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Cat’s Got Your Tongue Ch. 01

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Janet was very upset. She could barely see the road ahead for the tears spilling from her eyes. She could not believe that Derrick was in bed with another woman and had the nerve to break up with from the bed with the other woman still there. Her tears were of anger and then they became tears of frustration because yet another man left her for someone else.

She reached her destination. She knocked on the door of her best friend Linda. Linda opened the door and pulled Janet into a warm hug stroking and caressing her back.

“Are you all right? Tell me what happened.” She said after they had gotten comfortable on her bed. They always had life altering conversations there and would cuddle up to comfort one another ever since they were seven. Linda’s room was decorated in a shade champagne shade of olive. There was a large mirror directly across from the bed on one entire wall. There was a chaise lounger in one corner. Desk and chair in an opposite corner. And the two of them lay on her California king sized bed. They spooned and Janet spoke through more tears.

“Why does this keep happening to me Linda? Every time I meet some man and we have a great relationship, but they always have to mess things up with sex! He called me frigid and inflexible sexually! “

“Honey, what do you mean by inflexible sexually?”

“What you mean to tell me you think I’m frigid?’

“No, I am just trying to get a better understanding. You should know that it does not always take a whole lot for a man to cheat. Shit the wind could blow and there dicks get hard and they need to stick somewhere quick for relief. So, tell me what did he mean by that comment?”

“I only do it missionary. I feel embarrassed to do all that other stuff and I freaked out one night when he started talking dirty while trying doggy style with me; especially when he smacked my ass and tried to put his finger in it. That act made me feel really dirty.”

“You poor thing, I know most men want a freak in the bedroom. However, we are not all meant to be porn stars in bed.” Then she thought to herself and not all of us can be Mistress’ with slaves. That was a secret her best friend didn’t know about; her sex life. She did not think that Janet would understand her bisexuality and the fact that she was a dominant in sex. And she would really freak out if she knew of her attraction to her.

“I wish I could be sexy and desirable but I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin let alone allowing someone else to do all kinds of things to me. My mind can’t casino siteleri wrap around it all.”

“Well, what do you do to make yourself feel good in bed or when you’re alone?”

“What do mean? You mean like masturbate? Oh, I don’t do that!”

“What! How do you know what feels good to you or not? Have you even had an orgasm during sex at all?”

“I don’t know if I have had one or not to be honest. I would not know how to tell a guy how to help give me one either.”

Well Linda decided to have pity on her friend. She decided to teach her about her body. “Janet do you trust me?”

“Yes, you know that I do. Why would you even ask?” She said turning around to face her friend.

“Let me help you get comfortable in your own skin Janet. Let me guide you in what feels good to your body. Let me explore you and show what feels good on a woman’s body.”

“O…okay.” She said hesitantly.

With that being said Linda reached out and caressed her full 38DD breasts and kissed her softly. She felt Janet tremble as she sipped softly at her lips coaxing her to open them. She helped Janet out of her shirt and bra and continued to softly roll her nipples and knead her breast. Janet let out a soft sigh and parted her lips. Linda’s tongue softly caressed the insides of her lips and slid over her tongue. Janet moaned and began to kiss Linda back tasting her tongue and lips. Linda pulled away from kiss which left them both panting.

“Janet does this feel good to you?” Linda whispered in her ear pulling and pinching softly on her hardened nipples and kissing softly down the side of her neck. “Or does this feel good?” She said and gave Janet’s nipples a harder pinch and pull.

Janet gasped and moaned. “Yes, I like it hard like that!”

Janet’s mind was reeling. Her best friend was doing things to her body making it feel so good. “Oh God!” Linda’s mouth just covered her nipple and was sucking hard at the hardened peak. Her pussy was getting so wet and she began rubbing her thighs together.

Linda noticed Janet’s squirming and she reached up under her skirt and cupped her mound stroking softly. Janet began humping her hand and moaning loudly. She removed her panties deftly with one hand and Linda knew it was time to take her friend to another level. Linda got off the bed and removed her clothes.

Janet noticed that Linda’s pussy was shaven, her pussy was glistening and her large clit was protruding from her swollen lips. She should have felt very uncomfortable with the whole canlı casino situation, but she didn’t. She longed to be like Linda and feel comfortable in her sexuality.

“I want you to come to the middle of the bed and kneel on all fours. Look at yourself in the mirror. Tell me Janet what do you like so far about the way your body feels?”

