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Big Mike’s Dream Comes True

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This one is for Big Mike, who I noticed favorited one of my stories. Though I know nothing of your life, keep in mind this is just a fun work of fiction that I thought you might enjoy. And I hope that this lives up to your fantasies.

All characters depicted are over the age of 18, and more than happy with what’s going on.

“Oh, yeah, that’s it. You suck your daddy’s cock, all the way down, baby girl. Milk that fucker, milk it hard!”

Stuck on my back on the couch, porn had become my constant companion. And Daddy/daughter was always my go to. It got me hard and got me off faster than any other kind of stuff I was into.

Watching some cute young thing suck back her daddy’s cock, or having him spread her legs and slide his big hard dick into the depths of her tight little pussy, was the stuff of dreams for a guy like me.

Though my days of going out on dates might be behind me, as long as I had my laptop, lucky for me, I had hours of kinky fun right at my fingertips.

Like right now, I was getting into a really hot porn flick, and the chick giving the blow job was a total babe. A real cute little honey, maybe around twenty, long, thick blonde hair with pink highlights, and big innocent green eyes, that really seemed to sparkle with delight as she got off. And god she had such beautiful big tits, with nice hard red nipples, just the way I liked ’em. Nipples that she was now twisting the fuck out of while sucking back every last inch of her daddy’s big, hard cock.

Fisting my hand tightly around my throbbing dick, if I closed my eyes, I could almost feel those pretty lips stretched around me as I clenched hard and really started to beat myself off.

“Yeah, suck it, baby girl,” I muttered at the screen, as I got off on pounding my meat, shuddering as I felt my balls tightening up, getting ready to blow. With my pulse starting to leap and a little sweat beading on my brow, I knew I was getting close, really fucking close.

My heart pounding, I eyed the box of tissue sitting on the coffee table, just waiting for the eruption, when I’d shoot another heavy load into my fist, hopefully at the same time as the little sex kitten on the screen began to suck her daddy dry.

I threw back my head and growled as the big muscle-bound guy in the movie desperately pumping his big, fat dick in and out of her mouth, warned her, “Oh, baby, I’m coming. Daddy’s gonna come in that pretty mouth and fill you right up.”

I could hear her plaintiff little mewl, as she kept on bobbing her head up and down on him, faster and faster, like she could hardly wait for him to shoot.

As I often did, I put myself in his place. And in my head I could picture my dick sliding all the way down that slender throat while I threw back my head and groaned as my cock began to erupt like a fucking volcano, filling her up with a nice heavy load of my seed, till she couldn’t swallow another drop.

Every breath getting tighter, my heart really starting to pound, I grabbed a fistful of tissue and held it under my cock, and stared down in awe as I watched rope after rope shooting out of me, filling up the wad of tissue. Thrusting up my hips, I squeezed the tip, to get the last few drops leaking out of my slit. Just as the girl on screen, after swallowing every last drop of her daddy’s load, was busy licking him clean.

I nodded to myself, smiling. “Nicely timed, Mike.”

But then I looked up and my mouth fell open. Holy crap! I couldn’t believe it. My niece Tammy had let herself in and was now staring wide-eyed at her Uncle Mike with his cock out, squeezing out the last few drops of his cum.

Oh, fuck me! This couldn’t be happening. I looked around in a panic till I noticed the freaking blanket was just out of reach on the floor. So I had nothing to cover my dick. As I tried to make a grab for the end of the blanket to hide the semi that was lying across my thigh, just my luck, my stupid lap top slipped off me and dropped to the carpet. Naturally with the porn flick still playing, and the girl asking her daddy in a baby voice, “Did I do good, Daddy? Did your little girl suck you nice and hard, and make you come, just the way you like it?”

I rolled my eyes, convinced that my poor niece was about to run out the door screaming, grossed out by what her uncle got up to when no one else was around. But when I took a chance and looked up, I couldn’t believe that the look of shock I’d first seen on her face had now been replaced by a knowing little smirk.

As Tammy wandered a little closer, I watched her eyes flare as she got a good look at the size of my deal. Even semi-hard, I knew it was still pretty impressive.

“Uh… here, let me get your lap top for you,” she offered, feeling around on the floor, with her gaze still riveted between my legs.

