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Bob , Marcy Ch. 03

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Part 1

Marcy was prone on the couch. Her naked body was glistening with sweat from the love she and Bob had made on the floor of their apartment. She rested her chin on her crossed arms and watched. Bob was on his knees, between the legs of Larry, this handsome blonde man of nearly 40. She looked across the room. Amy and Shelly were watching, too, amazed at what they were seeing. Turning her attention back to the men, she watched with great interest as Larry’s cock worked its way in and out of Bob’s mouth. As usual, Bob was working hard, in spite of the incredible sex he had just had with Marcy. She noticed as Bob’s head moved, his cock and balls swung in unison between his legs. It oozed what remained from their lovemaking, and it made a long thin line to the floor. He appeared to be hardening again. The man was insatiable. Again, she had to wonder how they got themselves into this situation! Not that she was complaining.

Part 2

The day started out normally enough. Bob left as usual at around 7 to get to the office and organize his day. Marcy always arrived closer to 8:30. She preferred to let the day flow, its ebbs and flows matching her mood. Today was a big day. One of the big guys, as Bob called them, was coming in from the home office. Larry had been with the company since it’s inception, and as long as they both had known him, he was strictly business. Marcy found him handsome, in a three piece suit, BMW kind of way. The man emitted an air of taste and worldliness that intimidated many. They had a lunch scheduled with Bob, Marcy, a few programming assistants and Larry. A new project was in the works, and it was going to take time. Larry planned on staying in town for several weeks.

When Bob arrived at the office, he found Larry at his desk, hard at work on his computer.

“Morning, Bob,” he said, not looking up from his laptop.

“Morning, Larry,” Bob responded. “So what’s up with this project. And why in the world would you want to spend time here in Podunk City?”

“We’re implementing an entire new computer system. New database, new harddrives. It means everything needs to be re-loaded and re-categorized,” Larry explained.

“Great,” Bob thought. “We did this just two years ago. It took a month. He expects us to get this done in two weeks.”

“Larry, sounds like our deadline is a little tight for this. “

Larry finally looked up from his computer and smiled. “That’s why I am staying to help. Yep, you heard me right. I am going to help! I am not going to dictate. You are the boss, I am the employee on this one. I know what needs to be done, we just did it in Indianapolis. I can help you get it done here.”

Bob wondered if a muckety-muck of Larry’s stature could just “help”. But there was something about Larry’s smile that was sincere. Bob was never really attracted to men outside of the bedroom. But for some reason, this perfectly formed specimen of Corporate America looked appealing. His smile was warm on his tanned face. His blue eyes were clear and probing. Was he checking him out, as well? He quickly filed these thoughts away, walked around the desk and with Larry’s help, dove into the project.

Part 3

Lunch was simply a recap of the morning’s initial study of the new programs. The programming assistants, Amy and Shelly, both recent college graduates and entry level employees took notes, smiled often at everything Larry, Bob and Marcy said, and laughed when appropriate. Bob was convinced that these two would someday run the company. They were bright, driven, and very attractive. Bob mentioned that to Marcy a few weeks ago, and she told him to think it, believe it, just don’t say it to anyone else unless he wanted to end up in court for sexual harassment. She then winked and told him she thought they were quite a pair, too. She had seen them in the company locker room after an aerobics class, and yes, they were 100% real live women! She accentuated that expletive with a rebel yell! She then dissolved into one of her laughing fits.

“Okay, everybody have the plan?” Larry asked.

“I believe so. Any questions Marcy, Amy, Shelly?” Bob inquired. “No. Okay then. Let’s get busy.

The rest of the afternoon, the five of them completed the groundwork for the project. Amy and Shelly left first, heading next door to the Boor’sHead Inn. The others said they would join them in a moment.

Thoughout the afternoon, Bob had noticed that Larry spent an inordinate amount of time talking to and checking out Marcy. A tinge of jealousy struck him, and it felt odd. He had yet to experience any feelings such as these since he met Marcy. Was it the fact that this guy was success personified, and a threat to his relationship with her, or was it based on how he felt in his office this morning when Larry had smiled at him. He was glad this day was over. He needed to talk to Marcy about it immediately. Larry said he was going for a drink next door and asked them to join him when they wrapped things up. He looked at Marcy and smiled.

