Talking about two very frustrated middle-aged men!

We sat on the deck instead and drank our beer. I was bored near to death, not that Mike and I can’t hold a good conversation but Wednesday night was supposed to be a guy’s night with beer and ball. As I drained my first bottle of beer I remembered something.

“Hey, you know I saw some DVDs in the cabinet when we got here. Maybe there’s something in there worthwhile for guy’s night.”

Mike gulped the last of his first beer and sat it rather sharply down on the deck table. “Maybe there’s a good thriller or better a good spy flick, you know with a hot babe or two to watch.”

“I’ll go check.” I said and stood with my empty bottle.

“Here,” he grabbed my bottle, “I’ll go get us a couple more of these and meet you in the living room.”

So I went in one set of sliding doors and Mike went in the other.

At the television cabinet I shuffled through the couple dozens plastic DVD cases. The first few were all chick flick-romance-types. Not really guy and beer drinking kind of movies. Then I found an old one of the British Secret Agent’s best. As I was about to shove all the others back one non-commercial labeled case fell to the floor. I picked it up and opened the case. All that was written on the gold disc in black marker was ‘Special Features’.

“Huh.” I uttered to myself. “What’s this?”

All too curious I slipped the disc into the player and after a bit of jumbled images came up and the background music began a rather heavy beat. Before I knew it, what I thought was colorful art slowly became images of people, very naked people.

This was porn!

In seconds overlaid in front of the naked bodies was a title, “Girls Suck!” And seconds later examples of what was to come showed just that, girls sucking men.

I hit pause button real quick. At first I was a little embarrassed and quickly looked back to see if Mike had caught me watching. He was still clanging around in the kitchen.

‘Okay now what?’ I asked myself.

Do we go with the secret agent flick or do I offer my best friend the opportunity to watch some porn. I smiled and realized what could be more of a guy’s night watching a skin flick. I just wasn’t sure either of us would be comfortable watching porn together. Not that either of us hadn’t done it on our own before. We had even admitted to one another a few years ago to surfing for the stuff on-line. But to think about sitting in the same room together and watch it, I wasn’t sure.

So there I stood, spy flick in my left hand and paused porn flick on the television. I looked from one to the other and back again.

“Hey Jim!” Mike yelled from the kitchen.

The suddenness caught me off guard and I flipped the DVD case in the air. It fell to the edge of the cabinet, popped open and the disc rolled out behind me on the floor.

“Uh, Yeah?” I answered and stepped back to get the disc.

“How about some cheese and crackers with our beer? I forgot I bought some of the extra sharp cheddar the other day.” Mike called out.

“Sure. Sounds good.” I yelled back and stumbled, my heel coming right down on the edge of the disc.


The sound in my ears was louder than it really was I’m sure, but I knew I had just busted it good.

I bent over to pick it up and saw it was split all the way to the center hole. That disc was no more. Then I chuckled as I realized the choice had just been made for me. Porn it would be.

I put the cracked DVD back in its base and back in the cabinet on the other side of the TV. I would have to remember to hit the local mall and find a replacement before we left for home at the end of the week.

“Here we go,” I heard Mike and turned to see him walk in with a couple beers in one hand and a paper plate piled with cheese and crackers in the other. “So did you find something worth watching?”

I realized I was standing between him and the TV so he couldn’t see what was on display.

“I think it might be worthwhile.”

“So? What did you find?” Mike asked as he came around the couch and sat the plate and beers on the table.

I eased over to block the TV still and bahis firmaları just stood there.

Mike stood up his beer in his hand. “Well?”

“You wanna watch some porn?” I asked.

His head snapped up. “You have porn here?”

“Yeah, well, no but someone did. Look what I found.” I stepped out of the way and let him see what was on the TV.

“What’s that?” The he realized what he was seeing. “What the hell?”

“I think I stumbled onto some secret stash.” I grinned and reached over to pick up my beer. “The title on this feature is ‘Girls Suck!'”.

“Uh, appears to be a very descriptive title.” Mike stated as he stared at the paused still shot of a couple girls mouthing a hard guy each.