Once she’d finally picked it up and set it on the table, I noticed she didn’t seem to be able to tear her gaze off my dick that was still a little hard, and getting harder by the escort ataşehir second, from the way she was nearly devouring it with her eyes. It was like she just couldn’t find it in herself to look away. “Holy crap, you’re big,” she finally muttered, I’m pretty sure without even realizing that she’d said it out loud.

I just shrugged, and started to smile, because I knew damn well I wasn’t exactly small. At least the ladies I’d been with had never complained.

Normally it was my sister Beth who came around and brought me whatever I needed, like my medication, or some groceries. And since she was also a nurse, sometimes she’d give me a sponge bath, or offer me a massage whenever my neck and back were acting up. But the odd time she’d send her daughter Tammy, like now, just to see if I needed anything before I went to sleep for the night.

And now that I really looked at her, especially dressed up to go out in her club gear, I realized that Tammy was sure as hell no kid anymore. In fact, she’d grown into one helluva good looking woman. I think she’d just turned nineteen, and from what I’d heard she and her boyfriend had just split up. Seems the guy was a total asshole who treated her like dirt, so her mother was pretty happy when she’d given him the boot.

That got me wondering if maybe that’s why she was still eyeing my cock, with that sly little grin on her face. Could be she wanted a piece of her Uncle Mike, now that she and her man were done, since she really did seem to be impressed with the size of me.

But then my heart nearly stopped in my chest when she confirmed it. She smirked, rolling her eyes at sound of the porno still playing on my laptop, with the girl now asking her daddy if he wanted her to lick him clean. Tammy looked at me like I’d never seen her look at me before — like she was sizing me up. Then she cocked an eyebrow and mimicked the cute little baby voice, and asked, “And how about you, Daddy, would you like your baby daughter to lick you clean, too?”

I looked down at my cock, shocked to see it actually lurching at her from what she was saying. And I thought I had to be dreaming.

Especially since Tammy was a really hot looking girl. Like her mother, on the petite side, with big blue eyes, and long, thick curly hair, that this week, was a mixture of different shades of purple with bright pink highlights. And what she was wearing, holy fuck — was enough to make me come where I sat. The way those lush, full breasts of hers were nearly spilling over of the edge of her black bra top, had me licking my lips. Especially with her sheer, white shirt hanging open. Along with her tight, red mini skirt that barely managed to cover her ass, while also making those shapely legs of hers look insanely hot — especially in those killer high heels. God, the girl had to be my Daddy/daughter fantasy come true.

And did she just say that she wanted to lick me clean? Holy fuck! Now I knew I had to be dreaming. Because shit like this never happened to me.

But then I felt my eyes pop and my breath catch in my throat as I watched her drop to her knees beside the couch, reach out and wrap her soft little hand around me. Then she started licking, right from my balls to the very tip, where she closed her eyes and moaned as she lapped into my slit with her tongue, I guess hoping to get every last drop.

I actually thought I’d died and gone to heaven when that hot little tongue began sliding up and down along my shaft. The way she was lapping at me, and softly purring like a contented little kitten, felt so unbelievable, I knew I’d never felt anything like it. All while diligently making sure to get every speck of cum I might have missed, like she was savoring a juicy Popsicle on a hot July day, afraid to miss a drop.

No surprise, she had me hard in a heartbeat, and I’m talking really fucking hard, like rebar.

Pinching the end of my cock, she looked up at me and grinned. “Ooh, look what my Daddy’s got for me, some more juicy cum, just oozing out of his tip. Mmmm,” she happily moaned as she licked that fat bead of pre-cum out of my slit with the tip of her tongue like it was the best thing she’d ever tasted. But then she looked up at me and pouted, “What’s wrong, Daddy? You don’t like your little girl sucking you off?”

Fuck, now that she’d started, no way in hell did I want her to stop. She probably thought I was quiet because I was wondering if I should tell her it wasn’t right that my niece was between my legs, giving me head. But the truth was I was in shock. Not every day a gorgeous young thing like her wanders in and decides she’s going to drop to her knees and blow the shit out of me.

But I decided I’d better get into it, before she changed her mind and let go of my dick. So, I reached out and gently stroked her cheek and quietly said, “No, kitten, I don’t want you to stop. Daddy loves the way you suck cock, baby girl.”

