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I moaned as my face slammed into the pillow. My mind overloading with pleasure as his cock slammed into me. He was taking long, deep strokes. Pulling out until just the head was left in my ass. Then, slamming the entire length of his cock into me until I could hear his hips slap against mine and feel his pubes tickling me.

The pillow reeked of sweat. The cheap fabric scratching my face as he pushed me deeper into it with every thrust. I tried not to think about how many people had had similar experiences with this pillow. How much sweat, spit, and who knew what else was in this pillow. I inhaled deeply, smelling the reek of the pillow as he pulled out of me. Grunted into it when he slammed back in. God, I hope this motel cleans their sheets better than the rest of the decrepit room.

I grimaced into the pillow as I felt him pull all the way out of me. I knew what was coming. I knew I should stop it. I had told him over and over again not to do it. It was just too risky. I felt my wedding band on my finger. Forget the risk to me, how could I risk her like this? But damn, I loved the feeling so much. I loved that no matter what I wanted, this was his show. I was here for his pleasure, and he knew exactly how to remind me of that.

I gagged as I heard him clear his throat. I clutched the revolting pillow tighter to my face as I heard him spit, and felt it land on my ass. His spit slowly running from its landing spot, down to my still gaping anus, and into me. I hate spitting. I don’t think he even likes it. But he knows of no better way to assert his dominance than forcing me to accept an act that we both know I loathe.

I concentrated on the revolting feeling of his spit sliding into me. My ass is still gaping lewdly open. That’s why I put up with him. He knows exactly how to make me scream.

I feel him put his cock back up to my ass. Moaning into the pillow as I feel him slide slowly into me. He takes his time. Letting me feel every agonizing millimeter of his incredible cock. Reminding me with every inch that he is in charge. Reminding me that no matter what I want, no matter how unsafe I told him it was, no matter how much I begged, no matter what I do, he is going to fuck me bareback.

I shuddered as I felt something slimy drape across the back of my neck. If I had had any doubt that he had taken the condom off, it was removed when he dropped the used condom across my neck.

I don’t know why I even bother with the charade any more. We both know that he won’t be finishing in the condom. I swear every time, that this is the last one. He is just too dangerous. But then, I get his email telling me how much he wants me, and my mind goes blank. I make him promise to leave the condom on this time, and I’m back at the motel. I bring the condoms. I slide one onto him with my mouth to try and make it exciting for him. I hate the latex taste as I put it onto him, but it’s worth it for my safety and my wife’s safety. I feel for the condom in my hand as I guide him into me.

Then, I end up on my hands and knees at some point in our fucking. My face slamming into the filthy pillow, just like it is now. And my mind goes blank. Somehow, he always knows when I’ve lost the willpower to resist, and he takes advantage of me every time.

I feel the condom shuddering on the back of my neck as he continues slamming into me. The lube from the outside of the condom is dripping up into my hair. Actually, I guess it’s down into my hair with my face buried down into the pillow and my ass up where he likes it.

He puts his hand on the back of my head as he fucks me. I struggle to breathe as he pushes my face deeper into the pillow. I hadn’t even noticed, but I must have been moaning too loud. It is the middle of the day, but he doesn’t want to risk anyone outside hearing me moan like a whore. He can grunt and scream as loud as he wants, but it’s normal to hear a guy getting laid in these motel rooms. Hearing me moan too would alert the motel that he is in here with another guy instead of the hooker that they would all assume he is in here with. At least that’s what he told me the first and only time I objected to him smothering me every time I started moaning too loud.

I am too winded to continue moaning when he finally takes his hand off the back of my head. I push casino siteleri hard back into him, struggling to pick my face up out of the pillow for just a moment. I gasp, sucking in deep lungfuls of air until he gives me a firm push between the shoulders and my face drops back into the pillow. He continues fucking me the entire time. Oblivious to my struggles as long as I stay quiet.

The sex is unreal. It always is. I don’t want it to ever end, but I know our time as up as I feel his hand sliding down my back. Soon enough, both of his hands are on my hips. He is grunting loudly now, for the whole world to hear. His cock is no longer pulling back as he gets closer to cumming. He is holding my hips hard and just grinding into me as hard as he can. His cock is as deep as he can get it, and I feel like he is trying to jam it in further these last few moments before he cums.

Every nerve ending in my body is experiencing sensory overload. My face, knees, and arms are starting to burn from the pressure of being forced down into the cheap sheets for so long. I feel his leg hair tickling me where he is kneeling between my legs. I still feel the used condom cooling on the back of my neck, and his sweat is dripping onto my back. I feel every drip of his sweat land on my back and slide slowly down my spine. Pooling at the small of my back. I feel his pubic hair mashed into my ass as he pushes into me as hard as I can.

