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Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 34

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A note to readers: This is a long story that unfolds chapter by chapter through the eyes of two protagonists – Mark and Elsa, and as in many of my other stories involves a growing spate of horny characters. Every ten chapters or so I will provide a short summary at the start of that episode to bring new readers up to date (see start of Ch. 30). This story could appear in a number of genres (Loving Wives, Incest, Lesbian, Fetish, and more) depending on the chapter, but the overall theme is Group, so I have applied this moniker to all chapters. The story is still being written, yet I intend to post a new chapter every couple of days. Enjoy.

Chapter 34 – A Pipe Bomb And Pam’s Shock In Vegas


The day after Melanie’s meetings with the executives, I met with the troika that ran our Orange County manufacturing plant. Melanie met with her counterparts who had helped her collect data and ideas on the place, and then with a small team of implementers in one part of the business. She took a dozen of them to lunch at a nice restaurant; again, this was her idea, not mine. We were through by two o’clock. We bid everyone goodbye and headed to the airport to connect with my Cessna Citation jet for the trip home.

We got home to my condo about eight o’clock. Cindy and KC had waited dinner on us, so the four of us immediately headed back to the limousine and drove to our favorite steakhouse. Sheila had gone back to her own condo for the night to do some personal finances and personal spiritual practices.

Melanie and I had worked on the plane, so had put in a long day. We were ready to play by the time dinner ended, and fortunately KC and Cindy were too. Soon, Melanie had everyone horny telling them in detail about our sexual exploits while in California. Of course, I was the beneficiary of their lust, so I encouraged the storytelling and questions.

I had a long phone call from Elsa while we were on the plane. As far as her business reason for being on her Las Vegas trip, they were making progress with the city planning department and the code enforcement division. They’d met with them for six hours on Monday, and another six on Tuesday, and she and Sean only felt they were partway through the list of issues and objections to approving the large condominium. Elsa thought they would be there for all of Wednesday and Thursday, and hoped to wrap up on Friday, and then catch a flight home. Elsa had more patience with local government departments than I did.

Elsa told me about a new reason for being in Las Vegas – the education of Sean Ware, her architect colleague, who she described as naïve as a ten year old, but malleable. She had me laughing with her antics at the Wet Pussy Lounge, and then how she’d given Sean a World Class Lap Dance back in his room, and then taught him to clean up his own sexual messes.

She and Sean had done some real work on Monday night, and then gone to an adult book and toy store. She described how Sean had been like a kid in a candy store with a fifty-dollar bill once he got the layout of the store and understood the various product lines. This was entirely new to him – even beyond his imagination.

Elsa helped Sean pick out six DVDs for him to take home to his wife Pam, in order to try to ‘pop’ her out of her naïve and relationship-sleepy malaise they’d fallen into. Sean already understood the agenda for what had to happen to spice up his marriage, but Pam remained an innocent up to that point not even knowing what her husband had planned for her, let alone his new best friend – Elsa.

The DVDs covered a number of subjects. The first was a pretty straight-forward DVD about a guy and gal who meet and then have a series of increasingly intimate dates until the male lead had taken every liberty with the pretty starlet. The video was rated as ‘Women’s Porn,’ so Elsa thought it might be a good starter film.

The other four films explored various fantasies from a predominantly male viewpoint, but a female watching them would be turned on as well. In the first, a romantic threesome between the girl and two hunky men evolved into a long romantic sexual encounter where she was shared back and forth between the two handsome and muscular men.

In another video, the girl invites a small gangbang with a half-dozen of her husband’s friends as he watches. In some ways it was a female dominatrix film, but in others a cuckold video. Another DVD dealt purely with female-female sapphic relations and emphasized how beautiful they could be. The last video as an orgy of about six couples inducting ankara bayan escortlar a new couple into their midst.

I suggested to Elsa that we’d done all of those things in our little group of friends, and she laughed and promised many more times as well. I loved the way my girlfriend thought.

Elsa said that she’d had Sean phone Pam and insist that she come to Vegas on Wednesday. That would give the couple at least two nights in Vegas. Pam could lay out in the sun or shop or a million other things during the day while Elsa and he met with the city officials.

Elsa had seen pictures of Pam, and told me she was sexually interested in the naïve young wife, who was near her age. She was playing by the rules in the adage: ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’ She was hoping for another new fuck buddy and his wife out of the deal. If things worked out, she might stay over with them for the start of the weekend.

I wished Elsa luck in her pursuit of her new friends. After I hung up, I went and snuggled with Cindy as she watched the late news. I thought again how unusual the whole situation was from what society deemed as appropriate behavior. We were all having fun, but outside the boundaries of what ‘normal’ people talked about. I wondered for a moment if there was anyone who was actually normal. How many other men wished ‘one’ of their girlfriend-wives luck in seducing another couple, and then go off and fuck her sister and two other women.

The next morning when Cindy, Melanie, KC, and I got up, we found a bit of a surprise in our living room – an armed encampment.

Lucas was there with a very serious look on his face.

I asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

“We received a credible threat that your life is in danger. We’re just making sure we do our job of protecting you and the girls.”


“When we went to check-out the limousine this morning, we found a pipe bomb under the rear bumper next to the gas tank. We went through the security tapes but they show nothing happened in the garage last night. We’re going back over other security tapes now – from the headquarters building and what we can find from the restaurant last night.”

“What are the plans as a result?”

“We’re tripling up the guards as of right now. No one goes in a car that we haven’t checked out or that we don’t trust. We’ve been through all the cars in the garage, and they’re OK. We have agents to drive everybody where they need to go.

“We’ve already been through the building where Cindy works, and that was clean. Our dogs are at the gallery where you work, KC. We plan to drive you to work in my car. It’s not bulletproof, but we’re trusting that people don’t know the car. We’ll have you back in the limo for the ride home after we finish going over the rest of the car.”

“What about Brita, Sheila, and Elsa?”

“I talked to Brita’s head of security. He’s taking steps about her protective detail. Sheila is on her way to the office right now. Elsa is with Jana in Las Vegas. They’re all asleep, but will find the detail tripled up when they awaken. We didn’t want to create a ruckus by charging into the Vegas city hall, so we’re just monitoring things there. Our guess is that this is a local threat, but we’ll know more once the police finish their forensics work on the pipe bomb.”

“I want a moment by moment update as you find out new details.”

“Of course, sir.”


Jana knocked on my door about seven a.m. I opened it and stood there in my birthday suit. I wasn’t quite awake. “What’s up?”

“There’s been a problem at home.” Jana filled me in on what she knew about the threat, which boiled down to finding a pipe bomb under the rear of Mark’s limousine – the car we routinely rode in and the car that was to have picked me up at the airport when I got home. She explained about the extra security, and we talked about how to honor my security and yet remain unobtrusive to the people at city hall.

I met Sean at eight-fifteen for breakfast, and then Jana joined us and we took a taxi to city hall. Another car followed us. We spent the morning with the city engineering staff going over the plans for the condominium, and walking them through our approach to the structural calculations on part of the building and every safety feature in the place once it was built. We had to stop at noon, as they had other meetings, but we agreed to start the next day at nine a.m. with them again. Sean and I were free for the rest of the day.

Well, we weren’t quite free. Sean had ankara seksi escortlar talked to Pam, his wife, into taking the rest of the week off work and joining us in Las Vegas. She arrived at one o’clock that afternoon.

Sean had become a zealous convert to my recommendations to overhaul his marriage. I got a little worried that I’d oversold the idea of getting out of their shell, losing their naiveté, becoming more sexual, and approaching life and their relationship in a bold way. He wanted my help to turn his wife around to his new point of view, make her more street smart and savvy, and to help loosen her up sexually. Sean had the unrealistic expectation that I could do all of that before the end of the day. I kept telling him that I was not superwoman.

Sean and I had lunch in our hotel’s luncheonette. He was bubbly with the possibilities about what his marriage could become. He’d see a couple laughing and hugging, and point out that maybe he could develop that relationship with his wife. Apparently, they weren’t very demonstrative with their affections.

Just before two o’clock, as we sat in the open plan restaurant of the hotel, Sean leapt to his feet. “Here’s Pam!” He sounded jubilant.

He ran across the lobby to the stereotypical small town housewife. She was in a summer frock with low heels. This could have been her go-to-church dress, except Sean said they were spiritual but not religious. She had short-cropped dishwater blond hair and a perky face. She might have been busty, however, the below-the-knee and up-to-the-neck dress revealed little to any observer about the rest of her body. She was pulling a medium-size blue roll-on suitcase and heading towards the front desk.

Sean intercepted her, and she offered her cheek for a polite kiss from her husband. The New Sean wrapped his arms around his wife, and tried to smothered her in a knock-your-socks off kiss that caught the attention of several others in the lobby and restaurant area.

Pam pushed him away with a frown and then smoothed out her dress. I couldn’t hear the conversation, but I could guess at the admonishment about the PDA. Sean didn’t seem to care. He took her arm in one hand and suitcase in the other and escorted her over to our table. He made introductions.

I asked her point blank, “Pam, don’t you love your husband?”

She looked shocked at my opening salvo, “God, yes. What a strange question to ask – and we’ve barely met.”

“Well, you don’t act like it. You offered your cheek to him by way of welcome and frowned dismissively at his attempt to kiss you. I don’t even do that to strangers I’m meeting for the first time. It sends all sorts of messages: I don’t love you, I barely tolerate you, I certainly don’t want to kiss you, and I don’t want physical contact with you. Were those the messages you were trying to give Sean? I hope you haven’t been doing that kind of thing too long.”

“No, but we are in a public place.” Pam sounded defensive.

“Bullshit,” I told her as I shook my head. “Pure bullshit. You are prissy little woman who wants to control your man, and you are using sex and affection to do it. Sorry to be blunt, but you are in for a very short marriage if you continue.”

Pam started to sputter.

Sean nodded a little too eagerly for my taste, and Pam noticed.

