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His name is Bobby, an 18 year old from Iowa who hasn’t had much experience in the ways of the world. Between the small town wholesomeness and very protective parents he’s led a truly sheltered life. One weekend he was given permission to visit his cousin who lives 300 miles away in the big city, Chicago. It’s too short a trip to fly and Mom needs the car for work so he is taking the bus. It’s really an easy trip. The only concern is that his Uncle can’t pick him up at the bus station because owns a small store. So his mother decides to set him up with directions and money for a taxi. Bobby’s excited about the cross country trip; all the people and new towns along the way. He’s feeling very independent for the first time in his life and he loves it.

As the bus nears Chicago Bobby is gets even more excited. He wants to see the buildings downtown and walk up and down Michigan Avenue with all the expensive shops and elegant people. Soon the skyscrapers appear and the bus parks at the terminal in the heart of downtown. Inside the terminal he can hardly stand the wait for his suitcase, soon it’s in hand and he scurries up the stairs and out on the street.

“Wow!” Bobby says with a touch of awe.

He doesn’t care that the people nearby glance at him and smile. There’s no doubt about this being the big city. Even though he is blocks away from downtown he can see that majestic skyscrapers towering over the older brick warehouses that surround the bus station. Bobby has plenty of time to get to his Aunt and Uncle’s so he begins walking towards the tallest buildings he can see. It doesn’t take long for him to realize his suitcase is a pain so he quickly turns back and checks it into a locker back at the bus terminal. It’ll be a lot easier to come back and pick it there and then to catch a cab from the bus terminal anyway. After checking the bag he takes a different street towards downtown and this time he discovers he’s on a sleazy strip of Adult Theaters and topless bars. He’s only heard stories of such places and decides to window shop the street. He strolls slowly, finally pausing at the entrance of one theater looking for the dirty photos of what’s playing inside. Bobby’s not sure but he thinks he’s too young to be allowed in but a few peeks at the promos can’t be wrong. He’s disappointed when he finds no pictures outside the show but instantly understands why. The guy at the box office hardly glances at him when he says.

“Want a ticket?”

Bobby is shocked but jumps at the opportunity. The $10.00 price makes him hesitate since that’s a chunk of the money he needs for a taxi. But that single moment of hesitation is it before he decides it’s too good of an opportunity to pass up. His buddies back home will sure be envious when he tells them about it. He quickly shoves the money through the window and the guy presses the release to pass him thru the turnstile. Bobby hadn’t even bothered to read the marquee, look at the preview stills or see the movie titles….”OREO BOYS”, “HOT CHOCOLATE” and “DEEP ENCOUNTERS”.

As Bobby enters the small lobby he notices several men loitering about but assumes it’s an intermission or something. Also he’s very nervous about being ejected for being too young and figures he had better get inside where it’s dark. Dark isn’t the word! After the bright sunshine he’s completely blind in the theater. He has to stand in the aisle for a few minutes just to let his eyes get used to the dimness before attempting to find his seat. Luckily the movie is just beginning and the real action isn’t started yet, just soft music and the names of the cast. Finally Bobby can start to see and searches for a spot to sit. He can tell that there are lots of vacant seats towards the front but the seats in the rear are crowded and very dark. It’s pretty light up near the screen and he thinks about being noticed and decides to play it safe and take a seat towards the rear up against the wall where it’s really dark. The last thing Bobby wants is anyone to remember that he was here. Just as he sits down the credits finish and he relaxes thinking this will be quite a treat; watching his first porno movie.

“Imagine me,” he thinks to himself “going to an adult theater and watching pornos.” The action on the screen has barely begun when Bobby is startled by a voice.

“Is this seat taken?”

Bobby looked up to see a big black man with a handsome face. He looks to be about 50 years old and in extremely good shape. He’s buff. He sat down right next to Bobby without even waiting for an answer. He is so large that Bobby feels like a little boy beside him. Bobby looked away quickly thinking, “Damn, he’s big.” The sudden presence of the black man taking the seat next to him is really bothersome. Bobby didn’t want anyone near him during the movie; porno’s needed to be private. Now he needed to move. Fortunately there were plenty of seats empty seats in the theater.