My face is pushed into the pillow so hard I can’t breath now, even without his hand on the back of my head. He is squeezing my hips so hard that they are starting to hurt. I hear him groan loud enough that I imagine the windows are rattling as his cock begins to pulse in my ass. Some people talk about being able to feel their man cumming inside them. I have never been able to feel his cum filling me, but the intense pulsing of his cock in my ass leaves no doubt what is happening.

I am suddenly conscious of a wet, sticky feeling between my legs. I think I came at some point. It must have been a while ago because my cock isn’t hard anymore, and the cum between my thighs is already starting to dry out.

His breathing is finally starting to slow down. His hands are slowly drifting up and down my sides in an oddly romantic way after the savage fucking he has been giving me for… Wow, I have no idea how long I have been in this room with him. His cock is still in my ass, though it is finally starting to shrink.

Finally, after what seems like hours, he gives my ass a slap and pulls out of me. Now I can feel his cum as it begins to slide back out of me. He cums like a porn star. Massive loads that seem to leak out of me for hours, no matter how much I try to clean up afterwards. I tilt my back down as much as I can to try to keep it from getting all over me, but it is no use. I feel his cum sliding down the back of my balls and down my thighs. Mixing with the dried cum on my legs from whenever I finished.

I feel him pulling my hair, pulling my face out of the pillow. I resist. I fucking hate this part. It is so ridiculously demeaning. I have no idea why I keep showing up even though I know he’s going to do this to me. He laughs as he gives my hair a yank hard enough that I am afraid it’s going to come out if I don’t comply. The bald spot would be hard to explain to my wife.

I come up face-to-face with his cock. I can’t bring myself to look up into his eyes now that I’ve finished, so I just stare at his mostly limp cock. It is filthy. Covered in lube, semen, and flecks of what are quite clearly my own shit. It is still slowly dripping cum onto the sheets next to my face. He gives me a light slap on the cheek with one hand as he pulls me in with the other hand still holding my hair. I resist for a moment, then give up and take his filthy cock into my mouth. It is no use resisting this, just like it has been no use resisting him on any part of this experience.

It is easy to fit his entire cock into my mouth now that is mostly limp. He just pulled it out of my ass, and shockingly it tastes like ass. I tried douching once, but he was furious and threatened to never call me again. He wants me filthy. He wants to demean me by showing me that I will lick my own ass off his cock if it means I get to be fucked by him. I will do whatever it takes to canlı casino please him, even if I fucking hate it. I try to focus on how great he smells as I bury my nose in his pubic hair. I try to focus on his manly musk, and how much I love pleasing him. Somehow though, all I can taste is the filth on his cock. I can taste the lube he filled me with before he fucked me. The sweet taste of his cum reminding me of when he makes me suck him off without fucking me. The horrifying taste of my own ass. Most demeaning of all, I can still vaguely taste the condom he promised me he would finish in. I feel the crust and slime on the back of my neck as I clean him, wondering when the condom fell off me and where it ended up.

It seems like I have been cleaning his cock forever. The taste of lube and ass turns my stomach. The taste of latex and cum reminds me of how much control he has over me and how stupid I was to let him cum inside me, to let him fuck me bareback, and to show up here in the first place with the full knowledge of what he would do.

He yanks on my hair and pulls me off his cock after what has probably been less than a minute in reality. I bury my face back in the pillow, still not making eye contact with him. I can hear him moving around the room getting redressed as I grow more and more ashamed of what I have done. How stupid it was. I try to concentrate on the scratchy feeling of the filthy pillow against my face. The fabric damp from my sweat and drool and reeking of god knows what. It’s no use though. All I can feel is his cum sliding slowly down the back of my balls and the wedding band burning into my finger.

I am still on my hands and knees where he left me, his cum sliding out of my still slightly gaping anus, when I hear him clearing his throat. I hold the pillow tight to my face as I feel his spit land on my ass, mixing with his cum. He spanks me hard enough that I’m sure anyone outside the room hears it. I know from prior experience that he has left a handprint on my ass. Marking me one last time as his bitch before he walks out of the room.

I hear the door open and shut as he leaves me in the same position on the bed. I suddenly realized that he hasn’t said anything to me since he told me to pay for the room on the phone last night. The strip show, undressing him and folding his clothes, sucking his cock, getting rimmed and fucked had all been done without a single word. Not even a hello or goodbye. I know what he wants so well, he never has to tell me. He just pulls on my hair or pushes me around.

I spoke of course. Told him how big and amazing his cock was. Told him how great he tastes, smells, and looks as I go down on him. I begged him to use a condom this time, or to at least pull out and cum on my ass instead of in it. I told him that I would do all the work for him and he just had to leave it on. I told him how much I trust him, but I’m married and I just can’t take that risk for my wife. He had smiled and nodded every time, given me a condescending slap on the cheek, and put his cock back into my mouth. Once he was fucking me, I somehow lost the ability to continue pushing the condom.