“I feel antsy like I have to fuck really bad because my pussy is all. Oh I don’t know tingly down deep. I’m horny!”

“Good. I am going to take you well beyond this feeling. Do everything I tell you no matter what okay?”

Linda tied Janet’s long hair out of her face into a ponytail. She ran her hands down her back and leaned over her smaller frame in the doggy style position. She reached underneath and began massaging Janet’s breast again rolling and pinching the nipples hard. She ground her cunt against Janet’s ass. And Janet’s ground back against her. Linda slowly kissed Linda’s neck and nibbled her way down her back. Her hands massaged Janet’s back as her lips and tongue trail a hot path down her back towards her creamy caramel colored ass.

Linda thought she was going to pass out. She was panting very fast and hung her head down. She felt a smack on her ass.

“Don’t take your eyes off of yourself. I want you to watch the pleasure that move across your face. I want you to know that what you feel feels good to you.”

Linda did what Janet thought was unthinkable. She spread her butt cheeks and licked her pussy from the back. She tried to focus on the way she looked in the mirror as she moaned and panted out oh’s and ah’s.

“Oh shit! That feels so fucking good!”

Linda stuck her tongue deep into Janet’s sweet tasting pussy and fingered her clit. She was in heaven. How long had she wanted to taste her friend’s pussy. How long had she waited to take the pain and fear away from Janet every time she cried about some new heart ache? She had always loved her best friend and now she loved her into a new found freedom.

She ran her tongue up and down Janet’s juicy slit and she could feel the quiver building within her thighs. She stuck one finger then two into her cunt sawing back and forth and brought Janet over the edge when she tongued her asshole.

Janet screamed and came hard. Her whole body convulsed and she watched it all flow over her face in the mirror. Then she collapsed onto her stomach. Linda crawled up her body and kissed her and she readily accepted her own juice from her friend’s lips.

Linda got off the bed and kaçak casino slipped into a harness with an 7 ½” strap-on and grabbed a bottle of lube. She rolled Janet onto her back and spread her legs. She slid into her wet cunt and Linda wrapped her legs around her waist. Linda noticed the mirror in the top of the bed and watched herself being fucked by her best friend.

“Pinch your nipples the way you like Janet.” Linda said.

She grabbed Janet’s legs and held them out to the sides and pressed them back towards her chest. Then she pushed both her legs to the left and closing legs and causing her pussy lips to rub more tightly around the cock.

“Fuck me harder! I want to feel you deeper!”

“Then get back on your hands and knees!”

Linda slammed her cock into Janet’s dripping pussy. She gripped her hips and pounded her deep.

“Ooohhh yesss! Ooohhh yesss! Feels so good!”

“You like that don’t you. You like being fuck from behind like a little bitch don’t you Janet? Don’t you?”


Linda reached around and strummed her clit sending Janet into another orgasm. She slipped out of her cunt and licked up the juicy flow from Janet’s pussy. She took the lube and started rubbing it into Janet’s asshole and carefully pressed a finger into Janet’s ass. On the out stroke she added more lube. She worked her asshole until she had two fingers working Janet’s ass.

“OHHHH!” Janet screamed. She didn’t know how much more pleasure she could take. Her ass felt so good with what Linda was doing to her. She could feel more lube being added and could feel Linda stretching her open gently with both her thumbs and felt her tongue probing her ass. Soon she felt the head of the cock being pressed into her stretched and well lubed ass.

She thought her head was going to blow off. She felt full and just a little bit of pain, but Linda let her ass relax around the cock before finding a rhythm and fucking her faster.

“Whose ass is this Janet? Whose is it?” She demanded and smacking her ass.

“It’s yours Linda! It’s yours! Oh my god I’m going to cum. Oh I’m going to cum again! Ahhhhhhhh!”

Janet collapsed forward onto her stomach and the cock made a slick sucking sound as it exited her well fucked ass.

After she got her breath she said, “Linda that was fucking incredible! I guess I never had anyone take their time with me or my body before. I definitely know what I like and I loved it all. Thank you so much for that!”

“You’re welcome but right now you need to bring that sweet ass over here show me what you learned but on my body.”

“With pleasure!” She giggled and dove right in. “Gee Linda it seems your cat has got my tongue.”

“Girl you’re so silly!” She sighed as Janet’s tongue went to work.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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