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Co-worker’s Man Ch. 34

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As I started to move towards Frank’s flaccid tube of man-meat, he stopped me and told me to get the dildo. He instructed me to turn around and he fed it deep into my ass and then attached a little belt-like attachment that had come with it to keep it lodged fully within me.

With the dildo filling my needy ass, I settled in between Frank’s legs while he reached over for the remote and turned on the TV. I used my lips, tongue and hands to explore his crotch. He sat back against the stacked up pillows and watched a game while occasionally gripping my head and moving my mouth where he wanted it or instructing me on what he wanted. He’d pull his knees up to his chest and make me eat his ass for awhile or hold my head against his cum-laden balls and tell me to lick.

After about a half hour, his cock started to harden and I once again had the full monster to deal with. I took my time and kept him hard for the next thirty minutes until he had enough of my teasing and took my head and forced it way down on his hard cock until he flooded my mouth with another big load of his warm sperm-laden cum. I swallowed and swallowed and even when he was done, he had me keep my mouth nursing at his deflating cock.

He turned over on his stomach and slid a pillow under his hips and I kneeled behind him and for the next twenty minutes or so, he had me lick his ass from top to bottom and clean his hot moist crease and puckered hole. I covered those beautiful round ass-cheeks with kisses and slid my tongue deep into his relaxed hole as he lay before me allowing me to pleasure him.

He flipped back over and directed me to lick his whole body. I started sucking each of his toes and then made my way upwards. I avoided his crotch and licked the salty sweaty sheen off his stomach and chest before sliding my tongue deep into his hot armpits. He moaned as I licked into the moist soft tissues there. When I had licked clean his neck and face, he pushed me back down to his heavy cock which once again had started to thicken. I sucked and licked slowly as his cock gradually filled. Again, he sat back and let me have my way with him as long as I kept sucking and licking at his big cock. He had said earlier in the day he was going to keep me filled all night long and thankfully, he kept to his word. After another half hour or so of keeping my mouth wrapped around that lip-stretching piece of stud meat, he asked me a question.

“Where do you want this load, Kid?”

I let his engorged purple head slip from my mouth as I looked up at him, “Do you think you could fuck me like you did on the picnic table?” I asked anxiously. Although the dildo had been secured deep in my ass for a long time, I felt like my ass was crying out for his bigger 10 ½” cock to really stretch it.

“RING!……RING!……RING!”, the sound of the phone echoed thru the room and Frank leaned over to answer it.

“Hello….yeah…oh hi Greg.” He reached out and pulled my mouth back onto his rigid cock as he continued talking to Greg.

“So you’re going on break and want a little snack eh?” Frank said and gave a little laugh. “Well, I was just about to fuck the Kid again so why don’t you come by and I’m sure we can find something to feed you.” He hung up the phone and let me bob my head a few more times on his hard erection before stopping me. He pulled his cock out of my sucking mouth and moved behind me and undid the belt and slid the warm dildo out of my clutching ass. I immediately felt the needy ache of the unfilled void within me.

“C’mon Kid. I think that desk over there will be just what we need.” He strode over to a desk against the wall, pulled the chair back and moved aside the brochures and hotel information binder set nicely on the desktop.

“There, that should be just about the right height.” I walked over and crawled onto the desk and sat back on my haunches with my ass hanging over the edge. Just then we heard the chime of the passkey in the door and Greg entered the room. His eyes seemed to bug wide open as he looked over at us. It must have been quite sight to see me leaning forward, my hands on the desk with my ass wide open and hanging over the edge and Frank’s huge stud-like form looming over me with his erect 10 1/2″ pointing upwards towards my waiting ass.

“Looks like you got here just in time,” Frank said turning his monstrous hard-on towards Greg. “Now get over here and get this good and wet before I slip it into the Kid.” Greg quickly shed his clothes as he walked over to us and dropped to his knees. I looked on enviously as he slid his mouth over Frank’s huge flared head and started bobbing his head. I could hear the wet slapping sound as he covered the cock with his saliva and I could see thick rivers of it running down the upright shaft. Soon even Frank’s bag was glistening with Greg’s slobber and I saw a few drops fall to the floor.