Finally, I can’t take the building shame and guilt anymore. I pull my head out of the pillow and look at the clock next to the bed. Fuck! It says 6:30. That’s ok, you can’t trust a motel clock. It must be wrong. I lunge to the side of the bed, searching for my pants. I go through my pockets and pull out my phone. Fuck! It really is 6:30. I was supposed to be home almost 2 hours ago. How has he been screwing me for so long?

I leap out of bed, ignoring the sudden rush of his cooling cum down my thighs. I run into the bathroom and desperately try to clean our cum of my legs and ass. It’s no use though. So much of my cum is already crusted onto my thighs that it won’t come off without a shower, and I know from experience that he will continue drooling out of my anus for hours.

I run around the room quickly throwing my clothes on. I barely notice as I pull up my briefs. I have always worn boxers, and I hate briefs. He told me he wouldn’t fuck me if I showed up in anything but briefs though. I don’t know why he cares since they come off me so fast. I think he just likes to prove that I will do anything for him. Their purchase had been a challenge kaçak casino to explain to my wife since I hadn’t worn briefs the entire time she had known me.

I leave the key on the tv as I run out of the room. I feel bad about leaving the useless condom wherever it ended up in the bed, but there is no time to find it and throw it away. I don’t know why I wasted time trying to clean myself up as I feel more cum squishing out of my ass as I land in the driver’s seat of my car. This is so unbelievably stupid. I swear, I’m never doing this again.

I drive home as fast as I can. Shit, shit, shit, I am so late. My wife’s car is in the garage when I pull in. I have no idea how I am going to explain this. I can feel his cum everywhere as I get out of the car. I have never been so sticky. I always take a shower before I leave to clean up most of the mess, but there was no time today. I feel more and more panicked and ashamed with each sticky step towards the door. No worry, I’ll just say I’m not feeling well and rush right to the shower.

My eyes take a moment to adjust to the dim light as I walk inside. Something’s not right. Shit, shit, shit. The candles are lit. I start to move towards the bathroom, but I am stopped dead by my wife standing in the hallway.

She looks spectacular. She is lit up only by candlelight and wearing the lingerie I bought her for our last anniversary. A slinky black babydoll that you can clearly see her breasts through, see-through black panties that I know have a very sexy lace butterfly across her ass, black thigh-high stockings, and black heels much taller than she would ever wear out of the house. This is much worse than I ever thought it could be.

She struts toward me, sexier than I have ever seen her. My ears are ringing as she talks to me about how stressed I have been lately, and how she has been planning something special for me all week. I just try to not look too panicked as I can somehow still feel my lover’s cum drooling out of my anus and pooling in my underwear.

I’m sick, my stomach hurts, I just need to take a shower, I try every excuse in the book without hurting her feelings as I try to slide by her to the safety of the bathroom. “Nonsense,” she says as she pushes me back up against the closed garage door, kissing me deeply. All I can taste is the condom, lube, cum, and ass I’d cleaned off my lover’s cock not 20 minutes ago. God, I hope she can’t taste it too.

I’m panicking as I feel her fingers running down my front. I’m still trying to mutter excuses, but it’s difficult with my wife’s tongue in my mouth. She starts tugging at my pants as she steps back and gives me a mischievous look. Oh god, this can’t be happening. She’s never this eager, what the hell is happening?

She sinks to her knees, pulling my pants down with her. Everything is in slow motion as I feel my marriage ending. I can’t move now with my back up against the garage door and my pants around my ankles. She notices the mess on my thighs and the damp spot in my briefs, but she’s still talking about how much she loves me and how it looks like I’m excited to see her today.

The moment of truth finally comes when she hooks her fingers into the waistband of my briefs and slides them down. I am frozen. I have no idea what to do. No idea why I have been so unbelievably stupid. I truly do love my wife, I have no desire for my marriage to end, she just can’t satisfy me the way I need to be satisfied. She just doesn’t have the equipment.

It all comes crashing down as she slides my briefs down. My lover left me with a particularly large load today, and I haven’t had an opportunity to clean up hardly any of it. With my briefs out of the way and my legs spread a bit, I feel a rush of his cum come sliding down between my thighs. She gives me a befuddled look as she leans in closer to see what is very obviously cum running out of my ass. She is silent now as she runs her hand up my sticky thigh and slides a couple fingers back to find the source of the cum. There is no hiding the fact that it is running out of my anus as her fingers slip without effort into my still lubed and somehow still slightly gaping ass.

My beautiful, innocent wife looks up at me with a look that is shocked and confused. She is on her knees in front of me in my favorite lingerie with her fingers up my ass and another man’s cum running down my thighs. She just sits there with her fingers in my drooling anus for what seems like an eternity. I am still panicked, frozen to the door as she begins to give me a curious smile.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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