She flashed me a cute little smile, seeming pretty pleased, before she plunged me back into kadıköy escort her mouth so deep, I thought I was going to levitate right off the damn couch. Then she hollowed out her cheeks and really started to suck me back. Groaning deeper than I’m sure I’d ever groaned in my entire life, I slid my hands into her bright purple hair. And then I began to twist the soft, silky strands around my fingers, clutching her head between my hands to direct her right where I needed her.

As I really got into it and started thrusting into her mouth, fucking into her as deep as I thought she could take me, the deepest most satisfied growl I’d ever heard rumbled up from my chest. Damn, porn was good, but this real live shit was fuckin’ amazing.

As I fucked her mouth, I rolled my eyes. The feel of my cock sliding over her hot little tongue, while she clenched her throat tight around my cockhead felt like heaven on earth.

I was so into the feel of her sucking me off, and gently rolling my balls between her fingers, I had almost forgotten about the porn flick still playing on the lap top. Until the girl on the screen said, “Daddy, can I climb on top of you, and fuck you now? Pleeease, Daddy, please can your little girl ride your big hard dick?”

Hearing that, Tammy looked up at me, cocked and eyebrow and started to smile around my cock. As it was, just from her incredible oral skills she had my heart pounding so hard that I wasn’t sure if I’d survive her hopping on board and giving me a ride. Then she let go of me with a pop, grinned and said, “So, can I fuck you now, Daddy? ‘Cause your little girl would really like to know how good this big, bad boy is going to feel pushing inside me. Please, Daddy, can I?”

Stunned, I don’t know how many times I blinked, till finally I nodded my head and said, “Sure.” Before I even got another word out, she was straddling me with her knees surrounding my hips, and her skirt hiked up under her breasts. With me of course utterly spellbound at the sight of her little shaved pussy inching its way down to my throbbing cock.

I just couldn’t stop staring as I watched her tight little snatch dropping down like in slow motion to take my pulsing erection inside her.

She had me fisted tight in her hand, ready to sink me into her pussy, before it occurred to me that she hadn’t been wearing any panties, which naturally made my dick twitch even harder. I could actually smell the delectable aroma of her sex filling the air, so hot and wet, and obviously just itching to be filled and fucked. Talk about a dream come true.

And lucky for her, and her hungry little pussy, her Daddy had just what she needed to do get the job done — nine, long hard throbbing inches of pussy melting goodness.

The instant my cockhead broached her snug little opening I could actually feel my eyes rolling all the way to the back of my head. Holy fucking shit, the girl was tighter than a freaking clam shell!

You want to talk about pleasure, nothing I’d ever known felt as good as her tight little cunt squeezing around me, tighter than anything I’d ever felt as she slowly began to sink that sweet little pussy all the way down to my balls.

As I watched her bite into her lip and slowly ease her little pussy down over my throbbing cock, whimpering with every inch that pushed inside her, I couldn’t believe how good it felt to have a real live, gorgeous woman actually fucking me again. I’d always loved sex, and now thanks to this insatiable little minx, I remembered why.

Fuck, nothing on earth could compare to the feeling of sliding my cock into the heat of a nice wet pussy, especially one as tight as hers.

“Ooh, Daddy you’re just so big,” she murmured on a breathy moan once she’d finally sank her nice lush ass down over my thighs and got me packed in her nice and tight. “You’ve got me filled right up. And it feels soo good, even the sting of you stretching me inside, feels amazing.”

I was Glad to see was getting off on it too. As I watched her slide me almost all the way out, then thrust me back inside her till she had be balls deep in pussy again, I thought I’d just about die. Fuck, this was even sweeter than heaven.

Was I ever glad now that Tammy had wandered in on me when she had, or none of this would be happening. And I never would have known just how incredible it could feel to step over the line with my sexy little niece. While she slyly smiled down at me, picked up her pace and began to ride the living fuck out of my cock.

Even as she winced from feel of me stretching her insides to take me, I could see from the way her chest was heaving, her nipples were beading and her breath was coming in short little pants that she was about to get herself off.

So, I reached out and helped her along, circling her clit with my thumb. Till I really had her moaning and grinding that sweet little cunt on my dick, like it was life’s mission to come all over me.

“You like the feel of riding your Daddy’s big cock?” I asked maltepe escort bayan her, gritting my teeth, as I felt that familiar tell-tale shock wave shooting straight up my spine now, too.