“Okay, now get underneath him and get that hole ready for my cock,” Frank said casino oyna as he drew his virile manhood out of Greg’s suctioning mouth and turned towards my splayed haunches. Greg moved underneath the front edge of the desk and I felt his hot tongue swipe around my moist pink opening.

“Oh fuck, that’s good,” I moaned as Greg circled around my relaxed opening and then slid his tongue deep into my relaxed hole. I felt him push a mouthful of saliva into me as he got my sloppy ass ready for Frank’s massive erection.

“Keep that tongue working on my cock while I fuck him,” Frank said as I felt his hot spear slide along the length of my crack. Greg’s tongue withdrew from my gaping ass and I felt the head of Frank’s cock pressing against my hole. He gripped my shoulders and I felt him flex and my pussy-lips stretched around the plum-sized head and with an “Aaaahhhh” from me, it popped into my ass. As I felt the delicious feeling of his head lodged inside me, it felt even better than usual as Greg’s slobbering tongue circled my hole as he ran his tongue over the junction of Frank’s cock with my ass.

“That’s good Greg. Just keep that up. Here we go,” Frank said as he started to sink it into me. I held stock still as I felt that huge love muscle make its way higher and higher into me. I felt the sweat popping out on me as his huge cock stretched and filled me once again. The dildo had only been a temporary solution, this was what I needed! Being fucked in this position was incredible! I felt so totally filled and possessed by Frank’s raging boner. Boner was a perfect name for it like this. It felt so hard and powerful as he thrust it high and deep into me. It was like someone’s forearm thrusting up high inside me!

When he had it buried all the way into me, I arched my back and moaned with pleasure. I could hear Greg slobbering away and could feel his busy tongue licking around my stretched hole and the base of Frank’s cock. His balls were crammed right up against my hole and Greg must have barely had room in there, but I could hear him enthusiastically working away. As Frank started to withdraw, I felt the lining of my ass clutching at his searing manhood as it tried to prevent him from leaving me. He pulled back until just the head remained in me and then slammed it into me in one deep powerful lunge.

“AAAAAAAHHHH!” I yelled as his thrust caught me off guard. I threw myself forwards and gripped the sides of the desk as I got ready for the vicious fuck I knew was coming. He started hammering it up and down within me and within the first few thrusts, my enflamed prostate had my cock rock hard and slapping against my stomach. He was letting out a series of low guttural growls as he gripped my shoulders and flexed his hips back and forth as he impaled me on that blood-filled monster. I was flopping my head from side to side as the exquisite sensations flowed thru me. I could feel Greg’s tongue bathing my stretched lips as Frank continued to thrust into me again and again. Frank started rotating his hips and with his cock stirring lustfully across my fiery prostate, that was all I could take.

“OH FUCK! I’M CUMMING!” I shouted as I started to shoot my load all over the desk. I was convulsing and shaking in an orgasmic frenzy as my cum continued to spurt out of my cock. My gripping ass clenched down hard on Frank’s cock as he slammed it high and hard into me.

“HERE IT COMES!” he shouted and it felt like he was trying to cram his whole body inside me! He continued his hard thrusts and each one was accompanied by a powerful shot of his semen. I was tingling with pleasure as he unloaded deep within me. He kept a firm grip on my shoulders as he levered himself back and forth as his climax had his erupting cock filling my welcoming ass. He finally slowed and with his cock buried to the hilt high within me, we both paused to catch our breath. Greg continued with slow leisurely swipes of his tongue around the connection of Frank’s cock with my clutching sphincter.

“I’m gonna pull out now Greg, so you get ready and keep your mouth tight on his hole now,” instructed Frank as he started to slowly withdraw from inside me. I felt Greg’s lips and tongue pressing tightly against me as Frank’s cock achingly deserted my cum-filled chute. As soon as Frank’s broad head popped out of my clutching ring, Greg’s mouth seared itself against my sloppy hole. I could hear the sound of him sucking as his lips and tongue vacuumed the hot cum out of my overflowing rectum. His tongue speared deep into me as he sought out every single drop of Frank’s precious semen. I pushed down with the muscles in my ass and fed him every drop that had been deposited inside me. Greg licked deep into the warm slick membranes lining my ass as he savored the last creamy morsels.

“Here Greg, clean this up too,” Frank said to him. I looked over my shoulder as Greg turned to Frank and licked the cum-streaked ribbons off his deflating cock. He enthusiastically canlı casino licked and licked until he had Frank’s cock gleaming like a newly waxed car.

