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Blindfolded for a Blind Date Ch. 02

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He pulled me to my feet and led me across the room.

I felt my right shin bang into something firm yet soft, when he pushed me down, I realised I was on the couch. I sank into cool soft leather. His hand went to my arm pits and positioned me so that my head was resting over the arm of the couch. My legs were drawn up with knees bent and spread.

I then smelt his muskiness again and felt a slight tickling sensation around my nostrils and then his balls pressing onto my face. His thumb pushed on my chin making me open my mouth. He repositioned himself so that one of his balls was in my mouth. He pulled my mouth gently shut.

I began to caress him with my tongue feeling the slight wrinkles and hairs on his sac. He pushed my mouth open again and pushed in the other ball. My mouth was now so full I could only just manoeuvre my tongue around these plumbs. He closed my mouth and held it shut. I could feel him pulling himself away so as to stretch his sac with his balls squashed up against the back of my teeth. He eventually let my mouth fall open and his balls escape.

He repositioned my head so it was resting on the soft leather arm of the couch. Using his thumb again, he levered my mouth open. Before I realised what was happening, I felt his cock thrust its way to the back of my throat. I gagged. He withdrew his cock now wet with my saliva. His thumb exerted pressure on my chin again opening my mouth. This time I knew what to expect, or so I thought.

He thrust his cock into my mouth again, but this time as it was so wet and he had positioned my head just so, it slipped down my throat easily. I tried not to gag. I could feel his pubic hair on my lips and my throat felt as if it would burst. He began rocking back and forth fucking my throat gently. He began to build up speed and withdrawing his cock slight more each time before he thrust all the way back in. He kept this assault on my throat going for a few minutes. Underneath the blindfold, I could feel my eyes streaming, I then gagged and began to wretch and coughed his cock out of my mouth.

He let it rest on my face. It was so heavy, rock hard and wet with my saliva. He pushed it onto my face, rubbing it into me. The feel of him doing that made my cock swell. He obviously saw this as he told me in a gruff voice to leave it alone. I felt his hands reaching down my legs to get a hold of them behind the knees. He pulled them so that they were now resting on my chest. His hands repositioned themselves keeping my legs still, as a result of this, my ass cheeks were being spread exposing my hole.

He repositioned himself again. This time, he was leaning onto my body, his cock really squashing onto my face. His elbows rested on my thighs and his fingers started playing with my hole. He would gently (using two fingers) start in the centre, apply a little pressure and pull out to the edges as if trying to coax it open. After he did this a few times, I could feel myself relaxing under his touch. I heard him collect saliva in his mouth and spit it out. The same fingers began to massage it in. The sensation was wonderful. I was willing him to open me up and ready me for his cock.

His cock was rock hard on my face. I opened my mouth and could feel the hard thick shaft with my tongue. I began licking and sucking the side of it in an effort to let him know I loved what he was casino siteleri doing.

More spit, more caressing of my hole and I could feel the tips of his fingers on his manly hands just slip into me. He found no resistance. More spit and more teasing. He now had half of each finger inside me. He began moving each finger in a circular pattern and was slowly and gently encouraging my ass to open up wider for him.

More spit and more teasing but this time to my heavenly surprise, I felt his lips on my skin, his tongue dart in between his fingers and a sucking sensation as he began to rim me for all he was worth. I was in heaven. I pushed onto his mouth and let him work his magic in getting me wet and ready for him. The sound coming from my throat must have let him know I was more than enjoying what he was doing to me.

I could feel his tongue push its way past his fingers, which were putting more pressure on the sides of my mancunt. I could feel more wetness and slipperiness going on and then I felt him introduce two more fingers. He became more aggressive in preparing my hole which turned me on even more.

He was fucking me with his fingers and tongue. One hand was taken away and replaced by three fingers on the other hand fucking into me, turning as if to ensure my chute was well lubricated all around. He was in now up to the knuckles on his hand. He relentlessly fucked me with his fingers sometimes withdrawing completely and shoving his entire thumb in completely whilst holding onto an ass cheek and circling his thumb in me. Then he would insert three fingers, palm up and scrape across my prostrate making me feel as if I was going to take off like a rocket. All in all, he had certainly opened and lubed me up ready for cock.

Without any warning, he stopped what he was doing and sat up. I had completely forgotten about his phone call earlier, but what he then said made me remember.

“Ah you finally got here, see, I told you he had a good arse, and I have got him all ready for you. Now let me see that big fat cock of yours do its worst”

My heart was pounding as he pushed heavier on the back of my knees in an attempt to expose my hole even more. I couldn’t help but tense my hole which his mate must have seen. I heard him give a soft deep little laugh which I interpreted as a sign that he liked what he saw. I heard the rustle of clothing being shed. I heard a creek and felt movement from the couch. I felt strong hairs brush against the sides of my buttocks as his knees positioned himself.

I felt a very heavy tapping from what felt like a fat plum sized head of a cock on my wet and loosened hole. I felt him let it rest there as if to let me try and size him up. All I could think was his cock felt massive. My heart pounded even faster. He told me he was going to put some poppers under my nose and that I should snort hard. I did as I was told. I took two or three long deep hits on each nostril.

My head started to swim. My body relaxed more and then I felt my hole give way as he started to ease himself into me.

His cock was stretching my hole so much I thought it would rip any moment. He got as far as my sphincter and then that burning sensation started. He must have sensed he was there because he drew back a little. Just as I was thinking how thoughtful he was he lunged forward shoving the entire canlı casino length of his cock into me. I screamed in agony. He immediately began pounding away at my hole. Each thrust was deeper and harder than the previous one. He kept calling me a bitch and telling me he was going to flood my cunt with his hot cum. His hands were at the back of my knees pushing down hard. My hips felt as if they were flat on the couch. I was as open as I could be for deep hard penetration.

