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Car Wash

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I looked over at Emily in the seat to my left, only to be forced to look at the road again. In the two seconds I looked at my girlfriend I knew something was wrong. She leaned away from me, scooting the furthest she could, and even though it wasn’t much with her wide hips taking up most of the seat, I got the message. Her head was resting against the window, her bright hazel eyes fixed on observing outside. There was nothing to see, nothing new that is. We had spent our twenty-one years of life in this small town, she knew it walking blindly; but it seemed more interesting to her than talking to, or even looking at, me. She had barely said five words to me when I picked her up from the campus library, answering all my questions with limited words. She didn’t elaborate when I asked about the project she was working to for her class. I found it strange.

It was just last week she was asking me to pay more attention to what she was doing; keep track of her whereabouts and interests. She had claimed I always brought up football(soccer) or the guys and never asked her anything about her day. I knew I did ask since she always spoke of a new project for class or a new series she was watching on Netflix. Emily then told me that she was the one who always brought it up and then I would quickly interrupt her and talk about football again. Her insistent nagging had stopped, so I assumed something had improved, but now I was thinking maybe it didn’t.

Today was Wednesday. When we first started dating three years ago, I would always take her out for dinner on Wednesdays. It started off as the occasional fancy dinner or date night but then things got rough when we both started college and didn’t have time for part-time jobs. With me having a full ride due to football, and her through science, we both had to keep up our grades, and me my football, to keep our scholarships. Fancy dates were then morphed into cooking at home or picking up some takeout and spending nights on the couch watching a movie, or maybe even the bedroom. The past few weeks I’ve been caught up with football, so we didn’t have time for dates, out nor home. That’s how drained I was from training.

I looked over at her again. She hasn’t moved much. She was still looking out the window, but now her shapely legs were now crossed, exposing more of her soft skin in the flared dress she wore. I didn’t get to see much as I had to keep my eyes on the road. I couldn’t remember the last time she had those legs wrapped around my hips while I fucked her, or even around my head as I ate her bald pussy. I felt my dick swell in my pants. I could do with either one right now. I looked over at her to stare at her chest. Though not low cut, the swoop design gave out just enough cleavage that I could imagine sliding my dick through her large tits. I wonder how long it would take to convince her to spend the night at my place.

“You need to buy groceries,” she said. “Your pantry is empty.”

I smiled at her. Emily still stayed with her folks, but she came over a few times a week. I knew she would manage our future home well. After indicating, I swerved into the exiting lane and made the turn to our usual grocery store. She barely waited for me to cut the engine before stepping out.

I met her at the door already with a grocery cart. I just lingered behind pushing the cart as I watched her compare items before choosing which one to buy. I wasn’t complaining as she bent over or reached up high and her skirt hitched up a little showing her thick tanned bare legs. Her ass bounced istanbul escort as she walked ahead, and I could see the stares of males, but Emily played no mind. She didn’t know how beautiful she looked in that dress.

I did a once over. I did realise she wore wedges with it. Did she dress up to go study with her classmates? Emily wasn’t the type to.

I don’t think we made plans to go out tonight. I tried to think of if we made date plans, but I knew I wouldn’t. I was exhausted from practice. I started thinking the last time we went on a date. Emily wore a body-hugging red number and what was underneath was even better, a lacy red thong and matching bra and garter belt. We had fucked so much that night it was amazing. I tried to think of another date, but I drew up blank. We did go to her cousin’s wedding last month. I paused reminding myself that I had left for practice mid-way. Well it’s only been a few weeks since we went out, it wasn’t anything too bad. Maybe she was planning something at home tonight. I could only imagine what she had underneath that dress, just waiting for me to see.

