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Breeding of Monsters

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There has always been stories, fictional or mythological about monsters and beast of other worlds and realms. That in some of those stories, there were doorways for you to ‘crossover’ into that realm. I used to think that people who believed in those stories were childish and stupid. That is until I stumbled upon a doorway, into a fantasy realm. Humans that can do magic, Orcs, Trolls, Minotaurs, and more. Only problem is, I had to way of going back to my world, where I had a doting boyfriend and a decent job. The only good news I had to deal with landing in this new world, is that I didn’t have to have dinner with my parents tonight, who claimed I was going to hell for being in love with a man, while being a man myself. I was stumbling my way through a dark path trying to find my way to civilization when I smelt something sweet. I stopped walking and closed my eyes, allowing the sweet scent to bathe my senses, with it before I started to follow the smell to a small clearing, where a weird plant was. I had just stepped foot into the clearing good, when the plant moved and I was trapped in its vines. I started to scream for helping, hoping someone would hear me and do just that, but my cries of help were cut off by the plant shoving a thick vine into my mouth, where I choked on it until I managed to breath around it.

The vine started to move in and out of my mouth, still releasing that sweet scent that made me walk casino siteleri towards it in the first place. I widen my eyes as I felt more vines rip off my clothes, leaving me exposed to the world. I let strangled cry as one vine started to suck my dick, while two more covered my pecs. I let out another cry when I felt what felt like needles enter my nipples and my urethra. The vine in my mouth soon started to move faster as I could taste something almost akin to precum in my mouth, while I felt another vine start to push up against my entrance. I let out strangled cry of pain as the vine pushed in. The vine in my ass stopped for a moment as I got used to its size before it started thrusting. The vines at my nipples started to move weirdly until I felt hot liquid into my nipples. I cried out, not in pain but in pleasure when the vine in my ass, successfully hit my spot. I soon felt the same hot liquid in my urethra. Whatever that liquid was, made my body feel all hot and I was incredibly horny. The vines sat me down on my knees, and I started to move my body in time with the vines until I was swallowing mouthfuls of cum, as it flooded my ass. The vine removed itself from my mouth, and I choked out the rest of it’s cum I couldn’t swallow, while the vine in my ass stayed put.

“More. I need more.” I said in a hazy daze as I was still incredibly horny, which seemed to please the plant as it thrusted another vine canlı casino into my ass, making me moan out in pleasure. I was soon a moaning, panting mess as four vines thrusted in and out of my ass before my moans where cut off by another vine entering my mouth. I greedily sucked on the vine as I thrusted in time with the vines until the vines cumed once more. My mind was still in a lust filled haze, as I begged for more. I don’t know how many times I cummed or the vines cummed as I begged for me, happily begging for more, no long wishing to go back to my boyfriend or to my world.

“You want more?” I heard a voice ask in my head, that wasn’t mine and I moaned out loud before I started sobbing as the vines in my ass stopped thrusting.

“Yes! I want more! Please, I want more! I’ll do anything, just please give me more!” I cried out.

“Then, you are in for a long day as your body will be remodeled to become a breeder. You’ll be able to conceive a child with humans, plants, insects, monsters. Anyone that you get caught fucking can impregnate you. You’ll never age, die or break from a monster’s dick. You’ll be able to have a penis shoved into your nipples, and dick. You’ll be able to have multiple dicks up your ass, without ripping, tearing, breaking or death. Your pregnancies will be short and unpainful. You’re future offspring, will then feed off your breast and grow to be big within the hour, yet you’ll kaçak casino leave them behind with their father, yet your offspring will always know who their mother is. You’ll be a Monster Breeder.” The voice said.

“Yes! God, please yes! Do it! Please!” I sobbed out.

“Very well.” The voice said and my body started to become very warm. I cried out in pleasure as the vines in my ass started to move once more. This went on for several more hours until I finally passed out, with the vines still thrusting inside my ass. When I finally came to, I was covered in a blanket of vines, that slipped off of me. I carefully stretched my somewhat sore body, only to see weird tattoos all along my body, as well as a swollen stomach and pecs. I traced the tattoos until I sat a hand on my stomach, feeling slight movement, where a tattoo that looked almost like a uterus was.

“I guess, I’m a monster breeder now.” I said softly as I gently rubbed my stomach before the vines brought me some fruit.

“Oh. Is this safe to eat?” I asked and it seemed to nod so I ate it. I hadn’t been done eating for more than ten minutes when my stomach started to move. I let out a gasp before the vines helped me lean back safely where water gushed out of me. I didn’t fight the instincts of my mind that were telling me to push, so I pushed. I kept pushing vines out, while the others feed from my pecs until my stomach was flat once more, and I was left panting, tired and covered in left over cum from yesterday, as well as a few from today. The vines brought me some more fruits, and a long shirt. I thanked them, ate, pulled the shirt on and fell right back asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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