“Oooh, yes, she gasped as she really began to bounce up and down on me, working by dick like a woman possessed. I just looked up at her in awe. She just looked so uninhibited with her long purple hair wildly flying around her shoulders, her lips parted, softly gasping for air, big beautiful tits bouncing like mad, lush ass slapping hard against my thighs as she fucked me like I’d never been fucked in my life. It had to be the most amazing thing I’d ever seen, watching my hot little niece getting herself on riding my dick.

Glancing down, I took a look between us and groaned at the sight of my thick, hard shaft, slick with her juices sliding in and out of her little shaved pussy as she fucked me. I’d never seen anything as arousing as the sight of my cock packed tight in her clenching little cunt, while she happily rode me like a jockey to the finish line.

Elated, I let out a sigh. All I could feel was pleasure, pure unadulterated mind numbing pleasure. Then I groaned deep as I felt the jaw-dropping sensation of my balls letting go and my cock starting to erupt, pulsing deep in the depths of her soft, warm body, coating her womb with wave after wave of my hot, fertile seed as I shot my load, and blasted off inside her.

Now that I thought about it, after I’d filled her up, I just hoped she was on the pill. Especially with what I could feel gushing out of her juicy little pussy all the way down to my balls. Sure that I must have pumped her with more cum than I had probably ever shot in my life, though it felt absolutely incredible, I sure as hell didn’t want to knock her up.

As I squeezed her around the waist and smiled up into her eyes, I liked the way she smiled back looking pretty pleased with herself, and the way she’d managed to get us both off.

Then my gaze dropped to her nice big tits and without even thinking I started to lick my lips, imagining how good those babies would feel in my mouth. I noticed her smile widened even more, and her eyelids dropped to half-mast as she cupped them in her hands and lowered them to my lips, for me to have a taste. “Does Daddy want a little lick of her baby girl’s titties?” she cooed.

“Hmmm,” I would have said yes, but after I’d sucked one back, I had so much soft, warm flesh in my mouth that I couldn’t get a word out. So, I let her know with the way I was happily groaning as I filled my hands with them and squeezed them together. Then as I hungrily sucked, lapped, and licked all around them, even gently nipping at her nipples, I showed her how just how pleased I was to be getting a chance to have a taste of her nice big titties.

Still packed deep inside her, I could actually feel my cock starting to pulse and begin to thicken inside her pussy as I worshiped her breasts. Fuck, this girl was going to kill me, but I sure as hell wasn’t about to complain. Not when it felt this good.

Her breasts were amazing; big and round and soft and so squeezable and so fucking tasty. And god her nipples had to be the thickest, hardest things that had ever slid over my tongue, I realized as I tugged them between my teeth, making her squeal. No fucking wonder I was getting hard again.

I was forty-four now, and knew for a fact I hadn’t gotten this hard this fast in years.

But hearing Tammy whimper like crazy as I made love to her girls, feasting on her flesh like a man who’d been starved for the taste of a woman for what felt like ages, was only making me harder.

“Hmm, feels like somebody’s getting hard again,” she murmured, clenching her pussy tight around my dick. While happily mewling as I nipped and tugged a little harder at her big, hard nipples with my teeth. Seems, the girl was really into breast play, and fuck me, so was I.

I decided as I sucked back her twins, if this was really happening, and it wasn’t just a dream, I wanted everything I could get out of it, before she went away again.

So, if she wanted another ride on her Daddy, I’d be more than happy to let her pump another load out of me. Or if she wanted to suck me off, I was all hers to do with as she pleased, because she sure as fuck was pleasing me.

But then she slid off me, and I felt a little disappointed, wondering if she’d had enough.

But the way she was eyeing my slicked up dick grinning, and playfully waggling her eyebrows, I heaved a sigh of relief, realizing she wasn’t done with me yet.

Then she looked up at me and flashed me a very naughty smile as she slid down my body, till her titties were flush with my cock. I could feel my heart nearly beating out of my chest, as I looked down at my cock poking out between her nice round tits, still glistening with my saliva.

Then holy fuck! I could hardly believe my eyes as I watched her push those big lush girls together, and start to slide my dick between them, for a highly erotic little tit fucking.

Oh, wow. I thought I’d seen it all, but I’d never dreamed that something like this could ever happen to me. That my sexy little niece could wander in and catch me jacking off to porn, and then decide that she wanted in on the action.

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