“You better clean off that desk too Greg. You don’t want to leave that for some woman from the housecleaning staff to have to lick up tomorrow, do you?” I eased myself down off the desk and sat in the chair as Greg stood up and leaned over the desk. His searching tongue lapped up all the streaks and puddles of my cum that I had sprayed there.

“Do you need to cum Greg?” Frank asked.

“Oh yes sir. Please sir,” pleaded Greg.

“Okay. Take it out and jerk it off into here,” Frank said as he passed Greg a drinking glass from the side counter with a little coffee maker on it. Greg almost tore open his pants and whipped out his hard cock; he was in such a rush. He pushed down on his throbbing rod and inserted the tip into the glass. He was so turned on that his hand soon became a speeding blur as he pumped furiously at his demanding cock. In less than a minute he let out a long low groan and we watched as the angry engorged head started to spit out his cum. As he jacked away, splash after splash of his milky cream spewed into the glass to form a growing cloudy pool. His moans of ecstasy finally subsided but not before he’d left a sizable deposit in the bottom of the glass. As his climax ended, he drew the final clinging drops from the tip of his cock against the lip of the glass. They clung there and slowly slid down the inside of the rim towards the beckoning pool.

“There you go Kid,” Frank said as he took the glass from Greg’s hand and passed it to me. “Want to make sure that sore throat doesn’t get any worse. Go ahead.” Greg seemed to watch mesmerized as I tipped the glass to my full lips and let his warm seed run into my mouth. I purred as it slid down my throat and I let my tongue slide along the inside of the glass until I had every last drop.

“Okay Greg, break’s over. You better get back to work,” Frank said as he dismissed Greg. After stuffing his deflating cock back in his pants and zipping up, Greg thanked Frank once again and quickly departed.

“Come on Kid. Let’s take a shower. I’m gonna give you something to help wash down that cum and then we’ve gotta get some sleep.” I followed Frank into the washroom as he started the double shower and once the water was hot enough, we let the stinging spray wash over us. He turned to me and put his hands firmly on my shoulders and pushed down. He didn’t have to say a word as I quickly dropped to my knees. He slowly stroked at his flaccid cock as he positioned it in front of my face. I opened my mouth as he stopped stroking and held the tip a couple of inches from my mouth. I watched the glistening eye open even wider and his hot salty piss burst forth directly into my mouth. His powerful stream quickly filled my mouth and I swallowed and swallowed as he kept pissing. I was intent on not spilling a drop but it came at me in such a torrent that it overflowed my mouth and ran down my chin. Eventually his stream dwindled and he set the head right on my tongue as the final drops dribbled forth.

“What do you say Kid?” he asked as he looked down at me.

“Thank you sir,” I said looking up at him from my worshipping position on my knees.

“Thataboy. Now, get that soap and clean me up real good.” I stood and grabbed the soap and as Frank leaned his arms against the opposite walls of the stall, I lathered and cleaned him from top to bottom. The soothing water both refreshed and calmed us and when we finished, he allowed me the pleasure of drying his magnificent muscular body. When I was done, he wrapped his arm around me forcefully.

“You did good tonight, Kid,” he said as he dropped his beautiful mouth to mine and planted a hard searing kiss on my swollen lips. I almost swooned and collapsed in his arms as his firm thick tongue plunged deep into my mouth. I sucked at his invading tongue as I was overcome with pleasure at this final reward. The kiss continued for a long time and my legs were trembling as he finally drew his mouth off mine. I followed him back into the bedroom after I had dried myself and found him already in bed with the covers pulled up to his waist.

“Frank…..ummmm…..do you think I could sleep between your legs tonight?” I asked.

“Sure Kid. Help yourself. You can keep sucking it all night long if you want,” he said as I saw his legs part beneath the covers. I crawled onto the bed and we arranged the sheets and blankets so that we were both partially covered yet I would still be able to breathe. I lay down between his muscular thighs and took his dormant cock into my mouth. Frank reached over and turned off the light as I nursed contentedly as his massive member. We were both exhausted and within a minute, I heard the soft sound of his snoring. I kept licking and sucking softly as my head rested on his thigh. I was exactly where I hoped to be at the end kaçak casino of the day and I pleasantly drifted off to sleep, his broad cockhead lying softly between my sucking lips…….