I watched she paid for the groceries and collected the bags in the basket of the cart. I wheeled it outside and she put them in the boot. Emily was one who always made people’s jobs easier. She made the trek back the entrance to put the cart away. I waited for her and allowed the engine to warm up. I found myself waiting a good few minutes before I realized she hadn’t returned. I slowly moved out of the spot to make it quicker so we could leave. I thought she would have been on her way, but I found her talking to one of the male employees, most likely the unfortunate fellow who had to pick up the carts from the lot. He didn’t seem so unfortunate as my curvaceous girlfriend was smiling at him. I wasn’t sure when was the last time she smiled at me like that.

I honked the horn and she looked up at the car. I rolled down my window giving the guy a stern glare. I saw she waved him off and walked across towards me. As soon as she got in, I leaned in to kiss her, to prove my point to the employee. She pulled away quickly though and almost snapped at me, but I could see she held her tongue. She again went to looking out the window, most likely to apologize to the guy, but I quickly rolled it up, all the while smirking at the employee, but I couldn’t help but feel he was the lucky guy.

“What was that about?” I asked. “Why’d you take so long talking to that guy.”

“He was just saying thank you for bringing the cart back,” she told me.

“For five minutes,” I snapped looking at her.

She rolled her eyes.

“It was hardly two,” she replied calmly.

“Two too fucking many,” I muttered.

“You don’t hear me complaining when it’s the other way round,” she groaned.

“What you mean by that?” I questioned defensively.

“You don’t seem to care when your football groupies arrive,” she snapped. “I’m the one who is left waiting for hours at parties or at the field.”

I didn’t have an answer to that. I knew it was true, but I quickly denied it.

“That’s not true!”

“You know it is Jason!”

“Oh, come on Emmie. We always spend time together.”

“At your apartment you mean?” she tantalizes. “Where all you want is to ‘fuck my brains out’. Or at my house. Oh wait – you haven’t been inside my house since the night before Tara’s wedding.”

“Come on, Emily,” I groaned. “You know I’ve been busy for the past few weeks.”

“Jason, Tara’s avcılar escort wedding was five months ago!”

I felt the air being knocked out of my chest. Have I been that MIA?

“I think I’m done Jason,” I heard her whisper.

I automatically hit brakes. Luckily, there were no cars behind us because we would have seriously been hurt.

“No fair Emily,” I voiced. “You can’t have this conversation while I’m driving.”

I noticed a drive-in carwash ahead. We used to sit and talk for hours in there. Sometimes even fucking like rabbits. I pulled up, paid the toll for the longest cycle. There was a long line to the wash today, so we had a few minutes wait, which we clearly needed. I pushed my chair back to give my legs a break and to be in line with Emily.

“Please tell me you’re not saying what I think you’re saying, Emily.”

My voice was cracking now and as a grown ass man I was ashamed to say I felt like I was going to cry.

“I am Jason!” She yelled. Emily had never yelled at me before. “You don’t care about me as much as football! For months all I’ve been doing is cooking, cleaning, and washing for you. I haven’t even moved in yet and it’s like I’m the one caring for your apartment. I just fucking did your groceries for crying out loud!”

I couldn’t answer her.

“Not one thank you! Not one let’s spend time together! Just ‘Where is my football jersey Emily’, Where are my cleats Emily’, ‘Let’s fuck Emily’.”

“You know it’s not like that Emmie,” I said reaching for her hand.

“Don’t Emmie, me!” she snapped pulling her hand away. “For months I just hoped you’d remember our date night. For weeks in a row I went all out to cook an amazing dinner only for you to say you were too tired to eat together. I understood at first but now I couldn’t give a fuck, Jason. Find one of your ball bunnies to be your maid.”

“You’re more than that to me Emily,” I said. “You know that!”

“I don’t!” she yells. “You either want to fuck, eat or want your clothes cleaned.”

I knew her points were valid, and I had no idea what to do to fix it.

“I’m so sorry Emmie,” I said bowing my head. I felt my eyes start to burn. “I don’t deserve you.”

I heard her sigh.

I looked up and was immediately given a view of her full bosom. My dick took the wrong time to start to swell. Almost immediately Emily realized what had happened and her enter face when red with rage.

“You see what I mean!” she yelled reached for the door. “I’m done Jason!”

