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Big Bad Boogie Man Ch. 02

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Roger and I have become quite a team now that he has found there is indeed something on this planet is willing and eager to take on his monstrous cock. His confidence is up, his cock is usually up, and so is his endurance down under. (forget Australia) Ah, but in every life a little rain must fall. Today is Friday so when he got home from school today we had one of our kitchen table conferences. The subject: A woman’s dreaded period. The curse of the crotch rears its ugly head.

I explained the situation to Roger, and understandably, I could see his disappointment. I was also going to miss him and his gigantic cock. I had gotten to where I could take that big fellow straight on from start to fabulous finish. I was still having four or five orgasms each session, and I was hoping that would never change. Roger, on the other hand, was developing a remarkable stamina. On occasion he would stay in the saddle until I suggested that he call it a day. That big cock still got me sore after a while, and he understood. He was so glad to have a source of relief. He never complained about a thing; nor did I.

“Cheer up, baby,” I said trying to comfort him. “I’ve talked with your Aunt Edna, and discreetly explained our situation. She is a very hot blooded woman, and she is excited about the opportunity to see and experience your marvelous cock. Is that okay with you?”

“Aunt Edna?” he cried. She was Mom’s sister, and although she had a pretty face, she was somewhat fleshier than my mom. Big tits came with the extra pounds, and her body still had curves in the right places. She was probably about three years older than mom, but she had a good attitude and seemed to take life as it was presented to her. Evidently I was one of those presentations you hear about.

Mom was very patient and very thorough as always. She explained that her sister Edna was a very hot blooded woman who loved to fuck. She was comfortable with both men and women. In fact, Mom and Edna still met on occasion to enjoy the pleasures of all woman sex. That in itself baffled me, but I had enough other stuff to digest at the moment. My mother had just given me both permission and encouragement to go over and sleep with my aunt for the next five days. How’s that for a liberal attitude?

Mom and I showered together before I launched my new adventure, and naturally as always I played with Mom’s tits considerably and she gave me a great blow job. She laughed after the blow job and told me she didn’t want Edna to get more than her share.

Roger narrates from here on:

Mom had already packed some of my personal stuff, so I took the bag and strapped it securely to the back seat of my motorcycle. Aunt Edna lived across town near the school where she taught, but it was still only 10 minutes between houses. When I pulled into her driveway I noticed the garage casino oyna door was open so I pulled in and dismounted.

Aunt Edna met me at the back door and gave me a big hug pressing her large tits into my ribcage. For the first time in my life, I noticed how soft and warm her bosom was as she pressed it against my body.

“Gracious, Roger,” she exclaimed, “but look how you’ve grown. “You’re a man now, alright, and that’s exactly how I am going to treat you.”

“Thanks, Auntie,” I said politely.

“Auntie, my ass, young man,” she scoffed. “If we are going to get to know each other as well as I hope we do, I want you to start calling me either Edna or Eddie like my friends do. Agree?”

“Fine with me,” and after a slight hesitation I added, “Eddie. That fits you as far as I’m concerned.”

“Good, now are you hungry?”

“Mom says I’m always hungry.”

“And according to your mom, you two have a terrific way of burning off the calories.” Then she gave me a sideways glance and added, “I can stand to burn off a few calories myself.”

“While we are on the subject, Aun . . . Eddie, I hope you aren’t taking me in just because Mom asked you to. I can take care of myself, and her period is no big thing.”

“Nonsense, Roger. Your mother knows very well how much I like sex, and she tells me you are developing quite an appetite for the sport yourself. Over the next five days I am going to try my best to convince you to spend at least five days a month over here while your mom is under the weather, so to speak.” She chuckled at her last remark, but it was abundantly clear that she was serious about the rest of her conversation.

“I guess you know this will be quite an adjustment for me.”

“We’ll both be making adjustments from what I’ve been told. For example, when are you planning to show me your prize possession? Sis may have exaggerated a little, you know.”

“Right here in the kitchen?” I asked with mild surprise.

“Isn’t that where you got your first blow job at home?”

“That’s also where Mom got her first experience with my monster,” I reminded her. It seems Mom had told her a lot.

“I love reruns, don’t you?”

This was a little awkward, but I rose to my feet, loosened my jeans, and let them fall to the floor. Eddie did the honors with my shorts.

“Goodness gracious, Roger,” she cried, “that’s man-sized if I ever saw one. Sis didn’t stretch the truth one little bit.” She rose to her feet and peeled off the one piece short legged jump suit she was wearing. She was also wearing a full support bra to accommodate her majestic breasts, but she wore no panties. She saw the puzzled look on my face, and at the same time, she saw my cock begin to grow.

“I seldom ever wear panties, Roger. Today I just figured they would slow you down, soooo, my God but canlı casino that thing is still growing.”

“I didn’t want you to be disappointed, Eddie. What do you think?” I asked spreading my arms out from my sides.