Part erotik film izle 4

“Faggot!”, she yelled, laughing at how he jumped at hearing the word. It was the first word out of her mouth after he related his dilemma. “Oh, I knew it was just a matter of time before some smooth talking man would sweep you off your feet and take you away to a life of leather and pierced nipples!” She was getting red in the face and breaking into that damned sexy silent laugh. In all honesty, the faggot comment did hit a nerve. For some reason, Bob loved having sex with men, but the idea of an emotional attachment made him nervous. Why, he didn’t know.

She walked over to him and hugged him, as the laughter waned. She looked up, a smile on her flushed face, her eyes watery. “I love you, honey, ” she said, as she pulled him close.

“First of all, I am your lifemate,” she continued. “I do not desire any other men. If from this moment forward, we never saw another person, I would be happy. And as far as you suddenly realizing that you may be attracted to a man, well, so what? You have seen me look at Amy. She is very attractive. I find her smile inviting and have on more than one occasion had the urge to plant a big wet one on her lips, or wherever else she would permit it.”

“You have turned into quite the little pig, haven’t you? But I have to admit you’re right,” he said. “It’s just so odd. I have yet to have a feeling like that, even with Eddie and Martha. I love them both as friends, but have never looked at him as a lover. This morning, I found myself wondering what this guy would look like naked.”

“How ironic, I was, too!” she smiled, as she gently touched his cheek, and then gave him a loving sensual kiss.

They left for the bar.

Part 5

“So, I hear you two are planning a wedding,” Larry said, smiling at them both.

“Yes, we figure sometime early next year, but no exact date has been set. My Mom is getting anxious, and my Dad is getting nervous because Mom is so anxious. I think he’s planning to put his credit cards in an old mayonnaise jar and toss it into Lake Erie,” Marcy laughed.

“We’re thinking simple, and Mom is thinking something similar to Di and Chuck,” chuckled Bob.

“Mom’s usually get their way. Mine always did,” he said, then seriously added. “You make a great looking couple and I wish you the best. Just don’t fight, because I can’t afford to lose either of you to an ugly break-up.”

Changing moods again, he smiled and shouted, “This is a party isn’t it? Then, lets have another round, and break out the Cuervo, too! Lemon, salt, for all my friends!”

As the night wore on, the volume of this group increased. They were sitting in a large corner booth, semi-circular is shape. It’s large cushioned seat and back rest made for easy movement, and move they did. Amy had moved from the end of one side of the booth to the other. Now, she was sitting extra close to Marcy, sharing some sort of girl talk. Marcy was sitting dangerously close to Larry, their arms and outside of their thighs touching. Shelly was equally close to Bob, halfway facing him, leaning against him. Her breasts were indeed very large, as Marcy had witnessed in the locker room.

“Well, I think they should know,” Amy said with a mischievous smile. “Go ahead, show them!”

“No,” Marcy laughed, looking as stern as Heineken and a few shots of tequila allow.

“Marcy’s wearing a garter belt,” she shouted with a sweeping hand movement that nearly knocked over a beer. “They are very sexy. They are black. I saw them today at work!”

Marcy’s face went to a deep red, as she tried to hide behind Amy.

“C’mon, Marcy, let’s see!” Larry laughed. “Think of it as another exciting edition of Truth or Dare.”

“Yes, but I didn’t get a choice. But, if you are all nice and keep your applause to an acceptable level, I will show you,” Marcy said with a smile which Bob had observed many times before, and it meant she was getting “randy” as her grandmother called it.

She lifted her skirt slightly, and the top of her stockings came into view. She pulled it up a little higher and there were the black straps of her garter belt . It provided a sharp contrast, the top of her hose and the strap, to her lightly tanned thighs. Amy, emboldened by the drink, traced her finger across the top of Marcy’s hose.

“Those are so sexy. I want some now! How long is Victoria’s Secret open,” she laughed, as did the whole table.

Shelly was standing up, peering over the table. It must have been quite a sight to the other patrons, a table full of people staring at an attractive woman’s crotch in the waning moments of happy hour.

“Those are lovely. The stockings, not the legs. Well, on second thought, they’re not bad, either,” Shelly slurred.

Larry was speechless. He just stared at Marcy’s legs. He nudged Bob and winked, then squeezed Bob’s leg just above the knee. The spot that is the most effective test of a person’s reflexes. Bob thought nothing of it, assuming it was film izle just a joke.

“Had I known that you were wearing those all day at work, I am NOT sure I could have concentrated,” Larry noted.