“Why did this guy have to sit next to me?” Bobby still wondered. casino siteleri

“You really do want me to sit here,” the stranger offered seeming to read Bobby’s thoughts. “You’re too fine a looking boy to sit alone. If I don’t take this seat one of those perverts will,” he said pointing to the group of older men in the aisle whispering to each other and glancing towards Bobby.

“Of course if you want me to move, it’s OK,” he whispered. “But those perverts will definitely join you.”

“No it’s all right, please stay,” Bobby replied. “I wanted to be alone but I think you’re right. Thank you for watching out for me.”

The black man squirmed around in the tattered seat trying to get comfortable. Eventually he was settled in and draped his coat over his lap. Bobby started getting a little warm. For some reason the theater seemed to be getting hot. Finally, while the movie credits were still rolling, he removed his jacket and placed it on his lap too. After he was settled Bobby began to concentrate on the movie for the first time. It started with a slender white kid, totally naked, playing pool, when a knock sounds at the door. As the boy opens the door Bobby is surprised, it’s a large Negro man, not the sexy blond girl he expected. Bobby decides this is all right, even better. He’ll see both of these guys with a girl, or girls. The man talks to the boy for awhile and Bobby begins wondering when the action will start. He’s anxious to see the two guys fuck some girl but where the hell is she? It’s seems pretty weird for this white kid to be so relaxed when he’s naked, talking to a fully dressed black man.

Suddenly the plot takes a left-turn; the boy is pulled into the man’s arms and kissed on the lips.

“Holy shit,” Bobby blurts out.

The mans hands look like coal against the white boys slender body as he rubs his tight butt and runs his thick fingers between the kids ass cheeks. It’s very clear that the man’s putting his finger into the kid’s ass!! The boy’s dick is stiff as iron as they continually kiss and tongue each others mouth. Then the man pushes the boy down to his knees. The boy waits eagerly while the black man slowly opens his fly and takes out the fattest cock Bobby ever imagined. Bobby’s hypnotized by the sudden action on the screen. He can’t believe that he watching a porno with a black man sitting next to him. Bobby can only imagine what the man is thinking about him for coming to a movie like this; a gay movie. A gay movie with a black mans and white boy. Bobby knows what gay guys do, but he still can’t believe his eyes. The kid has managed to get the huge black cockhead in his mouth and is sucking it lovingly. He’s seen black students in the shower at school but never imagined they developed into men with cocks the size of this sausage. The black man starts teasing and tormenting the boy with his dick, rubbing it on the boy’s lips and eyes, smearing the precum on his cheeks from ear to ear before shoving it back into the hungry mouth. Bobby starts getting really hot watching the erotic action, his young dick getting stiff from the sucking action. Bobby doesn’t understand why. He’s only gotten hard and jacked off dreaming about girls doing this to him.

The man next to him is watching the action on the screen and at the same time checking out how it’s affecting the boy. His timing has to be just right. There’s no way he wants to flush this young white chicken sitting next to him. He needs to time his moves to the boy’s response to the action he’s watching. The kid is staring at the screen, occasionally pursing his lips, otherwise perfectly motionless. He’s obviously getting into the action. It’s time to make this boy part of the movie.

“That guy’s got quite a phat dick doesn’t he?” the man whispers to Bobby knowing how excited the action on the screen has made him.

“He sure knows how to please that white boy, doesn’t he? Look at how hard the boy’s getting sucking that beautiful black cock”.

Bobby looks at the man next to him again and sees the nice black face smiling at him in the flickering light reflected from the screen. Bobby didn’t know people talked to each other during pornos. He expected everyone to sit quietly, just like at the real movies.

“It’s huge, I didn’t know they could get that big” Bobby whispered in the man’s ear while he kept staring at the screen, not missing a moment of the hot action.

The feel of Bobby’s hot breath on his neck is electrifying. It’s time to show this kid what that breath can do to a man. He casually touches Bobby’s arm to get his attention. Bobby pulls his eyes away from the screen for a quick second and sees the man lick his lips sensually, at the same time he pulls back the jacket on his lap and glances down. Bobby resists watching the on-screen action and follows the man’s eyes down to his lap. Bobby heart stops when he glimpses the chocolate brown cock; a cock that’s easily a match for the one on the screen. The man’s black hand is slowly canlı casino milking the shaft and pointing it right at Bobby’s pale face. At the same moment the man reaches his other hand over and slides it under Bobby’s coat where he finds Bobby’s stiff young cock pressing urgently against his tight pants.