“Yeah, and those are just the opening clips. In fact, the disc itself said ‘Special Features’ so I can only assume there is more than one movie on there.” I took a quick swig of my beer as I let it soak in what we were about to do.

Mike took two healthy swigs of his beer before he looked back at me. But he still didn’t day a word.

“So what do you say, want to give it a try? Best time to watch I suppose while the wives are away for a couple hours.” I took another long slug of the bottle.

“Sure why not.” Mike said very simply. He reached for a couple slices of cheese and a couple crackers. He sat back in the stuffed chair at one end of the couch.

I sat down on the couch with the remote in one hand and beer in the other. After taking another good swallow I hit ‘play’. About thirty seconds of crude credits and back images then we were introduced to a scene of two jocks and a couple of very comely cheerleaders.

Let me just say here, before I go on…my wife and I are now in our fifties and we’ve had an incredible love life throughout our marriage. We both still have an insatiable thirst for sex. In fact, the beach is like an aphrodisiac for us both and we make love more here in a week than in a month back home. So I was not hard up for a long delayed cum or anything. Besides I was with Mike, my very best friend who I had met through our wives who were best friends in college. Mike has flirted with Joan as much as I’ve flirted with Katie over the years, but its all been very innocent. For some reason I needed to tell you all that to make it more comfortable to tell you before I realized it I had gotten the start to a hard-on in my shorts as I watched the hot movie. That’s right and I found myself giving it an occasional rub, at first out of a necessity to try and keep it down out of sight. But soon I found I was adding to the arousal I was getting from the erotic visuals on the television.

I took generous sips of my second beer.

Suddenly Mike called out, “Those babes can sure blow can’t they?”

“Yeah, sure can.” I took another sip of beer not taking my eyes off the hot action on the small screen.

“Bet Joan gives a mean blowjob.”

“What?” I about choked hearing the question and for the first time in minutes I took my concerted focus off the sucking and licking on the TV. I looked back over at Mike and saw him waiting for an answer. I realized it wasn’t just a throw away comment. I took another swallow of beer and my second bottle of the night had disappeared.

I stated simply, “Nope.”

“What? You mean she’s not that good at it? Damn.” Mike shook his head and took another swig from the brown long neck bottle.

“Nope,” what else could I say, it was true. “Uh, she doesn’t do it at all actually.”

“What?” Mike sat up in the chair. “You mean in over twenty years no bj? No way.”

“Nope, none, nada.” I could feel myself begin to blush. The heat started in my face and quickly descended to my groin which only added to the heat already building there. I reached for a slice of cheese and stuffed it in my mouth as I looked back to see a buxom blonde doing a sixty-nine with her stud boyfriend now, downing his huge man muscle. That view spurred me to ask, “Does Katie give good head?”

“Hell yes!” Mike came back very quickly and very adamantly. “Damn, not that I’d want to give up they heated romps, but the girl could keep me satisfied very well with hot mouth and tongue. Mmm-mmm-mmm.”

“Really, wow.” I didn’t know what else to say.

“Oh yeah, she could give any of these young ladies more than a run for their money.” He stabbed the beer toward the screen then sat back and swilled a huge swallow from the bottle.

About that time, the girls, who were blowing their respective cocks next to one another both looked up and then kissed. For some reason that silenced both Mike and I.

The two of us sat in the living room continuing to watch the video for a few minutes.

As I reached for another slice of cheese I began to think it would be nice if the wives would come home early and we could retire to our respective bedrooms. Of course, I wondered if Mike felt as horny as I did. I could feel the hard-on in my shorts and I caught myself stealing a peak over at my friend to see if he was having kaçak iddaa the same reaction to the movie. Though I couldn’t actually see anything I sensed with his similar hand movements near his crotch he was getting more than a bit excited himself.

I turned back to the movie and saw the petite brunette giving her jock a good double-fisted hand-job now. I closed my eyes for a moment and imagined Joan’s hands on me like that as I massaged my aching hard manhood myself. I knew I was thinking about it way too much and knew if I kept it up I’d be cumming in my black shorts before long.