“Get used to it, buddy, I wear them all the time,” Marcy laughed.

“I really want to try those on. Do they feel sexy, too?” Amy sounded almost breathless.

“I wear them because I hate pantyhose, and they do make me feel sexy. They have their disadvantages, as the stockings occasionally sag somewhat. They have advantages, too. Like when teasing Bob is a necessity,” she said as she smiled at her lover.

“Yeah, nothing like a flash of thigh coming at you as you stand in the hall talking to a subordinate,” Bob laughed.

“Oh, so THAT explains your red face. I just thought it was my cleavage,” Shelly said, suddenly not slurring quite as much.

“No comment. I have been given sensitivity training and have studied the company sexual harassment guidelines and, therefore, can say with complete confidence, that I do not stare at your cleavage,” Bob said, maintaining his “I mean business” company demeanor so many knew! “Your butt is another story.”

The table roared.

“Amy, do you really want to try this?” Marcy asked, turning to Amy and assuming the girl talk pose. Holding hands, shoulders hunched over, chin up, huge smile.

“Yes I do!” she proclaimed.

“Bob, do we have any tequila at home?” Marcy asked.

“I think so. If not, there is plenty of beer but we do have to work tomorrow, my pet,” Bob warned.

“Larry, can we go to our house so Amy can try on a garter belt?” Marcy asked, turning toward him and using her best little girl voice. “We won’t stay up late, we promise.”

“Oh, you kids. I guess so. But go to the bathroom now, because I am not stopping before we get there. And stay off the furniture!” Larry said, sounding not unlike Robert Young on “Father Knows Best”.

They paid the tab, and headed out, five of them, arm in arm.

Part 7

The young women looked gorgeous. They were wearing some of Marcy’s matching garter sets. Since they were both somewhat bustier than she, their breasts were even the more enticing as they strained at the material. Bob, Marcy and Larry sat on the couch as the girls modeled in front of them. It went from a very funny show, to a very sensuous one in no time.

“Bob, is it true?” Amy asked, as she placed her arm around Shelly’s shoulders.

“Is what true?” he responded.

“Do you like men?”

Bob’s eyes darted around the room. He looked at Marcy, she looked as surprised as he was sure he did. He glanced at Larry, who looked equally surprised, if not by the concept, then by the boldness of this young lady. He looked at Shelly, and she responded with a vapid smile that was definitely tequila induced. Then he glared at Amy.

“What would make you ask something like that?” he asked.

“Well, some of us have been talking at work. And don’t get me wrong, you are a manly man and it’s obvious that you and Marcy love each other, but in the way you deal with people, you seem too caring, to sensitive. Most heterosexual men don’t possess that trait,” she said, as she glanced disgustedly toward Larry.

Isn’t it grand what booze and a garter set can do?

“I have worked for gay men in the past, and we think you are either gay, or like both, or something.”

Bob sat there in a stupor. He did not like to lie, but he certainly did not want to admit to something that was going to spread through the office like wildfire. And, afterall, a co-owner of the company was sitting two feet from him, on his couch, with half naked female employees parading in front of them. The absurdity of the situation became painfully apparent.

Marcy saved the day.

“No, but I love women, you little vixen. Bring those boobies over here so mama can give them a good kneadin!” she laughed.

The laughter that inundated the room was, conservatively, slightly less than three decibels short of that produced by the space shuttle at launch. Amy and Shelly collapsed on the couch, still holding onto each other. Larry had placed his head onto Marcy’s shoulder. Marcy was deeply involved in her silent laugh. Bob laughed, but wondered how to end this tactfully and get his troops sobered up and out toward home.

Amy finally was able to form a sentence but what came out did not diffuse the situation.

“Marcy, would you?”

“Would I what?”

“Touch me. You know, on my breasts.” She stood, headed for the couch and stopped in front of the three of them. Marcy now had her turn at the amazing eye dart phenomenon. She looked at Bob, he shrugged. She looked at Larry, he just smiled. She looked at Shelly, she was sitting up in the love seat, keenly interested in the next move. She looked outside at the patio, the pines and maple trees ignored her. Even the flowers were facing away. She finally looked up at Amy, who was smiling broadly at her.

“Even if I wanted to, and of course, I am not saying seks filmi izle I do, I really don’t think it would be appropriate,” she said and thought she had managed to put together a pretty darn good sentence, considering the circumstances, and her increasing lust for this young beauty.