“Aghhhhhhhhhhhhh ………………,” is the only sound Bobby can make. It’s something between a sigh and a moan.

The man smiles at Bobby steadily as his hand traps the boy with his touch. He guesses that the only hand Bobby has ever felt on his cock was his own. He knows that if the boy was going to bolt he’d have done it by now. There is no way this kid will ever make anyone let go of his dick. Not today, not ever.

The man’s excitement grows because he realizes this is must be the kid’s first time and boy-oh-boy is he ripe! There’s fresh fruit to be plucked today.

“I bet your cock is better than that kid’s in the movie. Let me take it out baby. Let me touch it some more, I promise you’ll love it,” he whispers while squeezing the kids cock erotically through his jeans.

Bobby feels paralyzed in the man’s hand and can’t resist when the guy expertly flips his zipper down and gropes inside to find the opening in his shorts. It’s as if he is outside of his body watching the action. The action that he can see and feel, but can’t stop.

“Oh no,” Bobby gasps audibly when the strangers flesh finally touches his cock. But his buttocks clench and tighten forcing his hard rod further into the hand. The man eventually pulls Bobby’s hard dripping cock free from the clothing and begins to stroke it; rubbing the precum all over the sensitive head.

“Don’t cum baby, push my hand away if you think you’ll cum,” the man whispers into Bobby’s ear.

Bobby is completely helpless now. His eyes are now glued to the screen and the action there seems to be transmitting directly to his swollen dick.

The movie has progressed into some solid cocksucking now and it’s a shock to Bobby to see the boy swallow at least 5 inches of thick black cock and still have 2 or 3 inches left. His lips are stretched tightly by the immense black shaft and it’s wet and shiny from spit which makes it look even more obscene. The white boy is masturbating furiously as he mouths the mans cock and the guy is constantly reminding him that he’s going to fuck him so he better not cum. Bobby suddenly realizes he’s about to blow his load and the stranger told him not to. He instinctively shoves the man’s hand away before it’s too late. If the man said not to cum there’s probably a good reason why.

The black man is sure that even though Bobby pushed his hand away he’s still totally into having his dick stroked. Prolonging the pleasure and teasing him will only enhance the experience.

“I’ve seen this movie ten times baby. Just wait until that dude fucks his tight white ass. That kid dies and thinks he went to heaven when he feels that fat black dick fucking him so good. You probably think it hurts to be fucked but you just watch that boy’s face when he’s getting it baby; just watch his dick because he’s going to cum like a hose. Look at his face, he’s just about the same age you are but he’s learned how great it feels to have a grown man fuck him. See how great they look together, it’s just terrific to see a black man getting into a white kid like that. Showing him how to fuck, making him love to be fucked,” he keeps whispering in Bobby’s ear to excite him even more about the action he’s viewing.

Bobby’s totally lost in passion by now and doesn’t even realize the guy is pulling his hand over to his cock until he feels the hot shaft fill his palm. It’s the hottest, thickest piece of meat he could have ever imagined. What’s going on here he wonders. He’s in a strange city with a strange man’s cock in his hand.

“Oh Bobby what are you doing?” he wondered.

He couldn’t control the thrills that poured through his body as he squeezed and tested the flesh in his sweaty hand and he looked around nervously to see if he was being watched. He was surprised the no one was paying any attention to him. The anonymity relaxed him tremendously. He couldn’t deny that this forbidden behavior was the most exciting thing he ever experienced.

His new friend felt assured of his success now and guided Bobby’s little hand as it milked his cock erotically. He made sure that the precum got milked out steadily and coated the small white fist as it eagerly masturbated him. The movie scene was reaching its climax now and Bobby was concentrating on the boy’s reactions to the huge black cock stuffed in his ass. The close-ups were so explicit Bobby was sure the boy’s ass should be split, but all he saw was slippery black cock gliding in and out like a piston. When the camera panned up to the boy’s face, only satisfaction and pleasure could be seen. The way the boy was urging the man to fuck him, and the way his arms held the man’s shoulders in tight embrace, kaçak casino it was obvious he enjoyed the sensations deep inside his guts.