The hot burning sensation had been replaced by an increasing sensation of ecstasy. Part of me didn’t think I would be able to take this anymore as it was so good while I also wanted to see if I could pull him in deeper. His pubes were bouncing off my balls. His cock was so deep inside me I swear I thought it was going to punch through my belly button any moment. My hole was being really stretched by this cock and I was loving every fat inch of it. He pounded really hard and stopped dead. I felt him flex his cock as he began to grind into me. He then pulled out completely. I heard the slurping sound that left a vacuum. I gasped and waited.

With no warning, he was back inside me right up to his pubes. His relentless pounding started again. I could hear his breathing get faster. I pulled on my thighs as if to get some leverage to stop me from being blown away when he came. He began to let out a slow low growling noise from his throat.

Without warning he slammed into me and as he swore out loud he emptied a tidal wave of hot cum right up inside me. His pace slowed but he kept fucking that cum into me. I felt his cock spasm quite a few times, so I know I got the huge load he promised. Eventually, he slowed to a stop. His breathing made him sound as if he had just run a marathon. He let out a satisfied laugh and told his friend he was right about my arse. His cock, now semi hard, fell out of my hole, letting some of the gallons of cum in me drain away.

Before I could recover from this exhaustive fucking, I was being pulled to my feet. My legs felt like jelly as they were forced to take my weight and were being prised apart. I was then being forced to sit down and in one movement realised I was being made to sit on Pete’s rock hard cock. With all that hot cum in me and hard pounding I had just received, he was able to stab me like a hot knife into butter. No sooner was he in me, than he started to buck and thrust up, pushing that fuck pole deep into my cum dripping mancunt.

His friend raised each of my legs so I was in a squatting position on the couch. I felt hands pulling at my balls, then lifting them and stroking that area of skin between my hole and my sac. This was the first time my cock or balls had been touched and it made my cock stiffen which had the effect of me tensing my hole hard which caused Pete to take in a sharp breath and push up into me harder.

The hand at my balls was now stroking around my hole obviously feeling Pete’s cock as it thrust into me. What I didn’t expect was to feel myself being pushed back onto Pete’s chest, my knees to be drawn up to my chest again and to the feel that monster cock rock hard again against my balls. I was even less expecting to feel that huge cock try and push into me next to Pete’s cock in my ass.

A bottle of poppers was put under my nose. I snorted as much as my lungs would allow. I kaçak casino felt pain as that fat cock head pushed against my hole, as my skin gave way, as it eased its way into me. I thought I was going to pass out. The pain left me as the thrusting began and the pleasure took over my body and mind.

Two big fat cocks in my hole at the same time rubbing against each other’s undersides fucking me. Both thrusting in opposition to each other and then in unison. Pete announced that he was going to cum soon, his mate fucked me faster and harder which obviously caused the friction on Pete’s cock to help his orgasm feel greater.

To my dismay Pete’s mate pulled his cock out of me. Pete then stood up while still inside me. I don’t know how he did it, but he managed to turn me around and lower me to the floor with the small of my back resting on the couch and my legs over my head. . A thought flashed into my mind that this was a routine of theirs. How else would they know what and when to do it?

He began fucking down into me. His mate hands were caressing my arse cheeks and the skin of my hole around Pete’s cock. Pete shouted that he was going to cum. He pulled out of my hole. The fingers caressing me now held my hole open. I heard Pete’s rapid breathing and the felt splash after splash of his hot cum land on me or go straight into my gaping hole. He came what felt like loads. The fingers moved quickly, scooping it up and moving it towards my throbbing hole. Then Pete pushed his cock head back into taking with him, the puddle of cum that had gathered at the entrance of my mancunt. Once he had pushed it deep into me, his cock resurfaced and using it like a spatula, gathered the remaining globs of cum and pushed them into me. He fucked me gently for a few minutes to makes sure there were no drops left in his cock. When it was almost soft, he pulled out of me.

I felt his friend’s knees by my shoulders. He told me to open my mouth. I did. I then felt his mouth at my cunt pushing his tongue into me and sucking at what cum he could get. As he was doing this, I felt his jets of cum splatter onto my face and into my mouth. There was not as much as before, but enough to swallow down.

He stopped licking out my cunt and used his fingers to scoop the cum on my face into my mouth before telling me to clean his fingers. He then kissed me taking some of his cum from my mouth into his, while at the same time letting me tastes and smell my hole on his lips.

I was exhausted but sated. So much so that I was not bothered I had not cum. I felt as if I didn’t need to. My mind had orgasmed for me more than once during this experience.

As I lay there recovering, I became aware of the rustling sound of clothes. I guessed it was Pete and his friend getting dressed and getting ready to go. I so wanted to see what they looked like but was scared to in case it ruined the day.

I decided to pull of the blindfold just a little so as to see them without them realising. Pete was as good looking as I had imagined from his description. However, his friend was a shock to me. I knew him. I had always secretly fancied him. It was Rob, my cousin!

They both made moves to go and said their goodbyes, inferring that we might just meet up again one day. Oblivious to the fact that I could now see from under the blindfold, I told them that I hoped we could as it was the best fucking I had ever had. With that they walked towards the door.

I called after them

“See you Pete and see you Rob.”

The door didn’t open. They came back into the room.

The rest as they say is history.

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