I reached up for a slice of cheddar and a cracker and looked away from the TV for a little bit. As I munched my cock was still going strong. I was undeniably so horny I actually entertained the thought of getting caught jerking off. I needed a release so badly, but I knew that wasn’t going to happen, not in front of my long time best friend.

At that Mike sat up and drained his beer. “I need to hit the boy’s room. Press pause so I don’t miss any good parts.”

“Sure.” I picked up the remote and pressed the button.

What a point to stop!

As Mike walked away I stared at the action frozen on a close-up of a blonde with her bright red lips just coming down over the stud’s bulbous cock head. I felt more tightening in my shorts. I really did need to relieve the ache between my legs before things got too uncomfortable.

“You want another beer? ” Mike called out from the hallway as he headed toward the kitchen.

“Yeah, sure.” I yelled back as I stared at the huge cock with juicy lips poised sexily over it and my cock only got harder. I reached down to rub some more, only I envisioned Joan’s hand on me again. As I rubbed I closed my eyes and after a after a few more seconds I alternately pictured my wife Joan and then Katie doing me the way the girl was preparing to do the guy on the screen. Obviously Katie had a lot of experience doing it according to Mike, whereas my beautiful wife had none. It was then I pictured the two of them doing me together with Katie giving Joan a lesson in ‘Blowjob 101’. Before I knew it I slipped my hand inside my shorts and wrapped it around my very stiff cock. I stroked up and down slowly.

I began a low moan with the enjoyment my hand and fingers were giving me.

“You’re really getting that thing cranked up aren’t you?” Mike disturbed my blissful silent fantasy.

“What? No!” I pulled my hand back, but it caught on the elastic waistband and my shorts snapped back against my stomach with a loud snap. “Uh, no. I was just, you know rearranging.”

I looked up to see him bringing in four bottles of beer. He sat two down on the table in front of me and put one down on his end of the table before sitting down and tipping one back for a big swallow.

“I thought I’d save us the effort and bring us two beers this time round.” The whole time he was talking he looked me in the eye.

A little more than embarrassed now I knew my head was spinning from downing two beers all too quickly along with the blow flow rushing too my crotch. I’m not a young man anymore so as to adjust as quickly to each stimulus. I looked at Mike and he took another swig, the whole time staring me down.

“You know, it looked more like you were…uh, doing what I’ve been thinking about doing for the last several minutes,” smiling he glanced down at my crotch.

“Well, I… I…,” I stammered.

“Hey, c’mon nothing to be ashamed of, it’s natural for guys, isn’t it.”

I hesitated, not knowing exactly how I felt, unsure for the moment what to say or do, just watching him look at me.

“So the movie is getting to you, too, then huh?” Mike subtly lowered his eyes down then quickly back up again.

“Okay, fine, I did feel the need to stroke a little.” Although my hand wasn’t wrapped around my cock anymore, without looking I knew it was still mighty firm. So there I was with a raging hard-on alone in a room with another man that knew it! I reached out to grab one of my beers and I swear I swilled down half the bottle all at once. I realized we were on our way to killing off a six pack already. Most of our Wednesday night guy’s nights the last couple of years, we’d been lucky to get through a couple beers each.

Like I said we weren’t the young jocks we once were.

“Thirsty huh? Glad I brought you two.” Mike chuckled a bit then tipped back his own beer.

For some reason at that very moment I looked at him different sitting there across the room from me. I caught myself taking a glimpse down toward his crotch. I know my eyes widened as I saw the obvious bulge in his gray athletic shorts. In fact, as I continued to drink, whether it was my imagination or not I swear I could see his balls as his shorts gapped at one leg. I found myself getting strangely more aroused at knowing my best friend also had a good hard-on going. I shut my eyes for a second and turned my head. But when I opened them again I found myself staring right out kaçak bahis as Miss Blonde still frozen on TV ready to engulf the monster cock.

“Ready for more movie?” Mike asked. “That is if you can handle it.”

I looked over and saw the cheesy grin on my buddy’s face and then picked up the remote to hit ‘Play.”