“I think we are going to have one fucking good time, Roger. Want to get started?”

“My libido is like my appetite; insatiable,” I said almost bragging.

“Excellent,” Eddie said excitedly, “ let me welcome you to my home.” She knelt in front of me and promptly wrapped her mouth around the head of my dick. Surprisingly, she was able to get more of my cock into her mouth than Mom ever did. Then I realized it was all the way back to where here mouth left off and her throat began. She maintained that depth each time she bobbed up and down. The head of my pecker was already throbbing when I felt her hand on my balls.

She was a terrific masseuse so I rewarded her by donatingeverything I had into her mouth. My cock bucked and spurted my come into her mouth, and she did not hesitate or quit her pumping motion until I was drained. It was not planned, but I was so drained and satisfied that I slowing dropped to my knees. Face to face we locked into a deep and passionate embrace. I’m sure my tongue wallowed in my own sperm, but I neither noticed nor cared. My aunt was a master at giving a blowjob.

After a long, wet kiss I felt Eddie gently but firmly coaxing my mouth down to her boobs. I was perfectly willing and ended up in the midst of her enormous breasts. When I got to her nipples, I realized that they were nearly as large as unshelled peanuts. I sucked on them like a starving calf at its mother’s udder. Eddie loved my attention. She managed to reach around my body until her hand was at my ass crack. There she used her index finger to toy with my asshole. I didn’t really need the incentive, but her action caused me to attack her tits much more intensely.

After a while she pushed me away from her bosom, and with bated breath she asked, “Do you eat pussy?”

“Watch me,” I said boastfully as I sat back on my haunches.

Much to my surprise Eddie turned and took a position on her hands and knees. She backed up to me and presented her juicy pussy to me in full view. Mom and I had done some doggie style fucking before, but I had never thought to eat her pussy from this angle. I leaned forward, needlessly spread her cheeks, and ran my tongue the length of her swollen pussy. I repeated this again and again, and Eddie was wiggling wildly in response.

“Play with my clitoris, Roger. Make me come big time.”

She moaned very vocally, and pushed her pussy against my mouth. She hunched as I massaged her clit, and after a short period of time she spurted juices into my face. This was a first, but I didn’t mind. I liked eating her pussy this way, so anything that happened in the process kaçak casino just added to the pleasure. I couldn’t resist replacing my tongue with two of my fingers. She squeezed my fingers with her pussy muscles and pushed back against my hand rhythmically in concert with my penetration. I actually believe she reached another climax by doing this.

After she recovered from her second orgasm, she turned and sat cross-legged in front of me. This gave me an unobstructed view of her pussy. I think it was smiling at me. Also, my cock was now at full maturity again.

“Wanna put that big thing in me, Big Guy?” She asked coquettishly.

“Love to,” I countered. “Are you ready?”

“Let’s do it doggie style?” she suggested. “I think I will be able to handle it better that way for the first time.” She turned and assumed the hands and knees position once again.

“Here goes,” I announced as I pressed the head of my cock against her very swollen pussy lips. She was so wet from her arousal fluids that my entry was relatively smooth. Eddie moaned softly as my shaft slid deeper into her pussy, but the sound was one of awe and of pleasure. She stayed rigid all the time I was penetrating her, but when I got all the way in and she felt my body against her ass, she humped back against me.

“Fuck me, Nephew,” she said in a husky voice. “Fuck me hard. Make me come like gangbusters.”

I did my best to honor her request. I thrust in hard, withdrew quickly, and did it again. Eddie was making animal sounds mixed in with her sensuous moans and groans, and she was meeting my every thrust with a motion of her own. Judging from her in action commentary, I am sure she had at least two orgasms before I finally unloaded my contribution deep into her pussy. All the time I was delivering my load, she was pumping against my rod.

We fucked twice more before bedtime, and then while we were taking a shower she showed me how to place my rigid cock between her large breasts and shoot another load. I was definitely going to enjoy my stay with Aunt Edna.

We were lying in bed about to get some much needed sleep when Eddie snuggled her naked body up to mine and informed me that she was a very impulsive woman.

“Don’t be the least bit surprised if you wake up during the wee hours and discover that I am sucking your cock. I dearly love that big fellow.”

“By the same token,” I said seriously, “don’t panic if you wake up during the night to find me fucking you madly.”

“Promise me one thing, Roger,” her tone was very serious. “Don’t fuck me in the ass just yet. I don’t think I’m ready for that right now.”

“Mom and I have the same understanding,” I said as I gathered one of her big tits in my hand.

“Roger,” she said very softly, “have you thought about how it would be to have me and your mom in the bed at the same time?”

“Not until just now,” I admitted quite honestly, “but it would be an interesting challenge at that.”

Eddie reached down and squeezed my cock, and then we both drifted off into sweet slumber.

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