I felt something warm against my cheek and woke up to find Frank’s hard cock lying across my face as I lay with my head on the inside of his thigh. I could feel his heartbeat pulsing through the blood that had filled his tremendous organ. I rolled over and looked at the clock; 3:23am. I heard the consistent sound of Frank’s soft snoring and rolled onto my stomach between his legs and started licking along the sides of his velvety hard shaft. He continued to sleep as I lifted his dick and started sucking on it. I lathered the end with saliva and started to bob my head on his throbbing erection. My ardent sucking finally roused him out of his sleep and not too long afterwards, he plastered my mouth with another load of his creamy cum. As I finished sucking him off, he drifted back off to sleep and I settled in between his legs again and closed my eyes as I nursed at his softening cock.

The next thing I knew, the phone went off with our wake-up call and I felt Frank’s cock up hard and powerful against my face once more. He had asked for a wake-up call fifteen minutes earlier than we needed to get up and he used that time to fuck my mouth in a variety of positions before finally jacking his load all over my face. He left me to push all his delicious baby batter into my mouth as he went into the washroom and did his business. He was in the shower when I went in and used the toilet and then joined him. He allowed me to wash him thoroughly again and I luxuriated in the feel of his muscular body under my hands and fingertips.

He was all business as we got dressed. He had ordered room service for breakfast for us and he reviewed some documentation relative to his meeting as we ate. We were both ravenous from our exertions of the night before and as I dug in, I felt the warm food replenishing my energy level.

As we checked out of the hotel, I noticed Greg was nowhere to be seen. His shift must have ended earlier. Frank drove me to the office where my meeting was to be held and told me he would be picking me up at 1:00pm for the drive home. I carried my briefcase into the building and spent the morning with a man and woman representing the Newman people. We got the required business taken care of by midday and they treated me to a nice lunch at a local restaurant.

As he had said, Frank was there at 1:00pm and we headed for home. Once we got out of The City and back onto the freeway, Frank drew his big cock out of his pants and had me give him a leisurely blowjob until he unloaded a thick creamy batch into my sucking mouth. With a stomach full of good food and Frank’s warm cum, I felt a wave of exhaustion overtake me and I lay down with my head on his muscular thigh and drifted off to sleep.

Frank let me sleep nearly the whole way home and shook my shoulder to wake me up when we were about a half hour from home. He wanted some more head and I gladly accommodated his needs. Fuck! I had never seen anybody with the sexual drive of Frank! I settled myself down over his massive erection and he timed it so that his cock spewed another big load into my vacuuming mouth just as we got to the outskirts of our city.

We arrived just about the same time we had left yesterday and by my count, Frank had given me eleven of his massive loads during that twenty-four hour period. Fuck! This guy was a cum machine! And I loved it! I was already dreaming of more. He drove me to my apartment building and parked in front as I turned to retrieve my bag from behind the seat.

“That was a good night Kid,” he said. “I’ll have to let you know when we can get together again.” I was thrilled by his words of possibly getting together soon. “But right now, here’s one last taste for you before I go,” he said as he pulled his cock out and pointed it towards me. With a moan, I leaned forward and slipped my lips over the spongy head. I was mewing and purring as I sucked on his soft cock.

“You really love that, eh Kid?” he asked as he ran both hands thru my hair affectionately.

“Mmmmmmhhhmmmmm,” I moaned in agreement against his warm thick cock. I was willing to stay there all day if he’d let me but he stopped my bobbing head and pushed me off his cock.

“That’s beautiful Kid, but save that enthusiasm for next time. Now, get out of here. I’ve got to get home. I’ve got a beautiful woman that I want to compare her throat to yours,” he said with a wink. I got out of the truck and he pulled away from the curb leaving me watching as he drove away. Wow! He was going to go home and soon would have his cock deep in Lori’s throat. I so badly wished I could be there to see that. Maybe someday….

Right now, with Mr. Wolfe having told me he was going to be away for the evening, I was actually looking forward to a quiet night on my own after the rigorous days I had put in since last Friday. Fuck! These last few days had been beyond my wildest dreams!

Feeling like I was walking on air, I turned on my heel and strode into my apartment building…

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