Damn if that blonde could deep throat!

So for the next four or five minutes we were treated to a very close-up view of a very expert blow-job right up to its culmination. Although we didn’t get to see the splash and splatter we could tell the stud came a ton as the blonde made all kinds of faces as he pumped his hot stuff in her mouth. Then when it looked like he was done she released her lips from around his girth just enough to let the creamy white stuff flow down his shaft and pool in his pubic hair.

Okay, I was overheating

It felt like my cock was sure it was going to get that same treatment even though it couldn’t see a thing with that one eye through my dark shorts. But I sure as hell could it and the image was burned into my brain which had a direct connection to my crotch.

I wanted to rub one out so badly!

Instead I sat up and reached for the other beer and sat the empty down.

“You know, the only problem with watching something like this is, we get ourselves all worked up and there are no wives here to share it with.” Mike commented.

“I know, but the ladies won’t be back for another hour plus at least.” I replied sitting back now nursing my fourth beer. I also glanced back over at Mike and then unconsciously down at his crotch. My mouth missed the mouth of the beer bottle when I found his cock head just barely extending out from his shorts.

“Uh hey, Mike, I have to ask you something.”

“Sure, anything.”

“Uh, you probably know you got a good boner going there, but I didn’t know if you knew it was peeking out at me.”

Mike looked down, “Shit. Jeez, Shit, Jim I’m sorry.” His reddened face gave away his bewilderment.

“Hey, it’s not a big deal, really. We’re all family here.” I drank some more and watched him rearrange himself. “Besides, you said its natural didn’t you?”

“Yeah right.” Mike squirmed in the stuffed chair until he had himself situated and even went to the length of crossing his legs. Only the scrunched up face he made told me it sure wasn’t comfortable, but he kept them crossed anyway.

A minute later I watched him out of the corner of my eye as he leaned up to grab his fourth beer. He winced again. This time I actually felt the pain for him as my balls rolled around in my shorts.

By now as we both sat back to watch the video I realized we were on to the second of the ‘Special Features’. I had missed the title of this one as I had been distracted watching my friend get situated, but the action this time seemed to be a threesome, a hard bodied stud and two very endowed women, both blondes this time.

We both sat there in silence for a few minutes watching the new movie. Only I have to admit I kept stealing glances at my friend and more directly at his gray shorts. His shaft was beginning to harden again and I could literally see it growing under the material. It was an incredible sight.

I stopped staring long enough to tip back my beer again and look up at where the action was going on the screen. As it turns out stud boy had both girls sandwiched together and he was given them both a good licking. I began to envision both Joan and Katie on that bed and me being the guy doing that. What a fantasy that would be, me and the women. I went to take another swallow of my beer, but as I did I looked over in Mike’s direction again, his crotch anyway and I was amazed to see his shorts were tented so much I swear his manhood must have been pointing straight up.

My cock twitched at the sight. Its then I looked up and found Mike looking back at me or rather my shorts.

His eyes were fixed on my crotch.

“How long is your cock, Jim?”

I heard the question and nearly blew beer spray all over me and the table. Some dribbled out my nose as I tried to stifle my reaction. I wiped it and my mouth with the back of my forearm before I looked back over at my buddy.

“What the hell kind of question is that?”

Very calmly he said, “I know for a fact our ladies sit around talking about us as they drink their morning tea. Katie admitted to me once their discussion got around to our manhood and just how long they are. It appears they both had no idea the actual measurement,” Mike paused and took a sip of beer. “For some reason watching this stud on the screen made me think of that, and well, just made me curious how long your pecker is.”

“You gotta be kidding!” I took a healthy swig from my brown bottle and looked back at the screen, not being able to retain eye contact with Mike. “Okay, I admit Joan has mentioned how women can be more crude than a bunch of guys in the locker room. And I also get how women are more honest. But you asking that question kind of crosses the line doesn’t it?”

“What? We’ve been buds for over twenty years now. I know you’ve seen mine a time or two, if nothing else back at the gym in the shower or standing around the locker room.”

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