It was Larry. “Hey, if you want to touch her boobs, do it girl. I may be in town in an official capacity for a few weeks, but right now, we are out being silly and having a good time. Touch her tits, for chryse sakes.”

Marcy sat with her mouth agape.

“Nice look muffin. Kind of like a cross between Gomer Pyle and Mr. Ed,” Bob offered, resulting in the obligatory elbow to the rib.

“And you, funny man. Is the girl right? Don’t feel you need to answer because I am the big cheese, the king kahuna, the grand poobah. Answer truthfully. It’s fess up time, Mister!” Larry said, looking directly into Bob’s eyes with the same smile he had offered earlier in the day. Of course, the sarcasm of the vocalization softened it, but Bob felt he really did want to know, and would not be judgmental.

Marcy again came to the rescue. She reached up, tentatively, and placed her hands on Amy’s breasts. Shelly let out an audible gasp, stood, and walked up behind Amy placing her hands on her shoulders, massaging them. Marcy stood, looking down at them, appreciating their beauty. She paid particular attention to the fabric resting on her nipples, rubbing the area with her thumbs. She reached across with her left hand, and slowly slid it under the material covering Amy’s right breast, her thumbs down, twisting her arm to get her entire hand on its fullness. She squeezed them gently. Amy’s head fell back into the nape of Shelly’s neck. Shelly kissed her cheek and continued to massage her shoulders, as she looked down at Marcy’s hands massaging her friend’s breasts. Shelly reached down toward the clasp on the front of Amy’s bra, and unfastened it. Amy’s breasts came into full view, barely moving at their release. Her nipples where sticking out at least a half an inch. Marcy took them into her fingers and gently felt them.

Amy’s eyes had rolled back. As Marcy looked at her, she only saw white slits, as her eye’s were barely open. She leaned forward and kissed Amy’s neck. Shelly walked around behind Marcy and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. She then pulled at the tail of her blouse, encouraging Marcy to raise her hands into the air as Shelly removed it.

Larry just stared at what was before him. He had no idea where this was going, and really wasn’t sure that his participation was warranted, but this was the hottest thing he had ever seen. His cock was fully erect, and it leaked pre-cum through his pants. He looked down and saw a small spot, getting larger. He wanted to take it out of his pants and stroke it, but again, the appropriateness and ramifications of such a move concerned him.

Bob could not take his eyes from the beauties before him. He stood and walked to the front door, using the faders to lower the lighting in the room. He, too was fully aroused.

Marcy lowered her mouth to one of Amy’s nipples, sucking it in deeply. Shelly released Marcy’s breasts as her bra fell to the floor. She then removed her own bra, and stood close to Marcy, rubbing her’s into Marcy’s back. Marcy’s mouth moved back and forth, from nipple to nipple with building urgency. She could feel herself leaking down the inside of her thigh. She grabbed one of each girl’s hands and led them to the love seat. She sat them down, kneeling before them, kissing each gently on the lips. She then kissed their breasts in turn, and one at a time, removed their panties. They looked gorgeous, their garters still on, their lovely breasts exposed. She placed her hands on the girls pussies and rotated her thumbs on their clits in unison. It was such a feeling of sensual power! The girls moaned, and fell into each others arms, massaging each other’s breasts. Marcy continued to rub Shelly, as she lowered her mouth to Amy. She licked and sucked and savored the taste of this young woman. She would insert her tongue deeply, and tickle Amy’s clit with her nose and breath. She then repeated the sensual act on Shelly, as she massaged Amy with her hand. Both girls appeared headed for orgasm when Marcy stopped. She turned, and glanced at Bob, smiling. She then turned toward Larry, and slowly wiping the girl’s juices from her face, motioned Larry toward her.

“So how about you? Do you think you could make two employees happy?”

“Marcy, I…,” he said.

“Come here,” she said, as she stood and looked at the girls. “Is it okay with you, Amy? Shelly?”

They sat up on the loveseat, kissed Marcy’s breasts and stomach and said it sounded like a perfect idea.

Marcy walked over to Larry, grabbed his hand, and led him toward the girls. Shelly stood, and Larry took her place. Amy kissed him first, as Shelly got on her knees before him, removing his shirt, pants, underwear, shoes. He was soon totally nude on the couch. Marcy thought he looked even sexier naked. His whole body was tanned except for sexy tan lines between his lower abdomen and upper thighs. His penis was very impressive. It must have been 8 inches in length and thick.

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