I suggested softly, “Why don’t you go back out where you met, and repeat that welcome like you say you meant it. Don’t give a hoot about what anybody else thinks or says. I’m not suggesting that you have intercourse in the lobby, only that you display your love to the man you say you care for. Go on. Do it. If someone says anything, tell them you love your husband and to fuck off.”

Neither Sean not Pam had sat. Sean led a reluctant Pam back out in the lobby area. She was hesitant, but still a little shocked by our confrontation.

Sean stopped and pulled Pam into another embrace. This time she got into the kiss, putting her arms around his neck and getting into the kiss. They returned to the table a few seconds later. Pam was blushing.

I said, “Well, that shows you know him. Next time, push your body into his. Give him a hard-on. Whisper in his ear that you want to fuck him as soon as possible.”

Pam stared down at me from where she stood, “What the hell’s going on here? Just who are you? I thought you were working with Sean, but you’re something else.” She was angry.

“I do work with Sean, and I am also working to save your relationship from starvation, malaise, and boredom. Please sit.” I gestured to bayan ankara escort the seat beside me and I’d spoken in my command voice that left no room for argument.

Pam sat, “I don’t understand.” She dropped into the chair.

I looked at Sean, “That’s your cue. If you want I’ll take a walk.”

Sean firmly said, “No, stay here, Elsa.”

He turned to his wife and said, “Pam, I opened up to Elsa about what our marriage was like – our deteriorating marriage. She described a different world to me, one I barely knew existed because of how distant we are from each other, and that she’s shown me parts of. I like it. You and I are going to change to live in this new world. I know it will be a hard transition for you – and me, but we need to do it otherwise we may as well go to sleep and die – or go live alone. I often feel we live alone now. Right now there is no passion, no boldness, no deep sharing, and barely any sex between the two of us. I had more affection from you on our first date than I get from you now, and we never even kissed on that date, we just made eyes at each other and held hands. I think we each had a different vision of what our marriage would be like. I’m waking up to realize that what we have isn’t what I expected or want.”

Pam watched her husband as though he’d come from another planet. Finally, she said in a teary tone, “I do love you. I guess I’ve gotten complacent about us. What is it you want me to do?” Her voice had a pleading tone to it. I was temporarily ignored.

Sean shook his head, “It’s what I want ‘us’ to do. We are going to crack open our marriage in a multitude of ways. Do you like sex?”

“Yes, I enjoy making love with you?”

Sean shook his head, “Not good enough. I want a wife who can say, ‘God, yes. I love to fuck you morning, noon, and night. I love sex in any position, place, or time you choose. I like to initiate as much as you do, so expect me to be jumping your bones. You make me horny, and I’m hot for your body right now. If you don’t take me, I’ll ask that cowboy over at the front desk whether he wants some companionship, because I need cock.'”

Pam’s mouth hung open in disbelief. She moved her mouth but nothing came out. She glanced over at a tall handsome man who looked remarkably cowboyish at the check-in desk. She blushed obviously at the idea of fucking him.

Sean said, “As for the rest of our life. I want that same attitude and philosophy to fill our lives. We need to wake up, to become alive. We’re not going to sit home and watch the grass grow on weekends or on nice evenings. We’re going to go out, meet people, do daring things, and find ways to have fun together. We’re going to realize we have fantasies, and we’re going to discover what they are and try to make those happen for each other.

“We have stayed together because it has been convenient and safe. Well, that’s not a good enough reason to be together. We don’t get into each other’s heads. We don’t piss each other off enough. We don’t do daring things because they might upset the balance of things between us. That’s terrible. There’s no passion or heat.

“We are going to become keenly aware of the life going on around us, even the seamier side of things and the seamier side of what we each think, whether we’re interested in it or not. We’re going to do radical things, even things that impinge on our relationship with each other. We’re going to be passionate about each other and life in ways we haven’t been. We are going to publicly display our affection and love. We may even become exhibitionists. We’re going to be the vibrant molecules in a sea of stagnant water.” He waved his hands around.

Sean turned to the seat beside him. He picked up bouquet of flowers and presented them to his wife. “Pam, I love you. These are a token of that love, and the signal that ‘I’ intend to change. I hope you’ll come on this journey with me. I don’t know exactly where we’re going or how we’ll end up, but I want you as my partner.”

Pam started to cry. She sat alone and sobbed. She’d walked into a Category Five Stress Hurricane and Shit Storm, and didn’t know what to do. All the parts of her staid and stable marriage and relationship had just crumbled around her.

Sean sat and looked at her with compassion. I gathered Pam up in my arms and held her to me, allowing her to burrow her face into my neck. I hoped she got the message. I tried to explain that I was there to help and keep things from flying apart.

After a while Sean collected his wife and helped her stand. He kissed her, and then said, “Come on. Let’s go up to the room. I have a couple of DVDs I’d like you to watch.”

I told Sean I’d wait for his call in case he wanted to do dinner together. He gave me a broad grin over Pam’s shoulder. “Yes, we’ll call about dinner later. Maybe around six.”

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