I quickly grabbed her arm.

“You know you can’t leave the car until the wash is over. It’s too late to get off now,” I reminded her.

She groaned, knowing I was right, and stayed put. Hating the uncomfortable silence, I turned on the radio to a random station. A well-known pop song came on and I left it there. We entered the wash with ease. Memories of our early college days coming through…when things were good. The atmosphere in the car had shifted, music playing with a hint sexual tension. I stole a glance at Emily. She honestly looked radiant. Even after three years she still made me feel like it was the first time seeing her in our freshman class.

As if she felt me looking at her, she turned to face me. We were caught in a gaze for a moment. I knew there were still things to be fixed between us, but I took the chance and leaned in to kiss her. I was surprised when she met me halfway and kissed me back. The kiss was soft and mellow, similarly to the slow song that was playing right now. We didn’t stop şirinevler escort when the song changed; if anything the kisses became more frantic as the tempo on the next song increased.

I leaned into Emily a little more, nibbling at her bottom lip before swiping my tongue. I break away from her lips only top plant a kiss on her cheek, down her jaw and onto her neck. Emily let’s out a throaty moan, her voice being sweet music in my ears. I wrap my arm around her and without much coaxing she was in my lap. With the amount of times we had fucked in that very chair, she came over the console with ease, without even setting off the horn.

Our lips joined together again, less frantic and sweeter this time. I reach for her thighs and gave them a squeeze. I could feel her body tense then relax in my arms. Without any warning her hips drove into mine. I groaned. With her wearing a dress and me with an old pair of football shorts I could feel everything on my crotch.

I stopped kissing her to bite her neck, just where I knew she liked me to. The moan she gave, along with the deep thrust of her hips, made me know how much she liked it. I pulled down the front of her dress and her big breasts spilled out before me.

“You’re so beautiful,” I told her. I picked up a nipple between my lips and gently sucked on them. She responded with groans of pleasure and thrusting of her hips.

I hiked her dress up to allow my hands to explore the globes of her ass. There was no fabric covering her cheeks, just a small string lodged between them. My cock swelled even more just imagining Emily with that tiny G-string on. I wanted nothing more but to remove the dress from her body completely, but I knew better as we were already halfway through the wash. I knew there was no way I was going to finish in about a minute and a half. I would just have to let her cum and finish off later.

I pulled the string to the side and stuffed two fingers inside her. She was sopping and the swooshing sound that erupted from her pussy was erotic. I fingered her quickly hoping to have her release long hand hard on my hands.

Suddenly, the warning lights go off along with an alarm. Emily flew off me almost instantly covering up. The vehicle wasn’t moving but there was water spraying everywhere.

“Please remain calm and inside your vehicles,” a voice blared. “The solution to the problem will be found in a few minutes.”

In my mind I celebrated. More time gave me a chance to finish. As if reading my mind Emily lifted her butt off the chair and rolled down her thong. She then flung herself over my lap, flashing me in the process. She was quick to get my dick from hiding then situate it at her entrance, impaling herself quickly. It was like heaven feeling inside her again after so long and I wasn’t sure how long I was going to last knowing that fact.

My sweet vixen rotated her hips on top of me, sliding up and down on my dick, murmuring and whispering into my ear. Although it felt amazing, she was moving way too slow. I stopped her movements half way and plummeted upward into her dripping pussy. She couldn’t keep her moans at whispers anymore and I was thankful for the noisy carwash.

I felt my balls tingle and I knew I would be bursting soon. I attempted to slow my pace to allow her to come before I could, but she begged in my ear for me not to slow down and to make her come. I obliged and not two thrusts later my princess was squirting on my dick, the warm cavern pulsing around me just coaxing the semen right out of me.

It wasn’t a second too soon as the vehicle started to move right after. Emily climbed over to her seat sliding on her thong under her dress while I shoved my dick back in my pants just in time to get to the exit.

I knew things wouldn’t be fixed after sex but at least I knew she still loved me enough to make love to me.

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