The man at Bobby’s side saw the intense stare and thought he would try to time the actors climax and the handjob he was giving this beautiful white stranger. What better way to cement the image of a white kid cumming from being fucked by a hot black man’s thick dick than by cumming in a black man’s hand? This young guy would never forget the sight and would be interested in experiencing it for himself. Then….at just the right second, he sped up his hand and felt Bobby start to cum. He looked at the boy and saw he was now biting his lip trying not to cry out, Bobby’s eyes were glued to the screen as he witnessed another white boy cumming uncontrollably while his black lover buried an 8″ long dick inside his tight ass.

“Yes, yes, fuck me,” the actor screamed while Bobby was murmuring the exact same thing under his breath.

The man let Bobby’s load fly from the pulsing dick in his hand and spray the back of the seat in front of him. When the little cock quit spasming the man wiped the final drop from the cockhead and licked it clean with his tongue, rolling his eyes and smiling when he tasted it. Bobby couldn’t believe what he had just seen. The man ate his cum…and seemed to like it.

The man recognized the look of disbelief in Bobby’s eyes. He knew that tasting the boys cum would add another dimension to this experience. Beside he loved it. There was a taste of youthfulness in the load. Something that seemed to disappear as men aged. He decided to sit quietly for a minute and wait for the boy to rest and relax after his climax. He knew the kid wouldn’t be interested in getting him off now that he’d cum but the afternoon was still young and he wasn’t about to let this kid end the day a virgin.

“Oh no, I’ve got to jet,” Bobby said suddenly when he realized what had just happened. All he wanted to do was run and hide.

He told the guy he had to leave but the man hurriedly started talking to him again and found out Bobby was expected at his aunt’s house. He also learned Bobby had spent his cab fare for the show and offered to drive him there. Bobby knew he had no choice and agreed. On the way to his Uncle’s in the man’s car, the guy started telling him about all the porno books and video’s he had at home. He invited Bobby to come over for a little while and convinced him that they had lots of time before his relatives got worried.

“Don’t worry busses are always late,” he suggested.

Bobby thought it was a believable story but he was still nervous about going with the man. He wanted to cum again, like the boy in the movie. He just wasn’t convinced about doing everything the boy did. Even though the boy in the movie seemed to love it, Bobby wasn’t sure that fucking wouldn’t be painful. The guy was very seductive and convincing as he rapped to Bobby about the terrific porno he would show him, and even suggested he might be able to score some good grass for them. Bobby acted like grass was a common commodity back home but the man knew better. He stopped at a Walgreen store while Bobby waited in the car. Returning, he handed Bobby the bag thru his window and while he walked around to his side Bobby sneaked a peek inside. Cigarettes, Vodka, orange juice, and something that made Bobby’s little dick twitch, a jar of Vaseline. Bobby sat quietly as the man drove one more block and parked.

“I live right upstairs. This is the best thing that could happen to you sugar. You don’t know what you’ll miss out on if you leave now,” he said reassuringly as he opened the car door.

Bobby didn’t say a word; he just sat there silently thinking furiously about what was happening to him. The man was quiet for awhile and then started talking again, telling him to remember what he saw in the movie a how he felt when he was cumming. He reminded him about how much he enjoyed having a man’s hand on his cock and how he’d be able to find out how the boy in the movie felt when he was sucking that guy’s fantastic cock.

“It must be pretty fucking great baby; you saw how that kid went after it. You loved it in your hand so you can imagine how much better it will be when you put it in your mouth,” he said stepping out of the car.

Bobby was so embarrassed about his desires he couldn’t even look the guy in the eye. He just got out of the car and stood there waiting until the man came around to his side. Leading Bobby by the hand the black stranger walked into the building and up the two flights of dark stairs to the apartment door. It was clear to Bobby that this door was a landmark in his young life. If he walked thru it he’d never be the same again. If he didn’t walk thru it he’d never know the truth about himself and possibly regret it the rest of his life. Either way he was pretty well trapped at this point and his confusion was obvious. The man sensed the indecision and reacted before Bobby could.

“Hey son, just come in and have a drink with me. It’ll settle you down and then if you want to leave I’ll take you anywhere you want to go.” He said. “If you want to stay and watch some videos, even better.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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